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Ayushi Verma
Vodafone Voyage :Securely Connected Healthcare: Fall Detection
for Elderly

Problem Assessment: Approx. 28 lakh people above the age of 80 and 21 lakh
people with physical disabilities ‘in movement’ reside in urban areas in India. Bone
damage, slip disks, hemorrhage and blood loss cause high damage due to lack of
immediate help in case of involuntary falls. Current solutions use Bluetooth and
hence, lack connectivity and range. To improve on this lacking, SIM card equipped
devices can be introduced by Vodafone. SIM Card will enable internet connectivity in
the device which will provide better connectivity and range.

Device will consist of accelerometer and gyro meter which by detecting the change in
speed will give the signal of fall detection. Accelerometer detects variation in the
straight line and gyro meter detects variation in the angular direction of walking.
Device must be wearable and should have a data storage and distress signal
generating device. When person falls, automatic message should be sent to a) the
preset numbers and/or b) all the Vodafone internet users at that time within a certain
range of the device. Additionally, distress signal which is generated will give signal to
the nearby people and they will provide the immediate help to the person.
Below is the calculation of market potential by considering 3 possible options in the
first five years of launch.

Market Size 49 lakhs
Column1 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
Worst 0.49 0.5782 0.682276 0.8050857 0.9500011
Moderate 1.47 1.7346 2.046828 2.415257 2.8500033
Best 2.45 2.891 3.41138 4.0254284 4.7500055
Assumptions: Worst - 1% of MS ; Moderate- 3% of MS; Best- 5% of MS. Population growth: 1.8%

1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
Cost/ Device
Device Cost 1000 900 810 729 656.1
Operational Cost
Installation cost 50 50 50 50 50
Logistics Cost 100 130 130 130 130
Promotional Cost 200 180 162 145.8 131.22
Total Cost 1350 1260 1152 1054.8 967.32
Selling Price 1500 1500 1500 1500 1500
Profit/piece 150 240 348 445.2 532.68
% Profit 11% 19% 30% 42% 55%
Assumptions: 1. considering decrease in device cost by 10% y-o-y owing to economies of scale 2.
Reduction in promotional cost y-o-y by 10%; Selling price constant since cost per device is decreasing. 3.
Increase in the number of devices increases the logistics cost by 3%

Vodafone network being providing the connectivity throughout the country will help this device to be operational across the country. the business can be adopted and can come out as a successful venture by ensuring the quality and by giving proper training to the users of the device. With the seen operational profit over the years. .