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The Quantum Key by Aaron Magnet Secrets by Peter Lindemann
Murakami is a simplified Unified Field is the definitive book on using magnets
Theory for the layman that overturns to descale water pipes and increasing
Einsteinian physics. It shows simple the energy output of carbon based fu-
elementary math with junior high els. Magnet Secrets even includes the
school equations. The Quantum Key very documentation that the Dept of
reveals a simple model of what time, Energy put out encouraging other de-
space and gravity really are in a way partments throughout the federal gov-
that any junior high school student can ernment to apply this technology be-
understand. What this allows is for one cause it has been proven to work. By
to see that not only can there be sys- applying this knowledge, Siemens re-
tems that produce more duced the fuel usage on a boiler plant
energy output than input, by an average of 17%,
but that they already ex- which means the return on ist and many examples investment is literally days.
are included.

Perpetual Motion Reality and Systems. What that means is that any
Open System Thermodynamics by system that is open to free environmen-
Peter Lindemann are not about per- tal input can do more work than an op-
petual motion nut ideas. They are erator of a system has to provide. The
about exploring an entire branch of bottom line is that an open system can
science known as Open System freely output more energy than we have
Thermodynamics, Non-Equilibrium to pay for on the input. Many physicists
Thermodynamics, or Open Dissipa- and engineers dont even know that
tive Systems.Although this sounds Thermodynamics has been extended for
super technical, the principles are ac- almost 40 years to show that this is com-
tually quite simple. In 1977 pletely possible and does
Ilya Prigogine, a Russian not violate any laws of phys-
Chemist, received a Nobel ics as many skeptics claim.
Prize for laying out the prin-
ciples of Open Dissipative

Battery Secrets and Battery Reju- batteries that are doomed for the dump
venation by Peter Lindemann are can be rejuvenated back to 80% to 110%
landmark presentations that have set of brand new. Thats right - some used
the standard for battery charging and batteries have been brought back to a
rejuvenation technologies. Armed with capacity that is higher than a brand new
this knowledge, many people around equivalent right off the shelf. This knowl-
the world have set up battery rejuve- edge is intended to be used with the
nating businesses, which is an incred- world famous Tesla Charger battery
ibly lucrative and very green business charger and rejuvenator line at http://
model. What the student learns is that, which was founded
a lead acid battery is essentially a by Aaron Murakami and
water fuel cell that makes or breaks a Peter Lindemann of A & P
water molecule depending on whether Electronic Media. Both pre-
the battery is being discharged or sentations are available at
charged. With nothing more than wa-
ter and electricity, 80% of lead acid


Aaron Murakami, BSNH is committed to the development and dis- Peter Lindemann, D.Sc. is a Science Historian, an inventor, author,
tribution of highly disruptive information. He is a lecturer, and researcher. He is author of The Free
former health food store owner and has spearheaded Energy Secrets of Cold Electricity, the Electric Motor
many ventures. He is a consultant to several tech- Secrets films, Battery Secrets, and co-author of the
nology groups. Aaron is the co-founder of Bedini SG Handbook series. Peter worked with John & Bedini during much of the early development of the
with a combined membership of over 100,000. His advanced battery charging technology, starting in
books include The Quantum Key and A Course in 2004. Peter is a world renowned expert on Tesla
Mind Power. He is also the inventor of the patented technolgies and was on the board of directors for the
worlds most efficient plasma ignition system that legendary Borderland Sciences Research Founda-
actually burns water in an engine. tion.
The Bedini SG series by Peter people around the world have build one
Lindemann and Aaron Murakami is but few have achieved the results that
a set of plans that allow you to build John Bedini has documtned. What is so
a model of John Bedinis patented amazing about this machine is that al-
machine that runs from one battery, though the output battery can capture
turns a wheel, charges a second bat- over 90% of what left the input, if you
tery and lights some lights. Many measure the mechanical work done in
models of the device have run in- the wheel, that accounts for almost 30%,
definitely while producing useful out- which means there is about 1.2 times
puts. If you build a bigger one, it will more work in total being done than what
do more. But with any new activity, it was provided by the input battery. This
is always best to start at the is accomplished by sticking to the pa-
beginning. The Bedini SG is rameters of open system thermodynam-
miniaturized Tesla technology ics which allows this to happen. Both
and many thousands of books are availble at

