Misae convince

Clannad Flowchart
Doki Doki Highschool Greeting

Made by Maria_Traydor
If you have any comments or questions you can
Greeting Phase 1 send an e-mail to da_nerd@hotmail.com

That you have a nice blanket odor

Color code
Lines If there are many flags to choose from
Form code
choose first the top line and so on
That you're kind
Doki Doki Highschool
14. April Doki Doki Highschool Bad ends/Illusionary World
Scenes Choices Flags

That you have fighting spirit Kotomi Yukine Ryou/Kyou Tomoyo Mei
Notes Date/Route
That you worry Start Requirements

Sunohara Nagisa Tomoya Yoshino Kappei
Fuuko pranks Shortcut
That you worry
See her off Confess
Notes Date/Route Good ends/Lights Misae
Say "Good day" React when you see me as you enter Introduce yourself first Opening
That you're kind
Part that has been taken out of
Opening Fuuko Stuff to do Baseball the flowchart due to space issues
Watch her See her off Illusionary World Koumura See left of flowchart
That you have a nice blanket odor Girl on the hill 1 - Next fun thing

Game over
Greeting flag 1
Embrace her
Janken That you have fighting spirit Greeting flag 2
Greeting flag 3

Shake her off
That you scold Go alone
That you worry
Match flag The End
Greeting Phase 2

Rock Scissors Paper
That you have fighting spirit Go with Steve
That you're kind

Leave it all to Steve Go straight

Don't do anything Dub something over it

That you have a nice blanket odor
A match Fight too Ignore it Go left

Rock Scissors Paper Scissors
Weak reaction if Greeting flag 3
Rock if Greeting flag 1 if Greeting flag 2
Go right Never mind, this is stupid Say something fitting A few different ways to ruin the tape
Open it
That you have a nice blanket odor

Hold him
Shake him off

That you scold Hi there
That you worry

Rock Refreshing It's been a while Rap flag
Paper Go with her
Scissors Paper Shake her off
Rock Paper
Scissors Stop reading
That you have fighting spirit

Misae convince End
15. April
That you scold
Add "And toilet seat cover" in every sentence

That you worry Say it like Ikkoku Dou
Rock Misae convince That you're kind
Paper That you have a nice blanket odor Say it while holding some water in the mouth
Rock Girl on the hill 2 - Fellow delinquent &
Confronted by Ryou
Scissors Like a lover being separated because of home
Like having a flashback from a previous volume of a manga
That you have fighting spirit Doki Doki Highschool End

Greeting flag 1-3
Rock Paper Like an astronaut sacrificing himself to save the earth
Greeting flag 1-2
Greeting flag 1-1 Ignore her Apologize to her
Scissors That you scold
Fighting spirit?

Paper Ryou flag
Greeting flag 3-1
Rock Paper That you have fighting spirit That you worry Greeting flag 3-3

Greeting flag 3-2 Fortune-telling

That you have a nice blanket odor
Arrival of Sunohara

if Rap flag
That you have a nice blanket odor
Greeting Phase 3 Changes depending on how
Sunohara good morning Sunohara bad morning you ruined his tape
That you scold

That you're kind
if Greating flag 3-3
Tomoya if Greeting flag 1-3 English Grammar
That you worry
if Greeting flag 1-2 if Greeting flag 3-2
That you scold
if Greeting flag 1-1
if Greating flag 3-1
Take the lesson Skip class
That you have fighting spirit and toilet seat cover Lag
That you're kind That you have a nice blanket odor

Watersports I'm Sunohara

Katsudon Library flag

That you worry

That you worry That you scold Strange genius

if Rap flag

Greeting End
That you're kind Eat some Decline offer

Takefuji Alice

Only one pair Kotomi Denial

That you have a nice blanket odor

Bullying for chairs 100 years in the future

In the corridor

Go down to the courtyard Ignore her

Anpan time

Continue talking Leave now

Nagisa flag

Lonesome girl Outside noise

See what's going on
Take refuge

A girl's fight

Calming down

This interests me Not interested

Tomoyo flag Fight flag

Appearance of Tomoyo Fake show

Juice Bullying

if Nagisa flag

Don't worry I' m a bit worried

Worry flag

To the clubroom

Violent landlady

Talk to her Ignore her

Misae +1


Crossword Master Several different methods to tease sunohara

Dirty girls if fight flag If Tomoyo flag


Ghosts in the dorm?

