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Equipment Name Diesel Generator 100 KVA
Running Contract Valid till 04.07.2017
Tender Ref No KMSCL / EP / T132/311E/ 2015
Tendered Quantity 03
Supplier Name M/s Cooper Corporation Pvt. Ltd
Manufacturer Cooper Corporation Pvt Ltd
Cooper Genset Model:- CDAl62.53D21
Diesel Engine- Cooper, Alternator-Crompton Greaves,
Change over switch - C & S Switch Gears,
Model MCCB - L S Korea,
Contactors -L S Korea,
Relays –OEN,
Cables: Poly Cab/Finolex /Gurutaman/Miracle Cable
Equipment Unit rate with tax (`) 7,55,471/-
Service charges @7% (`) 52,883/-Applicable for purchase through KMSCL only)
Total cost (`) 8,08,354/-
Supply- 8 weeks from the date of issuance of supply order,
Installation &Testing – 12 weeks from the date of issuance
Installation and delivery Period supply order, Final Approval & Commissioning – 16 weeks from
the date of issuance supply order

Preventive maintenance as per routine required schedule, First
service 50 hours/ 30 days and second service 500 hours/ 6
Preventive Maintenance visits
months whichever comes in earlier and any time for attending
repairs/break down calls.
Warranty period 2 year from date of commissioning
Supplier Details

Address Contact Details

Office 02026150624
M/s Cooper Corporation Pvt. Ltd., Contact Person 1 Mr. Gordon Dsouza
Unit # 7, Madhuban, Second Floor,
Mobile No: 09823088988
Lane 5,Koregaon Park, Pune 411 001
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Running Contract Details & Technical Specifications – Diesel Generator 100 KVA 1 of 9

00 3.00 8.78 18.00 35.883.600.04 Supply of suitable size extra exhaust line as per standard including bends. Individual Cost of Items (Break up cost) Service charge (Applicable Unit Rate with Tax for purchase Grand Total Item Name (`) through (`) KMSCL only) (`) Supply.250.202.68 1.00 95.68 commissioning with suitable cable (Per Meter) Canopy with polycarbonate sheet for the safeguard 44.00 26.62 1.52 12.000.08 of DG set and enclosure to control panels All statutory approval from electrical inspectorate 44.05.472.415.08 and the same is to be regularized from KSEB Supply and installation of Generator AMF control 1.957.08 covering with heavy duty cast iron cover hinged to cast iron frame All the electrical connections to the existing busbar/ system through change over switch and 1.00 78.807.00 AMC 60.00 1.854.000. nut.146.090.04 24.00 28. bolt and necessary supports and covered with laying of 1.166.573.52 contactors and interlocking The epoxy coating for all the metallic parts of the 16.78 DG set and its components in costal areas Annual Maintenance Charges (Inclusive of tax) Rates* Third Seventh Eighth Tenth (`) Year Fourth Year Fifth Year Sixth Year Year Year Ninth Year Year 25.00 33.966. (Per Meter) Manual control panel with changeover of required 22.00 52.236.944.045.573.15.472.00 137.388.62 7.00 127552.00 66.045.00 3. Installation.944.16.00 87.62 Glass wool and cladding with aluminium with accessories pipe and silencer wherever necessary suitable for DG set supplied.08.00 Diesel generator Foundation works for housing the DG set 22.00 72.022.00 30.62 panel with contactors of required specification Supply and installation of Changeover with 11.08 48.04 24.354.502.00 1.090.941.00 27.08 48.178. flanges.08 48.000.471.944.832. 1. testing and commissioning of 7.146.00 1.641.00 1.033.00 786.04 specification and with all connection Sufficient earthing arrangements required for the DG set including construction of earth chamber and 44.09.907.00 CAMC Running Contract Details & Technical Specifications – Diesel Generator 100 KVA 2 of 9 .179.00 31.00 3.563.146.