Ignition Secrets by Aaron Murakami Water Fuel Secrets by Aaron

gives a step by step walkthru on vari- Murakami is a perfect companion to
ous ignition methods including his Ignition Secrets. He doesnt claim to
patented Plasma Ignition. Aaron run a car entirely on water, but this
didnt create this form of plasma ig- short booklet is considered by many
nition but he made it more efficient to be the most important document in
than NASA, Princeton and every auto the world on water fuel science. It
manufacturer and plug manufacturer shows that it is an effort in futility to try
in the world. It burns water on con- to run an engine purely on HHO (elec-
tact, extends the lead burn limits and trolyzed water gas) and that it is nec-
drops pollution to near undetectable essary to mix ionized nitrogen from the
levels. Aaron even created a high air with the HHO in order to prevent
speed pulsed electromag- the formation of the water
netic motor that operates molecule after combustion.
from this same circuit. That is how you get the ther-
mal energy out of the water.
Electric Motor Secrets Parts 1 & 2 Advanced Motor Secrets by David
by Peter Lindemann shows several Squires, E.E. is the most complete
principles that can be applied to off tutorial ever released to the public on
the shelf motors to increase their ef- how to design "super-efficient" elec-
ficiency. Imagine having a motor tric motors. All aspected are covered,
speed up by increasing the work you from the theory, to the math, to the
try to get on the output. This video design methodologies, to the physi-
series is the foundation to Advanced cal model. If you have ever wondered
Motor Secrets by David Squires. Any- whether real electric motors that give
one serious about learning you more on the output
practical modifications that than you supply on the in-
give dramatic results in put actually exist, this pre-
motor technology needs sentation will rock your
this series. world!


Many publishers are getting on the green have discussion forums with memberships respected in this field. And, the credibility of
energy bandwagon and some of them even that number over 100,000. the content of the books and videos are con-
become best sellers in the digital market- In addition to this, they even organize sidered the best in the world, hands down.
place. But here is one question to ask your- their own international energy conferences As an affiliate, knowing the refund
self.... Have you ever seen one person suc- where highly skilled engineers, scientists, his- rates of products is important and with
cessfully build these magical motors that torians and inventors who hold many patents Clickbank, it is possible have up to a 15%
youre supposed to be able to build from hard- come to share their revolutionary knowledge refund rate without getting in trouble. With A
ware parts that gives you free energy? No - and discoveries. & Ps stellar product line, they have an aver-
we didnt think so. This is where some of A & Ps age of less than 2% refunds - and that is for
What makes A & P different is that Clickbank products come from - the top ex- the ENTIRE catalog and not just the best
Aaron Murakami and Peter Lindemann are perts in the new energy revolution. And, most product!
associated with the most highly acclaimed are geared towards the layman! It should be obvious it is crazy to wait
world reknown leaders in these exotic en- So obviously, if these distinguished any longer so start introducing your
ergy technologies. Not only are they the members of the global energy community are subscriber s to A & Ps extraordinary
authoratative source on REAL information willing to have Aaron and Peter publish their Clickbank products right away. Opportunities
when it comes to these topics, they even work, then A & P Electronic Media is highly are never lost, they just go to someone else.
Magnetic Energy Secrets Part 1 & Babcock is a brilliant engineer who has
2 by Paul Babcock will show you that studied Tesla and other innovators over
the 170 year old claims that magnets the years and he has been able to ap-
are not a source of energy is com- ply what he knows to build transformer
pletely false. One of the most impor- technologies that are cool to the touch,
tant concepts to understand is that which is supposed to be impossible. You
the strengh of the magnetic field is will enjoy Pauls down to Earth way of
absolutely not proportionate to the explaining difficult concepts in very
amount of electricity used to produce simple ways and you will also enjoy
it. This of course rubs the conven- learning of his experience of getting
tional scientists the wrong way but kicked out of a well-known university for
you will see indisputable proof and trying to show these experi-
will learn of a simple experiment you ments since they mock every-
can do on your own, which has the thing in the books. http://
skeptics running for cover. Paul

Teslas Radiant Energy by Peter Teslas Hidden Discoveries by Jim

Lindemann is a powerful presenta- Murray will be one of the most unique
tion that shows you the truth about and entertaining presentations on the
Teslas Radiant Energy systems, topic of Tesla that you have ever seen. It
which have been a mystery for over is both humorous and informative while
100 years. Many Tesla experts are Jim takes you on his path to what led
more than willing to give you a fancy him into his work today, which includes
high voltage spark show, but in real- developing some of the most efficient
ity, there are only a handful of people drag free generators in the world. Jim
around the world that actually have it Murray is also one of the worlds leading
right. When you understand what experts on mechanical resonance am-
Tesla understood, you will plifiers, which Tesla was in-
see that he envisioned an volved in but amazingly, there
entirely different form of is little available on this pro-
electricity than the one found topic except for Jims we have today. teachings.

