Musc 351 – 08/08/17

Finishing up Christianity

The protestants were stricter with tolerance, and Catholics were laxer. Catholics usually passed stuff
on orally, and protestants were strong with teaching writing.

Exploring differences in Catholic and Protestant music.

Protestant – four-part harmony, with organ etc (organ mentioned in Garland reading 204-205)

Catholic – Gloria mass

The structures are imported, but vocal style is indigenous.

Through composed style, - Chuukese. Emphasis on the composition of the words.

Protestants say cesus and Catholics says yaycus

With the readings think of your own experience and how they link.

Christian music and popular music in Chuuk. They would take the songs and change the, from
secular to sacred.

Pintong most famous popular, secular love songs composer in Chuuk. The songs talk about suicide
and are drinking songs/love songs. He came up with protestant hymns in the style of his love songs.

Hymn books are quite standard throughout.

Vanuata – Michael Webb

Has these hymns that have been localised. Watched an example on youtube of a Christian song
pushing the boundaries. It is localised from the community.

Lots of dancing was banned by missionisation.

Looking at Peroveta anedia music that has come directly from the cook island missionaries to papua
new guinea

Pere – woman part

Maru – Male part (these are Polynesian terms- from the cook islanders)

“Moale” particular hymn – term is on blackboard .

The tradition includes a lot of dance with it.