Variable Life Insurance Proposal

In the Philippines, insurance products are being offered through Sun Life of Canada (Philippines), Inc., a member of the Sun Life
Financial group of companies. In this proposal, you and your refer to the policy owner while we, us, our and the Company refer to
Sun Life of Canada (Philippines), Inc.
Proposal Information
On the life of : ALJUN B. DIAZ Age Last Birthday : 26 (Male)
Currency : Philippine Peso
Basic Plan Benefit Amount Regular Premium
Sun MaxiLink Prime - Non-Smoker Ps 350,000.00 Ps 17,850.00
Additional Benefits
Total Disability Benefit (Waiver of Premium) - TDB Ps 455.00
Accidental Death Benefit - ADB Ps 350,000.00 Ps 686.00
Hospital Income Benefit - HIB Ps 1,000.00 /day Ps 1,830.00
Class: Standard Total Annual Regular Premium Ps 20,821.00
Annual Excess Premium (to be Billed Regularly) Ps 0.00
Total Annual Premium (to be Billed Regularly) Ps 20,821.00
Total Quarterly Premium to be Billed Ps 5,205.25
Excess Premium (One-time) Ps 0.00
Sun MaxiLink Prime is a variable life insurance product until age 88 payable for 10 years*. The living benefit is equal to the fund
value, which is partially or fully withdrawable from the policy's share in the separate account(s). The death benefit is the higher of
the sum of 200% of the face amount and the fund value or the minimum death benefit. The minimum death benefit is equal to
500% of the regular premium plus 125% of each paid excess premium, if any, less 125% of each partial withdrawal, if any. No other
benefits are payable under this product.
The policy is a variable contract. Only the face amount is guaranteed. The rest of the benefits, namely the fund value and the actual
death benefit payable depend on the investment experience of separate account(s) linked to the policy.
The investment risks associated with this product are borne solely by the policy owner.
If you decide the policy is not suitable for your needs, then you may return said documents for cancellation by
giving us written notice. We must receive such notice within 15 days from the date you receive the policy. We will
refund the fund value of the units allocated to your policy inclusive of the initial charges.
(i) All payments and benefits shown are in Philippine pesos.
(ii) The illustrations assume that all premiums are paid in full when due and as planned with no premium holiday, you will have no withdrawals
on the policy beyond those illustrated, mode of payment is annual and the current scale of charges remains unchanged.
(iii) The Company reserves the right to adjust the basic and rider premium, and any charges in this plan.
(iv) The above values are illustrations only of the key features of the recommended insurance plans. This illustration may differ from any earlier
proposal illustration.
(v) The values in the succeeding pages are illustration of possible performance of your fund. Since the fund performance may vary, the values of
your units are not guaranteed and will depend on the actual investment performance at that given period. The value of the policy could be
less than the premiums paid.
(vi) Any excess premium you have paid is considered such only if the Annual Regular Premium has been fully paid. The Company may require
evidence of insurability of the Life Insured with respect to payment of any excess premium.
(vii) Allocation to the MyFuture Fund is subject to the availability of that investment fund at time of settlement of the policy and of subsequent
(viii) *Premium payment period of 10 years is not guaranteed. You may still be required to pay additional premium after 10 years if the fund
value is insufficient to pay the charges.

This proposal shall form part of the insurance contract once the policy is issued. A copy of this proposal and the policy contract will be delivered to

While we have made every effort to ensure accuracy, errors and omissions may have occurred in the preparation of this proposal.
Should there be any discrepancy between the statement(s) contained in this material and the insurance policy contract, the provisions of the
insurance policy contract will prevail.
By signing below, you signify that you have read and understood the disclosures in this proposal illustration. You likewise signify that your advisor
has explained to you the features and the charges on the policy, the manner in which the variable benefits will reflect the investment experience of the
separate account(s), and the guarantees on minimum death benefit. You fully understand that you will assume all investment risks associated with
the policy.
Applicant's Name: Signature: Date:

