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Changing Marriage is Dangerous
By Senator Eric Abetz To deny this is to deny the fundamental difference between providing “a full understanding of fundamental British values”.
the sexes. Scientists tell us our chromosomal structures have And across the Atlantic from the UK we had Mozilla CEO
Make no mistake – the push thousands of differences. The desire to have more women Brendan Eich have to resign after only two weeks in the top job
by some to change marriage in some of our social institutions is always promoted by the because he privately contributed $1,000 for a campaign against
from a man/woman institution assertion that men and women have different perspectives and same sex marriage in California.
is destructive for our society. we deny ourselves the richness of that diversity of approach in And then across the Pacific to Australia, Tasmanian
From children, to Parliament, the Courts and the Boardrooms. So why would it Archbishop Porteous was hauled before a discrimination
societal stability, to our long be any different in society’s foundational institution with the tribunal for setting out the rationale for the Catholic Church’s
cherished personal freedoms responsibility of bringing up the next generation. support for existing Australian law.
(e.g. religion and speech) And in case there is doubt, the testimonies of Katy Faust And as the architect of the exceptionally dangerous and
– all are compromised by and Millie Fontana-Fox about being brought up in same sex Orwellianly named “Safe” Schools Programme Roz Ward,
those proposing altering the households exposes the reality so succinctly expressed by a committed Marxist stated – same sex marriage is only
millennia old meaning of Heather Barwick, “I loved my mum’s partner, but another mum the beginning of the campaign to help deconstruct Western
marriage as being between Senator Eric Abetz could never have replaced the father I lost.” capitalism.
men and women. As Katy said, “Family structure matters to children.” This is no conspiracy theory here. A full unabashed
All cultures uphold a form of marriage the common President Obama made the same observation (albeit in the acknowledgment by the architect herself. No reason to lie – just
denominator of which is the male/female bond. This is no context of single parent family units) lamenting the lack of a simple acknowledgement that if you deconstruct family as we
accident. The family unit is society’s primary and foundational fathers in children’s lives. know it, you deconstruct the society itself. As a self-confessed
institution. Marriage existed well before the Nation State, As Dr David van Gend’s aptly entitled book tells us Marxist, Roz Ward is frighteningly truthful and consistent. It is
democracy, courts and the United Nations. “Stealing from a Child – the injustice of ‘marriage equality’”. a matter of regret so many others can’t see through the glibness
Study after study (if needed) supports our natural intuition By wisely not following the few countries that have changed of “love is love” and “marriage equality”.
that children are safer and prosper the most having the security their marriage laws, Australia can observe the harmful effects If these glib meaningless phrases are to be given any genuine
of knowing their biological parents and the diversity of male apart from the child/parental/socialisation dynamic. meaning, then “love is love” in all situations and “marriage
and female role models in a marriage relationship. Our freedoms and rights suffer as well. It goes hand in equality” should be open to all – as the Greens assert. If this is
No matter how hard and genuinely two men or two women glove. the standard then who is to judge the quality/type/validity of
may try, they will not be able (all things being equal) to provide In the United Kingdom a Jewish Elementary School any love – within families, with more than just one other, or
the benefit that a man and woman combination in marriage can for girls aged 3 to 8 faces closure for not teaching children
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bring to a child. about homosexuality or gender reassignment because it is not

Protecting Traditional Marriage between One Male and One Female
By Dr David Claydon may actually encourage discrimination against anyone who that includes a registered partnership, a civil partnership, and
promotes the current Marriage Act or who is deemed to be all other formally-recognised personal unions.
In Australia, laws regarding politically incorrect by opposing same-sex partners. The Hon Michael Kirby has indicated that relationships
marriage are within the exclusive The currently promoted demand is for “equality”. The term should be about love Values clarification was a major issue in
constitutional jurisdiction of the “equality” refers to human rights. The Universal Declaration the 1970s and various publications at that time highlighted that
Commonwealth Government and declares the “inherent dignity and the equal and inalienable love is legally an undefinable relationship, but it is hoped that
the Marriage Act 1961 which rights of all people”. We agree with this. However, their it will exist in numerous types of friendships within a family
states that marriage is between a meaning of equality is to provide the same legal recognition and beyond. But love is not a helpful basis for indicating a legal
man and a woman. The current given to married couples. By implication it also means for those relationship between two people.
demand for civil unions to become seeking same–sex marriage that there is no gender difference We are left with two important issues. The first is that marriage
the same as a ‘marriage’ is to gain between people. This new challenge to remove gender has throughout known history and the world been a relationship
the same respect for civil marriage differences results in the removal of gender terminology such between one man and one women (except for polygamy in a few
in all States in Australia and in as mother/father and boy/girl and the requirement to have only societies). The other issue is the uniqueness of every individual.
Dr David Claydon
other countries so that the defined one bathroom for all students in a school. This uniqueness is not based on a philosophy about which some
relationship will be recognised by Now the response to a push for civil unions both for same- may want to argue, but on the fact that humanity exists because the
hospitals, schools, insurers and even government officials. sex as well as a male and female in a de facto relationship, Continued on page 6
However, this is a very weak argument. Changing the name has resulted in most States in Australia enacting
of a relationship doesn’t in itself change attitudes. Attitudes are legislation to allow for the registration of
developed in response to personal ideologies. Pressures will committed relationships maintenance and other
be different in different countries. Worse, this very promotion domestic matters. “Civil union” is a generic term

Thomas Fred and Silvana
Jefferson with President
Memorial Franklin

Fred at St John’s
Episcopal Church –
The President’s
President Donald Trump addressing Rector Rev Dr. Luis Leon welcomes Fred and Silvana
enthusiastic crowd in Warsaw, Poland St John’s Church, Washington

Silvana and I had the opportunity to observe the church
response to the USA Supreme Court 5 to 4 decision to Please register for this tour of Israel (refer the Tour
The August Family World News demonstrates why we legalise same-sex homosexual marriage even though Advert in Family World News Page 12 which Silvana and I
must be vocal and active in supporting Traditional Marriage various States voted against Same-Sex “marriage”. will lead our tour group
Between a male and female, as described by Almighty God During our July Tour of the USA we were disappointed
and in Genesis 2:23-24 “Therefore shall a man have his at the acceptance of that Supreme Court decision by only
father and his mother and shall cleave into his wife and they one extra vote – 5 to 4.
shall be one flesh . Mathew 19:4-5 as described by our Lord There were NO protest rallies – no righteous anger only
Jesus Christ. a Spirit of acceptance, of compromise – We must not allow
And Jesus answered and said to them, “Have you not Australia to slip into this attitude this spirit of apathy - this Register today for this important Convention as we have
read that He who made them at the beginning ‘made them compromise – this situation. Convention Speakers and update our CDP Convention in
male and female,’ and said, ‘For this cause shall a man leave If Australia is the last nation to oppose same-sex accordance with new Federal Government regulations.
his father and mother and shall cleave to his wife, and the homosexual “marriage”, so be it! – To the Glory of (Refer Convention Advert Page 11)
two shall become one flesh’!” God! 10. PRO-LIFE VICTORY
Obey the New Testament warnings in Romans 1:24-32
5. ATTENDED CHURCH SERVICE We praise God for the victory over the radical Green
especially 1:27 and also 1 Corinthians 6:9
2. “AN ABOMINATION” WASHINGTON, USA: We need to continue in prayer to defeat the ALP Pro-
Our Family World News articles also warn us of the After previously inspecting the White House, we walked abortion Bill to stop Christians witnessing outside Abortion
serious consequences of Same-Sex so called “Marriage” across the road to the ‘Historic President’s Church’ which Clinics.
between two homosexual men” was constructed in 1816. The majority of USA Presidents We also need to pray for the defeat of the PRO-DEATH,
God’s word, the Holy Bible is very clear of its have attended this historic Protestant Episcopal (Anglican) ANTI –CHRISTIAN EUTHANASIA Bill which would
condemnation of homosexuality, which is against God’s Church and has pews set aside for the Presidents, when they legalise the right of Doctors to murder their patients.
creative purposes for Planet Earth – for marriage to be only attend. 11. ISLAMIC TERRORISM THREAT
between a male and a female. Our 1,000 local people regard St John’s as their Parish
Homosexual acts between two men are described by church. Our security forces have stopped an Islamic Terrorist
Almighty God as an abomination. The Rector Rev. Dr. Luis Leon gave Silvana and I a attack on one of our passenger aircraft in Sydney. We give
An “abomination” is something that God hates – if God warm Christian welcome to the Holy Eucharist Morning thanks to Almighty God.
hates same-sex relations, and same-sex “marriage” how can Church Service which is located at LA FAYETTE Square 12. PARENT OUTRAGE OVER
Christians embrace it? Support it? Or be silent about same- Washington DC. QUEENSLAND ANTI-CHRISITAN BAN IN
sex “marriage” SCHOOLS
In God’s word - Leviticus 18-22 we read – “Thou shalt
IN THE USA SENATE The ban on the use of the name “Jesus” must be cancelled
not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination”,
We were very pleased that the procedural Motion to in Queensland Schools – Australia is a Christian Nation with a
-“lie” means: - intercourse – sodomy between two men =
debate the repeal the Obmamacare has been passed by Christian Heritage- “The Great South Land of the Holy Spirit”.
anal sex.
– Remember the main cause of HIV-AIDS! a majority of one Vote by Vice –President Mike Pence. 13. “HERE TO ETERNITY, CHALK THIS UP
The basic reason that Almighty God calls sexual We give glory to Almighty God for this victory against TO ONE MAN”
intercourse – Sodomy between two men an abomination, all the Democratic Party Senators.
“Mr Eternity – Arthur Stace wrote the one word sermon
is because it is a sterile relationship. It cannot produce new This victory will also strengthen President Trumps
”ETERNITY” more than 500,000 times on Sydney’s
life. position and hopefully lead to further victories
Footpaths – sometimes, he wrote it 50 times a day, as a call
A loving sexual relationship between a male and a female concerning Tax Reform, Immigration Reform, Abortion
from God. Arthur Stace died 50years ago.
– a man and a woman in marriage can produce life, it can Reform and the USA campaign against Radical Islamic
We thank God that he was blessed with the gift of copper
conceive beautiful babies made in the image of God = Our Terrorism.
plate writing, which finished up on the Sydney Harbour
Heavenly Father. Genesis 4:1 As it occurred with Adam and President Donald Trump has banned TRANGENDERISM
Bridge in 2000, as part of the Sydney Olympic Games.
Eve “And Adam knew Eve his wife, and she conceived and in the USA Military.
bore Cain, and said, “I have gotten a man from the Lord – President Trump cancelled the policy of former President 14. CARDINAL CHAOS
“Knew” means to have sexual intercourse by the way God Obama Praise God! Cardinal George Pell has faced Court for the first time on
designed their bodies. 7. URGENT ESTABLISHMENT OF 26th July 2017 to answer charges of historical sex offences’,
3. CHRISTIAN PRO-FAMILY, PRO-MARRIAGE THE USA AND AUSTRALIAN with his lawyer Robert Richter Q.C. saying he will plead
Cardinal Pell has stated he finds these sex acts abhorrent
These facts demand an active vocal campaign in defence We support President Trump’s plan to establish the USA
and fully condemns them
of traditional marriage, as Australia is at the crisis point – Embassy in an undivided Jerusalem.
we cannot be silent! We cannot compromise! We also need to move Australia’s Embassy from Tel
ALP Leader Mr Bill Shorten has announced a referendum
We must expose any compromising Organisation, Pastor, Aviv to Jerusalem.
to make Australia a Godless Republic, “SHOUT NO
Church, etc that avoids their God Given responsibility by While in Jerusalem Silvana and I led prayer and
falsely claiming that same-sex marriage is only a political praise meeting on the proposed USA Embassy site in
issue, NOT a Christian issue; NOT a moral issue. Jerusalem. 16. FAMILY WORLD NEWS
This is Satan’s deception from the depths of hell! We We also support the world wide Declaration for Family World News continues to be available by post
must not allow ourselves!, our churches! Our Pastors! To be Embassy’s, to be established in Jerusalem, as well as the or email. Please encourage your Church Members, Friends,
deceived by the father of lies – SATAN! petition to the Australian Federal Senate. etc to subscribe to our Family World News (see subscription
Meet with Bible-believing Christians in your suburb or (Refer our USA Tour Report in Focus on Parliament form Page 4)
town and organise rallies in your suburb or city in support Page 3) May the Lord continue to bless you and your family;
of marriage ONLY between a male and a female – hold Pray for PEACE in Jerusalem and an end to the Arab Rev Fred Nile
marriages renewal services etc. Muslim riots at the Temple Mount over the need for security. Federal CDP President

