Liceo Luis Alberto Barrera

U.T.P / C.G.V.P

Name:___________________________________________ Grade7th
Aim: Use countable and uncountable nouns
Read and get information


What ______you _______ (think) is the best way to spend the Christmas holiday?
(not be) sure I know. For some, travelling somewhere where it ________ (snow) is
the best option.

little few little .I saw a ____ films at the weekend. I __________ (always/be) too lazy to organize anything and plane tickets _________ (be) so expensive at this time of the year.Choose the correct alternative 1. I have____ friends. Few few little little 2. There isn't ______________butter in the fridge. Do you have ____________friends abroad? V.P In my case.P / C.. 4. .I've done it a ____ times. Do you know _____________words in English? 3.T. 4. few few little 3.He has very ____ patience with me. . The children ______________ (always/help) us prepare the Christmas tree but we _____________ (not turn) on the lights until the 24th. . 1.G. Jane hasn't got ______________time. 8. 2. We____________ (usually/have) lunch in the family and___________ (spend) the afternoon reading books or watching films. There was too_____________ noise in the streets. How_______________ eggs did the hens lay? 6. There are so many things to do at Christmas that you _____________ (not need) to worry about travel arrangements as well. Liceo Luis Alberto Barrera U. People from other countries ___________ (usually/come) here for the mild weather in winter. 5. . . I think Christmas____________ (be) best spent at home.V.Decide whether you have to use much or many. How_____________lessons do you have on Mondays? 7. It ____________ (often/not snow) where I live but it ____________ (get) quite cold in winter. roast chicken and apple pie. 5. He didn't eat______________ meat. IV.There's only a ____ sugar left. Christmas at home __________ (smell) of spiced wine.