Instructor: David Gergen: 617-496-1982,
Faculty Assistant: Nancy Howley, 617-496-0556,
Research Assistant: Baruch Shemtov, 617-384-8719,

Class sessions are scheduled on Monday and Wednesday, from 1:10 to 2:30 PM in Starr
Auditorium. Class attendance is expected.

No course could plausibly claim to create a leader on its own – and MLD 325 is no exception.
The purpose of this course is to help you advance in your own leadership journey. Through
lectures, readings, occasional film screenings, and outside speakers, the course is intended to
illuminate the paths that others have taken by men and women in the past and to provide a spark
for your own leadership development. We will also explore new ways of leading in today‟s
younger generation.

The course is roughly divided into two sections: a leader‟s inner journey and the outer journey,
including the early years of building a successful career. The classes will consist mostly of
lectures with time for discussion. For quick overview purposes, here are the titles for the classes:

Discovering Your Inner Fire
Forging Your Character
Honing Your Judgment
Building on Strengths
Journey to Authenticity (Guest: Bill George)
Your Family of Origin: How it affects you (Guest: Dr. Marjorie Blum)
Film & Discussion: Amazing Grace

Exercising Emotional Intelligence
Building Your Professional Capacity
Building Your Career
Taking Early Leadership (1)
Taking Early Leadership (2)
Learning to Lead Up
Finding Your Voice (1)
Finding Your Voice (2)
Addressing Gender Issues
Addressing Racial & Ethnic Issues
Leadership Styles in Other Cultures

the instructor will be mindful of HKS grading guidelines. In the event that the course is oversubscribed.Leading in a Networked World The Dark Side: Cunning & Intrigue Dangers of Derailment Growing From Adversity Leading an Integrated Life (1) Leading an Integrated Life (2) Wrap Up AUDIENCE This course is intended for students interested in and committed to improving their leadership capacity. REGISTRATION INFORMATION Please note that enrollment will be limited to 102 students. E-mail to Baruch_Shemtov@ksg. 9 spaces will be reserved for cross- registered students. inside the Kennedy School and out. In order to make the process of cross registration as quick and painless as possible. American to international.harvard. there may be a short wait list. .edu As a cross-registrant. KSG will conduct and post the results should the course go to bidding. Students interested in cross-registering should submit a 2 page application that consists of a one page cover letter and a one page resume. . It is designed for a wide array of students – from those with little leadership experience to those who have led large teams. 3 spaces will be reserved for National Security Fellows. you will be sent a confirmation that we have received your application. Audits will be permitted as long as there are available seats. please pay close attention to the following with regard to the submission of your application. GRADING Assignments will be allocated as follows: Mid-term paper 45% End paper 45% Class participation 10% In assigning a final grade. In the event of over-subscription. EXPECTATIONS & ASSIGNMENTS Please note that readings will be extensive and students will be expected to have read them prior to class. Please submit together as one word document (please do not submit pdf‟s). 90 spaces will be reserved for KSG students through the bidding process. Students will be required to write individual papers in mid-semester and to join with 2-3 other members of the class to write a final paper. Students will also be encouraged to speak up in class. For all students. we regret that there will be no seats available for auditors or others.

Talent Is Overrated. Speak Up With Confidence. REQUIRED BOOKS Belmonte. Geoff. On Becoming a Leader. Bill. Jack. It is strongly recommended that you print out and organize these readings in order to follow and participate in lectures. Bennis. Copies of all readings will be placed on reserve in the HKS library. John. or can find all of the material on the Web). one including material available only in hard copy (which students are required to buy or view in the library) and another including material available online (students can purchase this packet. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. Good to Great. George. Gardner. Valenti. Required books will be available at The Coop. Colvin. Warren. 2003. Readings should be completed prior to the class under which they are listed. True North. StrengthsFinder 2. Champy & Nohria. Covey. Jim. On Leadership. Eyewitness to Power. Noonan. Gergen. Kevin. The Arc of Ambition. COURSE MATERIALS Course packets will be distributed through the CMO. Peggy. Harvard Business Review on Leadership at the Top.OFFICE HOURS Professor Gergen is periodically available for office appointments by contacting his faculty assistant.0. William Wilberforce: A Hero for Humanity. Stephen R. Harvard Business School Press. . There will be two types of course packets. RECOMMENDED READING Collins. David. On Speaking Well. Tom. Rath.