Fred at
Statue of Fred and Silvana with Annie Wright
Fred’s daughter Sharon and twins Lily and Fred and Silvana at Lily and Elijah’s 16th Liberty, at Congressman Stephen King’s office,
Elijah’s 16th Birthday Party, Kiama Birthday Party, Kiama New York Washington

Letters to the editorial
Dear Reverend the Hon. F. J. Nile who believes in the sacredness of protection of sex. Thank you for voting against Dear F Nile,
Many people are quick to point fingers a child from conception.  So once again thank the recent abortion bill and thereby Praise and Glory to God!
and complain when things are not right, but I you for standing for the protection of those standing up for the unborn children. Thank you all for your conscience support and
wanted to make sure that today I sent you my who cannot speak for themselves. Sincerely, decisions in support of the voiceless citizens. Thank
thanks for doing the right thing and speaking  Sincerely, Douglas Head you all for supporting common humanity, finding
up for the little voices that have as much right Julie Virtue West Pymble, NSW 2073 similarities and accepting differences and bridging
to breathe, live a life and love as do you and I. Forbes,NSW 2871 socio-economic needs with individuals in society.
You were part of a milestone in our Nation’s Dear F Nile, Mums and babies do matter. Dads matter. Families
developing moral fibre. Thank you seems not Dear F Nile, I am finding it hard to find the matter. Life is precious. Natural conception is
enough. Thank you for the stand you have taken right words to express to you the precious, Love and life in a family is precious. I hope
Yours Sincerely, to protect unborn babies - there but for the deep gratitude and admiration I a health consensus can be developed for the needs
Janine Hoult grace of God go you and I and very many who have for all the MLC members who of the Australian public. Thank you for the openness
Holland Park West QLD 4121 otherwise would never have a chance to make had the courage to vote down this and Honesty projected by all persons. Keep up the
their contribution to our world.  Thank you for amoral bill. Thank you from the good work. God bless!
Dear Fred, standing up against these tragic killings. bottom of my heart and god bless Yours sincerely and in kindness
Thank you for voting against the abortion Sincerely, you for hearing my voice and that Sincerely,
laws. Suzanna Balfour of the unborn child. Sonja Stefanovski
Please thank the other members from the Maitland, NSW 2320 Sincerely, Illawong, NSW 2234
different parties who voted against the bill on Cathryn Ryan
my/our behalf as I am not computer literate Dear F Nile, Carrington, NSW 2294
otherwise I would thank them individually. Thank you for standing up to be counted Dear F Nile,
I really appreciate all your ethics and moral upholding the sanctity of human life. Human Dear F Nile, I would like to take the opportunity of
values and the fact that you have listened to beings are fearfully and wondrously made as I just want to thank you for agreeing to fight thanking you for your support of human life
the silent majority. God knits us together in our mother’s womb for the rights of the unborn child and also in and freedom of speech in your rejection of
Thank you ALL again for voting against making us in his image. Human beings are taking a strong step in protecting the pressure the Abortion Law Reform (Miscellaneous
murder made to live and so we need to grieve death on women, who are often young, to have an Acts Amendment) Bill 2016. Thank you
A.P. REYNOLDS - any sort of death and particularly death at abortion. I have worked in the health industry for standing up for the most vulnerable in
the hands of another human. May God bless for many years and have seen many young society and thank you for standing up for
Dear Reverend Honourable Fred Nile MLC, you and keep you, I shall continue to pray women who fell pregnant making the decision our freedom rights. This is encouraging
I am writing to congratulate you on the that the Lord will strengthen and sustain you to abort. I am sure many of them would have news for NSW (and the rest of the country).
recent defeat of the Abortion Law Reform as you make decisions in parliament for the made the decision out of convenience without May politicians of good faith and moral
Bill and to thank you for your vote against it. security and prosperity of the whole nation fully understanding how much that irreversible integrity continue to stand up for what is
I am greatly encouraged by your stand against and particularly for the most vulnerable and choice will trouble them later. Many of them right and just.
decriminalization of abortion in NSW. I am a those that cannot speak for themselves.>type were still in their teens. Thank you once again Sincerely,
19 year old woman and I firmly believe that your email here Sincerely, Melissa Dryland
abortion is wrong and that every persons life Sincerely, Damien Gleeson Wentworthville, NSW 2145
has value beyond measure no matter how John McGeachie Broken Hill, NSW 2880
young and vulnerable they are. I thank you Wamberal,NSW 2260
again and commend you for standing up for
what you believe in this issue. I bless you in Dear F Nile, The Australian Christian Nation Association Inc
Jesus name to have peace and success in your Thank you for voting against the horrific
lives. My prayers are with you. abortion bill. There seems to be less and less FORUM
Yours Sincerely, care for human life in our society. To abort Hosted by Rev Hon Fred Nile MLC
Diella Katherine Wade just months before birth is murder. When
North Albury NSW 2640 working as a social worker I came across Monday 14 August 2017: 1.30 – 3.30 pm
too many women who were having difficulty Jubilee, NSW Parliament House, Macquarie St, Sydney
Dear F Nile, dealing with the fact that they had an abortion
I’m so thankful that this bill has been under the current laws. These women grieve SPEAKER: ELIZABETH KENDAL
defeated. I feel very strongly that a society that their aborted babies and regret having had the
does not protect and value the lives and well- abortion.  I am so glad that we have people Topic: "Who's who in the Middle East: unpacking a complex web of alliances;
being of its most vulnerable, is a society well who will stand up for the vulnerable in our asking, can Christianity survive?"
Elizabeth Kendal is an international religious liberty analyst
on the way to ruin. society. Thank you!!!
and advocate. She serves as Director of Advocacy at
Those who inexplicably cannot see Sincerely, Canberra-based Christian Faith and Freedom (CFF), and
this will doubtless bring such heinous and Val Delaney is an Adjunct Research Fellow at the Arthur Jeffery Centre
inhuman motions again. Please continue to WALCHA, NSW 2354 for the Study of Islam at Melbourne School of Theology.
stand against such movements. She has authored two books: Turn Back the Battle: Isaiah
Speaks to Christians Today (Deror Books, Melbourne,
Kind regards Dear F Nile, Australia, Dec 2012) which offers a Biblical response to
Sincerely, It is very heartening that some of our elected persecution and existential threat; and, After Saturday
Adam Hill politicians are prepared to stand up for those Comes Sunday: Understanding the Christian Crisis in the
Kincumber, NSW 2251 who can least speak for themselves ie unborn Middle East (Wipf and Stock, Eugene, OR, USA, June
babies.  It seems strange to me that in this
Dear F Nile, age of ways to prevent falling pregnant that
Thank you for voting to protect women and some people still elect to take no precautions
babies, I have dealt a lot with women who live and then say they should have a choice about Sponsored by The Australian Christian Nation Association Inc
with the decision of abortion and they live in their own bodies.  I thought they had made that ________________________________________________________________________________________

guilt and depression of “what if”. I am a person choice when they elected to have unprotected
Please register me for the ACNA Forum on 14 August 2017 @ $15
Name: ...............................................…………. Phone: .............................
Address: ...................................................................................P/code ........
Cheque/Money Order made out to ACNA, enclosed: $ __________
Please debit my Visa/Master Card $ ______ Expiry: ________

