Minecraft Enderzilla

A Giant Minecraft Enderzilla Story

By Billy Miner

Copyright @2015
All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced in any form or by any
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Chapter 1: The Scientist
Chapter 2: The Corporal
Chapter 3: The Argument
Chapter 4: The Monster
Chapter 5: The City
Chapter 6: The Plan
Chapter 7: The Takedown
Chapter 8: The Friendship


This amazing story is about an Enderzilla monster that terrorized Mine City. Its
destructive powers and gigantic size were a threat to the entire existence of the people
in the said location.

However, two individuals are determined to stop the mayhem and battle the giant with
all their strength. They have different ideas about how to handle the situation though,
and they seem to have misunderstandings along the way.

Read about another adventurous Minecraft story from me, Billy Miner. I like to spike the
drama and paint the picture of each book by adding details and emotion. This one is no
different. The disaster waiting to happen in Mine City is about to explode and affect
numerous people. So don’t wait and read about how those two very different men try to
prevent it.

His patience has its limits too. There must be something I am lacking. scratching his head. mostly chemistry. someone who has spent his whole life figuring out substances and combining chemical fluids and materials. “Why does it have to be so difficult?” he wonders.” It’s just one of those things that takes forever. That’s why he went to university ten years ago: To study chemistry and biology. but what?” He walks out the door and returns home. This formula is just too complex. but this time. throwing his hands up in the air. His final theses and papers were full of complicated calculations the teachers didn’t even understand. after a long day of 10 hours of work. or in other words. but now it looks like he hasn’t followed the right formula.” . Chapter 1: The Scientist This isn’t it. He is amazed by the effects of one fluid mixed with another. It doesn’t matter how much effort he puts into it.” Professor Derrick is an ordinary lab rat. “It needs something else. rebuking him for working overtime again. Can you see the turnaround this society will have if we get this mixture working? It will be a revolution. He always outsmarted them. looked up numerous theories and scientific facts. His wife greets him with a kiss at his homecoming. He has run into problems before. It frustrates him. and has even had explosions in his lab. I think I am doing it all wrong. he has been doing math for days. The formula seems correct. “I give up.” Derrick the professor says. he just wants to get it done. “This is extremely important. but something is still missing here. I has always fascinated him. It fascinates him. “But honey. “I have succeeded with countless experiments and have taken science to a higher level.” the professor says. “I’ll continue later. and he still hasn’t figured it out.” he says.

I’ve been trying to figure out a formula for the past week and I still don’t comprehend it.” his daughter says. son?” “I bumped my head and lost the sports game. Can you come take a look? It’s in the living room.” “That’s life.” he finally says. and if this is really as big as he expects it to be.” As he is saying it. Some things just take a long time anyway. he will go back and try again… and again… until he understands the correct mixture.” Derrick says. it’s gone now. And this new awareness has made him determined again. And let’s see if you can beat this tickle monster!” . son.“I know. “Dad!” the smallest boy yells. Where does it hurt?” Derrick asks. his three children come running into the room. okay. “Well. He sees himself as this little boy who is downtrodden because he is losing. “What’s the matter with you. he realizes that he let it get to him. or lost. His head is hanging down and he slowly strolls towards his father.” “Okay. And losing? Just look at me.” “Oh. but you haven’t lost the league. “I wanted to show you my drawing. you’re home! Finally. He looks sad. There’s more to life than work. putting a little time into it is the least he can do. “You may have lost the game. son.” she says. that doesn’t sound like fun. I’m glad you understand. His discouragement got the best of him and he has given up too fast. Come here. Tomorrow. but you have to take it easy sometimes. Bad things happen all the time. “Dad. “Don’t worry. At that moment. But I still hate that it happened.” The oldest son doesn’t look so good. “I will take a look at it.

and people’s lifestyles. or ten. the economy.” After his daughter shows off her talent and he proudly pats her on the head. And if not. Tomorrow there is a new day and he might just get it this time. then in five days. or twenty. another match… by not being able to get the formula right. It’s worth fighting for. he thinks about what he said to his own son: He lost another game. This new combination of fluids is going to be grand. The other two jump on his back and a rough rumble and tumble game begins. For several minutes. “I still have to see my daughter’s drawing.” “Hold on. . but the league is far from over. “Come on. It will have a profound effect on hunger.” Derrick says. guys! Don’t let it get cold.Derrick leans over and starts tickling his kid. nobody gets hurt. “Dinner time!” Derrick’s wife shouts. which actually does happen sometimes. the fun with his children doesn’t stop and fortunately.