Prepared By : DIAZ, ALJUN B. Date : 15 August 2017

This is only an illustration.
VL r8.24.00.0000 1102450108101563 Page 1 of 7

000. This is only an illustration.24. DIAZ 26 (Male) Sun MaxiLink Prime .ALJUN B.821.Non-Smoker Face Amount: Ps 350. Growth PLUS Fund The fund is designed mainly to generate long-term capital appreciation through investment in high-quality equity and equity-linked securities. diversified across sectors. Equity Fund The fund is designed to produce long term capital appreciation through investment in high quality stocks that are diversified across sectors. Index Fund The Fund is designed mainly to generate long-term capital appreciation through investment in high-quality equities comprised of constituents of the Philippine Stock Exchange Index (PSEi).00 Total Premium to be Billed: Ps 20. Captains Fund The Fund is designed mainly to generate long-term capital appreciation primarily through investment in equity and equity-linked securities diversified across sectors.00 Fund Allocation 100% MyFuture 2040 Fund Investment Fund Description Balanced Fund The fund is designed to provide optimum returns through investment in a mix of government and domestic corporate debt and locally-listed equity securities. Bond Fund The fund is designed to stay invested only in high-quality fixed income instruments that are classified as below average risk. MyFuture Fund The fund is a target date fund that will invest primarily in high-quality stocks and a mix of government and domestic corporate debt in accordance with an asset allocation strategy that will become increasingly conservative as the maturity of the fund approaches.0000 1102450108101563 Page 2 of 7 . Money Market Fund (available only for fund switching/transfers) The fund is designed to ensure capital protection and provide adequate liquidity while maximizing yields on short-term placements. which distribute periodic dividends and provide sustainable dividend yields.00. VL r8.

01% 6.30% 51.69% 6.sunlife.821.24.79% -26.74%* 32. 2004) 4.75%* 37.48% 34.12% 33.93% 11. 2007) 1. 2004) 18. 2016) N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A -6.77% 1.98% 1.10% 20.25%* 2.00% 47.14% 11.15% 2.16% -0.97% 12.19% 1. 18.02% N/A MyFuture 2020 (Jun.ALJUN B. 2008) N/A -11. 7.70% for the daily Unit Prices.22% 127. 7. 2008) N/A -11.16%* 34.64% 13. VL r8.Return (for (Fund Launch Date) 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 completed (2016 vs (2016 vs (2016 vs years) 2013) 2011) 2006) Peso Balanced (Dec. 31-Dec.88% 16.73% -5.02% -1.04% 34.67% 30.06% 8.74% 9.72% 27.70% 48.31% 20.25% 31. Currently.44% 34.84% 31. 2016) N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A 1.71%* N/A N/A N/A N/A Captains (Apr. 31-Dec.20% 1.98% 0.25% 0.74% -4. DIAZ 26 (Male) Sun MaxiLink Prime .48% Peso Equity (Sep.00. 31-Dec.03% 0.06% 0.94% 30. The Unit Prices of the Investment Funds are published weekly on major newspapers.00 Historical Investment Performance of Investment Funds of Sun Life's Variable Life Insurance Products Year-to-Date Return Ave.50% 0. 31-Dec. 2008) N/A -9. Valuation is done on a daily basis.96% 3. 7.18% 9. 25.37% 0.21%* 36.10% 36.49% 1. 13.93% 2. 2015) N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A -12.93% 47.15% -5. The values above are actual investment returns of Investment Funds of variable life insurance products.0000 1102450108101563 Page 3 of 7 .71% 30.92% 1.42% 86. You may also visit our website at www.09%* -2.12%* 36.81% -2.33% -0.Non-Smoker Face Amount: Ps 350.03% 26.34% 30.57% -0.05% -2. 2008) N/A -8.11% 10.37% 2.93% 3. 31-Dec.86% -2.31% 19.97% 18. 31-Dec.00 Total Premium to be Billed: Ps 20.52% 4.90% 6.81% N/A N/A N/A Index (Jan.88% 33.14% 20.04% 13.67% -1.81% -3. Annual 3-Year 5-Year 10-Year Fund Name Compounded Return Return Return 31-Dec.42% 13.66% -0.32% N/A MyFuture 2025 (Jun.61% 30.36% 1. Enriquez Chief Investment Officer This is only an illustration.64% N/A Growth PLUS (Apr.55% -4.91% N/A MyFuture 2040 ( Past investment performance is not necessarily indicative of the future or likely performance of the funds.58% -5.21% 1.99% 12. net of fund management charges.56% 11.98% 1.97% 1. 7. 8. 7.56% 2.96% -0. 6.36% -4.78% 11.34% -0.08% 13.91% -36.56%* N/A N/A N/A N/A * Returns are from Fund inception date and not full year returns.94% N/A MyFuture 2035 (Jun.10% -2. Certified true and correct: Michael Gerard D. 25.81% Peso Money Market (Jun.79% -2.56% 8.27% 51.62% Peso Bond (Sep.70% 13.95% 23.75% -2. 31-Dec. 2008) N/A -11. The Unit Price of an Investment Fund on a Valuation Date is determined by dividing the net asset value of the Investment Fund on the Valuation Date by the aggregate number of outstanding Units of the Investment Fund on the Valuation Date. 2004) 18.11% N/A MyFuture 2030 (Jun.000. 31-Dec.68% 13.39% 49.51% -2.42% 48.10% -0. 13.90% 5. 31-Dec.