The Arc of Ambition. Albert Schweitzer. “Knowing Yourself”. “I Resolve to Become a Jungle Doctor”. Reardon. pp. On Leadership. Harvard Business School Press. Chapter 3. 419 – 436. 1-10.. Roselinde Torres. pp. “Ambition Is the Root of All Achievement. “See What Others Don‟t. Certain Trumpets: The Nature of Leadership. 2: Forging Your Character John Gardner. „Managers and Leaders: Are They Different?” Harvard Business Review On Leadership. pp. Abraham Zaleznik. James Champy & Nitan Nohria. FEBRUARY Wed. 3-22. Mon. On Becoming a Leader. The Cycles of American History. pp. 25-49. . pp. 11-22. 1998 Wed. pp. John Gardner. “Courage as a Skill”. Keohane. Out of My Life and Thought. “The Tasks of Leadership”. Chapter 2. pp. “Democracy and Leadership”. Garry Wills. Kathleen A. 26: Traits for 21st Century Leadership Nannerl O. 67-80. “Introduction”. “The Moral Dimension”. “The Nature of Leadership”. 31: Discovering Your Inner Fire Warren Bennis. College Board Review. On Leadership. 24: Introduction to Leadership Arthur Schlesinger Jr. Harvard Business Review. Boston Consulting Group.JANUARY Mon. Tests of a Leader. 81-95. "Collaboration and Leadership: Are They in Conflict?". “New Leadership Rules”. 23- 38. 11-22.” pp.” pp. “Understanding the Basics”.

True North. “Managing Oneself”. pp. 9-38. StrengthsFinder 2.” pp. Harvard Business Review. 195-214. Management Challenges for the 21st Century. “The Journey to Authentic Leadership”..Champy and Nohria. 1999.0. October 1. The Arc of Ambition. Chapter 1. 2001. MD.” pp. 9-19. College Park. “Knowing Your Authentic Self”. ed. Harper Collins Tom Rath. 45-76. Introduction. 85-102. 2007. Five Minds for the Future. Chapter 5. Jack Kennedy: The Education of a Statesman. 67-83. Theodore C.: The James MacGregor Burns Academy of Leadership. 143-162. 16: Your Family of Origin: How it Affects You (Guest: Dr. Chapter 4. Mon. Marjorie Blum) Marjorie E. “Judgment and Responsibility: John F.19-36. Sorensen. pp.3- 26. . “Self-Defined Leadership: Exploring Family History to Enhance Future Leadership.” In Presidential Judgment: Foreign Policy Decision Making in the White House. 7: Honing Your Judgment Barbara Leaming. Global Leadership: Portraits of the Past. Gallup Press. Mon. excerpted from Michael Harvey and JoAnn Danelo Barbour (eds. Aaron Lobel. Wed. 9: Building on Strengths Peter Drucker. Warren Bennis & Noel Tichy. pp. Howard Gardner. “Never Violate Values”. Making Judgment Calls. pp. Kennedy and the Cuban Missile Crisis. “The Synthesizing Mind”. pp. “Practicing Your Values and Principles”. Hollis: Hollis Publishing Company 21-40. Leading Change.). 14: Journey to Authenticity (Guest: Bill George) Bill George. pp. 2007. Visions for the Future. “The Rushmoreans. Blum. James O‟Toole. Wed.

