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1 A Rating Approach based on Sentiment Analysis
2 A Service-Oriented Approach to Interoperable and Secure Personal Health
Record Systems
3 An output-based knowledge transfer approach and its application in bladder
cancer prediction
4 Automated Data Collection for Credit Score Calculation based on Financial
Transactions and Social Media
5 A New Methodology for Mining Frequent Item sets on Temporal Data

6 Analysis of users’ behavior in structured e-commerce websites

7 Data-driven Answer Selection in Community QA Systems
8 Cluster based Zoning of Crime Info
9 Discrete Binary Cat Swarm Optimization for Scheduling Workflow Applications
in Cloud Systems
10 Efficient Revocable ID-Based Signature with Cloud Revocation Server
11 Privacy-Preserving Fraud Detection via Cooperative Mobile Carriers with
Improved Accuracy
12 Attribute-Based Storage Supporting Secure Reduplication of Encrypted Data in
13 Hybrid Secure and Scalable Electronic Health Record Sharing in Hybrid Cloud
14 Investigation of the correlation between trust and reputation in B2C e-commerce
using Alexa ranking
15 Performance Analysis of Cloud Computing for Distributed Data center using
16 Prediction of Drug-Drug Interactions Based on Multi-layer Feature Selection and
Data Balance
17 Privacy-Preserving User-Auditable Pseudonym Systems

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18 SNC:A Cloud Service Platform for Symbolic-Numeric Computation using Just In
Time Compilation
19 User Collusion Avoidance CP-ABE With Efficient Attribute Revocation for
Cloud Storage
20 SMS Ticketing System For Local Trains
21 A Locality Sensitive Low-Rank Model for Image Tag Completion
22 .A Shoulder Surfing Resistant Graphical Authentication System
23 Efficient Searchable Symmetric Encryption for Storing Multiple Source Data on
24 Electronic recording system - heart disease prediction system
25 Expressive, Efficient, and Revocable Data Access Control for Multi-Authority
Cloud Storage
26 k-Nearest Neighbor Classification over Semantically Secure Encrypted Relational
27 Privacy-Preserving Cipher text Multi-Sharing Control for Big Data Storage
28 An Efficient File Hierarchy Attribute-Based Encryption Scheme in Cloud

29 Attribute-based encryption with efficient user revocation
30 Job service provider
31 Knowledge sharing & user behavior in the online social network
32 Rare side effect discovery
33 Attribute based methods for securing personal health records
34 Key-aggregate cryptosystem for scalable data sharing in cloud storage
35 SMS based policy intimation system for insurance agency
36 Cross cloud service composition for big data processing
37 Efficient security in decentralized cipher text-Policy attribute-based encryption

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Phone: 0422 – 4274041 Mob: 9043034051
www.veexplore.com Email Id: veexplore@gmail.com

38 Fake profile detection in online social networks
39 High utility item set mining from large database
40 Hostel management system
41 Improving privacy in cloud storage using regenerating code based approach
42 Investigation on ranking of active web forum users
43 Data mining over encrypted data on cloud
44 Mining fraud detection in mobile apps by analyzing user ratings and ranking
45 Mining high utility item sets from large database using apriori algorithm
46 Multi keyword search with effective key aggregation in cloud computing
47 Multi replication with secure public auditing for dynamic big data storage in
48 Online Training Portal
49 Personalized search with user privacy protection
50 Privacy-preserving algorithm for preventing data disclosure
51 Replicating dynamic data and multi keyword search in cloud computing
52 Secure Reduplication with effective key management in cloud
53 Secure proxy re-encryption scheme for big data storage
54 Securing patient records in distributed healthcare cloud computing system
55 A framework to facilitate multi cloud service providers based on qos
56 Enabling public auditability using shared authority based privacy-preserving
authentication protocol
57 Retrieval of bug reports using software data reduction techniques
58 User behavior prediction using web usage mining
59 Virtual class room
60 Web based customer usage review analysis
61 Web service composition framework using genetic algorithm
62 A model for predicting patient acuity on imbalanced dataset
63 Efficient public auditing and user revocation in cloud

77/119, Gokule street (Opp.Senthilkumaran Theater), Ramnagar, Coimbatore-9
Phone: 0422 – 4274041 Mob: 9043034051
www.veexplore.com Email Id: veexplore@gmail.com

1 Budget Management System
2 Service Provider
3 Online Advertising
4 Time table Management
5 Social Networking
6 Rating Widget
7 Hospital management
8 Online Shopping management
9 Jewellery shop Management
10 Computer Spare Parts Distributor system

1 Gram Panchayat
2 Toll Palza
3 Easy Education
4 Tailor Shop Management
5 Green house Remote Monitoring System
6 Online Invitation
7 Sales and Inventory Monitoring System
8 Blood Banking
9 iHospital
10 Job Recruitment and Job Seeking Processes

77/119, Gokule street (Opp.Senthilkumaran Theater), Ramnagar, Coimbatore-9
Phone: 0422 – 4274041 Mob: 9043034051