All they focused on were the monsters in front of them. One time. he has gained favor with the generals in the city’s army. As one weapon. Rain was pouring on each and every soldier. Hundreds of . the coast seemed clear. They didn’t pull back. “Forwaaaard! March! One-two. they marched forward to the threatened Endermen. creepers. He is a man of honor. but only a handful of the men obeyed his orders. he has fought threatening Endermen. but the noises of the storm they were in outweighed his voice. The others were too oblivious of the fact that these Endermen were about to run into them and completely pulverize them with their numbers. At first. Always putting his best foot forward. and other perilous creatures from the deep and the dark lands. “Get back! Retreat!” Corporal Joe kept yelling. an angry sparkle emanating from deep in their souls. zombies. “Pull back!” he yelled. They were furious and about to attack. you lazy bedbugs!” Corporal Joe has dealt with numerous challenging situations. he stood before hundreds of Endermen. who were already provoked by the staring soldiers in his army. one-two. they were boiling with a raging fire that was about to explode. Thick clouds had already burst into bolstering thunder and terrifying lightning flashes had set the scene for a more dramatic war that was already raging. but then Joe saw a glimmer in their eyes. one-two! Keep moving. not even noticing the few men that pulled back with Corporal Joe. soaking their clothes and muting the sounds of their voices. who were in no way willing to forgive or stand down what had just caught their attention. skeletons. They didn’t listen. The Endermen kept still. Chapter 2: The Corporal On the other side of town. a corporal yells his lungs out. In hundreds of battles. So they marched forward. but inside.

he sprinted in front of his entire army. “Go back! Get out of here!” he yelled to the men he was running at. They finally understood. with the bomb and a few matches in his hand. but he felt helpless. and a soaked field of moss and random blades of grass. As fast as his legs could carry him. Side by side. Corporal Joe was overwhelmed. “Give me that bomb.” he finally said to a nearby soldier. waving his arms in the air. A few hundred feet in front of them. he knelt down and lit one of the matches. the majority of the men were still marching towards their enemy. creepy trees. “Don’t you see? It’s about to explo…” Boooooom! . He snatched the item from his hand and ran forward.Endermen were standing there… in the obscure chaos of heavy rain. “Pssshhhh…” The fire from the match got quenched by the wetness of the weather. More than anything he wanted to save these men from the terrible fate that was about to beset them. “You too! Get back!” Corporal Joe shouted in another soldiers ear. They had seen him place the bomb in the soil. but Joe was going to stop these creatures from harming his valiant boys. He stuck it in the ground and ran back. moving into all different directions except for the one between them and the Endermen. “There!” he said excitedly when he managed to light up a match and the fuse of the bomb. Now the men were sprinting back and panicking. “Stupid irritating matches… Come on!” he said as he anxiously stroke the matches and lit them up one by one.

he has somewhat accepted the situation and made attempts to toughen up by telling himself it wasn’t all his fault. Satisfied about his accomplishments. That is his mission. but the problems in their home were too confrontational. so they chose to separate. never to be heard of again. as well as a few poor trees next to the field. Since it happened ten years ago anyway. and he knows it more than anything. When someone disobeys his orders—which has happened before—he knows how to manipulate these weak souls into tougher tests. Nobody develops character without adversity. Some hate him for it. Joe is not afraid of anything. so they can grow up and develop their strengths. which he doesn’t take lightly. he had prevented their destruction. The previous provocation wasn’t enough for them to strike back. in a perimeter of a hundred feet.The explosion burnt a hole in the ground. As a commanding officer. Joe watched the men march. and they will see it later. The corporal had saved his men. others think it’s an unfortunate necessity to kick the softness out of their spoiled characters. They hated the light and the fire. The future for his family remains uncertain. His courageous deed would be long remembered in the years to come. and struggle to get in shape and run through an obstacle course. but just to compensate. he ranks above the lowest soldiers in the army. The hundreds of dark creatures reacted by running away in the opposite direction. he has forced himself to work hard at securing the future of the city by protecting it. It’s the only thing he knows how to do right. The Endermen shied away. Some of that adversity came when his wife left him. They had been trying to work out their relationship for years. do push-ups. the smoke covered the atmosphere. The sky lit up. causing the grass to catch fire. or so it seems. He hates laziness and loves discipline. The battle has become a treasured memory and the future looks bright. It’s for their own good. However. . seeing his children only once per week brought him sadness. More than anything he has decided to take these slackers on and teach them what it means to be a man.

