The Last Hour of Life - Gurdjieff, George Ivanovitch


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Gurdjieff, George
Ivanovitch The Last Hour of Life
Writings on Mullah Nassr
Im agine , that you have only a fe w m inute s, m aybe an hour le ft to live ;
Contact with God
som e how you have discove re d e x actly whe n you will die . W hat would you do
Struggle with this pre cious hour of your stay on Earth? W ould you be able to com ple te all
Work and Life your things in this last hour, do you have a conscious ide a about how to do it?

Symbolism And le tting go your last bre ath would you fe e l satisfaction from k nowing that
The Last Hour of Life you have done e ve rything possible in this life to fulfil that you are constantly
pre se nt, always vibrating, always waiting, lik e the son is waiting for the
Meetings 1921 - 1922
fathe r-sailor? In the m anife ste d world e ve rything has its be ginning and its e nd.
Lecture on Symbolism In the R e al W orld e ve rything is always pre se nt and one be autiful day you will
Meetings 1941 - 1944 be allowe d to forge t e ve rything and le ave the world “fore ve r”.

Fre e dom is worth a m illion tim e s m ore than libe ration. The fre e m an, e ve n in
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slave ry, re m ains a m aste r of him se lf. For e x am ple , if I give you som e thing,
le t‘s say, a car, in which the re is no fue l, the car cannot m ove . Your car ne e ds a
Gurdjieff, George spe cial fue l, but it is only you who is able to de fine what k ind of fue l is ne e de d
Ivanovitch and whe re to ge t it.

You have to de fine yourse lf how to dige st m y ide as to m ak e the m yours, so
that the y be long only to you. Your car cannot work on the sam e fue l m y car is
work ing on. I sugge st you only the prim ary m ate rial. You have to ge t from it
what you can use . So, m ore brave ly, sit down at the ste e ring whe e l.

The organic life is ve ry fragile . The plane tary body can die at any m om e nt. It is
always one ste p from de ath. And if you could m anage to live one m ore day, it
is only a chance accide ntally give n to you by nature . If you will be able to live
e ve n one m ore hour, you can conside r yourse lf to be a luck y pe rson. From the
Gurdjieff brought to the West a m om e nt of conce ption we are living on borrowe d tim e .
psychology and cosmology of the
development of man. He started
'helping people to develop' around Living in this world you have to fe e l de ath e ach se cond, so se ttle all your life
1912 in Russia and continued until affairs, e ve n in your last hour. But how can anyone k now e x actly his last hour?
his death in 1949 in France.
For the se nse of se curity m ak e up your things with nature and yourse lf in e ve ry
hour give n to you, the n you will ne ve r be m e t unpre pare d. The m an has to be
taught this starting from the school: how to bre ath, to e at, to m ove and to die
right. This has to be com e a part of an e ducational program m e . In this
program m e it is ne sse sary to include the te aching about how to re alize the
pre se nce of “I” and also how to e stablish consciousne ss.

Q ue stion: How to act if you do not fe e l that the re is som e thing unfinishe d?

Gurdjie ff aswe re d afte r a pause . He took a de e p bre ath and re plie d:

Ask yourse lf who will be in difficulty if you die lik e a dog. At the m om e nt of
de ath you have to be wholly aware of yourse lf and fe e l that you have done
e ve rything possible to use all, within your abilitie s, in this life which was give n to

Now you do not k now m uch about yourse lf. But with e ach day you dig de e pe r
and de e pe r into this bag of bone s and start k nowing m ore and m ore de tails.
Day by day you will be finding out what you should have done and what you
have to re -do am ong the things you have done . A re al m an is one who could
tak e from life e ve rything that was value ble in it, and say :”And now I can die ”.
W e have to try to live your live s so that we could say any day :”Today I can die
and not be sorry about anything”.