Illusionary world 2

16. April

if Nagisa flag if Ryou flag

Girl on the hill 3 - Reasons Defiance of Fate
Cutlet flag

Cutlet Sandwich
Talk to the old lady Walk past her

Demon Hag Good call

Bad is Good

Appearance of Kyou

Investigate Forget about it

Fiery flag

Sped up running

if Tomoyo flag UFO's can be early too


Go and see
Don' t go if Worry flag

Tomoyo flag 2 Backround music
if Cutlet flag

The defeated Confronting Tomoyo

It's about the girl from yesterday

Boring class It's about the past

if Library flag
Skip class Stay in class

if Worry flag

if Cutlet flag
Library flag

Strange girl
Make haste and buy
There's no need to go that far

Too late
Eat some Decline offer

Great strategy
Only one pair
Kotomi Denial
Fight to the last sandwich

See you Traumatized fool


Let her do it alone Help her out

Nagisa flag 2
if Tomoyo flag 2 I decline

Doing your best

The clubroom
if Tomoyo flag 2 The Furukawas

Sunohara's determination
To the game center

Confronting Tomoyo 2
if Nagisa flag 2
I don't need to do that I want to do that

Loose joints

17. April if Tomoyo flag 2


if Nagisa flag
if Fiery flag

Fiery encounter


Girl on the hill 4 - Good morning

if Tomoyo flag 2


Go watch Stay inside the class Printout flag

Tomoyo flag 2.5

Confronting Tomoyo 3 if Tomoyo flag 2

Girl???? Return of the Weak

if Fiery flag

Go along Ignore him

if Printout flag
Tomoyo flag 2.7

Cry of the defeated if Tomoyo flag 2.5

Confronting Tomoyo 4

if Tomoyo flag 2.7


Go with him Ignore him
if Library flag

if Printout flag
Confronting Tomoyo 5

Confirm flag
Definetly a guy

if Library flag Return of English grammar
Confirming Tomoyo
if Nagisa flag 2

Stay in class
Mysterious bread
Skip class

if Ryou flag
Out of place
Charm Illustration Collaboration

Something fantastic

Let her go alone Go with her
Beutiful club president

Sleep is important

The Big Dango Family

Go out and search Keep on waiting
Check to see if the pages
Ignore it as if I don't care
have been cut


if Tomoyo flag 2
English books

Warm April Peek in the next classroom

if Nagisa flag Search somewhere else
Sunohara's exhaustion

Kotomi flag 2

if Printout flag Forgot

Names are important

After school

waste time outside the school Waste time in the school

Comfortable place

Spend time outside the school Go and sleep

Carving girl

Try and talk to her

Leave her alone
Fuuko flag

Knifes are dangerous Wasting time is bad? &
if Nagisa flag 2
Making dango

Violent landlady 2

Talk to her See her off Akio-sama

Misae +1

Drop Kick

Misae' s age

Illusionary World 3

18. April

if Nagisa flag

Everybody can make mistakes Girl on the hill 5 - Continuing life

if Confirm flag


Help him out

Confronting Tomoyo 6 Rethinking strategies

if Nagisa flag 2

Kick him back Dodge

Double the pain

Tomoyo + Judo

Judo flag

Practicing speeches

Lunch break fortune

if Ryou flag

O Fortuna

Fortune telling using breasts Fortune telling using cards Try her fortune telling Let Sunohara try it

Fortune of love Lovelife of a fool

Greatest fortune teller in the world

Prophecy flag

Fortunate Sunohara

Finding Sunohara

if Fuuko flag
if Kotomi flag 2

Poking time

Go back to class Go to the library

Don't let her run away Let her run away

Who' s there?


