Situation: You are not new in your department and you had been there for almost three

years. Miss A, your
previous nurse manager was considered strict and authoritative in implementing the protocols in your area.
She would make your schedule fixed unless you will inform her two weeks before for any change of shift. On
the contrary, your new nurse manager, Miss B, schedules a monthly staff meeting for any significant matters in
your department. She is not so lax but makes it up to collect suggestions from all of you before making

1. If you are to choose which one of your nurse managers described above reflects a democratic type of
leadership, who is she?
A. Miss A
B. Miss B
C. Both of them
D. None of the above
Question 1 Explanation:
A democratic leadership style offers and gives suggestions, but lets the whole group do the planning.
Miss B basically exhibits a democratic leadership since she would allow the group decide and plan for
any significant matter in the department.
2. What leadership style did Miss A utilized to maintain a strong control in the department?
A. Laissez- faireB
B. Democratic
C. Collegial
D. Autocratic
Question 2 Explanations:
Miss A used an autocratic leadership style to strictly maintain the control in the department. An
autocratic leader usually gives orders and the one who makes decisions and the planning.