Fred and Name on card: ……………………………………………………………..
Silvana at
Statue of Silvana at Post to: ACNA, PO Box 76, Minto NSW 2566
Liberty, Washington Email: / Phone: Gloria Bloom 46473 890 for any questions.
New York Monument Bank: ACNA, Commonwealth, BSB 062000, a/c 11700519

The Harmful Consequence of Same -
By Lyle Shelton and fatherhood, marriage to remove gender is innocuous, with Protections for Australian clergy and others
and procreation little impact on children or the community, with conscientious objections have also been
The message from those campaigning to are completely think again. One only has to look at the shown not to stand the test of time. In June, the
redefine marriage is that Australians have nothing separate issues international experience. Swedish Prime Minister, Stefan Löfven,
to fear if the gender diversity requirement is taken to the question Whether it is ‘men’ having babies in warned priests to perform gay marriage or
out of the Marriage Act. of sanctioning England, three men ‘marrying’ in Colombia, ‘find another job’.
It’s only ‘about love’, is their refrain. same-sex a cake decorator before the US Supreme Court, While this is not the law – yet – it is a big
They say that it won’t affect anyone else marriage. a genderless baby in Canada or children being concern that this is being suggested by the
and, really, it’s no one’s business who people However, taught their gender is fluid at their local ‘safe Prime Minister just eight years after Sweden
Lyle Shelton
want to marry. cracks in their school’, Australians can see where rainbow redefined marriage.  
Rainbow political activists would have thinly created veneer are starting to appear. political ideology will take our nation should The longer we observe the consequences of
us believe that raising children, motherhood If you think changing the definition of marriage be redefined. Continued on page 5

Defending the God-given institute of Marriage
By Rev Dr. Ross Clifford AM, Australian law reflects that consensus.” Fourthly, our commissioned McCrindle and Associates
State President – CDP Secondly, because it is our cultural and legal history that report on the values of our CDP members and supporters
has made us strong in protecting families and marriage. The indicates, the protection of the family and marriage is a
Why should we strongly legal definition of marriage at Common Law was given by high priority. We know Labour support same sex marriage
defend the institution of St James Wilde in Hyde V Hyde and Woodmansee (1866) – and Liberals are struggling to hold to a plebiscite. We are a
Marriage? “Union for life of one man and one women to the exclusion prophetic voice!
Firstly, because its biblical. of all others, as understood in Christendom”. Those who Fifthly, we need to stand strong as this is not the
When I was President of NSW are opposed to our Judeo-Christian heritage know that the direction the world is taking, contrary to what the
Council of Churches (Evangelical prime attack must be focused on family and marriage. “fake news” suggests. In a recent media interview I
Churches), we made this clear Thirdly, because the ramifications would be massive was asked why we don’t follow Ireland and Portugal
statement that reflected the position if the law was changed. Previously I wrote, it will not in their stand on same sex marriage. I pointed out
of all mainline churches: only be the family that will suffer, because as we have that 90% of the world’s population lives in countries
“The NSW Council of seen internationally where same sex marriage has been where marriage is only between a male and a female.
Churches has restated its legislated, the Christian small businesses, wedding In fact, only 20 or so countries have taken the same
view that the Australian Rev Dr. Ross Clifford AM celebrants, schools and Christian tertiary institutions are sex marriage path. And we in Australia are constantly
Parliament should define persecuted and prosecuted if they fail to adhere to the new being told by our politicians, and rightly so, that Asia
marriage as the union of a man and a woman to the moral agenda. For example, a small bakery that is owned must be our focus for the future. Asian nations are
exclusion of all others, voluntarily entered into for life. by Christians, rightly serve everyone who comes into the our neighbours in trade and culture. They provide our
Christians are guided by the teaching of the Bible, shop and do so with grace and a smile. However, yet reserve new immigrants. I said name me “one nation in Asia
which never condones the marriage of persons of the the right to determine whose wedding they cater for as that that has taken this path!” Why listen to Portugal! And
same sex or other alternatives to the traditional norm, directly associates them with a couple and as a business in Ireland only one third of people voted so the vote
which is the union between a man and a woman. (Genesis endorsement. We know from the cases in America and hardly represents the will of the people.
2:21-24, Matthew 19:4-6) elsewhere, that businesses that stand firm in this matter, find Let us positively say yes to traditional marriage and
For practical purposes, marriage has been understood themselves before all sorts of tribunals and suffer financial the family. We are committed to supporting children and
as a man-woman union since the dawn of time, and retribution. families in the God given way!

What Marriage Means
By Babette Francis weddings are a big event - can be celebrated Marriage which has existed long  prior can result in bankruptcy.  Some of these legal
over a week with religious ceremonies, much to the arrival of western-style democratic cases are now
The status of marriage is one of the festivity and feasting, so much so that during governments, is an institution for the care and before the US Supreme Court.
major political issues World War 11, as a measure of  war-time survival of  the next generation - all social The same will happen in Australia if
at the moment, austerity, the British government that ruled studies research show that children thrive best homosexual “marriage” is legalised.  Peter van
whether it be India legislated that wedding receptions had when living with their biological parents. Onselin writing in The Weekend Australian
Christopher Pyne to be restricted to 50 people!  Post World War Today marriage as the union of one (15/16 July 2017) claimed that “Opposing Gay
boasting how he 11 and the departure of the British government man and one woman entered into for life  Marriage Vote Will Hurt Conservatives” - he
and his “moderate” from is attacked from both ends of the political is in favour of a vote in Parliament and not a
pals are going to India, weddings have reverted to lavish spectrum. From the repressive misogyny  plebiscite of all Australian voters. How he came
legalise homosexual celebrations, whatever the parents of the bride of Islam which  allows a man to have four to such a conclusion is difficult to understand,
“marriage” sooner can afford. wives - and temporary “marriages” for the but he reluctantly concedes “I don’t think
rather than later or So it has always enchanted me that Jesus’s first purpose of prostitution, to the extreme Left churches should be compelled to marry
Bill Shorten sulking public miracle was at a wedding in Cana, where which  demands same-sex i.e. homosexual gay couples if it’s against their belief
and skulking  and His attention was drawn by His blessed Mother “marriage”  to be legislated as equivalent to systems”, but then goes on to write “but a
refusing to support Mary, to the problem that  the hosts had run out the natural heterosexual union. Christian baker refusing to bake a cake for a
a plebiscite, a policy Babette Francis of wine. I have been faced with the occasional The Islamic concept of marriage, gay wedding sounds pretty
he agreed with just culinary emergency myself when jointly hosting including the disgraceful endorsement of bigoted to me”.  And there you have it -
three years ago.  I find the support of the my large family i.e. eight children, twenty child marriages following the example “homophobic”, “bigoted” are going to be
political Left for promoting homosexual grandchildren, five great grandchildren and nine of their “prophet” Mohammed, needs an epithets hurled at all those who oppose the
“marriage” quite ironic because just a few spouses of the above assortment, i.e. 43 persons essay in its own right, but in this article I concept of homosexual “marriage”, not to
years ago I was arguing against feminists who not counting any outsiders. We have on occasion will concentrate on the political demand for mention  “bankruptcy” for all those bakers,
described marriage as a patriarchal invention had the minor crisis like “Who forgot to bring homosexual “marriage”.  Underlying this butchers and candlestick makers as in the old
designed to oppress women and confine them the potatoes?” and I have sometimes wished for demand is the sinister and fallacious concept nursery rhyme, who refuse to provide goods
to servitude if not slavery. the intervention of the Blessed Virgin Mary as that there are no fundamental differences and services for homosexual “weddings”.
Now marriage has suddenly become the in Cana: She told Jesus “They have no wine”.  between the sexes, and that human beings We need to be steadfast in our faith and
golden calf of the homosexual fraternity and At first Jesus demurred saying “Mine hour is can transition from one gender to the other our political will, and to remember that
their feminist allies.   Logic and consistency not yet come”, but Mary had faith and told the as easily as changing their hairstyles.  All God created man and woman, not unisex or
have never been virtues of the Left cabal, but servants to do whatever He said. And they filled those who for moral, scientific  or just plain transgendered persons, in
their latest gyrations on marriage makes my waterpots with water and Jesus told them to take common sense reasons cannot accept such an His own image, “male and female” He
head spin.  They claim there is overwhelming the pots to the governor of the feast, and the ideology are accused of being “homophobic” created them (Gen: l: 27) and He looked on
support for homosexual “marriage”, so why wine proved to be of even better quality than the or “transphobic” and in those countries which His creation and saw that it was very good
then do they oppose a plebiscite on the issue? wine provided by the host earlier.  Delightful - have legalised homosexual “marriage” they (Gen: l: 30).
But before getting involved in controversies, busy as He was and with limited Time on earth have been subjected to the penalties of anti- Babette Francis is the National & Overseas
I would like us to remember what marriage is as He knew, Jesus and His disciples attended a discrimination legislation. Those Christians Co-ordinator of Endeavour Forum Inc., a
and what our Leader did and said about it. And wedding feast in Cana and as recorded by John who run small businesses such as cake shops pro-life, pro-family women’s NGO which has
by Leader I mean Jesus Christ. 2:ll “This beginning of miracles did Jesus in or are florists and decline to provide cakes or special consultative status with the Economic
In India where I was born and lived for 23 Cana of Galilee and manifested his glory: and flowers for a homosexual “wedding” have, in & Social Council of the United Nations.  
years before my marriage to an Australian, his disciples believed in Him”. the USA, been subjected to major fines which

