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Access dates can be set to display in the calendar when creating
Calendar must be done manually each semester. Dates set
items such as quizzes, dropboxes and discussions.
Calendar in quizzes, dropboxes and discussions cannot be set to
display automatically set in calendar.

Where you see double yellow pencils – you can edit multiple
Bulk edit items at one time. For Example: Edit Quizzes: names, categories, Not available in ANGEL
active or not, attempts allowed. (dropboxes)

Offset all course dates from one location. Can account for Date Manager similar, but less easy to use. Manual entry.
Manage Dates
holidays. No filters.

ANGEL has subtitles under the title of each item. Often
No ANGEL subtitle This is lost in conversion.
used for notes about the content.

ANGEL classlist displays all enrolled students. Instructor
D2L Classlist-ANGEL Cannot hide people in the roster. Can email entire roster from
roles displayed separately. Instructor can hide or disable
Roster classlist.
people on the list.

ANGEL Automate tab used to create release condition
Condition goes on the thing you are controlling access to –
agents. Condition goes on item you must complete,
Release conditions reverse from ANGEL. Accessible via all item settings. Reasonably
password on item to be released. Somewhat complicated
simple to create.
to create.

2 types of deletes in D2L – removes link from content (leaves in
Delete in Content area manage files area), from course (removes link from content and ANGEL's delete is a one-step delete.
files from course)

Course Builder and
Instructional Design Course creation support tools - new in D2L. None available in ANGEL.

News items can be auto-generated based on intelligent agents
(when student completes quiz at certain percentage). News items Comparable to ANGEL's Announcements. These cannot be
can have quicklinks to take student directly to specific location in released based on student actions/grades.
Content. Can use replace strings to create presence.

Tools are linked in the Content area. D2L uses quicklinks to
enable students to click on tools such as quizzes, discussion, and Quizzes, discussion and dropbox tools are inserted directly
Quicklinks dropboxes and go directly to the tool. These tools are also into the Lesson content page. Files and other content items
available via menu selections. Quicklinks also go to URLs, files, are directly inserted into the Lesson content page.

D2L creates a top level Forum (like a folder) that contains the
discussion topics. ANGEL discussions compare to the D2L

D2L has fewer discussion types, but does have post-first. Can be
class, group or user-specific discussion, moderated, anonymous. Discussion forums are created individually (not inside a
(no hotseat or fishbowl) folder). More discussion types. Grading 2-step process.
Profile picture only on clicking author name. Forum rubric
D2L can lock discussion so students can read, but no longer post. (post x times, replay x times).

Instructor can view history of messages.

D2L can grade by topic (easier) or grade by individual posting.

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Allows tracking of required tasks. learnDAT checklist tool often New. save is automatic (good ANGEL did not allow instructors to edit instructions page. resulting in an overall assessment score. Self Assessments Not available in ANGEL. You assess each item submission and as graded rubric after submission. take tests or submit data.Percentages is only available to holistic rubrics. but not connected to grading or release conditions. Quizzes practice). Dropbox Can annotate submissions and upload to user as feedback. D2L allows audio recording and video recording in feedback areas ANGEL does not allow recording of audio and video in Record audio and such as dropboxes. Can add/edit instructors to quizzes which display before quiz is opened. Can display before Rubrics Analytic – performance into multiple criteria. Auto-saved on submission. Time limit enforcement confusing. User must remember to save. Not all ANGEL uses the Reports tab to allow instructor to Reports/User Progress same reports available. if you use only a few questions per page – when moving to new page. conditions to items. Scores are not editable. but can’t SwitchRoles ANGEL. see DemoStudent roster as a student and log in with that ID to actually course as student would. With D2L org structure – can build rubrics at higher level and share down. Discussions allow recorded submissions – can the LMS. If time limit exceeded.Differences between D2L and ANGEL | MSU Desire2Learn Help http://help. Nothing similar in ANGEL. Feedback required.edu/content/differences-between-d2l-and-angel Profile pictures display next to posts. Currently can’t move to Random section from same quiz. or Custom points Confusing as to where to attach (tool or gradebook) – where you attach it is where you see it (apparently can’t be both places) Typing in comments box not sufficient to activate gradebook – must submit something In ANGEL you must add a second ID of your own to the Impersonate student to check out tests. Randomization is easier. Instructor can view submissions online on same page as grading. Only in D2L – can be created from quizzes. View as student might. Can annotate submissions and upload to user as feedback. but make only one overall assessment. Instant feedback for user. perform student tasks in the course. Points. Link to both the grade item and the tool – function differently in each location. Such items would be created externally and video have audio conversation. Holistic – several different criteria. only saved questions will be submitted. Cannot view submission on same pages as grading. Student progress visible to instructor. criterion separately.msu. Only supports certain question types. (create in Question Library ok) 2 of 4 3/22/2013 1:36 PM . Can use release Checklist tool used. multiple criteria and multiple level performance. or visible by instructor. Create Random Section to put randomized questions in. Text only. Similar to ANGEL eyeglasses. generate grade data. Or. generage reports about class and individual progress.d2l. Instructors must download dropbox submissions to grade. Similar to D2L. ANGEL only has ability to grade by percentage. D2L uses User Progress tool to generate individual’s data. imported.