Ne ve r spe nd fruitle ssly the last hour of your life be cause it can be com e the
m ost im portant hour for you. If you use it wrongly, you m ay be sorry about it
late r. This since re e x cite m e nt that you fe e l now can be com e for you a powe rful
source of the force that can pre pare you for pe rfe ct de ath. Knowing that the

1 de 9 05/10/2004 6:16

try to gain som e brave ry . until the re al last hour. we re you satisfie d at that hour? And now re anim ate yourse lf again and se t up the aim for yourse lf. air and the im pre ssions the substance s ne e de d to build up your highe r bodie s. the re is no se nse to k e e p your re putation and your pre stige . If you want to tak e from your life the m ost valuable for yourse lf. Ask yourse lf.To live the re st of your life re he arsing your de ath hour by hour – is not at all pathological. for yourse lf it is e nough to le ave just a little . To die m e ans to com e through som e thing which is im possible to re pe at again. and whe re you should have put m ore inne r fire . Now. And now ope n your e ye s wide r. The Exercise Look back at the hour that has passe d. And it is absolute ly unim portant what the m achine is think ing about this. be pre pare d.The Last Hour of Life . George Ivanovitch http://www. In this world. but you will have a choice to de cide how fully you will live the m . The m aste r k nows how to tak e from e ach tasty pie ce the last bit of the m ost valuable . Tak e just a fe w m om e nts e ach hour to watch at the hour that passe d. Le arn to be the m aste r of your life . from the be ginning to the e nd – m e ans anothe r aspe ct of the Absolute . whe re and whe n you should have be e n m ore aware . you can try to do as m uch as you can to use e ve ry unit totally. The ability to tak e the valuable from life – is the sam e as to tak e from the food. To spe nd your pre cious tim e in nothing m e ans to de prive yourse lf the opportunity to e x tract from life the m ost valuable . but also be aware that you have tak e n care of the de bts you colle cte d till now. He is able to do with the world som e thing that can not be done by just anybody. None can re ce ive m ore from life than the cance r patie nt. de ve lop your intuition.. De fine . always. It could be that in the last m om e nts of your life you will not have the choice whe re and with whom to be . this will change the work of your m achine . W he n I was young I le arne d to pre pare fragrance s..gurdjieff-internet. O f course . which is always out of your control. aspire with pe rsiste nce to re ce ive the m ost you can from life that is of value . Se arch in e ve rything the m ost valuable . If we look at e ach hour lik e at a se parate life unit. and the n tune yourse lf to e x tracting m ore from the following hour. whe n you are dying. and also incre ase the ability to m aste r yourse lf. look at your m achine as if from the outside . To work on yourse lf for the good of othe rs is a sm art way to re ce ive the be st from life for yourse lf.php?ID=233&W=19 ne x t hour can be com e the last one for you. ist m ost subtle qualitie s. and by this I m e an – ope n m ore possibilitie s for yourse lf. W he n lady de ath will call you. . le arn to se parate the fine from the coarse . Ge t to k now yourse lf be tte r. without judge m e nt. O ne who has le arne d how to e x tract the e sse nce . to live life through.. has re ache d a se nse on quality. you will not be happy about the whole of your life .com/article_details. as if it was the last hour for you on the e arth and that you have just ack nowle dge d that you have die d. who k nows approx im ate ly whe n he will die . the m ost im portant from e ach m om e nt of life . And now onwards. be a little m ore brave . If you will not be satisfie d with the last hour of your life .at le ast now. he will not have to m ak e the total change in 2 de 9 05/10/2004 6:16 . absorb the im pre ssions which it will bring to you as a re al gourm e t. I le arne d to e x tract from life it’s e sse nce . And since he alre ady re cognize d how he wishe s to spe nd the re st of his life . than you we re in the pre vious hour. Incre ase the se lf-se nsing and se lf-k nowle dge of yourse lf. Since you k now that this is your last hour and you have nothing to loose . Force yourse lf and find the way to m ak e the ne x t hour m uch m ore than the one be fore . All gre ate st philosophe rs we re care fully pre paring for the last hour of the ir life . it has to be for the good of the highe r.Gurdjieff. you don’t have to be silly about it. And now I will give you the e x e rcise to pre pare for the last hour on the Earth. Try not to m isinte rpre t any word from the give n e x e rcise . In the ne x t hour (if you are luck y to live one m ore ) try to e x tract from life a little m ore than you did in the last hour. . And the se abilitie s can be com e the indication of the re al change s.