We will pay twice the amount of Hospital Income Benefit if: (a) the life insured is confined in the Intensive Care Unit of the Hospital due to Injury or Sickness.Non-Smoker Face Amount: Ps 350. We will advise you by written notice as to new premium rate prior to the renewal year. (i) cosmetic or plastic surgery. you will receive Ps 1.ALJUN B. (b) war declared or undeclared. miscarriage or abortion or complication of any of these. Acute Heart Attack 5. we will provide no benefits for Hospital Confinement resulting from Injury or Sickness for which the life insured received medical advice or treatment or medication within 12 months prior to the effective date of this benefit or last reinstatement. we will pay the benefit beginning on the first day of Hospital Confinement. in which case. limitations and exclusions of the above rider. Hospital Confinement due to Sickness must be for a minimum of three (3) days before we pay the Daily Hospital Income benefit from the first day of hospitalization. We will pay the benefit during the continuance of the Hospital Confinement up to a maximum of 1. Progressive Muscular Atrophy (PMA) 3. Benefits will commence on the first day of such Hospital Confinement for an Injury or Sickness and the total combined Hospital Confinement will be subject to the 1. (g) congenital deformities and defects. we will pay for only one with the greater benefit amount.24.000. (f) pregnancy.00 Hospital Income Benefit Once life insured is confined in the Hospital. (h) routine physical check-up and rest cures. Chronic Liver Disease 6. If the benefits have become payable and the life insured is again confined to a Hospital due to the same or related Injury or Sickness. This is only an illustration. or (b) the Sickness which results in Hospital Confinement of the life insured is classified as a Dread Disease. the aggregate maximum of daily hospital income is Ps 10. DIAZ 26 (Male) Sun MaxiLink Prime . civil commotion or any hostile action of armed forces.00* as Daily Hospital Income. Dissecting Aortic Aneurysm 7. (c) abuse of drug or alcohol. Such Hospital Confinement must occur before the earlier of the policy anniversary on or following the life insured's 60th birthday and the maturity date of the policy. insurrection. We will not pay any benefit for Hospital Confinement of the life insured caused by or resulting from any of the following: (a) attempted suicide or self-inflicted injury while sane or insane. except as a result of Injury and recommended by a Physician.000 days. conditions. Note : This benefit automatically renews every year with premiums at issue age rates. as a result of Injury or Sickness. End Stage Renal Disease 9. Multiple Sclerosis In case Hospital Confinement simultaneously qualifies the life insured for both Intensive Care and the Dread Disease. childbirth. We may change the premium rate of this benefit from time to time but not more than once a year.000. If the life insured has several policies with Hospital Income Benefit with us. derivation or variations thereof. Stroke 4. (d) committing or attempting to commit a criminal offense. subject to the approval of the Insurance Commission.000 days maximum period. Poliomyelitis 2. End Stage Lung Disease 8. Invasive Cancer 10. riots. Major Organ Transplant 11. the subsequent period of Hospital Confinement will be considered a continuation of the prior period.0000 1102450108101563 Page 4 of 7 . If due to Injury.821. VL r8. on the recommendation of a Physician as an in-patient. During the first 12 months from the effective date of this benefit or date of last reinstatement. the waiting period will not apply.00. (e) nervous or mental disorder. and (j) any Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) and/or any HIV-related illness including Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) and/or mutations. The covered Dread Diseases include only the following: 1. *The HIB Face Amount will be subject to Financial Underwriting. Please refer to the contract for the detailed description of the terms.00 Total Premium to be Billed: Ps 20.000. The above information is intended as a general summary and for reference only.