Partial points are allowed.d2l. Desk. ANGEL has poll tool. Tools. Anonymous. Can be linked to items in Can be created at higher org level and shared down. Can send invite to users outside the D2L system. Metadata – (edit metadata dropdown did not work) Quizzes from LOR can only be copied (not linked) Intelligent agents and Somewhat similar. Some Quiz review views submitting quiz. Grades ANGEL Grade page and spreadsheet view. Has replace strings. Hide tools in menu if ANGEL does this in Tab settings and environment Edit Course. Access via tablets and smartphones to interact with course. less options and lesss control.msu. but does not copy over these dates – must do manually. Ability to grade items such as dropbox submission on same page as submission. Retain access after leaving MSU. Cannot create widgets. personalization tool. No Dynamic or locked link – or copy metadata. Request LOR creation from Help Desk Privacy decisions ANGEL users have personal LOR. widgets. Control access to LOR and individual courses (a bit complicated). Apps ANGEL has PDA display and 508 compliant display.Differences between D2L and ANGEL | MSU Desire2Learn Help http://help. course. ANGEL competencies created at programmer level. new tool in Phase 2 (April 2013) – store and share items created ePortfolio by user. Instructor can choose widgets to use on page and layout ANGEL allows instructor to control addition or deletion of Course Home widgets in course home. 3 of 4 3/22/2013 1:36 PM . Must submit request to Help Merge Roster ANGEL merge roster controlled by instructor. Custom grading scales allowed. Can take quizzes in LOR LORS and grade in course. check and set to Inactive (did not work) you are not using variables. Departmental LORs Does not stream (use Kaltura) created on request to Help Desk. Can be linked to items in course. environment variable settings and custom settings. Can Instructor can control navbar and theme. Not available in ANGEL. settings do not copy to a new course. D2L can set to get news from widgets on personal email or Notifications ANGEL does not have these options. Similar to D2L. Manage Dates currently controls on release of review data. Access dates. These teams. Not user-controlled as in ANGEL. employers or peers. No Mobile available to communicate with course and instructor. ANGEL not really anonymous.edu/content/differences-between-d2l-and-angel Ability to add multiple views of what students see after ANGEL reviews available on submission and after. but a bit harder to use. Replace strings easy to ANGEL has an automate tabe and has similar functions. Cannot grade anonymous Survey Use release conditions to give grade to anonymous takers of the surveys. replace strings use in student communications. apps to communicate with course and instructor. Can link (locked) or copy. They can share with advisors. Open Competencies for all users when published. times and other restrictions can be set for specific ANGEL has similar feature but it required setting up Special Access users and special circumstances. survey Polls No polls tool in D2L. phone. Icons show when set. when and for how long. Can create individualized control page look and feel and navbar.

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