Dear Friends of Palomacy


It was not long ago on a cold and gusty morning that Bert, our handsome unofficial Palomacy
Ambassador, was simultaneously straining to keep warm and comfort his two startled siblings.
You see, even earlier that morning the young pigeons had nearly faced the butcher’s cleaver as
squab. Remarkably a kind stranger had bought them from the bird market before their slaughter

Unfortunately, the kind stranger released the fragile unprepared youngsters into a nearby
park thinking they could fend for themselves. At this young age, the pigeons faced certain death
through exposure, starvation, or predation. It was through the help of Palomacy and their
volunteers that Bert and his siblings made a full recovery from the misguided release.

Palomacy has been saving handsome, caring, and charismatic pigeons like Bert for the last ten
years. To celebrate this milestone, Palomacy is engaging in a new initiative called Ten in Ten,
and we need your help to do it right. Our goal is to celebrate our tenth anniveersary by adopting
out ten pigeons a month for the next ten months to celebrate our tenth anniversary.

Palomacy depends on a network of volunteers and fosterers to care for our 130 birds. I often say
that our volunteers are the wings of our organization. They help us soar. To reach our Ten in
Ten goal, we will need even more volunteers to help connect us to potential adopters through
social media and community outreach. Your support of $10 a month for our tenth anniversay
will help us grow our flock of volunteers.

It is only through our volunteers and supporters that Palomacy can carry out our groundbreaking
work of rescuing, rehabilitating, and rehoming pigeons facing perilous odds. Because pigeons
are misunderstood by the general public and animal shelters, Palomacy and its supporters alone
are left to reach out a helping hand to many incredible birds like Bert.

Your continuing donation of $10 will directly impact our goal of Ten in Ten by creating a
team of high-flying volunteers that will get more birds out of the “nest” and into forever family
homes. So like Jay Z says “Go on and shake your tail feathers!” And help Palomacy shake its tail
feather too. Please donate $10 at today!


Elizabeth Young
Executive Director

P.S. A small donation of $10 a month, the cost of two lattes, will have a big impact on getting
many deserving and charming pigeons adopted.
The Journey of Moo Bird and Cynthia Zhou

Hard Times
Upon rising most mornings in Berkely it is apparent
that the Pacific Ocean has spent most of the night
firmly tucking in this coastal town with a duvet
of cottony fog. On one particularly cold autumn
morning, the kind where colorful maple leaves
collage the sidewalks and heavy drops fall from
the Redwoods trees make a tinny clatter, Cynthia
strangely struggled to rise from beneath her actual
duvet. It had less to do with the briny weather and
more to do with a growing heaviness. A heaviness
that was now preventing her from doing the simple
things like walking to the kitchen. It should have
been a happy time, attending classes and labs, but
everything felt like it was getting harder. Her anxiety
was growing.

Time For A Change
Starting several years ago, when Cynthia was in high
school volunteering at a pet store, she fell for a pair
of diamond doves, their sweet faces and cooing,
instantly, soothed her. So with this past experience
in mind, it was not a complete surprise when Cynthia
started looking at pigeons on the Palomacy website.

“Yet Cynthia kept returning to the
Palomacy website attracted by
the beautiful pictures of a sweet,
pure white homing pigeon...”

Granted, adopting a pet in the middle of the semester
while feeling debilitated is not be the ideal situation.
Yet, Cynthia kept returning to the Palomacy website,
attracted by the beautiful pictures of a sweet pure-
white homing pigeon, drawn to a delicateness about

her features that exudes kindness . With a wisdom and intuition beyond her years, Cynthia made
arrangements to meet this special homing pigeon and found the motivation to get out of bed.

Time For Each Other
A couple of towns away, Miu was being cared for by a Palomacy volunteer and facing an
uncertain future since her previous owner had died and left a mixed flock with no provisions, no
next home. And if that wasn’t enough, just days before, Miu had lost her partner in an attack that
could have easily taken her life as well.

When Cynthia and Miu met, they were both in tenuous circumstances. Yet it was with tender
pigeon kisses that Miu accepted Cynthia. In
return, Cynthia pulled Miu close to her, both “Love and support come in
comforting the other. Love and support come in many forms. The key is to be
many forms. The key is to be open to all shapes
open to all shapes and sizes.
and sizes. Love cannot be pigeon-holed.
Love cannot be pigeon-holed.”
Good Times
Palomacy helped Cynthia to understand Miu’s needs, but as Cynthia has chronicled on her
Instagram account, Miu takes everything in stride. Miu’s calm and soothing presence helps
Cynthia get through the hard times of the holidays,
even flying home with her, to the surprise and delight
of other passengers. But Miu is also there for Cynthia
during more extreme times, including panic attacks. It
was Miu’s insistence not to be separated during one of
Cynthia’s panic attacks that inspired her to have Miu
certified as an emotional support animal.

Anxiety is a chronic disease with no cure. Mui’s
companionship has brought light into Cynthia’s dark
moments. Cynthia is doing much better with Miu’s
calm presence, but she continues to have anxiety and
some bad days. The companionship makes the anxiety
easier to manage. Miu has found a comfortable place
to sleep next to Cynthia’s pillow. Both of them have
found a true friend and made a home together. That’s
real life: when love is not judged and is allowed to be a
serene snow white pigeon.

Check on last night’s
a day rescue
in the
life of

Answer emails
about rehoming and

Care for birds at 130 birds at 27 Update social media with
foster sites freah posts of our adorable,
adoptable birds
• food and water
• medication
• clean aviaries
• replace real eggs with fakes

Visits to help get birds
and volunteers or new
Trasport birds to the families aquainted

Respond to an emergency
and a rescue
Update the database

Write thank you
cards to donors and

ADOPTION submit an online

receive a call
from Palomacy
to determine

receive counseling until
local folks can meet
Palomacy requirements

stay in touch through phone
calls and emails to answer
questions and invite adopters to
participate in Palomacy events
submit adoption contract,
upon approval, and pay
the $10 adoption fee

get aquainted and
settle in with the deliver birds to
help of a Palomacy their new home
staff member
Our Mission
The pigeon is quite possibly the most maligned animal despite being the least
deserving. Pigeons are highly intelligent: they can recognize individual faces and
learn the aplaphabet. They are monogamous. They are protective and devoted
parents, co parenting equally. Our Mission at Palomacy is to turn the tide of bad
publicity against pigeons and get the public to view them for the charming creatures
they are and to get them into homes where they bring laughter and smiles.

Our Budget
one fulltime employee 6,0000 volunteer hours
veterinary expenses office space
and program supples computer
community initiatives birdfeed
and administrative fees avaiaries

Paid Donated

How You Can Help...
Palomacy relies on your donations to rescue, rehab, and rehome hundreds of
birds. Here is how you can show your support:

•Declutter and donate your unwanted household ite ms to Community Thrift Store
in SF in Palomacy’s name (#46).

•Clear your driveway and donate your used vehicle.

• Look cool when you buy Palomacy t-shirts or mugs.

•Earn a pet portrait sitting from Pet Food Express’ My Mutt Program when you
donate $250 to Palomacy.

•Sponsor a Palomacy foster bird for ($300 saves a life! Tell us which bird to save).

• Collect cruelty-free feather jewelry from Art for the Birds (receive 25% off when
you mention Palomacy) and donate your bird’s naturally molted feathers.

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