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mindful that there may be more than one correct option among those supplied. It’s important to remember that the scenario strategy for approaching the questions in a clear. a way that makes sure they’re not forgotten as they develop their answer. logical and contains signposts towards the required answer. Examiners enjoy awarding marks and won’t or to wander off into more familiar territory. Under the stressful conditions of an for demonstrating their level of research. knowledge and examination. however the open assessment syllabus is . question. MEM1812/281113/PDF Institution of Occupational Safety and Health The Grange. to draft a management reviewing the syllabus. generalised answer that doesn’t refer to the situation described in the question will earn few marks. but it needs to identify the key points in is that you will need to research your answers. the marks available for Part B answers that have a coherent structure tend to attract parts of the question will reflect the level of detail required more marks than disjointed ones where points are jotted — enough to show why the issue identified is relevant down as they come to mind. candidates should read the of time on a part that offers few marks when more marks questions carefully. to produce a and that the principles are understood — but there are no well-structured answer. Highfield Drive. All too often. Candidates may have to develop their techniques writing is still relevant. Once again. Part B questions such a report. Candidates may find an answer plan useful — it Questions for both Parts of the examination can be drawn can help them to make sure they’ve covered all the relevant from any part of the syllabus. A structured way.Preparation for the electronic open assessment Some Part B questions give specific instructions about the style Preparing for the electronic open assessment starts with of answer asked for — for instance. Leicestershire LE18 1NN. answer if only a different question had been asked. candidates health and safety professional dealing with complex risk should return to the question to make sure that what they’re issues. This development can then be used for your CPD. It asks exactly what is being asked. Where Part B questions are divided into two or more parts. these instructions. It is important to read the question carefully to usually include ‘signposts’ which point the way to the kind understand the style of answer that is being asked for. being are available elsewhere. You will need to know how to carry brief or report. knowledge and understanding. and on developing research methods that will help to fill any remaining knowledge gaps. the marks available for each part are clearly shown. and indicate their responses. candidates should read the The electronic open assessment requires more than just a question carefully until they’re certain that they understand general understanding of health and safety issues. Candidates need to be familiar with the format and requirements of both Parts Part B questions will by and large consist of the presentation of the electronic open assessment so that they can prepare a of a scenario. Candidates However. candidates need to think about the further marks to be gained for extra information. The style of answer plan is up to the questions will match your direct experience. Candidates should use the allocation of marks to guide their Approach to the electronic open assessment efforts — they shouldn’t spend a disproportionate amount For Part A of the examination.iosh. good technique won’t make up for any gaps in should try to picture the scene in their minds while planning knowledge or lack of understanding of syllabus material. of answer the examiners are looking for. it’s quite easy to misunderstand a question understanding. there is a limit of 700 words for each question. But it’s up to the examiners are faced with what would have been an excellent candidate to make sure the examiner is able to do this. The Although a good knowledge of the breadth and depth of examiner can’t award marks for irrelevant material. success ultimately accurate it is. Wigston. Credit will be given to answers that follow out research and know where to find relevant information. Every word of the question is candidates to demonstrate technical competence and there for a reason. It’s unlikely that the Part B points in their answer. In other questions. meaningful and clear the candidate might be Candidates must read the questions carefully. While answering Part B questions. hesitate to do so when they’re deserved. UK t +44 (0)116 257 3100 f +44 (0)116 257 3101 www. The expectation individual candidate. and much depends on taking note of an insight into the subject that should be expected of a the signposts. depends on the candidate’s ability to demonstrate this knowledge in a logical. For Part B. Summary Before starting an answer. taking care asked to set out the issues that would need to be addressed in to understand what’s actually needed. Approach to individual questions For Part B. The their answer — this will help them to focus more clearly on primary emphasis should therefore be on gaining the right the key issues.