Maria Fernanda Sandoval

Mayra Bolivar
Fabian Romero

History of Apple

The creators of Apple are Steven Jobs and Steven Wozniak, they met in 1971 when
Steven Jobs was 15 years old and Steven Wozniak was 21 years old.
The theory about Apple industries name is based in the rivals name, at that time the
rival company in the technology industry was Atari, and Apple Computer its before
Atari alphabetically and it’s also in the phone book, which makes it more accessible
and easy to recognize; Furthermore Jobs had happy memories working on an
Oregon apple farm one summer.
Steven Wozniak was an impassioned for electronics; he built his own computer on
paper, also after failed attempts he created the apple I. The apple I, was a success,
they sold more than 200 computers, however was limited in their functions, so they
started looking funding for a new computer. In that process jobs knew Mike
Markkula, Mike invested 250.000 USD that allow the creation at 1 April 1976 the
Apple Computer.
With the sales money of the First Apple, plus he investment of Mike, Jobs and
Wozniak started thinking in the Apple II, this was a more powerful computer, had a
keyboard, a screen and everything the user needed. The Apple II was the first
computer with a color monitor. This PC was introduced in April of 1997, and it was
the first computer personal.
Though Jobs wanted a computer more advanced but friendly with user, his
engineers had to work harder to meet the Job demands. The new generation of
computers apple, Lisa and Macintosh, which will compete with IMBPC. Lisa was
thought as the new generation of computers, this had two units of disquete, a HDD
of 5Mb, 1Mb the RAM and the first mouse or cursor in a computer.
On December 12, 1980, Apple had entered the stock market in a few minutes, the
4.6 million shares were sold at 22 dollars a unit, Apple increased his capital in 100
million USD.
In 1983 Apple entered in the Fortune 500 list (which brings together the most
successful companies in the United States) and additionally earned a reputation on
Wall Street, after that success Woziniak had a little accident, for that reason he
decided to get out of Apple's engineering team. From that moment the company's

Finally Apple launched the App Store to sell third-party applications for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Steve Jobs was removed from his duties. . A few weeks later. In 1996 Gil Amelio became in the new president of the company and he decided to re-hire Steve Jobs. which provides some of the software currently used in its products. Apple's stock hit $ 97. it was announced that Apple had become the third-largest mobile phone provider in the world due to the iPhone's popularity. three months later. a record high at that point.projects were not successful. On January 9 of 2007. change their emphasis on mobile electronic devices.80. who again became president of Apple and with the arrival of this came iMac. Apple buys NeXT. Jobs leaves Apple. the next day. Inc. Jobs announced that Apple Computer.