** This syllabus is subject to

Geometry Syllabus change at any time at
teacher discretion**

2017-2018 MY SCHEDULE
1st Hour: Algebra II
2nd Hour: Plan
3rd Hour: Plan
MS. BAYLI SCHMITT 4th Hour: Algebra II
Olathe South High School 5th Hour: Geometry
Email: bschmittos@olatheschools.org 6th Hour: Geometry
Website: www.bschmittos.weebly.com 7th Hour: Geometry
OSHS Phone #: 913-780-7160
Room: 903

This course falls between Algebra I and Algebra II in the Olathe School District mathematics curriculum.
Although it is a brief deviation from the standard Algebra courses, you will find that we can and will make use
of many algebraic concepts throughout the year. Topics of study include Basics of Geometry; Segments and
Angles; Parallel and Perpendicular Lines; Triangle Relationships; Congruent Triangles; Quadrilaterals; Similarity;
Transformations; Right Triangles and trigonometry; Polygons and Area; Surface Area and Volume; and Circles.

Each student is required to bring the following materials to class on a daily basis:

 3-ring Binder (1 ½” or 2”)  Highlighters
 Loose-Leaf Notebook Paper  Red Pen
 Pencil – assignments will only be accepted if completed in pencil
 Calculator (Scientific or Graphing) NO CELLPHONE CALCULATORS!

Semester grades are determined by a running semester based off of the following four categories:

HOMEWORK AND CLASSWORK (10%): Homework is typically given on a daily basis, and will be due the
following class period, for full credit. Most assignments are worth 10 points, and will be graded on a
completion basis, unless otherwise communicated in advance. Late homework (fully completed) will be
accepted for a one point deduction. All homework, including late work, will be accepted up until the day of
the unit test. Once the unit test has been given, students may no longer turn in homework for that unit.

QUIZZES (30%): Quizzes will be given throughout the unit, and will be announced in advance. If a student
misses a quiz due to an absence, that student will need to make arrangements with me to make up the quiz.
All quizzes must be completed before the exam, or a score of zero will be recorded. Retakes are NOT allowed

TESTS (50%): Tests will be given at the end of each unit. If a student misses a test due to an excused absence,
that student must make arrangements with me to make up the test within one week of the original test date.
Test dates are announced in class, and on my website. Students may retake ONE test of their choice per
semester if: (1) All homework from the unit is turned in and fully completed prior to original test,
(2) Completion of an alternative assignment (at teacher discretion), and (3) Test retakes must be completed
within 7 schools days of receiving a grade on the original exam. NO WORK SHOWN = NO CREDIT

FINAL (10%): There will be a final at the end of each semester. All homework must be completed and turned
in before the final is handed out. There will be NO RETAKE offered on the final. NO WORK SHOWN = NO CREDIT


A: 90% − 100% B: 80% − 89% C: 70% − 79% D: 60% − 69% F: 0% − 59%

These devices are ABSOLUTELY NOT to be used during class unless otherwise stated. If I see it during a
time that has not been deemed appropriate, you will be instructed to put it away until class is over. If
it is a reoccurring problem, it will be taken up to the office for you to pick up at the end of the day
and a parent will be contacted.

To receive class updates via Remind text message, text the message @schmittgeo to the number 81010. When
you do this, I will not see your actual phone number, and you cannot reply to updates that are sent out. I will
send out reminders/comments about homework, quizzes, tests, hints, etc. I will only use this for special situations,
and will NOT bombard you with texts.

**Both parents and students are encouraged to sign up for these notifications.

 Be Prompt
o ARRIVE TO CLASS ON TIME! (Attendance will be taken as soon as the bell rings.)
o If you are tardy, you must report to the tardy table (located near the front entrance of the
school) and receive a pass to come back to class.
 Be Prepared
o Have all your materials including your assignment, pencil, and calculator.
o Passes during class will be given only in an emergency. You have plenty of time between classes
to go to your locker and use the restroom.
o Your planner is your pass. You may not leave the room without a signed planner.
 Be respectful
o Positive language (no cussing or put-downs).
o Raise your hand to speak (follow class signals).
o Ask permission to borrow materials from others or leave the room.
o Talk when appropriate. Don’t interrupt.
 Follow School Rules
o No cell phones are to be out during class at ANY point.
o You will be expected to follow the Student Code of Conduct and School Policies that can be
found in your student handbook.

I will be available to help students before and after school, during Falcon 50, and during seminar. I will be
available from 7:30am – 7:55am and from 3:05pm – 3:30pm every day, excluding the days we have faculty
meetings, department meetings, etc. I encourage students to come in for help as often as they need.

** It is recommended that students check in with their instructor before coming in to assure availability.

We will continue to use both the physical textbook and online version of the textbook. To access the online
version of the textbook, visit http://technology.olatheschools.com/ . More information on
how to use the online textbook will be given out as the school year begins.

Parents and students are encouraged to regularly check ParentVue/StudentVue to best stay
up-to-date with student’s grades. I will be updating grades several times during the week.
Please email me if you ever have a question or concern regarding a grade.
Parents Visit: http://parentvue.olatheschools.com
Students Visit: http://studentvue.olatheschools.com
** Turn this syllabus in on the day

- Ms. Schmitt of your final in May,
and receive 5 extra credit

My name is Bayli Schmitt. I am your student’s Geometry teacher for this
school year. I am very excited to have the opportunity to work with your
student, and get to know them. I firmly believe that communication between
parents/guardians and myself is vital to a student’s success. Please feel free to
contact me at any time throughout the school year. I will periodically be
sending out progress reports.

OSHS Phone #: 913.780.7160
E-mail: bschmittos@olatheschools.org

Ms. Schmitt’s Website: www.bschmittos.weebly.com
This website will have ANY information you need to know about this class. It has
an assignments calendar (under the Geometry tab) that will have all the notes,
assignments, and due dates on them. I encourage you to visit my website to
see what it has to offer your student and yourselves.

Please complete the following information and return:

Student Name: ______________________________________________________________

Parent/Guardian Name(s):___________________________________________________

Comments: (Anything you would like me to know about your student)

Parent/Guardian Signature: ________________________________________________