Frighten him Conceal my presence

Boxer and trainer if Kotomi 2 flag


Go into an empty room Go back to class Totally Ignored

Return to the classroom Go inside the library
Watch her a little longer Leave now

Fuuko flag 2

Completely ignored

Licking solves everything Place to sleep

Flip the page of the bookj Poke her cheek
Head there to sleep I guess I'll go back to class

Say her name

A haircut

Kotomi ..... chan

Talk to her some more Leave

Yukine flag

Alternate library

Sleep Go back to class Boring class
I just can't leave it as it is

if Judo flag

Judo predicament
Lovers on a Sunday morning

Help her Shake her off

Over-cooked pilaf

if Nagisa flag 2

Help flag I shouldn't get involved with
her any more than this Eat with Kotomi from now on

Keep eating with Nagisa
Tomoya vs. Judo captain I' m not needed

Mentally exhausted

if Misae = 2 End of school Kotomi flag 3 Day before yesterday I saw a rabbit

if Nagisa flag 2
See her off Talk to her

Why do you like drama?

Misae +1

Giant Swing

What type of guy do you like
What is that thing in your poster

What sort of drama play are you planning


Go out with me
Laugh and cry

Someone else if Kotomi flag 3 School gates

Nagisa flag 3

if Prophecy flag Going home

Finding Sunohara Thumbtacks
Walk away from Furukawa for a while Grab Furukawa's hand and run away

19. April Annoying fool

Cloudy sky

if Nagisa flag 3 if Confirm flag

Some people never learn

Fun Saturday Night' s Saturday Night Fever

if Help flag

Return of the great traveler
Ignore him

Stop him

Stop flag

Mysterious animal

As fast as lunch

Fools road to the staff room

Go to the old school building

if Kotomi flag 3 Go straight home

if Nagisa flag 3

Alone outside

In the rain To the club room

To the library
To the reference room if Nagisa flag 3

if Kotomi flag 3 if Nagisa flag if Stop flag

A haircut if Yukine flag
It's raining books Lone actress Great fools

Ignore her Follow her inside Reading manga
Talk to her some more

Yukine flag

Getting wet Hon no jodan

Alternate library
Dangerous Person Running Naked in the Rain

Say goodbye to her Escort her to her home

if Nagisa flag 3

if Misae = 3 She can't be?

Umbrella Go and see Don't go
Corpse in pieces

Crying in the rain

Illusionary World 4 Finding Nagisa

20. April

if Nagisa flag 3

if Kotomi flag 3

Checking on Nagisa

To the school

How's Furukawa doing Where's Sanae-san

Ask her if it's all right for Leave the library
me to be here

News of Nagisa Sanaes bread

Bother flag
To the dorm

Go there Ignore him
Are you happy?


Don't read

A bother
Read Watch a little longer Run off
if Misae = 3

Quantum theory gets your blood boiling
Cats destructive power

Help out Refuse

Ask if it's okay to come again Don't come again

Wake-up Tug of War

Misae +1

Search for other manga Try to play it
if ???

Yoshino flag

Doki Doki highschool Smell of a woman

Doing nothing

Tough work

A nightmare

21. April

Just one more year

if Nagisa flag 3

I'm an idiot
Wake up completely Go to class later

Hurry up and go to the cafeteria Look outside the window

Jump to the right
Jump to the left Nagisa flag 4

Stay still
if Confirm flag

Reflections Worries
Murder Scene?


Wake the person up

if Stop flag

Are we in a planetarium?