Sex Homosexual, so called “Marriage”
From page 4 from hearing our side of the argument. uncomfortable, the demand for ‘marriage the world and already in Australia prove
redefining marriage in other countries the more Believing same-sex marriage was inevitable equality’ must be considered in the light of otherwise.
we see where Australia will head if gender and that they had already won, activists rolled the inequality it creates for others, particularly With so much at stake, it is important that
diversity is abolished from the Marriage Act. out the so-called ‘Safe Schools’ program children who will be forced to live a motherless such a fundamental change that will reorder
Whether in the classroom, the workplace, which teaches children their gender is fluid. or fatherless existence. society as we know is settled by a People’s Vote
on the sporting field or at an aged care facility, Even your child’s sporting club is not safe And this, not because of tragedy or desertion, in a plebiscite. In the meantime, the mob rule
the rainbow movement is intent on rolling out from gender ideology, with amateur sporting but because public policy decreed it so. bullying tactics of violent activists must stop.
its rainbow ideological agenda that teaches clubs in Victoria and the ACT facing fines if Activists are yet to explain the ethics of The message from those campaigning
gender is fluid and a social construct. they do not obey new “safe schools’ inspired deliberately requiring a child to miss out on to redefine marriage is that Australians
Disturbingly, those Australians who stand rules. knowing the love of both a mum and a dad. have nothing to fear if the gender diversity
in the way, such as tennis great Margaret Court These rules require clubs to allow men But what is not yet happening in Australia is requirement is taken out of the Marriage Act.
or the Archbishop of Hobart Julian Porteous identifying as girls to share change facilities commercial surrogacy – the buying and selling It’s only ‘about love’, is their refrain.
are bullied and purged for expressing their with our daughters. of children and the renting of women’s wombs.  They say that it won’t affect anyone else
views publically. Police services have also been co-opted to Our prohibition on this will be impossible and, really, it’s no one’s business who people
If anyone writes or says anything to uphold wear rainbow lanyards while the Australian to sustain if marriage is redefined in law. want to marry.
the current law for marriage they are called Defence Force allowed soldiers to pin a This is because marriage is a compound Rainbow political activists would have us
‘homophobic’ or ‘bigots’. It doesn’t stop there. rainbow rising sun badge to their uniforms in a right to found and form a family. Two men believe that raising children, motherhood and
In today’s brave new world, they can face show of solidarity with gay political activism. cannot do so unless there are women’s wombs fatherhood, and procreation are completely
discipline, lose of employment or prosecution.  What other political cause would be freely available for rent and women’s eggs separate issues to the question of sanctioning
Other cases include a Victoria-based allowed to have its symbols worn on the available for sale.  same-sex marriage.
commonwealth pub­ lic servant who was uniforms of our defence personnel? And our efforts to put the genie of However, cracks in their thinly created
given a warning for complaining about being As witnessed in the USA, Canada or the anonymous sperm donation back in the bottle veneer are starting to appear.
pressured to take part in a gay pride march. UK, a change in the marriage definition is will also fail if marriage is redefined.  If you think changing the definition of
Disturbingly, it is becoming normal for coupled with very real threats to freedom of Activists may claim that the only same-sex marriage to remove gender is innocuous, with
ACL events to be attacked, even by masked speech, association and religion. couples will be affected by the change in the
activists in one case, seeking to prevent people While it may make rainbow activists feel Marriage Act but the stories repeated around Continued on page 9

“Marriage – It’s Your Choice”
By Hon Paul Green MLC tolerance and inclusion.” I believe that the people of this great State, information provided to me when it comes to
Well when you look at what has happened in I represent, and the nation deserve the right decisions I have to make. I speak to my colleagues
The debate around genderless marriage Australia and in the United States of America; Mr to have their voice heard on the matter of – those who I do and do not agree with. We all
is one that goes to the heart of individuals, Howard’s comment cannot be denied. The debate marriage. We hear about the latest polling and engage in respectful debate. I know that many
fundamentally, think and believe. I do believe on genderless marriage has more repercussions see the latest statistics floating on this issue… Australian’s are capable of doing this too.
that all people are equal and absolutely than many realise. The debate is not simply about It really is time to acknowledge that this matter Marriage is an institution that belongs to the
everyone’s views and opinions should be changing the definition or achieving “equality”. It goes to the very core of our society and families people and it should be decided by the people.
respected. However I also believe that is about changing societal culture and norms. and EVERYONE deserves their say. The voice that needs to be heard is your
tolerance does not equal endorsement.     Paul Kelly, Editor in Chief of The As a politician I take and consider all voice.
Genderless marriage lays a challenge to Australian wrote earlier this year:
this timeless institution – an institution that has “Politics is protruding into private and
been unchanged for millennia, an institution family life. Value judgements are being made
that has been the building block for society, about how you live in a way inconceivable
an institution adopted by two decades ago. Politics
many societies and cultures is driven by a belief in
around the world and most expanding space for human
importantly an institution I rights, notably the right of
believe was established by individuals to control more
God as a part of his divine and more of their lives
plan for mankind.  from birth to death. This
I think that Australian’s equates to a new social
are becoming more aware of etiquette and moral code.
the changes and challenges As the culture is endlessly ANZAC,  BEERSHEBA  AND  RESTORATION  OF  THE  KINGDOM  
that genderless marriage will politicised, the scope for
bring to our day to day lives. disputes escalates.”
When we look back over It is becoming harder
How  Australia  helped  -­‐  and  sSll  can  help  -­‐  to  prepare  the  Way
the last 12 months we have and harder to discuss Date:     Monday  14  August  2017 The  Messiah  is  desSned  -­‐  according  to  the  
witnessed some of what will be in store should matters of conscience. Matters of the heart, Bible  -­‐  to  establish  His  Kingdom  in  Jerusalem  
the definition of marriage be altered. matters of belief and faith. We are increasingly Time:     1pm  to  3.30  pm and  from  there  to  rule  the  world.
The attacks on Margaret Court, response to being told that our belief is unacceptable and
Before  He  comes  -­‐  says  the  same  Source  -­‐  God  
Cooper’s Brewery involvement in “light” debate discriminatory. Sadly, we are then labelled Venue:   Theatre>e,  Parliament   will  have  restored  the  Jews  to  their  ancestral  
and the charges brought against Archbishop Julian homophobes and bigots. House,  6  Macquarie  St   land  and  its  ancient  capital.
Porteous DD in 2016, which were later dropped. I don’t know about you, but as a politician       Sydney.   A  hundred  years  ago,  the  BriSsh  Empire  -­‐  
These are the challenges that lie ahead. I choose my words very carefully. I work with Hosted  by  Rev  Hon  Fred  Nile  MLC. spearheaded  by  soldiers  waving  the  Southern  
A few days ago I read an article from my staff to ensure that the words I speak are Cross-­‐inscribed  flags  of  Australia  and  New  Zealand  
Creation Magazine, it noted the challenges compassionate and full of grace- the same grace RSVP:       Judy  Russell  by  8/8/17 -­‐  conquered  Beersheba  from  the  O>oman  Turks,  
driving  them  from  Jerusalem,  the  Galilee  and,  
currently being faced in the United State by that covers me. I try very hard not to be divisive, 0410  403  616  or finally,  right  out  of  the  land.
many Christians and religious institutions, when antagonistic or condemning. But I will, and I Fi`y  years  ago,  under  the  Star  of  David,  Israeli  
they choose to uphold their deeply held religious have, stood firm for what I believe.  As I said fighters  restored  their  biblical  heartland  with  
convictions, “…Professionals in the wedding earlier tolerance does not equal endorsement. Jerusalem  to  its  Aboriginals.
industry and even pizza shops are being forced Our Prime Minister, Hon. Malcolm
Today  -­‐  in  this  double  anniversary  year  -­‐  the  
to participate in same-sex ceremonies or face Turnbull MP last year stated: ba>le  is  raging  for  Jerusalem.  NaSons  and  
financial ruin. Individuals like former Atlanta “It is wrong to categorise people who oppose internaSonal  organizaSons  are  trying  to  strip  
Fire Chief Kelvin Cochran and former Mozilla same-sex marriage as homophobic or hating the  Jews  of  their  claim  to  this  city  and  to  its  
CEO Brendan Eich are being hounded out of homosexuals. The argument against the plebiscite holiest  site,  the  Temple  Mount.
Stan  Goodenough  a  ChrisSan  South  African  writer,  speaker  
their careers for simply opposing gay marriage is, basically, that the Australian people can’t be and  Israel  tour  guide  -­‐  with  Aussie  and  Kiwi  ancestry  -­‐  has   In  the  spirit  of  ANZAC  and  in  the  legacy  of  the  
in their private lives…” trusted to have a civil conversation. That insults lived  in  Jerusalem  since  1991. Light  Horsemen,  Australia  sSll  has  a  
Our former Prime Minister, John Howard the Australian people. That disrespects the momentous  opportunity  to  again  lead  the  
The  convicSon  that  Australia  and  New  Zealand  can  yet  play   ChrisSan  world  -­‐  recognising  Jerusalem  as  the  
wrote in The Australian last month:  Australian people. We have to respect that it is an a  major  part  in  securing  the  Jewish  people  in  their  land   capital  of  Israel  and  becoming  the  first  to  
“Freedom of religion and expression, issue of conscience for millions of Australians who brings  Stan  here  on  his  fourth  visit  since  2014.
move  its  embassy  there.
both assumed as givens in Australian society, have different views on it. It is vital that we respect Urgency  drives  him:  that  the  significant  centenary  years   Time  to  mount  up!
are under increasing assault from those all of those views.” 2017-­‐  2018  will  see  Australia  and  New  Zealand  further  fulfil  
a  wonderful  desSny  concerning  the  Israel.
who proclaim themselves as warriors for I am grateful for the Prime Minister’s words.