” . In the meantime.” “Certainly. The last time the general came to his office was a year ago. standing and looking at a few photographs. I will leave first thing in the morning. he returns to his office and finds his commanding officer there.” Joe says. “You may be aware of some of the projects the army has supported in the past.” “Thank you. we started a project in collaboration with a lab. sir. He is intrigued.” he says in a friendly tone.” “Yes. corporal. “What are you doing here. The general starts. sir. He has been so busy since then that he hardly saw him at the military terrain at all. “Have a seat.After training the cadets. corporal. I expected nothing less. sir?” “Sit down and we’ll talk. I want you to go to the lab and see how far the project has progressed. I want you to shut it down.” he says. Corporal Joe sits down and leans on his desk with one elbow. and we haven’t even heard anything for weeks. In other words. We don’t have room for leeches who take advantage of the system. sir. “Good. Recently. If nothing good has come out of it. That will be all. the professor there is draining our bank account by charging us the regular hour wage and not reporting any valuable results. he is wasting our time and our money.

Knock knock! “I’m coming!” Derrick yells. The consequences could be magnificent.” . he easily pulls it out. but we’re just not there yet. It already looks discouraging.” Joe says. puts his bag on the floor. He has barely started mixing substances together and writing complex calculations on a piece of paper. “I have made tremendous progress. He decides not to linger on these thoughts any longer and goes to work. Derrick thinks for a second and realizes again how big this discovery could be. He turns on the lights. and looks at the failed experiment he interrupted yesterday because he got tired of it. which is tonight. He hears a knock on the door. Without further ado.” he says in a stern voice.” “I see. the corporal walks in and takes a peek.” Derrick answers. we will close this place. and he hasn’t even done anything yet. please!” He walks to the door and opens up. He has to pursue his dreams and go on with this formula. but after a while. I just need more time. He sighs. “I am here to check if you are making any progress. Knock knock! “Yes! I said I was coming! Patience. If your experiment doesn’t have any results. He finishes a few notes he was making. “Oh yes. Professor Derrick opens the front door of the lab. Then he turns around and announces the reason of his visit. You have a deadline. “But the officer ranking higher than me has instructed me to shut this place down if you do not report any significant changes. Chapter 3: The Argument It’s early in the morning. His key gets stuck for a few seconds.

Eventually. The economy would get a boost and everybody would prosper. Could you please give me one more day?” “Sorry. “Okay. I cannot. unless you don’t want me to of course. mixing this or that. no. I’ll just try it out.” Derrick says. “I have my orders. writing formulas and drawing conclusions and overviews. “Fine.” “Can’t you be a little more flexible?” Derrick asks. All we would have to do.” “Do whatever you want. don’t do that.” the professor begs. Now hurry up and do what you have to do. “It is not completely done yet. but I just need one more day. “I don’t care. here we go. Finish it now or shut it down. Obviously.“Oh.” Derrick takes a tube and carefully pours it on a plant. starvation will be over all over the world. But no matter what we do. Don’t you see the impact this can have on society? I am creating a substance that can make plants and fruits grow faster. and they’ll grow ten times faster and larger. I will stay with you today and help you wherever I can.” “I understand.” Joe says. Corporal Joe has no clue what he is doing scientifically. it has to end tonight. “No. . “I just need a little longer. If I succeed. professor! You have until midnight!” Joe sneers back.” “I will try to hurry. Just make sure you close tonight. You gave me this deadline. They work at it all day. They watch patiently and wait for the results. but at least he gives Derrick some support and encouragement.” “But it’s not done yet!” Derrick lashes out. And I don’t want to be held responsible for the consequences. But I might be wrong about this. Derrick says. is put it in the crops.” Joe says. That’s all I need. late in the evening.

