Assessment Rubric – Mikaela Horrigan

Assessment Criteria
Individual Offence:
Ability to consistently:
- Utilise a variety of passing, catching, and dribbling techniques to maximise
possession of the ball and scoring opportunities for team mates
- Lead into space to create offensive play and scoring opportunities
- Shoot for goal with variation in technique in order to maximise scoring potential
from different positions on the court
Individual Defence:
Ability to consistently:
- Move effectively around between the scoring circle in relation to direct opponent
and opposition ball and player movement
- Deny individuals shots at goal through blocking and positioning around the shot
- Move quickly and effectively from an offensive role to a defensive role (e.g. fast 13/15
Ability to consistently:
- The student has clearly displayed a willingness to communicate amongst their team
during match play and in breaks.
- Able to communicate their match play suggestions and improvements.
- Able to recognise court spacing and make adjustments
Skills Improvement:
Ability to consistently:
- Action: to improve skill proficiency
- Ability to identify, and take action, in an area for skill improvement
- Ability to select and execute appropriate practice activities 4/5
General Contribution:
Ability to consistently:
- Perform specialist roles contributing to the morale and etiquette of the sport
through appropriate communication.
- Demonstrate determination and perseverance in all practical tasks
- Work collaboratively in various scenarios to improve individual and/or team 4/5

Total: 43/50