Lone Pine Writings Part 1 & 2 by any electrical engineer at any level be-
Eric Dollard is based on a series of cause it properly defines the electrical
papers, which he wrote while in Lone terms we use today, which have long been
Pine, California. Learn why electri- obscured for the last 100 years. Lone Pine
cal engineering "turned left" and Writings Part 2 is yet another collection
abandoned its mathematical under- of writings from the same time period and
pinnings. Find out "what electricity it includes five groundbreaking papers,
really is" and how it was correctly which include: The Theory of Anti-Rela-
engineered at the dawn of the Elec- tivity, Metrical Dimensional Relations of
trical Era! Eric Dollard is the undis- the Aether, The Camp David Antenna,
puted Tesla master of the world and Symbolic Operators - Backward in Time
is thought to understand the from Steinmetz to Pythagoras, and the
nature of electricity beyond Law of Electro-Magnetic Induction. Both
any other person alive. The books are available at http://
first book is a must have for

Four Quadrant Representation of analogies such as moon and sun

Electricity by Eric Dollard is a pre- phases. The book is more advanced
sentation that has been simplified for than the video presentation as it goes
most layman when it comes to his heavily into the math, but amazingly, this
very famous Four Quadrant Theory. math is nothing more than high school
Back when Telsa was around, Gen- algebra as Eric has been able to com-
eral Electric hired Charles Proteus pletely discard all calculus equations
Steinmetz to figure out what Tesla because theyre simply unnecessary.
really had and to develop the math This literally is the algebra of time and
that makes it space. Furthermore, it shows that
engineerable. Eric Dollard Einsteinian physics is one of the great-
is todays Steinmetz and est scientific hoaxes in human history.
Tesla combined. This talk Both the video presentation and the
shows you about space book are available at http://
and counterspace using very simple
Wireless GIant of the Pacific by Eric The Real History of the Ed Gray Mo-
Dollard presents the historical & tech- tor by Mark McKay is the definitive his-
nical details that gave rise to the great tory on this legendary motor that put out
transmission facility installed at many times more power than it took to
Bolinas, California. What makes the run. It appears to have been inspired by
original transmission technology so Nikola Teslas technology. This is not a
special is that it was instantaneous, how-to book but rather a historical record
which means there literally is no ve- of facts that Mark was able to gather by
locity. This is done by longitudinal flying all over the country talking to Ed
electrostatic propagation instead of Grays family members, investors, engi-
transverse electromagnetic waves. neers, etc. To date, Aaron Murakamis
This is yet another one of motor based on his plasma ignition tech-
many examples of how nology appears to be the clos-
and why Einstein is wrong. est in concept to the Gray
Three other documents are Motor than anyone has been
included. able to achieve.
Classic Energy Videos is a collec- Real Rain Making by Trevor James
tion of many hours of films on free Constable is a complete collection of
energy technologies including some documentation that shows that ma-
old Borderlands classics by Peter nipulating the subtle aether in the
Lindemann and Eric Dollard. Most environment can cause it to rain.
of these videos are over 20 years Conventional rain-making technology
old, and were produced before the includes seeding clouds with silver
"modern communication age". iodide, but with Trevor Constable, it
Never the less, they set the stage involves manipulating the natural
for the modern Free Energy move- aether by using variations on Wilhelm
ment that is gaining Reichs cloudbusting technology.
ground every day. Back This collection is a tribute
then, we didn't know that to Trevor Constables
the First Law of Thermo- work to prevent it from dynamics was WRONG. getting lost.

Save on Home Energy by Aaron How to Build a Jet Engine by Aaron

Murakami and Peter Lindemann was Murakami is a comphensive package
the second product they published showing exactly how to build a very
on Clickbank after Lessons in Ad- highly efficient turbojet engine that is
vanced Perception and is the only more efficient, runs cooler and slower
one that shows up in the Clickbank than comparable jet engines. It was
Marketplace. This book reveals also one of the test engines for
many cost saving technologies and Aarons plasma ignition system. For
strategies that other books in the the design, the flame tube inside was
same category simply do not dis- designed by his friend Michael John
cuss. With their background and ex- Nunnerley who is the patent holder
perience in energy tech- for the worlds most effi-
nologies, youre getting cient heat exchanger. This
an authoratative guide. is sure to be a hit with the DIY hobbiest.