CDP State Manager’s Report – Marriage
The matter is seen and labelled as progressive if you favour I am able to defeat you therefore it is right for me to take what is
By Craig Hall the same sex marriage, and old fashioned or restricted if you yours” - such thoughts were part of the natural order. However,
don’t – but if it is progressive, it should be new. amidst these distortions, the ancient world held on to one thing
“The debate about same sex Same sex attraction would seem to be as old as human kind, the modern “wisdom” σοφία increasingly devalues, family and
marriage is really about the human as the Old Testament narrative mentions it specifically; “You marriage. Family was seen as part of the natural order, as was
being. It is not about a specific shall not lie with a male as with a woman” - Lev 18:22 While marriage. Despite their anything goes approach the ancient world
group of persons but about each much is made around condemning people for doing these things, saw marriage as between a man and a woman for the procreating
and every one of us: what we are, the real context is the departing from what something actually of children, and formation of family. This is because family and
could be, and should be. It does not is, which becomes a deception, not only to oneself but to others, marriage was seen as a divine order. Even amongst the pagans
fit within the right-left divide of and further from a theological anthropology view, is a departure they believed in absolutes, the world was ordered by the gods and
politics, but within the conflict of Craig Hall or moving away from Gods creation order, from Gods’ norms or the gods had determined man and woman would unite to create
two views of the human being, both absolutes. The modern world seeks not only to overturn biblical children, and this was called marriage. Likewise we maintain
of which presently have support on the right and the left. The absolutes but even scientific ones too, like male and female – the the foundations of Paul’s teaching that “you shall be men of one
question is rather, which of these two views should be the moral science view is so confused now that it seeks to overturn its own wife” – the reason Paul said that was polygamy was common.
perimeter or moral constitution of right-left politics in general.” foundation of the Big Bang theory. Of course, within the Jewish, Abrahamic and Christian
– Shimon Cowen; Homosexuality Marriage & Society (2016). The New testament biblical world was full of every sort of faiths marriage was seen as ordained and declared by God to
The matter is described as a clash between two world- distortion and practice, evident when we read ancient texts and be a holy arrangement covered with a protective covenant –
views as the academics like to say, or points of view – a clash writings, and as Paul alludes to; do not go out of your way seeking ordered around the mother as what held family together, hence
between Abrahamic, Judeo-Christian world-view and the to sin. We know also that the Graeco-Roman world was one we celebrate Mother’s Day. The nature of this arrangement
Hedonistic materialistic individualist view. The materialistic where lives were short, where the gods did not deliver salvation, brings us to an absolute – if all humans were same sex attracted
view claims the right to free choice in a democratic society and the pursuit of pleasure was seen as a noble thing. Any form then humanity would not produce children and would die out.
“as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone”, while the Christian view of pleasure was seen as exploring all that life had to offer. The This fact alone tells us that while we may feel compassion for
claims the responsibility of free choice bounded within a self or individual “I” was the primary undercurrent of thought same sex attracted people we know, our compassion does not
democratic spiritual morality. and culture – “I want your country so I will take it because I can”. justify changing a divine order of biology.

Truth, Equality and Diversity

By Sharon Jones and a sprain to the other, both my ankles were out of action for months. Another scripture
CDP Operations & Media Manager I spent four nights in the hospital and I could only stand and walk often read at weddings
with aids. Even the aids had diversity. My cam boot was designed to is Eccl 4:9-10 “Two are
Been to a wedding lately? Wedding celebrations evolve and keep my ankle joints rigid and stop them from moving. Whilst my better than one; because
modernise over time. They might be more outdoor and more they have a good reward
casual than they were before. But you’ll still notice that woven for their labour. For if
through the whole ceremony are elements of opposites. they fall, the one will lift
It might be the groom is in a dark suit, the bride in white. up his fellow: but woe to
The groomsmen are waiting at the altar, the bridesmaids are him that is alone when
yet to arrive. The bride has her father accompany her down the he falleth; for he hath not
aisle. His family is on one side, hers are on the opposite side. another to help him up.”
He is male, she is female. Equality is not
A wedding celebrates the union of not just slight diversity about dragging down . Rev Fred Nile with Sharon
but often opposites. It is only when the groom turns to his left everyone else when Jones CDP Operations & Media
and the bride turns to her right that they are facing each other. you are fallen, it is Manager, Parliament House office
And it is the joining of opposites that produce the main fruit of wheelchair, Zimmer frame, and walking stick were designed to help about having others
a marriage; the reproduction is not just of one or the other, it is of my whole body stay mobile and keep moving. who are not in the same state as you are, who will lift you up
what a couple can do, that both singles could not. There is nothing Whilst I was in my dysfunction, it was hard. I was envious when you are temporarily unable to help yourself.
homogenous about marriage – it is heterogeneous by its very nature. of those who could move so freely. I wanted what they had. One of the big problems with marriage “equality” is that
Therein lies the challenge, the power, the beauty, the joy! But I knew to have what they had I was the one who had to marriage is for life. It leaves you, and your partner, in a
Everything about marriage has elements of diversity. change, to heal. permanent state. So a wise person will first reach out for help
Before the great “love chapter” of 1 Corinthians 13, so often My desire for equality did not mean I used my walking and recover from their fall.
read at weddings, the apostle is talking to them about valuing stick to whack every healthy ankle I saw and attempt to cripple In marriage, and everywhere else, let’s not run away from truth.
diversity. Diversity is the core design feature that makes even everyone else. I recognised my weakness and I went through And let’s continue to show the true diversity of Christians in a secular
our physical body function, as well as the church and marriage. months of what others called “therapy” that felt more like world; as those who lift others up, not allow ourselves to be dragged
Earlier this year my physical body suffered a major dysfunction. I torture. But in the end I was whole again. down in the name of equality.Pray each day to Heaven’s Editor In
was walking at the beach when I fell and as a result of a fracture to one True equality is more about diversity than sameness. Chief. Let Father decide what gets cut and what stays.

Protecting Traditional Marriage between One Male and One Female
Continued from page 1 treatment (e.g. see the Magna Carta). require limitation of wars and encourage whole community is to protect people including
Those who do not want to be influenced people to help those in desperate need. children. The failure of this requirement is
Creator wanted people to enjoy creation and in by a religious position can still accept that the Part of this foundation promotes that a source of deep concern for us all, but this
order to enable that enjoyment he created humanity value of every individual is far greater than two genders were created and exist with the concern needs to be rooted in the law enabling
to reflect some of the Creator’s capacities. Some any religious argument. It is indeed that unique view of providing a means for committed legal action to be exercised.
of this understanding is caught up in the Universal foundation which assures us of the importance relationships and re-creation. So the Judeo- It is for this reason that anyone regardless
Declaration phrase “inherent dignity”. It is an of every person, so we can base our own life- Christian community has a firm basis for of religious inheritance can accept the special
interesting fact that societies which recognise philosophy on this known foundation. It is this arguing the uniqueness of male and female meaning of the term ‘marriage’ and that ‘civil
that every individual matters to the Creator and foundation which pushes governments to put created to both care for the creation and to be union’ is an acceptable alternative which in
therefore must matter to others, have developed in place laws which seek to protect children, fruitful (see Genesis Chap.1v27-28). The right the current situation may need more specific
laws seeking to protect all humans against ‘unjust’ punish abusers for discrimination of any kind, to promote this foundational position for the definition.

New York – Largest city in the World with new
World City Tower in place of destroyed World Silvana at the Golden Gate Bridge, Homosexual flag flies over San
Twin Towers Washington USA Capital San Francisco, USA Francisco, USA
Quick Facts on Marriage
*  Marriage confers tremendous benefits to the rest of bonding with their wife and
By Bill Muehlenberg society, so societies have always conferred benefits their children. Marriage
Sep 20, 2003 upon married couples. provides that help.
We live in an age where common sense has deserted *  Married couples are subject to special favors because Homosexual Marriage
us and old truths need to be restated. This paper looks they bring to society special responsibilities. *  By equating any and all types of relationships with
at some home truths about marriage. Other types of relationships are just that: marriage, we effectively abolish both the idea and
*   Almost every culture throughout human history has relationships. the meaning of marriage.
had a recognizable form of marriage. *  Many others want the benefits of marriage without *  The same arguments used to justify same-sex
*  Marriages existed even before states acknowledged the corresponding duties and obligations. marriages can be used to justify polygamy,
or regulated them. *  Marriage is not just about love between people. incest, bestiality, group sex, and so on. Once the
*  Marriage is both a public act and a social institution. Love can exist outside of a marriage: a brother fundamental idea of marriage as one man and one
*  Marriage is not just a purely private or personal can love a sister, a son can love a father, a girl can woman is tossed out, any and all types of sexual
arrangement. love a cat. But marriage is a special kind of love: activity become permissible.
*  The institution of marriage has always had two main a life-long commitment, publicly acknowledged, *  Homosexuals comprise a very small portion of
purposes: with the possibility of procreation. Australian society, and homosexuals who want to
-A public recognition and regulation of human *  Love does not keep a marriage together; it is marry make up an even smaller number.
sexuality between a man and a woman. marriage that keeps love together. *  The real aim of campaigning for same-sex marriage
A socially recognised means by which children are *  When we demean or trivialise the idea of marriage, is the symbolic approval and social recognition of the
brought into the world and cared for. it makes it harder for individual marriages to last homosexual lifestyle.
*  Marriage has always been about a sexual relationship the distance. * Most homosexuals admit that their understanding
between one adult man and one adult woman. *  In some ways marriage is a fragile institution of marriage differs from the normal heterosexual
*  Marriage discriminates: 7 years olds cannot marry; which needs constant social support and understanding, with the willingness to allow extra-
three men cannot marry; a brother and a sister assistance. That is, while women tend to naturally marital sexual outlets.
cannot marry. bond with their offspring, men need more help