you have to be able to ope rate your e m otions. Each m om e nt. whe re the m ost se rious judge is ourse lf. . Act as be fore . Look ing from this point of vie w e valuate e ve rything you do in your life . Each one of us has to find him se lf in the whole orde r of De stiny – is de stiny. but it is not the othe rs who are judging us. Finally. to incre ase the quality of your living. or the instrum e nt. you have to put all your e ffort into ‘to live ’. Im agine yourse lf the substance “air” or the substance “im pre ssions”. but one of the highe r le ve l.Gurdjieff. But do not de lay with the start – m aybe you re ally only have just one m ore hour of life . This law is calle d The Law of Balance . but only whe n you have “I”. W e are all standing in front of the Judge . It is im portant to note that the appare nt continuation of the last hour is in re ality changing with e ve ry hour. O nly the n we will not have any de bts. but until you will not do this for yourse lf. and not to act passive ly – whe re ve r it flows. O pposite . but we ourse lve s do the last e stim ation of our life . just going with the flow. he is absolute ly de ad. Look atte ntive ly at yourse lf and you will se e m any re m ark able ways to be fair. at the sam e tim e . To re ally live . To do – m ay m e an only one thing: to e x tract the e sse nce from e ach m om e nt of life and at the sam e m om e nt to pay all the de bts to the nature and yourse lf. although you have spe nt the gre ate r part of your life in sle e p. it would m e an nothing for othe rs. The m an who k nows that he will die soon. Look ing 3 de 9 05/10/2004 6:16 . but he will be able to go som e whe re . that we can call ”the e sse nce of life ”. to fe e l. The re fore e ach m om e nt we can e x tract the m ost subtle substance s. who is com ing from one world to anothe r. tak e n alone . Q ue stion: C an we share this with othe rs? I think it is ve ry im portant what we have he ard about this e ve ning. but always be aware of the ir pre se nce . whe re he always wishe d to go.W hy do you have such a ne e d to pay? Pay for what? If life is only a coincide nce . to tak e active ly from life . Think about this and you will find out why it is so. for action.php?ID=233&W=19 it. W e do not have to fail the m ost im portant e x am ination. W ith the tim e you will le arn to se e yourse lf as a spirit of a spe cial substance . R e al life is not a change of activity. Ye s. He is not just sle e ping. you can pay im m e diate ly. if we do not e x ist. but a change of the quality of the activity. im agine that you just wok e up in the absolute ly unk nown in com parison to the pre vious one gone by.The Last Hour of Life . To pay im m e diate ly – this is what is calle d “re al doing”. e ve n the m om e nts of tim e are the substance s. or if our “I” is abse nt? . soone r or late r we will have to pay for it. to act. Q ue stion: The re fore . the n the re is no se nse to go on. but “re al doing” – is to pay im m e diate ly. Ex tracting from life the m ost pre cious. Starting from today you can be gin to pre pare yourse lf for de ath and. At the e nd of e ach hour afte r you have e stim ate d its use fulne ss. O rdinary m an always live s. It is not too late ye t to start doing it now.gurdjieff-internet. but would not do it in othe r circum stance s. “To do” – is to think . This doe s not m e an that you have to e nd your life with a suicide . it is ne ce ssary to support the e fforts of nature . we cannot pay the de bts. Ex iste nce is the m e ans. That is why we will le arn how to pay im m e diate ly for those what we re ce ive from life . Each tim e notice for yourse lf diffe re nt m om e nts whe n the de sire s appe ar. although things and pe ople se e m the sam e as be fore . If we will be able to e x tract the fine st substance s from the coarse r.You can re te ll it word by word. will try to use to the m ax im um e ve ry hour of the re st of his life . as an uninvite d gue st of nature . re pre se nts the particle of the e te rnal C re ation. George Ivanovitch http://www. draw in your m ind the substance “m om e nt”. Se e how fairly you can e stim ate yourse lf. Transport to the world the part of your blood. This is e x actly what C hrist m e ant whe n he said that the last days will com e soon – the days be fore the Last Judge m e nt.

