-Introduction- Polysomnography

While working in this lab, I never felt that my job title could ever fit the entirety of the job Studies in Sleep and Chronic Pain
description. So when I speak about my work, I characterize it by my tasks completed in the
office and the tasks I completed on the clinical floor. When in the office, I accomplished data
entry and the creation of new data collection formats. When I was on the clinical floor, I
carried out one of three different research protocols which included Polysomnography
“The 5 Day Study” N227
setups, pain testing, autonomic testing, Portapress© setups, and general patient care. It was
when I was in both settings that I undertook my research project on N225 patient health
N225 Merck
Goal: Compare sleep
“The 19 Day Study”
National Institute of Health
“The 1 Day Study” patterns and response to Goal: Assess the
National Institute of Health pain in healthy people management of chronic Autonomic Testing
Goal: Compare sleep that who receive pain pain in participants who
-Activity- patterns and response to relievers. Pain relievers will receive both sufficient
pain for healthy and are a within-subject sleep and insomnia-
As a Clinical Research Assistant, I worked on the Clinical Research Center (CRC) at Beth insomnia groups. variable. induced states.
Israel Deaconess Medical Center. The research floor of BIDMC is not typical however,
considering their major practice is in inpatient treatment of various illnesses. Under Dr.
Kozmova, Dr. Haack (PI), and the rest of the research team, we conducted three different
Research Project: N225
research studies. These included N222, N225, and N227. The overarching goal among all of
A Correlational Study on Patient Health Questionnaires
these experiments was to assess the effects of experimental-induced insomnia on pain
management. Questionnaires Used Pain Testing
-Outcomes + Reflection-
The period where I have been able to reflect on my experiences has been very important to
me. I have learned how to set up polysomnography, carry-out autonomic testing, trouble
shoot with blood pressure operating systems, and to help administer pain testing. I have LIFE ORIENTATION TEST- REVISED

come to understand the intricate details involved in running a successful clinical experiment. PATIENT HEALTH QUESTOINNAIRE-9
I now appreciate what it means to be in hospital setting. I know the feeling of working FEAR OF PAIN QUETIONNAIRE-III
overnight shifts. I have learned collaboration and the importance of individual effort. I also INSOMNIA SEVERITY INDEX
know what it means to undertake a research project. For my project, I studied the patient PITTSBURGH SLEEP QUALITY INDEX Technical Skills
health questionnaires given to the participants of N225. In this correlational study, I analyzed PAIN CATASTROPHIZING SCALE My work included important technical skills as
the LOT-R, PSQI, PHQ-9, GAD-7, and a few other questionnaires. With this data I developed well. The three most common practices were in
a few conclusions regarding mental health and mood in our 26 participant sample.
polysomnography setups, autonomic testing,
and pain testing. Polysomnography is a device
Furthermore, I used a collection of other research to hypothesize the possible usefulness of to study sleep. This device measures electrical
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for treating learned helplessness in people with chronic pain. impulses (brain waves) in the brain. This is
often used as a diagnostic tool for sleep
With all of this now under my belt, I feel confident in what I know and am only just beginning
disorders. Autonomic testing involves constant
to appreciate my potential as an emerging, young professional in the field of psychology. Participants measurement of blood pressure. Also, it was my
responsibility to use a minor stress task (asking
-Acknowledgements- General Findings: The Insomnia Group the participant to count backwards) in order to
reported more of symptoms of depression, evaluate their physiological responses. Lastly, I
I would first like to thank Miloslova Kozmova, PhD. With her guidance I have come to assisted with pain testing. The Cold Pressor
anxiety, pain catastrophizing, and fear of pain.
understand what it means to be a professional in the workplace. I would also like to thank Task (placing hand in ice water), Pressure Pain
A Research Proposal: Using Cognitive Task, and the thermode were all avenues to
Monika Haack, PhD for creating this opportunity. Lastly, I want to extend my gratitude to Behavioral Therapy with a focus on treating assess pain perception. The participants used
Kate Porter of Northeastern University since none of this would have been possible without learned helplessness in individuals with chronic subjective rating scales to do so.
her in the picture. pain may lead to better mental health outcomes.

Hunter Coury
Learning How to Sleep On the Job
Clinical Research Assistant As a Clinical Research Assistant at the Sleep and Inflammatory Systems
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (Boston)
Lab, I helped facilitate the operation of three separate research studies.
Sleep and Inflammatory Systems Laboratory
Each study was constructed with the intention to learn more about the role
of insufficient sleep on the regulation of perceived pain. Between my role
on the clinical floor and while completing my research project, I have come
to understand the comprehensive nature of sleep in psychology.