Strongly built
if Kotomi flag 3

Among the cherry trees

if Bother flag Tear it up and throw it away

Find the address to bring it to

Call out to her
Ignore her

Cherry flag
Kappei flag

Searching for Nagisa
Coming late is forbidden
Food for four
None of my buisness

The 80-yen juice
The Criminal

Not coming back if Cherry flag

Sleeping is forbidden

if Fuuko flag 2

Is that so? I guess so...
Stolen goods

Junior girl
Wakeup flag

Make her drink juice with her nose Continue to wait

Food for the running

Have patience Eat it anyway

700 carvings
Awaking the fool Handwich

Football for the fool
if Nagisa flag 4


if Yukine flag
if Kotomi flag 3

Negotiate with them in Let Furukawa talk with them
Furukawa's place
I don't want to cry one more time

Miyazawa magic

Tell her "You got it wrong Try and tease her a little

Go there for her
Nonetheless... let her do her best.


Your best
if Yoshino flag No luck

Games for the fool

Fake music

To get the Match flag choose
Scold - Worry - Blanket odor

if Misae = 4 Breasts
Misae convince

if Yukine flag Misae

if Wakeup flag
Let's stop this
Crying over breasts
No matter, let's visit
Misae-san's room

if Match flag
illusionary World 5

A long dream
22. April Epilogue

Misae Bad End

Misae Good End

if Wakeup flag

Caught by Tomoyo

if Nagisa flag 3

I'm going home right now Keep silent
if Nagisa flag 4

Faking sickness Various reasons

Restless week if Confirm flag
Tomoyas morning weakness All Dangos get along

Cherry tree
Yeah, you are No, not really Attack Magic
Talk to tomoyo walk past

Depressed Tomoyo Meddle flag

Move forward End of lunch

if Fuuko flag 2
Improper greeting

Greeting phase 1
Talk to Fuuko Leave her alone of course

I am pretty dog

I object

if Yukine flag

if Meddle flag Who to ask?

The strongest clothes

Go Talk to the Fujibayashi sisters Ask the homeroom teacher
Don't go

No flag if Kotomi 3 flag

No porn Zoushirusu
Fujibayashi flag

if Tomoyo flag 2
Kyou Ryou

Kyou + no belt = death HAPPY END
A hundred friends


Useless lunch

Return of Botan Finding an advisor

if Fiery flag

Throw Botan towards Kyou

Take him for now

Botan flag

Outbreak of B0T4N

Smell of Death

if Meddle flag

if Nagisa flag 4
A fool' s plan

Choir club

if Fuuko flag 2

Enjoy it together with Sunohara

Up to no good
Let him stop already

Shock flag
Play a prank on her Continue waiting
Savior flag

Tactical retreat

Drink or Move her

In good shape

Leave it behind Keep it and head back

Keep flag

if Kappei flag if Nagisa flag 4

if Kotomi flag 3

Help him Help him
You can get a Jet Saito scene here
if this is the fourth time in a row you Don't help him
have refused to go with Sunohara
Don't help him

if you have the following flags
Tomoyo flag 2.5
No flag
Kappei flag 2
and not the following flags Cyber flag
Tomoyo flag 2.7
Confirm flag
if Fuuko flag 2 then it is in the hallway
otherwise in classroom Random encounter
Cyberfication if Keep flag
Friendship is good

Kyou get

23. April

if Kappei flag 2

if Nagisa flag
Girl on the hill - Memory Introducing Kappei

if Savior flag if Kotomi flag 3
if Nagisa 4 flag

Nagisa - Memory Threats
if Botan flag

Yeah No way

The Letter

World covered with dangos

if Fuuko flag 2 Follow her Run

No need to thank Fuuko Wakeup call &
Cutting Sakura

Letter flag Game of Tag

Talk 'round the clock about things she likes

Was she up crying last night
Various unnecessary things we don't need

The present
Ghost in the School BL

if Nagisa flag 4
if Kotomi 3 flag

Improper greeting if Greeting flag
Guys like us

Greeting phase 1 Greeting phase 2

Yeah, that must be it
No, that's wrong


Nagisa flag 5

Fish names &
Announcement if Yukine flag
The Model
Football club

if Savior flag
if No flag if Fuuko flag if Fuuko flag 2

Really no? Sleep Change of mood
Do it Don't do it Freshen myself

Go to the staff room Wait a little bit

Buying juice Buying Juice
Ryou/Kyou if Worry flag

Nagisa Ignore her Call her
if Fuuko flag 2 Boring Leave them alone Yell for them to stop
if Misae >= 3

if Shock flag

Fuuko Misae
if Help flag

if you stop doing pranks once you will
Tomoyo not be able to do any of the later ones An adult
if Shock flag