830 1.830 4 30 20.830 7 33 20.971 455 686 1. DIAZ 26 (Male) Sun MaxiLink Prime .821 2.830 1.971 455 686 1.821.830 1.971 455 686 1.830 18 44 1. ^^HIB premium payment terminates at attained age 60.ALJUN B.821 2.830 1.830 1.971 455 686 1.830 1.830 13 39 1.830 *TDB premium payment terminates at the earlier of attained age 60 and premium paying period.0000 1102450108101563 Page 5 of 7 .830 5 31 20.830 1.830 1.821 2.821 2.830 14 40 1.830 1.830 10 36 20.830 12 38 1.830 1.830 1.00 Illustration of Rider Premiums Rider Premiums End of Attained Premiums Total Rider Year Age Paid Premiums TDB* ADB^ HIB^^ 1 27 20.830 1.821 2.830 1.971 455 686 1.830 17 43 1.830 1.830 3 29 20. VL r8. This is only an illustration.830 20 46 1.830 6 32 20.830 2 28 20.830 11 37 1.821 2.971 455 686 1.00.830 1.830 16 42 1.830 1.830 9 35 20.830 15 41 1.00 Total Premium to be Billed: Ps 20.830 19 45 1.971 455 686 1.Non-Smoker Face Amount: Ps 350.821 2.830 8 34 20.971 455 686 1.821 2.24.830 1. ^ADB premium payment terminates at the earlier of attained age 70 and premium paying period.971 455 686 1.000.830 1.971 455 686 1.821 2.830 1.821 2.830 1.