Young CDP Convener’s Report
By Michelle Ryan
I can’t believe that
I’m writing for the
August edition of the
Family World News
already – how time
As promised, I will
give you a quick update Michelle Ryan, Joshua and Julia (both YCDP interns)
on how things went at the Annual Dinner: Firstly, we with Fred from when we interviewed him
had even more than a full table! We heard about the
to my own work and ministry.
impact CDP is having, Rev Fred Nile, Paul Green
Upcoming events to add to your phone calendar:
MLC and Rev Dr Ross Clifford came by our table
Michelle Ryan presenting Julia (YCDP intern with her • CDP Annual Convention 25th – 27th August –
to say hello, and we were inspired by the keynote
internship graduation certificate don’t miss this one!
speaker. It was a great night!
course at the Lachlan Macquarie Institute during • LG17 – join us for the Local Government
On the 14th of July, our first Young CDP intern,
the week 16th – 21st of July. The course, which was Elections and support a local Christian candidate.
Julia, completed her internship! It was an honour and
hosted just north of Canberra, had a strategic focus When you can help: anytime between now and the
a pleasure to present her with a graduation certificate
on training young people in leadership and politics, 9th September
and invite her to continue her involvement with the
and covered subjects on philosophy, leadership, Don’t miss out on the latest news – email me to be
party. Julia, thank you for your enthusiasm. You are
apologetics, culture, and Christians who have had added to our Facebook or email list!
such a blessing to have around, and I look forward to
an impact throughout history. I highly recommend Contact Michelle Ryan and Young CDP at
seeing the awesome things that the Lord has planned
the courses and training provided by LMI, and I look
for your future.
forward to passing on what I have learned to my Find us on social media
I had the incredible privilege of being accepted
fellow members of Young CDP as well as applying it YoungCDP
into the Campaign Headquarters (CHQ) training

Tuesday 1st While many governments and more will the magnificence of without ceasing for our nation that the decisions
Pray for courage and strength for Godly men well-meaning individuals have marriage in the mind of God made by our leaders would be pleasing and
and women in our Parliaments to speak truth re-defined marriage, the LORD seem unintelligible in a modern acceptable to God “Joyful are those whose hope
has not. Western culture. Jesus would is in the Lord their God” (Psalm 146:5).
into the debate with their colleagues concerning
Believers Should Stand Firm probably say to us today, when
God’s gift of marriage - only between a man and “As for us, we can’t help but He had finished opening the Wednesday 23rd
woman. Pray for integrity and a positive influence thank God for you, dear brothers mystery for us, the same thing Praise the Lord for the knowledge that Jesus died
of God’s people for the good of all throughout and sisters loved by the Lord. We are He said in His own day: “Not for sinners. He made an imperfect bride His own
all Government departments, that the Parliament always thankful that God chose you everyone can receive this saying, with the price of His blood and covered her with
would be a strong force for good in all areas of to be among the first to experience but only those to whom it is the garments of His own righteousness. He said,
policy, especially the vital issue of marriage. salvation—a salvation that came given. Let the one who is able to
“I am with you … to the end of the age… . I will
through the Spirit who makes you receive this receive it” (Matthew
Wednesday 2nd holy and through your belief in the 19:11–12). never leave you nor forsake you” (Matthew 28:20,
Pray for a gracious Christian presence and influence truth. He called you to salvation Christ knew He would have Hebrews 13:5). Marriage is meant by God to put
in political debate, for the wise explanation of when we told you the Good News; now you can to pay for His bride with His own blood. He called that Gospel reality on display in the world (John
God’s truth in the public square. Pray for our two share in the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ. With this relationship the new covenant: “This cup that Piper). Pray today for revival across our nation,
Christian Democratic Party Members, Rev Hon all these things in mind, dear brothers and sisters, is poured out for you is the new covenant in my that the beauty of Christ would impact and heal
stand firm and keep a strong grip on the teaching blood” (Luke 22:20). This is what Paul is referring our decaying and increasingly permissive land.  
Fred Nile MLC and Hon Paul Green MLC, as they
we passed on to you both in person and by letter. to when he says that marriage is a great mystery: “I
hold fast to the Word of God in the NSW Upper Now may our Lord Jesus Christ himself and God am saying that it refers to Christ and the church.” Thursday 24th
House. our Father, who loved us and by his grace gave us Christ obtained the church by His blood and formed (Read Psalm 42:1-2). Let us pray today for a
Thursday 3rd eternal comfort and a wonderful hope, comfort you a new covenant with her, an unbreakable “marriage.” deeper, closer walk with Jesus and let His Spirit
and strengthen you in every good thing you do and (Excerpts from a piece on marriage by John Piper). flow through us, until that day when we will meet
Pray for our government to put a high value upon say” (2 Thessalonians 2:13-17). Let we who have received understanding of the
one of the most moral issues of our time - the Him face to face. Oh, that we all may drink of
When Jesus gave a glimpse of the magnificent wonderful mystery of marriage, pray on behalf of
integrity of marriage for affection, companionship these life-giving heavenly streams, drink again
view of marriage that God willed for His people, those who have not yet understood. Pray for mercy
and the nurture of children. Pray also that there the disciples said to Him, “If such is the case of upon our nation, that we would return to the Father and again, drink deeply and be satisfied.
would be a return to the respect and protection for a man with his wife, it is better not to marry” in repentance and restoration through the blood of Friday 25th
the unborn and the elderly. Pray for the protection (Matthew 19:10). In other words, Christ’s vision Jesus Christ, His only begotten Son. “Who can
of the meaning of marriage was so enormously sound the depths of mercy in the Fatherhood of (Read Titus 3:14). The apostle Paul spoke of the
of the Marriage Act as currently embraced in need for followers of Christ to remain diligent and
different from that of the disciples, they could not God? For there is a Man of Sorrows who for sins
Australia: marriage between a man and a woman disciplined. He told Titus to preach self-discipline
imagine it to be a good thing. shed His blood, He can heal the wounds of nations
only. If that was the case then—in the sober, He can wash the guilty clean, Because of Jesus, to the Cretans. Lazy Christians are not effective
Friday 4th Jewish world in which they lived—how much have mercy Lord” (Graham Kendrick). Christians. Let us pray today for the Lord to
When a couple speaks their vows, it is not a man empower us to be diligent, salty Christians in our
or a woman or a pastor or parent who is the main Thursday 10th rather rejoice that all that is happening is foretold walk of faith.
actor—the main doer. God is. God joins a husband Praise the Lord for the tremendous surge of people by Jesus Himself. “If you are controlled by fears, Saturday 26th
and a wife into a one-flesh union. The world does coming to faith in Jesus Christ in many Muslim confess your unbelief to God and ask Him to fill
Praise the Lord today for the Christian Democratic
not know this. Which is one of the reasons why countries. Give thanks for the millions responding you with His Holy Spirit. The Bible is filled with
Party and especially for the two elected Members
marriage is treated so casually. (John Piper). Let to the one true God as He continues to build His “fear nots.” God doesn’t want us to live in anxiety
in the NSW Legislative Council. Pray for wisdom,
us pray today for a re-awakening to the wonder Kingdom. or insecurity. We have to cast out those attitudes”
courage and the ability to discern God’s best in all
of marriage vows as illustrated in Scripture. Jesus (David Jeremiah). “For God has not given us a
Friday 11th legislation for Rev Hon Fred Nile MLC and Hon
Christ knew He would have to pay for His bride spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a
Paul Green MLC.
with His own blood. He called this relationship the Pray specifically today for God to show mercy sound mind” (2 Timothy 1:7)
new covenant “This cup that is poured out for you upon our nation and deliver us from the spectre Sunday 27th
Friday 18th
is the new covenant in my blood” (Luke 22:20). of same-sex marriage. Pray for individuals and Pray again today for those suffering for their
the nation to wash its robes in the blood of Jesus Praise the Lord today that in spite of increasing
Saturday 5 th Christian faith in many places. Pray for children
Christ, making itself ready for the coming of the worldwide violence and deception, nothing that is
that are witnessing things a child should never
Pray that our Government would have compassion Bridegroom (Revelation 19:7-9). happening in our world today is a surprise to God
see. Pray for protection from long-term emotional
and wisdom in processing and caring for asylum - He is in control. Give thanks for teachers and
Saturday 12th harm and bitterness, that all children would feel
seekers, whilst carefully sifting those who seek our preachers who teach directly from the inherent,
the strong arms of Jesus surrounding them and that
shelter. Pray that those who hold to other faiths, Let us pray for the Lord’s hand over our own unchangeable Scriptures.
they would be immune from “corrective teaching”.
would have the opportunity in Australia to hear nation, that He would bless our land with ongoing Saturday 19th
gospel of Jesus Christ and His power to change peace and protection. Pray for a return to the Lord Monday 28th
and His ways “But whoever listens to me will dwell It is said that by failing to pray - you set yourself
lives from death to life. Pray for Christians who are being harassed,
safely, and will be secure, without fear of evil” up to fail. The reason Jesus never failed is because
Sunday 6th unjustly accused, summarily arrested and
(Proverbs 1:33). He never failed to pray. Note the times when
sometimes imprisoned for their faith. Pray that
Pray today for our children who may be confused He prayed: when His heart was heavy. Praise
Sunday 13th they would remain strong in their faith and trust,
and manipulated by media and leadership reports the Lord today for His understanding of heavy
despite physical and psychological abuse. Pray
concerning misleading compassion for those who Praise the Lord for the ongoing opportunities to times, including the death of a loved one. Let us
that their witness would speak powerfully to their
wish to ‘marry’ same-sex partners. Pray that God’s provide SRE in our public schools. Pray for the remind ourselves today that Jesus desires to lift
word would penetrate deeply into young hearts, volunteer teachers as they prepare lessons. Pray our burdens, praising Him that all burdens were
that His word alone would speak truthfulness for our children to come to know that they are lifted at Calvary. “When Jesus heard what had Tuesday 29th
and conviction into young minds that are seeking greatly loved and precious to God the Father, who happened He withdrew privately to a solitary Give thanks for rain that has fallen across our
genuine teaching and understanding. knew them before they were knit together in their place” (Matthew 14:13). continent. Pray for good rain over this coming
mothers’ wombs. Sunday 20th spring and summer and for blessing over the still
Monday 7th
Monday 14th drought affected areas of our nation. Give thanks
Praise the Lord today for His wonderful revelation Pray for the strengthening of and faithfulness
for each drop of rain, all of which comes from the
and invitation to the marriage supper of the Lamb. Praise the Lord for today’s Christian Worldview to marriage vows and for increased love within
Father’s hand.
Pray for revelation for those who so far are living with special speaker Stan Goodenough who will marriages (Ephesians5:25-27). “Keeping covenant
a lie, including those in the church, and who will bring a timely message for this year of 2017, the with our spouse is as important as telling the truth Wednesday 30th
not be invited to enter the gates of the city. Pray centenary of the charge at Beersheba in 1917. about God’s covenant with us in Jesus Christ. Pray again today for God to overrule any attempt
for many to receive understanding and eternal life, Pray for health and safety for Stan as he delivers Marriage is not mainly about being or staying in to interfere with God’s pattern of marriage, this
turning away from everything that separates them his God-given message for the ANZAC nations to love. It’s mainly about telling the truth with our blessing that exists for God’s glory. Praise the Lord
from God (Revelation 22:12-15). continue to stand with Israel in the intense spiritual lives. It’s about portraying something true about for His idea of marriage which is patterned after
battle. Jesus Christ and the way He relates to His people. Christ’s covenant relationship to His redeemed
Tuesday 8th It is about showing in real life the glory of the
Tuesday 15th people, the church. “I will rejoice greatly in the
Give thanks for the message that Stan Goodenough Gospel” (John Piper). LORD, My soul will exult in my God; For He
will bring to Australia this month and pray for his Pray today for those suffering in war and violence. has clothed me with garments of salvation, He
safety and health. Pray that Australian and New Pray especially for evil-doers, that they would Monday 21st
has wrapped me with a robe of righteousness, As
Zealand believers would cry out for their nations have a personal encounter with the Living Lord Read Philippians 2:2-4 where the apostle Paul
a bridegroom decks himself with a garland, And
not to be aligned with anti-God forces that would and turn from violence to treating their fellow man encourages us to act out of love, live in harmony
as a bride adorns herself with her jewels” (Isaiah
change the course of the destiny paid for through with love, dignity and respect. and be of one mind. Strife wreaks havoc in
the great ANZAC sacrifices of a century ago. relationships. Pray today for our own relationships,
Wednesday 16th Thursday 31st
Pray for blessing upon our nations (Genesis 12:3; especially within our families. Pray for increased
Matthew 25:31-46). Pray for those we know serving in mission here patience, humility and love that will overcome Let us end our month of prayer as we began by
and overseas. Pray that they would have their any feelings of comparing, competing or putting
Wednesday 9 th continuing to pray for our government. Pray for the
needs met financially and for the needs of their ourselves first. “And those who are peacemakers Prime Minister and his Ministers that they would
Pray for those who have been affected in recent or families. Pray for those serving the Lord in will plant seeds of peace and reap a harvest of display wisdom, integrity, truth and compassion as
ongoing terror attacks. Pray for all those who have dangerous areas that the Lord would give them righteousness” (James 3:17-18). they govern for all people in Australia. Pray that
had to leave the homelands they love might find supernatural protection and increased victory in
Tuesday 22nd they would be a leading, strong force for good and
welcome, hospitality and loving care in far-away their service for Him.
hold fast to the promised plebiscite on marriage.
places with people they do not know but who will Let us take joy today in the wonder and knowledge
Thursday 17th Pray that our nation would stand strongly with
love them in Jesus’ name and for His sake. that as our hope is in the Lord, He hears and
Let us hold fast to God’s admonition to fear not but Israel.
understands our deepest prayer concerns. Pray