Play a prank on her
Leave her

Sorry, but you are not

Drink, Move her & Change
conversation partner

Friends are beautiful
Lonely Sunohara

if Nagisa flag 4

Cyber Up

if Cyber flag

Calling Sunohara Practice practice

All the animals in the forest should be friends &
How I learned to love the fool
Unnatural Screen
Talk to her instead Don't take it

Cyber up - BL version
if Nagisa flag

Mei flag BL end

The Sealed Demon
The biggest stain in her life

About how she eats anpan
About how she took
a long break
About how she's trying
to reform the drama club
Fighting is bad

Illusionary World 6
Play flag

24. April A play


if Savior flag if Nagisa flag 4 if Greeting flag

if Kotomi 3 flag

Greeting phase 2
if Greeting flag #-#
Losing her voice

Cheeky Greeting phase 3
Sanzu river
A fight?


if Fuuko flag 2

if Play flag
if Letter flag

I think I might have Call for her to stop if Mei flag
been killing time Forget about it
I might have wanted
to be with Tomoyo

if Fuuko flag 2 Lottery Luck
Tomoyo love flag
Slave of Tomoyo

Call her
Ignore her
Run away from it
if Tomoyo love flag Take responsibility
Best thing to do Ryou get
It became Nagoya

A kiss Shock flag if Yukine 2 flag

if Nagisa flag 3
Responsibility flag

Leave her
Ask Furukawa Kanji - Clannad style &
if Nagisa flag 2 Front Garden

25. April Play a prank on her
Finding happiness
Welcome to Mei route
Someone else


A cruel joke if Confirm flag
Drink, move her, change conversation
partners & switch items Fujibayashi Sister Someone else Ask Tomoyo
Do it Don't do it
Nah, I don't want any
Really? Are you serious

Someone else
Contestants Kyou &
Keep trying to kiss Gun Game Stacking coins Ask me
if Confirm flag Tomoyo
Get ready for school if Shock flag no Tomoyo
if Fuuko flag 2

if Nagisa flag 4 Let Sunohara try it Nope
Try it
Do it Talking
This is Japan Don't Older sister Younger sister Ask Fuuko
Normal Someone else
Or not...

Three diffrent nopes
Choir clubs reasons
Tricking is bad
Rehabilitation Back to class
Quick end
Heavy atmosphere Battle flag
if Help flag Punishment ehhhhhhh?! A fight
if Nagisa flag 5
if Worry flag The worst 25. April

26. April if Kappei flag 2
Stay like this Land of Sheep
Embrace her Mei Training
Za End
25. April Friends with theOld lady
Furukawa Sunohara disease
Farewell, my friend Possibilities Skinship
25. April
Nagisa flag 6
Moff Burger

If Nagisa was not the victim Finding happiness
Going home Wait obediently
Confession of the first spell then you get Akio Make an escape, of course
Victim must be the same as in the
Eat outside
Eat in the school Stuck first spell or you get Sunohara
Second try
Try again to get the girl you talked to on the 24.

