Criteria Creativity (20)-_____ Visual Graphics (30)-_____ Text Captions (30)-_____ Organization (10)-______ Impact (10)-______ .

He marched up the tyrant's hall. . and showed it to the king and to his guests. where Polydectes and his guests were feasting." answered Perseus. "Have you the head of Medusa?" exclaimed Polydectes.Perseus returned to Seriphus to King Polydectes and to his mother Danae and the fisherman Dicte. "Here it is.


Traits: Perseus is a hero who is half mortal and half god. Perseus is the son of Zeus and Denae and he is brave enough to kill Medusa when he knows his mother life is at risk. Essay: Perseus motivate me to become much more courageous and brave to face all the problem that I have. Like him I want to become strong not only using strength but also using intelligent. courageous and intelligent. .