Truth For The Family By Peter Rahme
2017 – The Year of Grace Through Grace (Part 7)
Grace & Past Failures
The Bible says: “Brethren, I count not myself to have almost everything that they consider to be wrong in their Make IT your friend not foe and take IT as your teacher not
apprehended it, but this one thing I do: forgetting those things lives. task master. IT does not define who you are, or the life you
which are behind, and reaching forth unto those things which 3. The wise is now making restitution with others. The foolish live, but describes the life lessons you learn from the things
are before,” (Philippians 3:13) is still taking revenge on others. you do. Beware not to give IT permanent room in your heart;
Failure is normal, natural and a common occurrence in life. 4. The wise is now set free, serving God and others. The foolish otherwise IT will live pretty real in your mind. Let IT pass on
No one is exempt from it nor is anyone immune to it. There are still under the bondage of the spirit of entitlement. and YOU press on.
is NOT a nutrition supplement or a medicine you can take to 5. The wise is now discerning whom and what they trust and Getting past failures requires that you simply STOP
prevent failure. don’t make an issue out of it. The foolish still has major making excuses for your wrong choices and bad behaviour
Failures of the past, they’re either one long miserable life trust issues and don’t seem to trust anyone. and sincerely START taking personal responsibility for
sentence or many short inspiring life lessons. The wise learn 6. The wise now comes clean with their painful memories. The your own action and life. For some, this will mean that
from the past and leaves it behind where it belongs. The foolish foolish are still camouflaging theirs. you stop justifying your rebellious lifestyle by foolishly
neither learns from it nor leaves it alone. Instead they live in it 7. The wise now accepts responsibility for their own action and comparing and pointing to the imperfection of the ordinary,
and relive it over and over. behaviour. The foolish still blames others for theirs. the immaturity of the underdeveloped or the immorality of
The wonderful grace of Jesus equips us and empowers us 8. The wise is now humble and reasonable in the way they treat the fallen. For others it might be that you CHANGE your
not only to acknowledge and address our own imperfection others. The foolish is still proud and arrogant in the way attitude - and It can be as simple as:’ there is NOTHING I
and failures, but also to accept the imperfection and failures they mistreat others. can do TO there is SOMETHING I can do’. The real truth
of others and allow them the freedom and opportunity to 9. The wise is now careful not to reoffend and much better is that there’s always SOMETHING you can do MORE and
acknowledge and address it themselves. No wonder we call at understanding. The foolish is still easily offended at the /or BETTER and that’s always much MORE and BETTER
it amazing. slightest misunderstanding. than NOTHING.
People, who’ve experienced God’s amazing grace and now 10. The wise is now functioning in the WHAT IS of real life. With the love of Christ
view life through the lenses of grace, see imperfection and The foolish is still dysfunctioning in the WHAT IF of mere Peter Rahme
failures in a totally different light than those who have not. existence. Pastor, Inner West Baptist Church
So how can we tell whether we’re in the class of the wise 11. The wise is now comfortable in their own imperfection. P.S - this year you can also join my newly launched ‘Grace
or the category of the foolish? Let me offer the following 12 The foolish is still looking to find faults in others. Through’ devotions which I sent out 3-4 per week by EMAIL.
observations: 12. The wise now lifts people up and has fun with others. It’s FREE to subscribe .For more details, contact me on
1 The wise have now experienced forgiveness from God (and The foolish is still putting people down and making fun of
others) and expresses it freely to others. The foolish are still others.
holding on to bitterness. In Closing -Failure is not Rahme Resources REVIEW
2. The wise is now grateful to God (and others) for His amazing a person- someone to fear,
grace.The foolish are still angry at God (and others) for but an IT- something to face. THE FAMILY PROJECT CURRICULUM

Changing Marriage is Dangerous
The Family Project is a 12 session DVD experience for couples or small groups that
explores the theological, philosophical, and cultural underpinnings of the traditional family,
and combines that information with inspiring stories and practical tools to help 21st-century
Continued from page 1 As Dame Enid Lyons (the first woman families thrive.
elected to the House of Representatives and The Family Project will help families understand their personal significance in God’s
indeed why not the Eiffel Tower? the first female Cabinet Minister) said, “The great plan, equipping them to live with an eternal perspective and model God’s design for
From Columbia to the US to the foundations of a nation’s greatness is in the family to their peers, their communities – and to the world around them.
Netherlands there are moves a foot for three homes of its families.” The Family Project kit includes 12 small-group study sessions on 3 DVDs with topics
plus relationships to be formally recognised. So, destroy the family – destroy the nation. ranging from marriage and sexuality, family relationships and how families can thrive and
Our own Australian Senate has received Conversely, protect the family – protect the serve God; a DVD with church promotional and marketing material, one leader’s guide and
submissions supporting such a move. nation. one participant’s guide.
And as dissenting judges in the US Supreme That is our cause. So let’s pro-actively THE FAMILY PROJECT CURRICULUM costs $80 posted anywhere in Australia. You
Court highlighted – once you deconstruct remind not just each other but family, friends, can order the set from FWN - PO BOX 5296 Chullora NSW 2190. (Please make your cheque
marriage from its essence, anything becomes work mates and social group members as to why payable to PETER RAHME)
justifiable. we support marriage – for our children and for