Kappei flag 3
25. April No can do
Sad fool
if curse victim was Akio
25. April Go wast tome somewhere Be nice and head to the gates To the drama club
if Nagisa flag 6 Want me to beat you until you cry?
if Battle flag Regrets?
if Nagisa flag 4 Dreamy All Purpose House Robot
Delivering the message 26. April
First date Girlfriend
Enemies in every corner
Kissing demon
Cute? 26. April
if Fuuko flag 2 Lost my place Rehersal
Normal? Mei
Sunoharas plan Horrorscope

27. April if Confirm flag
26. April Lovers
Call her 27. April
if Fuuko flag 2 Married
Ignore her Friends

28. April
What no one does Spoiled Dun dun dun dun!!
Sunohara Coffee Unbelievable
Versus Tomoyo 27. April
if Shock flag Lost child Blush Curse
Leave her alone

Call for her to stop
New Binder Sleeping in
28. May
29. April 28. April

if Nagisa flag 6 Mail friend
Hostage situation Gave her advice Pull the trigger Cooking
Genki dama Changes
30. April 26. April 28. April
Strange scene
Collectors soul if Yoshino flag
tch Nandeyanen
29. May
Love letters In a trance
Suspended Rare CD
It's fine to watch from a distance
Forgive me Yukine Onii-chan
Leave her
I pity you so I'll make him stop We must win this battle though Play a prank on her
29. April

Anger and regret In that case, that's fine
That's why going out Even then, if you
with you is... want to...
Storytelling Sunohara siblings Most luxurios thing
1. May
Drink, move her, change conversation Work hard
partners & switch items
30. May
if Kappei flag 3 Wake her up
This is cooking Stay like that Rejection
Punishment Stay inside the house Go outside
Escape Questions
Family issues A Plan Out of line
Only one left

if Nagisa flag 4 Trouble
Yukine flag 2
Don't eat 1. May
2. May Sleeping Objective

Eat at the cafeteria together Substitute A gloomy feeling
Manservant-kun 27. April
Half-asleep A man with real guts Cruelty
Make Sunohara go buy something The staff room
Running away
A game? Club activities
30. April
A feast Mei 28. April
26. April Comedic pair
In that case, right now...
A miracle
You should imagine it too
The school grounds B-o-n-j-o-u-r-?
The gym 2. May No witnesses Home with Kyou
if Yukine flag 2

The staff room Epilogue
Do calisthenics Pull a
Do something perverted Old albums Leave him just tragic scene Help Kotomi
A game? No, it's not
It's all right like that For now, take Watch the situation
him to school
Protect flag
Dirty thoughts Celebrities A duel
Complicated feelings Ai to Koi Yukine flag 3 Memories
Epilogue Botaaaaaan Hiding
The school grounds The gym Ineffective bribe Confrontation
Suspension First time

To the frontyard Checking on Kotomi
3. May Kappei Mei Good End
if Yukine flag 3
A duel Defeat

Watching if Protect flag
Mei Light GET I like long hair
A draw I like short hair
2. May A grain of rice
Illusionary World 7
Run a simulation
Dreams Kyou flag
Don't do it Dangerous guy Kyou +1
Idiot Wake her up 1. May
Fairytales Pop
Let her sleep
Simulation flag 26. April Honest
Preparing for the recital
Sacrificing the fool
Good person Appointment Modern music
Skipping Going home
Death Well... can't be helped Brother
Introduce him to an inn Omelet rice
Special day 29. April 2. May
Run a simulation Let's stop this Climatic spell
if Draw if Nagisa flag 4
Wasting food is bad if Nagisa flag 6 85 points
Date Returning the violin
World of tsukkomi
Yukine Good End Friends for a week
Girlfriend Date invitation
Life as usual Nofriends
Underestimated An inn

Yukine Light GET
30. April 3. May
Drama Finding members
3. May Waking up early Hot
Nanny Uneasy
if Protect flag
if Fuuko flag 2 Talking in the morning Continue searching
Do it on Monday
Yeah... sure Kyuun Look at me?
Fateful meeting Coworker
Platonic 1. May
No... probably not Warmth Don't recruit Recruit Koumura into
the team
if Nagisa flag 6
Ill omens Not right now but...