He steps back and waits.” Joe says. He gets a little closer and observes the boiling soil. “I’m going to try more. and .” he says. It must have been there when the boy dug up the plant I asked him to bring me. it has grown as big as the both of them and is leaning against the ceiling. “What? Why? Why isn’t it working? I almost had it right!” the professor complains. arms. what’s that? Something is boiling. And it doesn’t stop there. Enderman shapes are being formed by the pearl. The Ender pearl keeps boiling and boiling. Derrick takes another tube and pours the whole content on the tomato plant. the pearl has increased in size so much that it now looks as big as a brick. Within seconds. It’s not stopping.” “And what does that mean?” Joe asks.” “You put an Ender pearl underneath the plant?” “Well. Hey. “I don’t know.” Corporal Joe admits. By now. “What’s impossible?” Joe asks. “It’s incredible. “This is impossible. That’s not the chemical reaction he expected. but I wonder if it will stop. This is amazing. It’s growing faster than they thought it would. creating a head. It’s reacting and I don’t understand how.” Professor Derrick agrees. I didn’t do that.” “You better know what you’re doing. It keeps growing and growing. “This chemical reaction only happens when there is an Ender pearl involved.Nothing. “I don’t like the looks of this.” It is amazing. but not in the way the two men hoped it would be.

This is getting out of control!” . Follow me out of here or I’ll knock you out. This has never happened before. the pearl continues to flexibly fill up the lab’s space and exponentially push the two individuals out the door.legs. “No. Now!” Joe shouts. I want to see how it develops. we cannot desert it. Still in its infant state. “We have to leave.” “You stubborn fool.

“It’s gigantic!” the professor exclaims. absentminded idiot! You really had no idea what you were doing. it has become a disaster. he sees the necessity of protecting their lives by fleeing too. they see the monstrous pearl break through the roof. Chapter 4: The Monster Professor Derrick feels sad leaving his growing experimental pearl. Crrrrrraaaassssh!!! Just in time they jump from the building onto the street. It looks at the two with a penetrating stare as if it is trying to say that it’s going to chase after them. It’s hard to believe what they are seeing. “My goodness. . His curiosity has taken over. catching his breath. Its arms and legs are long. He stops running. “Take off your coat! It’s slowing you down. He feels like he achieved something. “Keep running!” the corporal commands. Now he really wants to know what has become of his creature. “You vague. There is no time though. did you?” Corporal Joe yells as they run for their lives.” Professor Derrick drops his coat and looks back as he runs behind the corporal. When they look up. The pearl has now taken form and looks like a large. “What have you done?” They can’t help but stand there and stare at the roaring monstrosity. The monster has grown to over a hundred feet tall. They open the door and run out of the lab.” Joe says as he glances back. but then again. They have to keep moving. with glowing eyes and diabolic horns on its head. and turns around. But after a while. He cannot believe his eyes. black man. “Don’t look back!” But this only kindled Derrick’s desire to look back even more. its face is dark and creepy.

” Corporal Joe suggests. “I’m sorry to barge in like this.” No sooner said than done. After a few turns. but we have a serious problem.” Joe says. the two arrive at the military base. “Excuse me. sir. “We can discuss how to defeat this thing there.“Follow me to the base. They run in anxiously. they enter the general’s office. alarming several soldiers that danger is on the way there.” .

You just got promoted… temporarily… depending on the condition that you get rid of this thing. the professor and I were inside. who has big eyes and an open mouth.” the general says. the general sticks the symbols of the said rank on Joe’s shoulder and disappears out the back door. He can’t believe he just got promoted. Good luck. something began to grow. “Remember that scientific project you sent me to? The one you were going to shut down? Well. It became huge!” “Would you explain it to me in more detail. “It’s like an Enderman but bigger. but he realizes too that he will lose his entire status if he doesn’t blow this . corporal. corporal? I demand an immediate explanation. I was about to head out when you stepped in.” “What do you mean with ‘backfired?’” “Well. Congratulations. But upon my departure. you will be degraded to the rank of soldier. it has backfired on us. “I don’t have time for this. If you don’t. “Holy cow!” the general exclaims. Chapter 5: The City “What is so important that you have to disturb my meeting. leaving Joe with his new rank behind.” “It’s an Enderzilla!” one of the soldiers says as he runs out the door in the opposite direction. “Seems like an appropriate name for my creation.” Derrick mumbled with almost a little pride in his voice. And when we tested this liquid on a tomato plant. The outcome of your career is in your hands now. looking at the situation in amazement. major.” With that. please? What exactly grew so big?” “That!” Derrick yells as he points to the monster through the window. I am giving you full command of the troops in this region.

