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Subject- Insurance Paper-I(Sem-I) (Optional )

Paper Code-16-107
1. To enable the students to know the fundamentals of Insurance.
2. To expose the students to procedural part and documentation in Life Insurance business.
3. To aware the students about public & private insurance companies and career opportunities
in insurance.
Sr. Syllabus under Autonomy Learning Teaching No. of
No. Outcomes Methods Lectures
01. 1.1. An Introduction to Insurance: Knowledge of the Lecture
1.1.1. Meaning & Concept need and importance Interactive
1.1.2. Need of Insurance of insurance in ICT Based
1.1.3. Physical and Human Asset personal life and Seminar 15
1.1.4. Insurance as a social security tool corporate sector.
1.1.5. Economic and commercial
Significance of insurance.
02. Insurance contract and Principles: 2.1. Understanding of Lecture
Insurance Contract: nature of contracts Interactive
2.1.1. Nature of Insurance contract and their types. ICT Based
2.1.2. Difference between Insurance Role
contract and wagering contract Playing
2.1.3. Types of Insurance contract Method
(Personal Insurance, Property
Insurance, Guarantee Insurance)
2.2. Fundamental principles of
Insurance-(Primary and secondary)
03. 3.1. Life Insurance: Information about Lecture
3.1.1. Meaning and Significance the procedure of Interactive
3.1.2. Procedure of taking Life Insurance proposal and ICT Based
Policy settlement of claims. Project
3.1.3. Policy conditions
3.1.4. Types of Policy (Whole Life
Policy, Endowment Group and
Unit Linked insurance Policy
(Only-meaning, merits and demerits)
3.1.5. Settlement of claims
3.2. Life Insurance Corporation of India
3.2.1. Role of LIC
3.2.2. Marketing and promotion strategy of
Insurance services.
04. 4.1. Public & Private sector companies in Acquaintance with Lecture
India- An overview the role of Public Interactive
4.2. Career in Insurance: and Private Sector ICT Based
4.2.1. Institutes for Insurance education and insurance Project
Training companies, Case study
4.2.2. Procedure for becoming an insurance method
Advisor-their commission and
4.2.3. Code of conduct
4.2.4. Functions of insurance advisor