values shown may change.830 3.349 957.277 145.006 300. plus additional benefit premiums.099 881. Values are calculated assuming the fund is earning 4%*.147 193.712 5.150 203.223.787 328.780 15 41 1.830 3.403 23 49 1.787 1.238.545 11 37 1.770 15.795 2 28 20. ** Charges are based on a 4% investment return.454 262. Also.053 61.137.222 760. you will be notified of the maturing MyFuture Fund and you will be asked of your reinvestment decision with regards to the MyFuture Fund maturity benefit.434 930.382 5.821 4.721 909.532 126.182 14.275 123. It is assumed that the mode of payment is annual. PROJECTED BENEFITS End Attained Premiums Fund Value Death Benefit of Age Paid Charges** 4% 8% 10% 4% 8% 10% Year 1 27 20.144 20 46 1.821.708 229.337 975. VL r8.250 18 44 1.933 772.517 10 36 20.821 15. The loyalty bonus is currently equal to 2% of the average monthly fund balance of the preceding 5 years.250 1.014 190.821 4.411 903. It is non-guaranteed and it will depend on the actual performance of the fund.712 856. If mode of payment is other than annual.531 223.721 17 43 1.144 929.688 908.250 916.099 13 39 1. The figures shown herein are based on assumptions in the accompanying first page of this proposal. This is only an illustration.337 275.830 3.690 887.129 730.928 1. you may suffer a loss as illustrated above.001. A loyalty bonus on the 10th policy anniversary year and every 5 years thereafter is included in the above illustration.139 1.713 6 32 20.261 301.907 538.824 716. and (d) a fund management charge of 2.139 399.830 3.028.453 1.651 28.099.995 51.00 Illustration of Benefits – MyFuture 2040 Fund (100%) The values illustrated below are not guaranteed. The monthly charges are deducted from the fund.024 365. (b) monthly periodic charge of 40% of the annual regular premium on the second year.143 181.011 117.065.460.320 798.821 6.00.279 170.224 435.879 68.657 705. It is assumed in the illustration that the MyFuture Fund Maturity Benefit is withdrawn by you at the maturity date.141 176.403 941.830 3.713 761. the assumed returns do not represent the upper and lower limits of the actual return that may be realized.690 14 40 1.545 870.821 8.224 1.517 845.222 1.411 16 42 1. The figures shown above are net of all charges. The investment returns used are for illustrative purposes and are not based on past performance with respect to the fund where your policy is linked.830 3.360 3 29 20.261 1.831 823. Should you terminate the policy early.434 230.250 478.712 156.142 8 34 20.563 92.821 4.879 768.0000 1102450108101563 Page 6 of 7 .830 3.795 705.248 209.Non-Smoker Face Amount: Ps 350.046.145 187.821 6.392 1.463 731.702 48.933 72. If no instruction is received from you.974 962.821 4.024 1.00 Total Premium to be Billed: Ps 20.142 802.453 523. *The investment returns used are net of the fund management charge of 2. (c) monthly insurance charge of 200% of the Face Amount multiplied by the insurance rate determined by the Company.585 275. No premium charge and monthly periodic charge are imposed on any extra premium and additional benefit premium.532 826.00% (plus VAT) of the fund value.270 81.821 12.392 346.974 Three (3) months prior to maturity. 20% on the third year and 5% on the fourth and fifth.284 923.24.824 16.033 923.321 874.321 174.256 5 31 20.006 1.672 4 30 20.672 728.382 705. if any.463 31.584 239.099.928 399.765 323.253 844.821 4.377 216.014 890.849 437.281. all excess premiums shall be subject to a premium charge of 5%.584 939. then the MyFuture Fund maturity benefit will be transferred to the Money Market Fund.585 975.657 5.320 98.765 1.811 581.830 3.425 951. DIAZ 26 (Male) Sun MaxiLink Prime .013 44.770 715.011 817.907 1.830 4.256 744.563 792.033 223.284 19 45 1.995 751.000.425 251.811 1.184 781.780 893. 8%* and 10%*.119 1.890 241.119 372.785 12 38 1. The projected values are net of: (a) premium charges of 65% of annual regular premium on the first policy year and 5% of annual regular premium from the second to the fifth year.273 102. The returns are likely to change during the investment period.129 (plus VAT) of the fund value.785 876.702 748.178.360 714.184 7 33 20.ALJUN B.253 144.688 208.135.849 1.349 257.831 9 35 20. You should only invest in this product if you intend to pay the regular premium for the whole of your chosen payment term.000.830 3.830 3.

the values of my units are not guaranteed and will depend on the actual performance of that given period and that the value of my policy could be less than the premiums paid. as the policy owner.00 Acknowledgement of Variability I acknowledge that: I have applied with Sun Life of Canada (Philippines). DIAZ 26 (Male) Sun MaxiLink Prime . Inc. Applicant's Signature over Printed Name Date End of Proposal This is only an illustration.ALJUN B. I understand that since the fund performance may vary.24.00. and have reviewed the illustration(s) that shows how a variable life insurance policy performs using company's assumptions and based on the Insurance Commission's guidelines on interest rates.Non-Smoker Face Amount: Ps 350. for a Variable Life Insurance Policy. The unit values of my Variable Life Insurance are periodically published.821. VL r8.000. I understand that the investment risks under the policy are to be borne solely by me.00 Total Premium to be Billed: Ps 20.0000 1102450108101563 Page 7 of 7 .