You two. and breaks rocks with its fists. Suddenly. “Aim at its head this time. The Enderzilla stomps on tents and barracks with its feet. The soldiers have grabbed their muskets and are lined up to fire at the beast. so he decides to go back to the destroyed lab they left behind. move.” “You’re right.” Joe says. Moreover. swipes away trees and buildings with its arms. He can’t think of anything to stop the Enderzilla. A dozen bullets fly through the air. They drop on the floor like flies. gather your weapons! I am in command now! Get your muskets from the ammunition room. “Ready… aim… fire!” Major Joe commands. And he doesn’t want to be an annoyance. all to no avail. do it. “Major. It’s too strong.monster up. Reload… ready… aim… fire!” The bullets hit the Enderzilla’s head and repeat the same pattern. If not. if there is anything you can do to help. go around the corner! Move.” one of the soldiers says. only to drop dead on the floor after bouncing off the Enderzilla’s hard skin. “Again!” Major Joe says. This is a military operation now. he doesn’t want to die here.” Derrick says. “Men. move!” Major Joe yells as he claps in his hands to encourage the soldiers to take initiative. sir. We need better equipment and stronger weapons. get out of our way right now. Meanwhile. he snaps out of it and takes control. “Pull back! Let’s get the bombs out. He marches outside and looks at the panicking soldiers in the camp.” . “We cannot kill this thing. “Professor Derrick.” “Yes. Major Joe is commanding his troops and doing everything he can to stop the dangerous threat.

A few soldiers haul them out while others stand ready with fire to light them.The army retreats to the ammo storage and gets out all the bombs they can find. “Take cover!” Joe shouts. and dust. It’s gotta have a weak spot. “We have to keep trying. When the soldiers look up. heading into the direction of the city.” .” the major suggests. Without a scratch. Impatiently.” one of the soldier says. After several minutes. tearing the sky with their light. as well as countless pieces of debris. the black being steps out of the immense destruction attempt. and their unbearable noises. Boooom! A half dozen bombs explode at the same time. Thick smoke emerges from the hit location. their fire. “This is terrible. it walks past the army with several giant steps. major! It will reach the city in no time. they are hopeful and expect the Enderzilla to be gone. But their expectations aren’t being met. “Let’s go after it. six bombs are being thrown at the gigantic monster. The soldiers drop to the floor on their stomachs and cover their heads. grit.

All he wants now is to crawl under a rock and hide himself from the world.” he says. Derrick sadly arrives at what is left of his lab. People all over Miner City run to all different directions in an attempt to evade the large disaster that has entered their town. he finds the formulas he scribbled in there. caused a disaster waiting to happen. Homes are burning. The most logical outcome of this formula is the opposite of the root divided by…” And so he goes on for a few minutes. futile attempts from the military include still shooting at the detected threat. churches are turned into ruins. If only he could reverse this catastrophe. the place where it all started. After walking to the table. Screams by girls and women are heard. he puts his hand on the notebook he left behind and flips through the pages. crashing houses and knocking over buildings along the way. he isn’t noticing the shaking ground caused by the Enderzilla that has reached the city by now. Completely focused on his possible solution. The Enderzilla stomps on the floor. . “Wait a minute. His confidence is broken. He picks up a few beakers and tubes that have been shattered by the growing Enderzilla monster and looks at them with a glum expression on his face. and the overview of lined up data that helped him created the fluid. He starts taking notes on another page and gets excited about his new discovery. as well as scared cries of so-called brave young men and fathers who are terrified. desperate souls are trying to save their own skin. One by one. the symbols. He glances to the corner of his experiment and sees his notes on the table. and tiny business are turned upside down by the frequent stomping and slamming of the angry Enderzilla. Chapter 6: The Plan In the meantime. His self-esteem is shot. Chaos is in the air. the equations. “What if I turned ‘X’ around in this calculation? That would make sense. What on earth has he done? He has unleashed a monster.