A murder scene
Drinking tea 4. May Dangerous
Where to go tomorrow? I'm just her friend
Ask them Not interested It's delicious It's terrible Love flag
Interrogation What's going on?
if Mei flag

if Fuuko flag 2 ...called me a weirdo.. Botans sacrifice Regret Repenting
Take her by force Ghost in the School 2
5. May
Leave her

4. May Sure
Stuffed toy 4. May
Broken heart Go by yourself
Job Escape
Imagination Mei flag 2 if Love flag

if simulation falg if Nagisa flag 4
To Ibuki 27. April 2. May
6. May
Fuuko's existance End of the world Dreams of fire

Go a bit far Shopkeeper Kyou-fu
Patterns Relying on others
Decide to leave
Later... and leave Decide to help
if Mei flag 2
I'm here to help out Drive away the intruders
Yep, a customer I guess this is also fine
Radish Helping Drink, Move her, Change Lively morning 3. May
Isogai conversation partner & switch items
Eyes Early
Free bird Price Helping out
Hugs Yeah Simple men We'll definitely have our date together
Tragic Past No, it isnt'
Room 307 if Draw Depression &
Reasons 27. April
Dissapearing if Confirm flag Illusion World - Bad
5. May Apologizing I guess it's fine now
Mei flag 3 Restrain myself
Put my arms around Nagisa
Watch Kyou silently
Fun things
Cute girls Try practicing

if Yoshino flag A game of baseball Know-how
Return it
Learning Rural vending machine
Bad for buisness
Think things will remain To the library Crane game
fine like this Think that this can't Illusion World 8 Kyou +1 Sorry... First star
continue as it is
Familiar voice Illusion World 8 Cream stew
Lies Practice Splendid person
Thank you Tell her honestly 28. April
Epilogue Keep it a secret
28. April 4. May
5. May
Doubts flag Angry?

Kappei Good End Gathering members
Pendants Self-tsukkomi
Where to search?
If all options tried
Angry if Yoshino flag then you can shoose to invite Yoshino and Mei

Amethyst Confess
Kappei Light GET
if Fuuko flag 2 Tanzanite
To get choose - strike him with drama Don't confess
6. May
Search in the new school building Alarm clock
Pinch her nose gently Kyou flag
Stay quiet Kyou +1
Forget it
Invite her
Return party Breaking and entering
Buying for others

Don't have time
Search the second floor Search the third floor Tell her about the
Yoink 5. May gentleman's words Leave it for now
Be quiet and leave
it to Tomoyo Say something Ignore him Stop him

Search in the old school building Late
if Confirm flag Understood
Juice It'll work
Watching Strongest team
Giving up Tomoyo Dreams
Fuuko GET Friends
if Yoshino flag Lovers Old book
Explain Search the empty classroom
Make up for insufficient exercise This is really troublesome... Search the Reference room
That's right... No...
Not my hobby
Think through it again
if Doubts flag once more 6. May

May Kyou GET
Baseball Will my voice reach her? Dependable Change of heart if Fuuko flag 2 Improvement
Watch him leave Sick
Strike him with drama Ryou Ill omen

Yes Do us a favour Kiss her Don't kiss her
Good at cooking 7. May
Nagisa Bad End Yes
Ballboys Making memories
Yoshino and Mei GET Ask Kyou +1
Reconsider Don't ask Kyou flag
Win flag Do something stupid I beg of you, please be a Accident
You don' t really have to force
member of our team yourself or anything you know Panic
28. April
29. April Fuuko GET First kiss Awkward

