Real Name: Lu Han Favorite Hobbies: Playing with his Rubik’s cube, soccer


Stage Name: Luhan animation, art, video games, computers, water sports,

Native Name: 루한 racket sports, nature sports, baseball, basketball, football,

all sports really, going to concerts, listening to music,
Chinese Name: 鹿晗

Nickname: Marilyn Monroe, singing, watching TV, and traveling

Favorite Color: White
Cute Little Prince, Xia Lu, Morning Deer,
Favorite Music: R&B
Little Deer, Flower boy, Lu Lu
Favorite Singers/Artists: SNSD, DBSK’s Yunho, H.O.T,
Born: April 20th, 1990

Height: 178cm Super Junior, WestLife, M2M, Usher, Akon, Jay Chou, JJ

Lin, Lee Hom Wang, Yu Quan
Weight: 73kg
Favorite Cartoons/Animes: Dragon Ball, Death Note,
Blood Type: O
Personality: Innocent, lazy, bright, joyful, easy-going,
Favorite Fashion Style: Simple and casual

Habit: Not really a habit, but one time one of the members Role Models: N/A

Power: Telekinesis
of EXO accidentally broke his Rubik’s cube. In order to

quell his anger, he kept chanting to himself, “Lu, you’re a


Family: Father, Mother, Brother

Education: Seoul Institute of the Arts

Years Active: 2011-present

Position: Lead Vocalist, Lead Dancer, Face of the group

Labels: S.M. Entertainment

Associated Acts: EXO, EXO-M, SM Town

Favorite Foods: Bubble tea, foods prepared by his parents