but not enough to time it perfectly. “Let’s trip that thing. it will reverse the effects of the growth spurt.” “Well. That’s the only logical way. “I made a plan. I didn’t expect this to be easy. professor? It seems nearly impossible what you ask of us.” “Makes sense.” “And how do you think we can do that. there’s a problem. If it works.” . The monster is so tall that it would take a great effort to climb all the way up there. causing it to fall.” “What are you saying? That you can undo this mistake?” Joe asks. meaning someone has to climb on its head and put the injection needle in its brain.” “Well. And that will give us a minute or two for someone to climb on his head and inject the needle. Let’s get to it. “That’s exactly what I am saying. It bends over sometimes.“Major. If we can extend a strong cord from one end to the other. “It has to be injected into the scalp. I am sure of it. We just can’t afford to take a chance on this. we might be able to tangle its feet up and wrap the cord around its ankles. “I may have found the antidote.” Derrick says.” Derrick begins. I’m so glad you are here!” Derrick exclaims. The equations all make sense now.” “Than what do you suggest?” Major Joe asks curiously.” “Then what are we waiting for? Let’s give it to him.

The two minutes are over. Hand me that needle. Set the clock at two minutes.” Derrick runs after Joe and arrives at the town square.” “Fine. a group of soldiers brings a large rope. Not too much later. Besides. sir. keep shooting to distract the monster! We are going to set the trap on the other side of the town square. do it yourself.” Derrick says. professor. “The strongest and thickest you can find. The men in front of it are shooting in the air and yelling their lungs out. “Good luck. “And the five of you over there. “Sorry.” “All clear. you’ll run like your life depends on it to the destined location. Joe manages to get a big group of soldiers together and commands them to fetch some rope. I’m not going to let one of my men sacrifice himself. the Enderzilla follows these supposed lunatics and roars angrily at them while stomping behind them. professor.” “You mean that you’re going to jump on the monster’s head?” “Of course. luring the monster into the rope trap the Major and his men set.” The Enderzilla is coming closer. Chapter 7: The Takedown Within minutes. sir. I guess it will have to do for now. “Is that all you could find?” Joe asks. That’s the best we could do. Without hesitation. If you want something done right. Understood?” “Affirmative.” “Okay. We will meet there and span the ropes to trip it. you can come help set the trap. if I mess up. . Let’s hope it works. After that. at least I’ll have no one else to blame.” he adds.” “Then move! Come on.

Bam! The monstrous giant falls on the town square. barely aware of what just happened. and the major stand by and watch as the Enderzilla slowly turns from a monster into a pathetic little pearl. Joe uses the monster’s horns to pull him around the head. but because the major ducked. lying on its side. and injects the needle. you filthy beast!” he says with conviction. precisely as planned. . He leaps over bricks and pieces of the broken monument. It becomes smaller and smaller.“Faster. the roofs. after about ten seconds. Craaash! Bits and pieces of the tiles.” Joe says before he runs towards the Enderzilla’s head. “Take that. The running soldiers hide behind the wall of a nearby building and pant heavily. and the monument are being bounced up from the collision. along with a couple unfortunate homes. after which he glides off the Enderzilla’s body. grabs onto the monster and climbs on its head.” Major Joe says. “Now it’s our turn. The soldiers span the rope. “It’s just you and me now. and closer. The Enderzilla growls and whacks at him with his hand. faster! Get over here!” Joe yells. and trips over the rope. The Enderzilla is down. The Enderzilla comes closer. The soldiers. the hand missed him. Whoosh! It almost got him. At first. the professor. ugly head. the Enderzilla begins to shrink. men. it seems ineffective. takes a few steps to what he thinks is the center of its scalp. but then.

I have to go home to my family. I have to admit that the tomato plant a few hours ago already made me hungry.” “I’m sure it will be. And thanks to you.” Major Joe adds. we’ll just warm it up.” “Yeah. Chapter 8: The Friendship “Well. My high rank will stay. I’ve had numerous times when a warmed up dinner tasted even better than before. I have progressed in my career.” the major answers. Now if you’ll excuse me. “I’m sorry to hear that. I’ll tell you all about it on the way home. professor. Why don’t you come over for dinner some time.” “All right. holding his hand in front of him. Do you think dinner will still be warm? It’s almost midnight. Are you married. just to have some fun? In fact. The soldiers gather around the spot where the monster disappeared. Joe shakes his hand.” Joe says. “That sounds like a great idea.” Professor Derrick says. I would destroy it right now. You are an intelligent addition to this army and to the city. how about you just follow me to my home right now? My wife is an expert at cooking casseroles. “I’m sorry I got on you for your mistake. finding it hard to believe their eyes. “What a cute little Ender pearl we have here. I don’t know how you do it… staying up so late and not even grabbing a snack or something. they are the best. did I tell you about the time I invented food additive to enhance the flavor of it? It’s a long story. major.” . They look at the tiny pearl and remain speechless. major?” “Divorced.” Derrick says. “Thank you for all you’ve done.” “Good. Speaking of which. And if not. It was an honor to work with you. because you invented the antidote. Trust me. would you look at that. if I didn’t know any better.

