DATE August 11th, 2017

FROM David Mora & Gabriel Ochoa

TO Ben & Jerry´s, Unilever

SUBJECT Business affiliation confirmation

You will be happy to hear that we have reached an agreement in the last meeting held in our
office. We have therefore prepared the following memorandum in order to outline the
objectives of the contract previously established. Please read this guidelines c arefully and
make sure that you understand the affiliation new policies.

Support on education
Every year, we will be giving 500 scholarships for students in need of economic resources.
Each student will have the opportunity to enter and study on an full-paid university, counting
with the books and materials required for each class.

Fight against diabetes
52% of americans have a type of diabetes, affecting their health, lives and their economic
situation because of the expensive treatments that they need. By the following months, our
affiliation will be working with health organizations in order to help and prevent the disease in
early teenagers and kids. Helping on fundraising and conferences about the subject.

Sports Culture
The USA is one of the top countries with more obesity on kids and adults in the whole world,
so as a decision made by the affiliation, we will be making activities in order to promote
sports on kids for at least 30 min per day. We will build a free sportscenter on the most
affected cities on the country, providing activities every day, rallies, etc.

We will also like to remind every staff position to support the actions that will be taken on the
new schedule to reach our new objectives.
We hope that you understand and support us with this social action project.
Thank you!

D. M. & G. O.