pp. “Knowing the World”. 15 – 151 Mon. “Getting People On Your Side”. pp. 1-16. 2008.” Harvard Business Review. “The 10. pp. Geoff Colvin. William Wilberforce: A Hero for Humanity. December 1. 2008. 23: Film & Discussion: Amazing Grace Kevin Belmonte. Daniel Goleman.” Harvard Business Review. 1998. 7: Building Your Career Readings to come. Outliers: The Story of Success. . Chapter 8.Mon. Mon. Wed.000-Hour Rule”. Talent Is Overrated. On Becoming a Leader. Little. 52-104. November-December. “Primal Leadership: The Hidden Driver of Great Performance. 28: Exercising Emotional Intelligence Warren Bennis. Richard Boyatzis. “What Makes a Leader. Chapter 2. MARCH Wed. 21: NO CLASS (HKS Holiday) Wed. 9: Taking Early Leadership I (Guests: Military Veterans) Readings to Come. 2001. Daniel Goleman. Penguin Group. Brown & Company. 35-50. 2: Building Your Professional Capacity Malcolm Gladwell. Chapter 4. and Annie McKee.

“Secrets of the Great Communicator”. Introduction and pp. pp. Mon. 211-224. On Speaking Well. 30: Addressing Racial & Ethnic Issues (Guest: TBA) Readings to Come APRIL Mon. 3-98. pp. Jr. 21: Finding Your Voice I Garry Wills. 14: Taking Early Leadership II (Guests: Social Entrepreneurs) Jim Collins. 16: Learning to Lead Up Readings to Come. Harper Collins. Certain Trumpets. pp. 1-173. Jack Valenti. Eyewitness to Power. 23: Finding Your Voice II Peggy Noonan. 2005. Good to Great and the Social Sectors: A Monograph to Accompany Good to Great. “The Rhetorical Leader: Martin Luther King. Reagan. Wed. 210- 247. Wed. 4: Leadership Styles in Other Cultures Readings to Come . Speak Up With Confidence. Mon.Mon.. Wed. David Gergen. 28: Addressing Gender Issues (Guest: TBA) Readings to Come.

. Rod Kramer. “Why He Fell”. Foreword by David Gergen. pp. 179- 242. 6: Leading in a Networked World Readings to Come Mon. “Leading and Learning for Lifetime”. pp.” Harvard Business Review on Leadership at the Top. Michael Macoby.Wed. Harvard Business School Press. Harvard Business Review. 1-21. Mandela (New York: Random House. pp. David Gergen. Nixon. Diane L. Anthony. The Arc of Ambition. 65-104. 99- 114. 13: Dangers of Derailment Bill George. 18: Growing from Adversity Sampson. Chapter 2. pp. 2003. Eyewitness to Power. Coutu. “Why Leaders Lose Their Way”. “Temper Ambition. “The Inevitable Cons. 1999). Wed. Geeks & Geezers. True North. 2006. Leaders. Champy & Nohria. Harvard Business School Press. 2003. Mon. “The Great Intimidators”. Warren Bennis.” Harvard Business Review on Leading in Turbulent Times. Chapter 1. 1982. “Narcissistic Leaders: The Incredible Pros. “In The Arena: Reflections on Leadership”. 320-345. February. 11: The Dark Side: Cunning & Intrigue Richard Nixon. “How Resilience Works.” pp.

Fortune Magazine. Chapter 8. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. 1997. “Confessions of a CEO”. 121-137. Harvard Business School. 25: Leading an Integrated Life II Bill George. 20: Leading an Integrated Life I John Gardner. November 2.Wed. 27: Wrap Up . 2007. 2004 Milhaly Czikszenthmihalyi. “Renewing”. pp. pp. TBA Wed. Covey. True North. “Habit 7: Sharpen the Saw”. Finding Flow: The Psychology of Engagement With Everyday Life. On Leadership. 287-307. Stephen R. p. Basic Books. “Staying Grounded: Integrating Your Life”. Laura Nash and Howard Stevenson. Just Enough: Tools for Creating Success in Your Work and Life. Mon.