Presented by:

Franklyn Fermin Arias Rodríguez 14-7328


English Elemental II


Lic. Melvin Paulino

Santiago, República Dominicana

July 2017

since I have learned many things that I did not know English. I hope to fulfill the expectations. INTRODUCTION The present work will be about the work that I do in my work. it will serve to obtain the final grades of the English course. .

My main function is to serve all the clientele that goes to the store for any service.m. We work from 8:00 a. ENGLISH FINAL WORK Development The present work that I will discuss next is about the work I do in my area of work.. currently I work in a variety store. we are waiting for you! . My name is Franklin Arias. We offer the best prices on the market. I live in Santiago de Los Caballeros. Come for our offers. to 7:00 p. which I develop in the area of customer service.m. we give the best attentions. from Monday to Saturday.

. since English is present as a second language and we all need to know some English as they help us in all areas we I can say that it was very important in my Conclusion When I finished the subject of English.Link del video https://www.