Lessons in Advanced Perception by A Course in Mind Power by Aaron

Harold Schroeppel was the primary Murakami is one of the most unique
training curriculum at The Institute for mind power books in the Western
Advanced Perception in Oak Park, Il- world. Aaron shares exercises based
linois, starting in 1960. The training on his experience of what works and
grew out of over 10 years of experi- not just because theyre supposed to
mental work. During this time in the work. Aaron is the one and only pro-
1950's, hundreds of mind develop- tege of Rodger Estes who was the first
ment techniques were researched and non-Chinese Qigong master who was
tested for their effectiveness. Many certified at the qigong delegation in
ancient techniques from Yoga, Martial Beijing. Aaron is a natural psychic but
Arts, and other Eastern is also a trained Technical Remote
teachings were tested on Viewer and with his techni-
thousands of volunteers. cal background in the
These are the ones that aetheric energy sciences,
worked! you will be many steps ahead.

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eos that mostly deal with the exploding We personally know the authors of
green energy revolution, we are more than EVERY product we publish and have per-
THE WORLDS MOST just a green science publisher. sonally verified every claim they are mak-
ADVANCED BATTERY ing. Actually, we are the only publishers in
this particular field who are qualified to
CHARGING SYSTEMS validate these kind of claims.
Our Bedini SG Handbook series is
Tesla Chargers prevented thousands only legitimate set of plans for sale on the
of tons of batteries from winding up internet that shows the reader how to build
in the scrap yard. a machine that actually creates more en-
ergy than it uses!
Any other book out there that
Tesla Chargers SUCCEED makes similar claims is a scam.
where other chargers fail!
Here, you can see Peter
Lindemann teaching some conference
attendees about a working plasma igni-
tion system that he built. In the other pic-
THESE MAGNETS ture, you can see Aaron Murakami adjust-
SAVE YOU MONEY ing a high efficiency jet engine that he
ON ENERGY AND We are intimitely involved with the
very technologies that we are sharing with
MAINTENANCE COSTS others, instead of just writing about them.
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We are also friends with many in- can make a REAL difference and create a ventors who hold multiple patents for all better future for you and your loved ones,
kinds of technologies and they have given you owe it to yourself to learn about the
us permssion to discuss their technologies technologies that the A & P Electronic
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(mind power, healing, holistic medicine, health content meet our requirements in order for us
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Energy Science & Technology Conference 2014
Another * EXCLUSIVE * One-Of-A-Kind Energy Conference
When: Friday June 27th, Saturday June 28th & Sunday June 29th, 2014
Where: Eagles Lodge, 1520 W Wyoming Ave, Hayden, ID, 83835


John Bedini - Advanced Linear Regulator Circuits to Convert Radiant Spikes to DC
John Polakowski - Cosmic Induction Generator based on Eric Dollards Design
Eric Dollard - Extraluminal Transmission Systems of Tesla and Alexanderson
Aaron Murakami - Plasma Ignition, Accelerated Capacitive Discharge
Theres a whole lot more!
Although there are many wonderful energy Many make these claims, but this is the con- where you will get to meet Eric Dollard - the
conferences around the world, this confer- ference where it actually happens. Contrary only man alive who has replicated many of
ence is the only one where you actually see to popular belief, this kind of technology ac- the faster than light longitudinal technolo-
the impossible. For example, at the 2013 tually does not violate any laws of physics gies developed by Nikola Tesla. Some
Conference, John Bedini showed one of his and the entire field of thermodynamics has people like to give you high voltage spark
famous SSG Energizers running in a spe- been extended since 1977 to include these shows to impress you about Teslas work
cial mode where it ran on a battery and kinds of systems when Ilya Prigogine won but here is where you learn what Tesla was
charged a battery with all the recovered en- the Nobel Prize for Open Dissipative Sys- really working on and it isnt about a light
ergy - then, the input battery charged back tems. It changed the world but hardly any- show. Register today - well even take Bitcoin
up by itself in front of the entire audience. one noticed. This is also the only conference and Litecoin for up to 25 registrations!

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