Muhammad Awais
Seeking a responsible and challenging position with a dynamic
organization which offers opportunity for personal and professional
development and where I can best utilize my knowledge and skills. Highly
motivated to work in a professional environment with a growing
organization and to put in best efforts for the educational enhancements of
organization and myself.

Father Name:
2016- 2017 LECTURER (Visiting) Abdul Hafeez
1 years Govt. College University Faisalabad. Nationality:
 Developing and implementing new methods of CNIC#
teaching to reflect changes 33103-3935257-1
 Designing, preparing and developing teaching Marital Status:
materials Single
 Delivering lectures and Ensure student discipline Domicile:
and performing a variety of administrative functions. Punjab
Date of Birth:
2012-2014 ACCOUNTANT
2 years Muhammad Ali Jinnah Polytechnic Institute Address:
 Calculate, prepare and issue documents related to 104 J.B Harmoyan Ths. And Dist.
Faisalabad, Punjab, Pakistan.
accounts such as bills, invoices, account statements
and other financial statements using computerized Mobile:
and manual systems. (+92)-332-6675453
 Perform related clerical duties, such as word (+92)-306-4816804
processing, maintaining filing and record systems, Email:
faxing and photocopying.

8 Months Sitara Textile Industries Ltd.
 Administer and monitor the financial system.
 Maintain the accounts payable and accounts URDU
receivable systems.
 Provide efficient and effective office management PUNJABI
 Perform other related duties as required.

126-135. Journal of Resources Development and Management. Dar. Majeed.. B. 6. Awais. J Econ Manag Sci 5:311. Effectiveness of Pakistani Banks after Merger and Acquisition. M. doi: 10. RESEARCH PUBLICATIONS & FORTHCOMING  Tariq. A.. Javid.. PAKISTAN. M. Int. W.. MR.. ACADEMIC QUALIFICATION 2011 – 2014 GOVT. .. Information and Knowledge Management. (2016). COMMUNICATION SKILLS  Presentation skills – gained through participation in course seminars and presentation of projects.COM (ACCOUNTING. 104-112..  Ullah. A.. A. PUNJAB.  Leverage as a Determinant of Firm’s Investment Decision. M. Bashir. MS BANKING & FINANCE 2008 – 2010 UNIVERSITY OF THE PUNJAB.. Awais.  Writing skills .developed to a high degree through the rigors of university assignments BUSINESS AWARENESS AND PROBLEM-SOLVING  The combination of studying business at university and work experience in a variety of commercial environments has given me a clear perspective on the operation of the market and the demands and pressures business face. PUNJAB. M. K.. COLLEGE UNIVERSITY FAISALABAD.1000311  Stock returns response to dividend announcement and investor’s deportment via signalling effect: evidence from Pakistani stock market  Integration of developed and Asian developing stock markets: implications for portfolio diversification  Impact of Earnings Announcement on Stock Returns and Information effect on Investor’s Sentiments: Evidence from Pakistani Stock Market  Effect of Change in the Deposit Rates of Conventional Banks on Investment Rates of Islamic Banks in Pakistan. M.. Asim. LAHORE. Awais. ECONOMICS. T. Azam. 6(1). B. 4172/2162-6359. Imtiaz. (2016). Impact of Total Quality Management Practices on an Organization Performance. (2015). Bashir.  Tariq. Determinants of Student Satisfaction while working in Groups.  Running my own institute Al-Hafeez Group of Academies. MATH) 2006 – 2008 BISE FAISLABAD FSC (PRE ENGINEERING) 2004 – 2006 BISE FAISALABAD MARTICULATION (SCIENCE) RESEARCH THESIS  Impact of dividend and earnings announcement on stock returns: Evidence from Pakistani stock market. PAKISTAN. M.A.

 Oracle ADDITIONAL SKILLS  Word processing – experience in producing reports and correspondence to a professional standard using Word software  Used Excel and Access as part of degree. Muhammad Awais . competent in using the web particularly in research  Strong analytical. Windows 7. interpersonal & communication skills.2000. Access)  Operating System (MS Windows 98 .XP.Windows 8)  Having a good command in internet. AWARDS / CERTIFICATE  PEEF Scholarship holder  Youth Entrepreneur skills Development Certificate HOBBIES  Reading Books and Daily Newspaper. REFERENCES  Available on request. Excel & Power Point. DECLARATION I hereby declare that all the above mentioned information in my CV is correct to the best of my knowledge.  Working knowledge of Business Research.  Written and verbal proficiency in English & Urdu. I should be deemed responsible for any misinformation found any time.  Watch games and Documentaries. COMPUTER SKILLS  MS Office (Word.