Karim Rahmani Individual Learning Plan

Student Details
Name: Karim Rahmani Student ID:

Date of Birth: 02/02/2011 Age: 6 years 1 month Year Level: Year 1

GoM ATSI EALD New Arrival

ILP updated on: 30/03/2017
ILP review date:
Diagnosed health condition/s information:

Have seen different GPs in regard to Karim’s ability to speak. Karim was 3 years old when he saw
these GPs. Doctors have said that he is normal in regard to throat and had his tonsils removed.
Karim has a history of speech delay in family.

Relevant information:
Behaviour Attendance Other

Details: Karim does not have major behaviour concerns however; his maturity influences his
behaviour choices i.e. lying down during floor time, flapping hands near face, and repeating
inappropriate behaviour of other students. During recess and lunch, Karim plays with students from
Reception demonstrating that he has social skills similar to students in Reception.

School Contact: Rainer Mayer

Participants in the ILP process:

Teacher: Erin Gracey, Nicole Schiller Parents: Hussein Rahmani, Sabarjan Rahmani

Who Service/Agency What Date
Karim Rahmani Individual Learning Plan

Student Profile
- Good gross motor coordination
- Good sense of humour
- Holds pencil with correct grip

Information from student & family (priorities, factors impacting learning)
- Speech delay in family for first language (Farsi)
- At home similar behaviours for starting learning tasks
- Karim’s ability to complete tasks or homework is dependent on his mood
- Has registered to play soccer outside of school and follows the coach’s instructions
- Counting in Farsi – doesn’t participate in this at home
- Karim is no longer allowed to use the iPad at home because he will only use it to play games or
watch videos rather than use apps that target learning areas

Current needs/concerns/barriers to learning
- One on one support for all subject areas except PE.
- Heavily modified learning tasks
- Writes 7/42 Jolly Phonics sounds
- Recognises 8/42 sounds without action prompts and 3 more with action prompts
- Can read 1/100 Oxford Sight Words
- Does not recognise rhyme and syllables in spoken words
- Random counting
- Does not have one-to-one correspondence
- Can only subitise 1, 2 and 3
- Limited independence

Social/emotional/behavioural information
- Plays with students younger than him at recess and lunch
- Mainly holds conversations with teacher rather than peers
- Liked by other students in the class
- Self stimulates sometimes by flapping hands near face and shaking head

Accommodations/ Teaching Strategies
- Daily one-on-one practise of Jolly Phonics flashcards and handwriting
- Modified spelling lists and spelling tasks
- Modified place mat to show numbers and letter sounds
- Sits at the front of the class during floor time

Agreed Action Person/s Responsible When
Karim to go to doctor or Parents As soon as doctor is back from
paediatrician about his learning overseas
and possible language delay.
Write a statement about concerns Classroom teacher Erin Gracey By last day of term 1
and possibilities to be given to and Nicole Schiller

Parent/Carer Signature: Date: /04/2017

Teacher Signature: Date: /04/2017
Karim Rahmani Individual Learning Plan

Individual Learning Plan

Name Karim Rahmani

Curriculum Context/Standard:

Same as peers no adjustments Physical Education, The Arts
Same as peers with adjustments Science, HASS, Health, Technologies
Modified Curriculum English, Mathematics

Goals Adjustments/Modifications Intervention/Support Emerging

Count and subitise to 5  Daily one-on-one flashcard practise
by end of term 2.  Use of iPad apps independently
 Work with counters i.e. one to one correspondence

Recognise and order  As above
numerals to 5 by end of
term 2.
Karim Rahmani Individual Learning Plan

Make 5 using different  Small focus group to explicitly teach different ways to make 5 i.e.
number combinations 1+4, 2+3 etc.
by end of 2017. (using  Use of iPad apps independently
pictures or materials
only – not algorithms).

Count, subitise,
recognise and order to  Daily one-on-one flashcard practise
10 by the end of 2017.  Use of iPad apps independently
 Work with counters i.e. one to one correspondence
 Use of tens frames

Write 25 common letter  Spelling rotations i.e. fancy writing, noughts and crosses, writing with
sounds from Jolly chalk, write on whiteboards etc.
Phonics by end of
 In ability based spelling group set at below foundation level –
focused on Jolly Phonics sounds
 Attend literacy groups with Reception students targeted at his ability

Read 42 Jolly Phonics
sounds with limited  As above
action prompts  Daily one-on-one flashcard practise during silent reading time
(approximately 8) by  Use of iPad apps independently
the end of 2017.
Karim Rahmani Individual Learning Plan
Read 25 Oxford Sight  Regular practise – begin with 3 words with 1 additional word per
Words by the end of week
2017.  Task: find sight words within a text and write them
 Practice in spelling groups

Spell 10 sight words by  As above
the end of 2017.  Include a sight word in weekly spelling lists
Write one simple
sentence independently  Construct a sentence with a picture prompt
end of 2017.  Use word boxes to identify the number of words in sentence

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Karim Rahmani Individual Learning Plan