The Harmful Consequence of Same-Sex Homosexual, so called “Marriage”
Continued from page 5 Whether in the classroom, the workplace, Even your child’s sporting club is not safe but because public policy decreed it so.
on the sporting field or at an aged care facility, from gender ideology, with amateur sporting Activists are yet to explain the ethics of
little impact on children or the community, the rainbow movement is intent on rolling out clubs in Victoria and the ACT facing fines if they deliberately requiring a child to miss out on
think again. One only has to look at the its rainbow ideological agenda that teaches do not obey new “safe schools’ inspired rules. knowing the love of both a mum and a dad.
international experience. gender is fluid and a social construct. These rules require clubs to allow men But what is not yet happening in Australia is
Whether it is ‘men’ having babies in Disturbingly, those Australians who stand identifying as girls to share change facilities commercial surrogacy – the buying and selling
England, three men ‘marrying’ in Colombia, in the way, such as tennis great Margaret Court with our daughters. of children and the renting of women’s wombs. 
a cake decorator before the US Supreme Court, or the Archbishop of Hobart Julian Porteous Police services have also been co- Our prohibition on this will be impossible
a genderless baby in Canada or children being are bullied and purged for expressing their opted to wear rainbow lanyards while the to sustain if marriage is redefined in law.
taught their gender is fluid at their local ‘safe views publically. Australian Defence Force allowed soldiers This is because marriage is a compound
school’, Australians can see where rainbow If anyone writes or says anything to uphold to pin a rainbow rising sun badge to their right to found and form a family. Two men
political ideology will take our nation should the current law for marriage they are called uniforms in a show of solidarity with gay cannot do so unless there are women’s wombs
marriage be redefined. ‘homophobic’ or ‘bigots’. It doesn’t stop there. political activism. freely available for rent and women’s eggs
Protections for Australian clergy and others In today’s brave new world, they can face What other political cause would be available for sale. 
with conscientious objections have also been discipline, lose of employment or prosecution.  allowed to have its symbols worn on the And our efforts to put the genie of
shown not to stand the test of time. In June, the Other cases include a Victoria-based uniforms of our defence personnel? anonymous sperm donation back in the bottle
Swedish Prime Minister, Stefan Löfven, commonwealth pub­ lic servant who was As witnessed in the USA, Canada or the will also fail if marriage is redefined. 
warned priests to perform gay marriage or given a warning for complaining about being UK, a change in the marriage definition is Activists may claim that the only same-sex
‘find another job’. pressured to take part in a gay pride march. coupled with very real threats to freedom of couples will be affected by the change in the
While this is not the law – yet – it is a big Disturbingly, it is becoming normal for speech, association and religion. Marriage Act but the stories repeated around the
concern that this is being suggested by the ACL events to be attacked, even by masked While it may make rainbow activists feel world and already in Australia prove otherwise.
Prime Minister just eight years after Sweden activists in one case, seeking to prevent people uncomfortable, the demand for ‘marriage With so much at stake, it is important that
redefined marriage.   from hearing our side of the argument. equality’ must be considered in the light of such a fundamental change that will reorder
The longer we observe the consequences of Believing same-sex marriage was inevitable the inequality it creates for others, particularly society as we know is settled by a People’s Vote
redefining marriage in other countries the more and that they had already won, activists rolled children who will be forced to live a motherless in a plebiscite. In the meantime, the mob rule
we see where Australia will head if gender out the so-called ‘Safe Schools’ program or fatherless existence. bullying tactics of violent activists must stop.
diversity is abolished from the Marriage Act. which teaches children their gender is fluid. And this, not because of tragedy or desertion,

Winning the Battle for Traditional Marriage
between a Male and a Female
By (Rev) Ashley Saunders, National our appeal based on the best arguments? By our personal faith as essential to our core
Director, FamilyVoice Australia no means – however, there are perhaps some identity – and that we argue for this to be
ways we can supplement those arguments. recognised by legislators. My faith isn’t
There was a time when the most effective way of achieving Firstly, I suggest that we re-frame the issue a private matter, and it isn’t restricted to
success in the area of public policy was to have the best of marriage to focus on the interests of children, formal acts of worship in buildings set
arguments. Sadly, however, that is no longer the case, as who are best raised by their natural mother and apart for that purpose. My faith actually
people are more swayed by their emotions and by misguided father. Indeed, the United Nations Declaration impacts every part of my life: my values,
understandings of love, compassion and tolerance – and, as to on the Rights of the Child recognises that my worldview – I cannot separate it from
politicians, their perception of ‘the numbers’. children should only be removed from their my identity, because I actually find my
Love is now commonly understood in terms of what feels mothers in the most exceptional circumstances, identity in Jesus Christ.
good to me, what satisfies me and how I can be fulfilled in a yet the endorsement of same-sex ‘marriages’ Article 18 of the Universal Declaration
relationship – in reality, more consistent with lust. The love of affirms relationships where children will be of Human Rights (proclaimed by the
which Jesus spoke – the love that should be reflected in our intentionally deprived of their natural mother, United Nations and adopted by Australia)
relationships, however, is characterised by sacrifice; of putting or father, or both. Over recent decades, (Rev) Ashley Saunders recognises the fundamental human right
the interests of the other above your own. As each partner in a we have recognised the complex ‘identity’ to freedom of thought, conscience and
marriage exercise these traits, the relationship is strengthened issues faced by many adopted children, and parliaments religion. This acknowledged human right is not restricted to
and the children born of that marriage are nurtured into across Australia have endeavoured to address those issues in private worship, but also extends to the public manifestation of
relational maturity. the interests of those children – but the same-sex ‘marriage’ one’s belief, practice, worship and observance. Now, let there
Compassion does not mean removing boundaries and agenda has the very real potential of creating a generation of be no mistake: redefining marriage radically changes society –
endorsing behaviour that is either unhelpful – or perhaps even children intentionally deprived of both male and female role- and seriously threatens the freedom to manifest one’s beliefs.
destructive. True compassion actually encourages growth models in their immediate ‘family.’ Finally, therefore, it is an essential ingredient in seeking to
within appropriate boundaries, and warns of dangers. And in So, search out the stories of children raised in same-sex win the battle for marriage between a man and a woman that
order to be truly tolerant, I first need to have made a decision environments. Hear their stories, and encourage others to also politicians hear from those of us who have strong views – for
that I disagree with you or your conduct; it certainly doesn’t hear their stories. We should not let their voices go unheeded – they are certainly hearing the opposite view! Ensure they know
mean that I must agree with you, and be silent if I don’t. especially by the politicians elected to serve their best interests. your concerns – for the welfare of children, and for the free
If success in public policy still depended upon having the Second, adopt the same ‘identity politics’ used by those who exercise of your faith. Further, ensure your MP and Senators
best arguments, the battle for man-woman marriage would argue for changing the definition of marriage. Those advancing understands the importance of the Australian people having
have already been won, as credible research highlights the a homosexual ideology have successfully made their sexual their say on such an important matter: after all, the Federal
physical and mental health consequences of the homosexual preference an aspect of their core identity. Any rejection of their Government was elected on a platform to hold a plebiscite, and
lifestyle. However, we can see from the experience in many political agenda is therefore portrayed as a rejection of ‘who politicians shouldn’t be afraid of allowing us to have our say.
Western democracies that credible research has not prevented they are,’ so successfully have they linked sexual preference The enormous consequences redefining marriage warrants a
the erosion of true marriage as ordained by God. Does that to identity. direct say by Australian voters
mean we should ignore research; that we should no longer make It is time those of us who follow Jesus Christ also understand

Assyria Day Conference
The Rev Hon Fred Nile MLC, E.D. was for their faith in Jesus Christ,”, “I fully support
pleased to be one of the Guest Speakers at the their desire for a safe Assyrian Homeland and
Assyrian Day Conference at the Assyrian Club, will do all I can to supports this objective,” “as
Horsley Park on Sunday the 2nd July 2017. I served my country Assyrian Youth will have
“I always enjoy being with our Assyrian to rise up and defend their Assyrian Homeland”,
brothers and sisters who have suffered so much said Rev Hon Fred Nile MLC, E.D.

Make a
Assyrian Day Conference Delegates

Dif erence
for Jesus!
Begin a journey of study into the Word of God that will change
your life and the lives of those you come in contact with.

Contact us TODAY!
Rev Hon Fred Nile addressing Assyrian
02 9603 2077 | |
Day Conference 02/07/2017

✂ Christian Democratic Party (2017 Convention) -; PO Box 8456 PARRAMATTA WESTFIELD NSW 2150
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Full Delegate (six meals, accommodation, no linen) $200 members (+20% for Single Room Supplement if available) per person
Day Delegate - Saturday OR Sunday + 1 meal $40 per person* *$20 each for extra meals
Part-Day Delegate + morning & afternoon tea only $20 per person One night stay - contact head office for price
$20 each for Linen (sheets, pillowslip, towel) or else Bring Your Own - (Pillows and blankets supplied for all)
Dietary Needs must be booked with registration $5 per meal Gluten Free Dairy Free Vegetarian Other

TOTAL $ .. ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... ...... Payment by: Credit Card Cheque or Money Order

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SPECIAL ISSUE: defending god-given marriage between man and woman

Rev. Fred Nile M.L.C. E.D., LTh

Hon Fred Nile

Focus Page 3
By Rev
Rector Rev Dr. Luis Leon welcomes Fred and Silvana St John’s Church, Washington

By Babette


Page 4


God-given institute

By Rev Dr. Ross
Clifford AM
Defending the

of Marriage

Page 4
Volume 25 No 8 August 2017 AD $4.00 (incl. GST)

Traditional Marriage
between One Male
and One Female
By Dr David

Pages 1, 6

By Senator
Eric Abetz
Marriage is

Pages 1, 9
The ‘Jerusalem Jubilee’ Convocation and Tour – Led by Rev Hon Fred Nile and Silvana Nile
(Convocation and Tour Dates: September 20 to October 4 2017 – For current Itinerary and flight information please contact either:
(Malcolm Parker (Mob) 0418 275 440 or Dannielle Parker: (Mob) 0411 139 989
Please note registration with JHOPFAN is a must before booking flights
JHOPFAN – Email: Website:
Address: PO Box 31393, Jerusalem, Israel 91313 Phone: +972 2 626 4239
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