The two new friends walk through the narrow alleys of the city. . ready to eat a delicious meal.

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only 40% of my body can actually get wet. since he was wet anyway… you can’t get any wetter than being completely drenched in disgusting rain.” he thought. He wasn’t sure if he wanted to check it out. But hey. . it was pouring rain. and jumping over a fence… he felt himself getting closer and closer. “If 60% of my body consists of water. “There it is!” he yelled. Walking around the barn. Minecraft Diary of a Villager and His Pig: Day 2: The Message Marcus turned his head. right? “Let’s go see. After all.” With that logic in mind he decided to take initiative.Here is an excerpt from one of my other books. climbing over a wall. The lightning struck fast and the thunder was terrifying. and took off. into the direction of the noise. He left the barn he had been hiding in.

and as came to the right place. This was it. He ran and ran.” “STOP!” Huh? Did that pig just talk? “Excuse me?” Marcus asked. “Ughh… I will have that pig for supper tomorrow. but that wasn’t the point. there it is. Marcus sprinted into the forest to catch the pig. Yep. “Where did he go? Where did he go? Ah. “No!” Marcus shouted in desperation as he saw the pig running away into the woods. Marcus didn’t . and in English? Well. “My uncle is going to kill me. “You’ve got to be kidding me! Come back! How come you’re so fast all of a sudden? Does exercising in the mud help you become a speedy creature? That makes no sense. “Those messy.” he thought. “Stop right there!” the pig repeated. he had to catch his breath. because…” Before he could finish his sentence.” he groaned. “That’s it! You’re going down. he buried his head in his hands. “You!” Marcus said in a low voice as he squinted his eyes and focused his stare at a pig about 20 yards away from him. He didn’t think he would spend his one day off chasing a pig. “Unless…” He heard an OINK and turned around. He wasn’t sure what to think of this. at least he had a funny accent. dreary rain. until he tripped and fell. his face flat into the mud. but then the thunder rumbled and the pig was startled. “There!” He changed direction and watched as the pig disappeared in the forest. awful animals!” Marcus put his hand on the pig’s fence. “Oh no!” he blurted out. How can a pig talk. I’ve got you now. “Come here right now!” Marcus started running towards the pig. Marcus was astonished.He approached the area. dirty pig!” In the heavy. The fence was open and one of the pigs had escaped.

As he changed his facial expression from surprised to skeptic. “What?” Marcus said again. A talking pig! What the…. Then he thought of something.” the pig went on. “If you continue this way. “Yes.” the pig continued. mister Pig. yet you despise us as pigs because we are muddy and filthy. And which way should I turn then?” He still couldn’t believe he was talking to a pig. “You come home dirty every day from working at the construction site. What’s the difference between you and us?” “Well…” He didn’t really have an answer. “You pigs aren’t doing anything. “But I worked hard!” he said. he answered with a smartly attitude. Marcus couldn’t believe his ears. and leaning his arm on his elbow.” “If you need us. closing his eyes halfway.say another word. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” “Then why are you chasing me. “Do you really think one creature is worth more than another? Do you think that if you are at the top of society. but he played along. giving orders and managing employees. then don’t despise us. “Do you not see the irony here?” the pig asked. His mouth fell open and his eyes felt as if they were about to pop out of their sockets.” Marcus responded.? How was that possible? Perhaps he heard it wrong because of the noisy thunder and heavy rain. you are worth more than the one carrying out your orders? Do you really believe that anything would happen at your job if everyone was at the top? Don’t you see that the entire system would collapse if the ones at the bottom didn’t contribute and do their part?” . you will never amount to anything. thinking that he was probably dreaming. if I am useless to you?” “Because we need you.

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