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July/August/September 2017 The Community That Love Is Building

already available to me. I remember who I am, Spirits
creation; not just a mere human. When I remember who
Isnt it comforting to belong to a I am, all else falls into place. It is similar to the teaching
spiritual community where from Jesus that says, seek first the kingdom of God and
people connect with each other at all else shall be added . He was right! Did you know
the level of both head and heart that the Aramaic word for kingdom also means counsel?
and actually care about each
My desire for you is that you find or create affirmations
others well-being? I think so!
that you can carry around in your head and heart that
Isnt it empowering to have assist you throughout your day. Maybe one of these
tools to support us in our daily resonates with you:
lives; tools such as affirmations, *Right where I am, Spirit is, and all is well. *I have all
Rev. Shawn Kindorf,
Senior Minister contemplations, affirmative prayers the resources I need for this day. *I am loving, lovable
and meditations? I think so! and loved. *I am abundant in all ways. *I am healthy,
whole and vibrantly alive. *I am grateful.
I want to share with you one of my favorite daily
affirmations. I am remembering who I am. It is Along the way, remember that I, Shawn,
actually a song title by musician Melissa Phillipe. I sing am remembering who you are!
it to myself while I fall asleep. I say it to myself when Together we are awesome!
Im feeling stuck or in a quandary. It reminds me to go
higher than the circumstances Im experiencing. I Love and Blessings,
remember first that there is only One Source. Then I
consciously know and feel that It is right where I am and
everything I need to know or action I need to take is

Holmes Quote: S.O.M. Pg. 148.4

We should expand our thought until it realizes all good, and then cut right through all that appears to be, and
use this Almighty Power for definite purposes. We should daily feel a deeper union with Life, a greater sense of
that Indwelling God-the God of the seen and of the unseen- within us.
Harmony Center is an inclusive spiritual community. We transform our own lives as we love, play and grow
together. Through the recognition of the oneness of all life, we consciously activate the Global Heart.

CORE Council
Vonnie DiCecco President
Pat Sanchez Vice Pres.
Richard Rosenberg Treasurer
Leslie Jensen Secretary
Lamont Hyde Member
Jim Cristerna Member
Beatriz Garcia Member

Practitioner Support
Our Practitioners work on an individual fee
basis and invite you to call on them for private
consultation and affirmative prayer.

Carol Barber 562-692-8460

Ana Cacao 562-556-2338
Joanne Elliott 562-945-2359
Mary Falvey 562-881-8302
Janie Huber 626-369-1237
Becky Moore 562-508-1313
Pat Richards 714-330-7398
Mary Sampson 562-699-5433
Pat Sanchez 562-533-3439
Sherry Uzel 562-947-3633

Meditation, Many Routes to Peace of Mind
submitted by Mary Falvey
Meditation is one of the most profound spiritual practices that I love to engage in.
Sometimes I will just shut off the outside world for a few minutes and go within and then
sometimes I set aside a longer period of time to get quiet and let go of outside distractions.
Whether I engage in meditation for a few minutes or an extended period of time each
meditation brings peace of mind and re-energizes me from the inside out.

I used to think that meditation required a certain position for my body and a particular place
that I should be. I also thought I had to memorize a specific mantra or chant that I had to
recite. What I have learned over the years of meditating is that there are many routes and
methods one can use to experience calm and peace of mind through meditation.

For me, one of the best places to meditate is at the beach.

Watching the waves go in and out methodically and listening
to the waves and watching the waves lapping along the shore
is very meditative to me. Here is an abbreviated mediation I
do when I am at the beach, pausing after each line:
I feel the warm sand underneath my feet.
I feel the sunshine energizing my skin.
I hear the seagulls calling
and the waves crashing on the sand.
I tune into the sounds of the waves.
As the waves come in towards the sand I take a deep
breath in, and as the waves recede, I breathe out gently.
I take these feelings of peace and serenity with me after I leave this meditation.
I am at peace and am experiencing tremendous joy.

Be thinking about joining a

Care Circle.
Rev. Shawn is launching a new
ongoing program. Care Circles are
small groups of 12 max that will meet
once a month.
The purpose is to gather with other people in our spiritual
community, share whats going on in our lives, get prayer
support when needed and simply to connect. More details
coming soon.
Another fun fundraiser! An evening of food, wine, music,
and friends. Thanks to Beatiz and Javier for hosting this
event in their beautiful home. Photos from Leslie Jensen.

July 2 Independence Day
dress in patriotic colors
July 9 Beach Day
dress for a day at the beach
July 16 Country & Western Day
jeans & western wear
July 23 Sports Day
show your team colors
July 30 Work Party Day - Help Clean Up
dress in work clothes and consider staying
after service to help the Core Council & Rev.
Shawn to some much needed cleaning and/or
repairing around the sanctuary and hall.

Once a year, everyone comes to church on the same day. If we all come
to Harmony Center on this Sunday, we can see how many of us there
really are! There will be a special lunch after the Celebration Service.
Join us in Harmony Hall to enjoy some togetherness.

1. Once upon a time, all the villagers decided to pray for rain. On the
day of prayer all the people gathered, but only one boy came with an
**That's FAITH**
2. When you throw a baby in the air, she laughs because she knows you
will catch her.
**That's TRUST**
3. Every night we go to bed, without any assurance of being alive the
next morning but still we set the alarms to wake us up.
**That's HOPE**
4. We plan big things for tomorrow in spite of zero knowledge of the
5. We see the world suffering, but still we get married and have
**That's LOVE**
6. On an old man's shirt was written a sentence 'I am not 90 years old . .
. I am sweet 16 with 74 years' experience'.
**That's ATTITUDE**

Harmony Center
12907 Bailey St, Whittier, 90601
6 pm Doors open
Wine & Appetizers
7pm Concert begins
CD Release Concert!! After Dessert Reception

$20 in advance
$25 at door
Bring 2 friends, get free CD
Reserve tickets via email at:

If you had a winning bid,

then you will hear from
Pat Richards soon.

Lots of choices this year

to get together for
singing, picnics, dinners,
games, ice cream, music,
and more.

Bidding has ended but the actual

events will start soon. Make sure to
follow up on your bid with Pat
July 2017
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9:30 AM Meditation 10:00 AM

10:00 AM Womens Group

4th of July
Patriotic Colors

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8:45 AM Visioning
9:30 AM Meditation 10:00 AM
10:00 AM Womens Group
Beach Day

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September 2017
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1 Lorraine Lisanics 22 Margaret Ball
4 Lamont Hyde 25 Laura Ruchhoft
6 Ray Czapka

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Meditation Service Womens Group
10:00 AM
Together We Are

Special Lunch

If you would like an Tuesdays and Thursdays
uplifting message, dial 10 AM - 4 PM

(562) 698-0341, 4 #
The Office phone number is
(562) 698-0341
Each week there is a new
message for our inspiration. Rev. Shawn also available by appointment!

9:30 AM Healing Treatment Service

Available . . .
10:00 AM Celebration Service for wedding receptions,
birthday parties, quincieras,
Rev. Shawn Kindorf- Minister graduation parties,
business meetings
You are invited to join us in Harmony Hall and more.
for refreshments and social time after the
Celebration Service. Leave a message for Becky
at the church office to set up an appointment.

Harmony Center for Spiritual Living

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