the n the re is nothing to do but to be sorry about the past. who had powe r ove r othe rs. it is not give n to e ve ryone - to die . the m ost disgusting in the ordinary m an is the ability to quick ly satisfy his fle sh. C re ate a de taile d plan of the last hour of your life .Gurdjieff. but starting once . a de finite am ount of m one y was give n to you and this you cannot e x ce e d. To unde rstand the re al possibilitie s of this world. if the de ficit on your bank account is only te m porary or is it pe rhaps constant? Did you loose the tim e or could you inve st it succe sfully? If you have spe nt all your m one y on vacations. but it doe s not re ally m e an do die .com/article_details. 4 de 9 05/10/2004 6:16 . Tim e is the only curre ncy with which you pay for your life . Now you are force d to e arn e ach hour of your life . Howe ve r big the re sult is according to e arthly m e asure s. Try to im agine yourse lf re lative ly cle arly the last hour of your life on e arth. Ask yourse lf: “Is this how I want to dispose m y life ” . W ork … som e thing strange . not lik e a an honour. So how would it be possible for you to re im burse at le ast som e how the se losse s? C he ck . The m ajority of pe ople find m any e x cuse s not to work on the m se lve s. im pe rce ptible . Although.php?ID=233&W=19 at the re sults of all your e fforts of the past and think what se nse the y all have now. re write the script until you lik e it. George Ivanovitch http://www. and now sudde nly you discove re d that – it is not fre e . soone r or late r it will fail. But right now we do not spe ak about the m . Those who are e ngage d in the W ork . as if you we re writing the script for a film . W he n you cam e into this world. The re is no m ore tim e on your bank account. All your life you be have d lik e a child and spe nt tim e just lik e a ne wly m arrie d couple on the ir hone ym oon. The y are in a com ple te prison of the ir we ak ne sse s. you will have m any e x cuse s not to pre pare yourse lf for the last hour of your life . The ordinary way of unde rstanding life is vanity of vanitie s. You pay for using the tim e . I am rathe r inte re ste d in finding the good organize rs. You faile d as a busine ssm an. the re al warriors of the ne w world. The habit is a big force . I do not ne e d followe rs. W e are not he re to praise ourse lve s and to prove ourse lve s. You have to e arn this right. Do not fiddle all day. that is why e ach m om e nt of your stay he re costs som e thing. but for m any it is im possible to live without it. You can be com e m anure for our plane t. you should grow de e p roots into life . Tim e is your m one y for life . You have not e ve n re ache d the m ain goal of life – to have re st. in the last hour of your life . But now the am ount is use d and you se e that you are all alone and that the re is none to re ly on. W rite a k ind of a script of this last hour. I k now. Now you se e . Atte ntive ly look at the live s of all the gre ate st pe ople . I re m ind you once again. and as a use r of life – you de ce ive d yourse lf. W hat is the be ne fit for the m from all the ir gre at actions now. those who we re com m anding arm ie s. whe n the y are de ad? Eve n whe n the y we re alive . Eve n the sand is be ing rubbe d into dust by tim e . Look at life lik e at busine ss. I unde rstand the we ak ne ss of the organization.gurdjieff-internet. how you use d the bigge st part of it in a stupid way. it is ne ce ssary to find what we can re ach in this world that will be ve ry use ful in the R e al W orld. All your life you thought that e ve rything is give n to you for fre e . For m any ye ars you have be e n spe nding you life as if your pare nts gave you a bank account with unlim ite d cre dit. le arn to live e ach of your hours with a bigge r be ne fit. Eve n the m ost significant pe ople of history are be ing forgotte n. which is hinde ring us from applying the ne ce ssary e fforts – is hope le ssne ss. Unde rstand m e right. are de ad to this world and at the sam e tim e the y are m ore alive in this world than anyone e lse . O ur m ain e ne m y. but about you. For this honour you have to pay with C onscious Labour and Inte ntional Suffe ring. all the se gre at actions we re no m ore than e m pty dre am s. To die to this world fore ve r . If you are not satisfie d with the answe r. be cause right now we do not spe ak about the usual organisation which would consist of initiate s. force yourse lf at le ast one hour a day to m ak e an e ffort.The Last Hour of Life . only the n you will be able to die lik e a hum an be ing. you can le arn to do e ach tim e m ore and m ore . To unde rstand how one should die .

Think about the re he arsal of your last hour as if it was balle t e x e rcise s – you have to do it all your life .Gurdjieff. France ribeiroduy@free. I would like to ask: what would it change if you knew? Reijo. I read this text with great interest. Whatever the origin. I find it very mouving and enlighting The "taste" sound from M. Translation from Russian by Alexandra Kharitonova. but whe n I was young. I spe nt on it two tim e s longe r. Thank you very much if you could give me some more specific details. I de dicate four hours a day for this e x e rcise .com/article_details.Gurdjieff but coul you give me some information on its origin It is mentioned in the article "translated from the russian. From the archives Of g. glenn added 2004-08-05 Origin of the Last Hour On the article the origin is said to be a book: "Conversations about the secret. I don't know this book. thank you." but yet is it a group repport and when did it take place. Sincerely david DAVID RIBEIRO. United States mediawks@polaris.The Last Hour of Life . with free English rendering by Reijo Oksanen .unearthed by Ilya Kotz & Avi Solomon of the Jerusalem Nyland Group Comments THE LAST HOUR OF LIFE Sirs. even if not from Gurdjieff himself.Gyurdzhiyeva". The text itself looks very much like added 2004-08-07 The Last Hour Of Life 5 de 9 05/10/2004 6:16 . the content of the article inspires me and i appreciate it being published. George Ivanovitch http://www...php?ID=233&W=19 othe rwise you will loose e ve rything. Switzerland added 2004-08-06 origin of Last Hour regardless of its origin. I am sure someone knows more.gurdjieff-internet.

