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Hello great friends, supporters and family!

Our summer has been very busy in ministry. Now the temperatures are very hot here!
We have had a few hot spells that lasted 2 or 3 days, but this one began this week and
now is expected to last until next Friday, August 11. Yesterday the temperature was 102
here in Craiova, and will remain between 98 and 103 for the coming days. The humidity
here is very low, yesterday was 15% ad today is 33%. In some place in Romania the
temps are even hotter, 107 plus!

I want to share with you what God did just last night. We have been in many villages
this summer, some for the second times, but last night we were in a Gypsy village called
Plopsor, about 1 hour west of Craiova. There were many children, many young people,
and many adults that came to the film. In the dark during the film last night, one of our
people counted 180 people!

First, 2 of our original team members were back, Teo and Ruben. Teos wife was with
him. He lives near Salsurg, Austria and works for an automotive parts company. Ruben
is married, his wife is in Portland, Oregon, and Ruben will join her when his papers are
ready to immigrate to the US.

Both Teo and Ruben were amazed at the people. Both were in the skit that was taught
to us in 2012 by the team that came from First Baptiist of Hart. It was great to have
them with Ionut, the new leader of the team. Also, Teos nephew David is with the team
and was in the skit too. David was 7 when I first came to Romania in 2008. Now he will
be in 10th grade in September and is 16. What a blessing to see these guys in the skit.
What a blessing to preform it for the people there

If you know the skit, it is acted by people who wear shirts that have the words for sin,
alcohol, lust, drugs among others. A girl is being pulled by the sin and by satan, until
Jesus steps in and offers her a real choice a real change. When Jesus wins her, the
people watching did something that had never been done before, the clapped, and
hard! The skit was not even over yet! These people understand how God can change
a life.

Before the program started some people asked for prayer for a man in Timisoara who
was in an auto accident and is in a coma. Before the skit we had the man who is the
pastor there, but has no building speak and he had a Gypsy from Craiova pray tor the
sick man. The people were so happy for this. maybe 25 of them got down on their
knees as he prayed. They were big men and women who were on their knees!

We showed the film about Jesus, the crowd stayed the whole time and Ionut spoke
after. They were all still there! We left with our hearts so full of praise to the Lord for
working in their hears. I really believe if we invited them to come forward they would all
come. My heart was torn about what to do there tonight, until I called a pastor here in
Craiova about 2 hours ago.
Pastor Nicu and the Gypsy man Cristi is from Pastor Costel Burlacus church here about
a 10 minute walk from my apartment, called Alph and Omega Baptiist church. I called
Pastor Costel to tell him about last night and invited him to come tonight and preach
there. He said he has been there, was there 2 weeks ago They meet in the yards of
people. They really need a building, but that is another issue.

Pastor Costel said the Gypsy people are emotional and respond very well, much greater
than the typcial Romanian who is caught up in the Orthodox church. We wait to see
what God will do tonight. If you read this today, Saturday, August 5, please pray for us.
We will be in Plopsor between 7:00 and 10:30 pm this evening, which is 12:00 noon
Michigan time to about 3:30 pm.

I have some photos from last night but they are not clear or focused well. I will attach 2
for you to see the crowd and the children.

God is providing for us

financially, please ask him to
provide enough to get
through the entire summer.

God bless you!