7. May Win Yukine GET
if Misae = 3
Genius level Like a little boat 8. May
Enemy If I can help
Ryou GET Going home
The Game
if Win flag
Voting Sorry That won't do either The only thing to do
Look for Misae-san Smell of grass
6. May
Winning streak Win
If members missing Maybe
Lucky charm A bear with a fish in its mouth
Backscratcher Rumors
if Kyou flag
If I'm good enough
9. May
8. May Misae GET Three girls
Tomoyo GET Number one suspect
Baseball Good End Ryou Good End
Backscratcher Accuracy up
Chopsticks Carved Bear Featuring A Starfish Baseball Bad End Success Thinking Past
What I can do
if Win flag if Pray flag
Moai Kotomi
Surrounded by idiots if Mei flag 3 Kotomi
Plan countermeasure 7. May
Tomoyo Bad End
Confessing to the fool 10. May
Practice Weird idiosyncrasy

Have her join the Put in a little effort
conversation Countermeasure flag Hard work
Call out
9. May Koumura Run away
End of the day Nagisa GET Tears of joy Let her do as she pleases

Kyou +1
Stop this now Continue
War declaration Stop her
Changes Something to drink
Noriben Teacher Confusion
Something big Mei flag 4 Self-deception
Thank you

Kotomi Bad End Running away
Drink, Move her, Change Continuing
conversation partner & switch items 29. April
10. May
Koumura Good End
8. May

Busy lives 29. April 11. May
Koumura Light GET
if Countermeasure flag Lunch with Ryou
Kyou's smile

if Mei flag 3 Gardening
Selfishness Misfortunes
11. May
Giving up

9. May
Cute bear if Fuuko route finished
Follow Nagisa
Stay here The Plan Practicing
Guilt Say "There's no choice
Crash but to give up." Say "Don't give up."
Pray flag

You will lose a light here
if Mei flag 4 Pray for fuuko
Be strong if you haven't already 10. May
Kick him back Dango's victory May Darkness
Dodge Give up
Ask her what she's Ask her to do it again
Combo will increase depending trying to do
Super Combo Changing plans
on how many paths you have finished
If you have done the pranks correctly
you will get Fuuko Master Play a prank Leave her alone if Mei flag 3 11. May Stop this
Helping Furukawa Persevere

If you get full 64-hit combo it will
have an effect when Tomoyo kicks Sunohara Ryou
if Misae Good End finished Strange A light
Drink, Move her, Change
conversation partner, switch items & Sleep
Let her eat sanae-san's bread
12. May
Lost cat
Farewell 12. May
30. April Ramen
30. April
Help her Finishing the job
Giving Falling asleep
...today, you
Refuse 13. May The briefcase
Bread for the exhausted Theory of Everything
The Game Epilogue
A promise Effort
First floor hallway of
the new school building Rain
Third floor hallway of the
Reference room Breaking point
new school building Kotomi Good End

Misae Light GET if third player is:
I'll be my sister
Misae if Kyou = 5
Tomoyo Kotomi Light GET
Ice cream Tomoyo Ryou/Kyou Yukine

The worst

12. May if third player is :
Good results
Nagisa Let Kyou/Misae/Tomoyo
Yukine make the last move I should make the last move 14. May
13. May
Massage her shoulders Expectations
Massage her nose

Problems Spectacular Loss Loss
Win 15. May
Old woman Yoink, yoink
14. May 1. May Wheel of Fortune

Separation Third year Facing Forward 1. May
Checking on Sunohara Kyou

Tomoyo 1. May 6. May Important memory
1% skill 16. May
A play
Fan-club Career counseling
Consulting the fool
Anxiety Aaa Decisions
Future Drama club
Realizations Talking in the morning
Gathering your feelings
Habits Telling the truth
Losses and gains Give her a present
2. May
Go on a date with her
Modest dreams
Continuously whisper your
love into her ear
Tomoyo Good End Memories

Present-inefficient Cute date
Try to get someone else Insist that he help
I love you
Tomoyo light GET

Koumura flag
Climbing Epilogue
A setback
All set

2. May Kyou Good End
3. May

Kyou Light GET

Choosing a teacher

I do I have Nagisa
if Koumura flag Janken

Koumura-sensei Sanae-sensei Classroom
Lonely world

4. May

All alone

Illusionary World 9

5. May

3. May


6. May A good pillow