net added 2004-08-09 The authenticity question You ask the question: "Whatever the origin. the text has the tone and sound of authenticity.lib. Who kept it hidden for 55 years? Tell us who it a look that alone can influence my functioning and qualify as the beginning of the development of Being. In other words. ideas. We share feelings of the importance of the subject. there are people who are profiting from the crumbs they picked up at has the same truth but in 'authenticated' form:) Best Wishes. then whey hide is source. Yes. Israel avisolo@yahoo. my body fidget inattentively. or manipulations.Gurdjieff. All around the world today. France added 2004-08-10 Does it matter? Dear Chris. watching my mind associate. to change our state." Is this another example. but 6 de 9 05/10/2004 6:16 . beyond my efforts at exercises and the results i grasp for. seeing from an altogether different level. my feelings judge.The Last Hour of Life . so that we continually see our failure and misunderstanding in trying 'to do'. I also sense from deep inside a call to receive a 'look from above'. beyond my education in the Work ideas. matters most. So as I read with interest these various writings. I would suggest posting texts purporting to be by G without scrupulous authentication serves no one and nothing. Chris Dickman. We found the original russian text here: http://www. to improve our functioning. Gurdjieff. George Ivanovitch http://www. Gurdjieff's "ideas table. as interesting as they are. What matters is the birth of an authentic question about who and what I am. I would like to ask: what would it change if you knew?" My response would be: "Everything". I. is the need to be clear about the idea of levels of consciousness. sense that.php?ID=233&W=19 It's interesting to note my reactions and those of others who have posted thoughts regarding this article. these are not the words of Gurdjieff.gurdjieff-internet. For me to argue for or against the authenticity of this article reveals my own tendency to form conclusions and will polarize my readers in one way or another. that is.txt Ideally we would also like to know the origin of the text and it's history! Maybe you can research & follow the leads to the 'horse's mouth'? For me in the end what matters is the effect such texts have on me. Maybe you should read the Dalai Lama's book 'Advice on Dying'. authenticity. for one.I trust my inner compass enough to guide me through the minefield of attribution and find the jewel of truth. is without words. an active seeing that connects all my centers. what. Avi Avi Solomon. Brian Shiers. even if not from Gurdjieff added 2004-08-10 Authentic or fraudulent? If this is an authentic report of a talk by Mr. I say. questions about its authorship. But really it doesn't matter. and sources. in my view. United States 2rivers@sbcglobal.

directions. Gurdjieff is an added 2004-08-11 Interesting article Yes. above.php?ID=233&W=19 that does not mean it is really from Mr. Gurdjieff and most readers could not tell whether it came from him or added 2004-08-10 It does not have the right tone My comment.lib. something that is touted as being authentic. I am just very. this short life should be spent on selfperfection and on persuit of higher level of being (as best as one can). It appears to me to be a fraud. they will believe it is the real thing. His better points bulldoze idiotic fantasies out of people and should reach more added 2004-08-10 Further Research Dear Dwight. Gurdjieff really taught. He NEVER spoke in generalities. Gurdjieff would never have expressed. very. almost scientific. very suspicious of something tha suddenly appears after more than a half-century. He always gave specific.gurdjieff-internet. Nor would he have ever said something like: "Extracting from life the most precious. Bah! Dwight Ragle. Mr Gurdjieff is correct.. Gurdjieff's group meetings and. To compare this faud to the way Mr.The Last Hour of Life ." Dwight Ragle. as are many other statements in this article. Avi Avi Solomon. Now I have read it thoroughly.Have you read the original russian version here?: http://www. 7 de 9 05/10/2004 6:16 . I have many verbatim meeting reports of Mr. you have to be able to operate your George Ivanovitch http://www.Gurdjieff. I could write a "talk" by Mr. United States dmragle@sbcblobal. believe me. United States dmragle@sbcglobal. Gurdjieff. and yet the person who kept it secret all these years will not reveal his or her read the book "Views From The Real World. he never expressed himself in generalities. I wish people had a taste of the higher it would help them dedicate their time to selfperfection and creating of higher being. Many sentences are meaningless. Israel avisolo@yahoo.don't believe it's existence and therefore don't strive for it as one should and have esotericism as a mental fantasy. as his life is recorded and he has being as one can sense in his writings. which is an unorgnized hodgepodge of unconnected and poorly expressed thoughts. But they who have not tasted the higher level." That is simply laughable. -I would also like to know who 'they' are and why they 'hid' it for so long:) -Would you be specific about who is profiting from this text? It appeared for 'free' on the internet -Remember that this is a translation. And if they are gullible. most of which Mr.txt Hopefully someone who 'knows' will fill us in on the origins and history of this text! Cheers. (complete with errors!) was written before I really studied this article.

