May 3, 2017

San Jose Country Barn Inc.
Sta. Ines East Sta Ignacia Tarlac

Dear Sir/ Madame,

We have reached your concern regarding color concerns on roof. Picking a color for
your Project is an exciting process, especially today, when we have various options
which are available than ever before. It is important not to get lost in this numerous
options and focus on what you need.

We highly recommended light colors when it comes to heat retention rather than dark
colors. According to University of California Santa Barbara (UCSB) study, dark colors
absorb more heat than lighter ones because they absorb more light energy. Wherein,
White is contrary. Some heats from light colors are still absorbed but wavelengths are
reflected back. Since most light is reflected, little light (or heat) is absorbed.

In this, we conclude that color can affect heat absorption.

Best Regards,

Edmark Tolentino
Quality Control Officer, CSC

Noted by:

Engr. Edito Rabe
-Plant Manager, CSC