php?ID=233&W=19 Is article is real or fake?. one who practices the art of making essence from every moment of life has special conscience.Gurdjieff. an organ like Kundabuffer. but this time of such properties that every one of these unfortunates during the process of existence should constantly sense and be cognizant of the inevitability of his own death as well as of the death of everyone upon whom his eyes or attention rests. The original sentence reads " .the tendency. Each chapter was an exercise ( the entire practical Method for work on oneself ).com/article_details. "Only such a sensation and such a cognizance can now destroy the egoism completely crystallized in them that has swallowed up the whole of their Essence and also that tendency to hate others which flows from it . Jerry Huget.J. The proof is in the pudding. which is much easier to do. directly or indirectly. George Ivanovitch http://www.Gold. who cares as long as the message has substance. does not use the word 'aboriginal'. which engenders all those mutual relationshops existing there. Sweden added 2004-08-11 The Last Hours Of Life When I read this version of the exercise in this newsletter I took exception to the use of the word 'aboriginal'.J. I have been doing it for over 25 years now.The Last Hour of Life . I brought this up in correspondence with Reijo who has indicated to me that it has now been changed from 'aboriginal' to 'just anybody' I quite agree with this change. or you can simply come up with an excuse to not do it..I. Gold titled " Practical Work On Self " that was made available to the public in which the last chapter 24 was titled " The Last Hour Of Life "." In 1979 I aquired a copy of this exercise. Reijo is correct when he says " What would it change if you knew ? " For anyone who has applied the method of G. He cannot do those things a savage would do to his world. Gurdjieff and aquired a taste of this "some definite "something"" they will realize that the exercise is in accordance with the 'ideas' of G. I am quite sure he was the source. do the exercise and you will know if it is real. which serve as the chief cause of all their 8 de 9 05/10/2004 6:16 . Gurdjieff. However this public version was different in words but the gist of it was similar. The last exercise was this Chapetr 24 The Last Hour Of Life.gurdjieff-internet. Canada gjhuget@shaw. As well. as the version of this exercise I have.I. It was published by IDHHB associated with E. specifically the context it was used in. Mika added 2004-08-11 The Authentic Gurdjieff Beelzebub's concluding chord "All & Everything" 1950 "Result of Impartial Mentation" page 1183: "The sole means now for the saving of the beings of the planet Earth would be to implant again into their presences a new organ. namely.. there is a book by E. It was chapter 24 of a private publication of VOLUME II of Secret Talks With G.

OFM Men As Enneagram personality test.php?ID=233&W=19 abnormalities unbecoming to three-brained beings and maleficent for them themselves and for the whole of the Universe. online for people who study Gurdjieff and Video recorded at Osho Commune Fr.designed and hosted by Gurdjieff Internet Guide 9 de 9 05/10/2004 6:16 . Ouspensky ideas and Movements See on our List of Special Videos Learners and Elders Home | Articles | Books | Events | Forums | E-books | Links | Utilities | Languages | E-cards © 2002-2004 Gurdjieff Internet Guide . Richard Rohr.gurdjieff-internet." Reijo George Ivanovitch http://www. Switzerland added 2004-08-12 Add a Comment Name: Country: Select Country e-mail: Header: Comment: Continue Enneagram Test 300 Fourth Way Contacts Gurdjieff Sacred Dances Male Spirituality Scientifically validated.The Last Hour of Life .