5/82. fixed between base frame. The set shall be capable of taking 10% overload for a period of one hour during every 12hours. 2. The Engine Alternator supplied should be of ready to use type (RTU).5/100/160/250KVA with AMF/Manual control Panel comprising Kirloskar /Mahindra/Cummins/ Ashok Leyland/Greaves/Perkins/EICHER/Caterpiller or superior make diesel engine. When there is an electrical main supply failure it will be required to work continuously for a period which may even exceed 24hour at a time. The Engine shall be equipped with governor of required accuracy and all standard fittings. the BHP of engine may be suitably enhanced as per site conditions in order to deliver the minimum required KVA at site. MS exhaust pipe of suitable size and length as per site requirement covered with two layers of 6 mm. Digital type electronic governor is not mandatory for all the ratings. installation . channel fixed on suitable nos.8power factor. Operating Conditions: The engine alternator shall be capable of working at any ambient temperature between 0 Deg C to 50 Deg C with relative humidity upto 95% condition. directly coupled with alternator of suitable capacity on a suitable length of common base frame. Engine compatible sealed maintenance free battery for starting. 4. Other terms and conditions 1. 10. 6. Technical Specifications Equipment: Diesel Generator 100 KVA 1. AVM pads including required length of suitable size. Supply . Service Charges need not be paid if purchase order is issued directly to the supplier by user institutions. silencer. 3. One Layer of 12 mm thick asbestos rope. water cooled. The Labor and Comprehensive charges of the equipment after completion of warranty period is finalized by KMSCL as above. The supplier shall execute an agreement as per the tender format with the purchaser. Discount rate not applicable for equipments under Running Contract. 9. The working KVA rating at site condition after accounting for de-rating shall be obtained at 0. 4. The DG set shall conform to detailed specifications attached with this schedule 2. coupled to Kirloskar/KEL/BHEL/Crompton/ Stamford or superior make Alternator and potential free contacts and digital out facility and should have all provision for future DG automation without adding any components in the DG set and complete with control Panel. 7. providing tools for normal maintenance and all other accessories complete as required and as per detailed specifications. 8. suitable capacity fuel tank for running the E/A set. 3. Running Contract Details & Technical Specifications – Diesel Generator 100 KVA 3 of 9 . The supplier shall submit a performance security of 5% of the value of the supply order (exclusive of tax). Copper conductor unarmored XLPE cable with cable glands and lugs for inter connection between alternator and control panel. Hence order can be issued directly to the supplier at the rate with tax mentioned above. in case of water cooled engine it should be supplied with first filling of coolant and water mixture as per the manufacturer recommendation. 5. instrument panel equipped with necessary instruments. fuel tank of suitable capacity and battery with leads and anti-vibration pads and residential type silencer. flexible pipe. Connected with steel wire braided fuel pipe.testing and commissioning of ready to use diesel engine alternator set in acoustic enclosure of 25/40/62.

i. Governor. e. containers or tower. 21. f. d. Fuel tank: Fuel tank shall be drawn out type for easy maintenance provided between base frame or separately installed in case of installation in a canopy. Battery charging: The battery charging shall be done through alternator and solid state battery charger. Coolant inhibitor q. Silencer: Residential silencer with approved make/supplied by the engine manufacturer shall be provided. l. Charging Alternator. Engine start: Engine shall be cold and self-starting type. Pre filters. The starter battery shall have suitable copper connecting lead. Fuel Filter. Electrical Starter motor k. Digital electronic Governor n. Temperature and pressure gauge shall be fitted to the lubricating system. Pre-filter in lift pump/button filter. Speed. 19. 15. The outlet of the pump shall be provided with 3-meter long reinforced hosepipe. m. The tank shall have level indicators marked in litres. Heavy duties fly wheel. and be able to meet site conditions with regard to Voltage. hand pump for pumping the fuel into the service tank with necessary pipe or tube shall be provided. h.11. fuel out let located at minimum of 25mm above the bottom at outer face of canopy. 12. Coupling with guard. Silencer shall be provided outside the canopy. The capacity of the tank is so as to design that there should be a capacity to fill the diesel for minimum of 8 hour continuous operation for DG set up to including 160KVA. g. c. Frequency and regulation equipped with governor of required accuracy. Residential exhaust silencer. Fuel Pump suitable for lifting the fuel from fuel tank provided below E/A sets. sufficient to meet engine starting and control gear requirement as per manufacturer specification. Diesel engine: Engine shall be reciprocating compression ignition engine as per manufacturer standard design and conforming to IS10001-1981& BS5514. Radiator p. Stainless steel exhaust flexible coupling o. Lubricating oil filter. drain plug air vent and necessary piping. Blower fan. filling inlet with removable screen. 18. 13. No moving parts shall required lubrication by hand either prior to the starting of the engine or while it is in operation. 20. 22. The engine shall have following accessories: - a. Air Cleaner Running Contract Details & Technical Specifications – Diesel Generator 100 KVA 4 of 9 . Lubrication: Lubrication shall be positive pressure type lubricating all moving parts. The exhaust system of the generator must not be positioned so as to make any mark on the fence. Silencer shall be supported on both ends and located as per engine manufacturer recommendations. Output voltage frequency and wave form : Nominal output voltage shall be 415Volt with + 1% manual adjustment at all conditions of the load. j. 14. Speed and governing: The engine shall operate on 1500 RPM. Fuel piping: Steel wire braided pipe with hydraulically compressed benzo of superior quality shall be provided for fuel piping. 17. 16. b. Frequency shall be 50Hz + 3% Hz in output waveform.

warnings and generator set status Key switch for OFF/RUNS/START. Operator Interface: a. AC Instruments: a. 26.faults. Physical construction: a. Over voltage (trip) d.numeric display b. Low lube oil pressure (Audio-visual alarm & trip) c. Governor & Speed /Frequency regulation: Integrated electronic governing (adjustable up to 5%). Hours run e. Manual stop/start b. Over speed (trip) f. eliminating use of multiple conventional controls & metering. Low coolant level shutdown(trip) h. KW d. Model specific calibration f. Over frequency (trip) b. Under voltage(Audio-visual alarm) 31. Cyclic cranking c. engine control and displays genset parameters (both engine & alternator). shall be got from manufactures as a part of equipment. 25. Power factor f. r.The monitoring system should be designed for the genset environment. Alpha numeric screen d. Coolant temperature c. High coolant temperature (Audio-visual alarm & trip) b. Lube oil pressure b. Engine shuts down due to lack of fuel (Audio-visual alarm) 30. Measurements/Instrumentation: a. Alternator trim adjustment e. 24. Frequency 28. Over current (trip) e. All accessories included in the standard set like safeties. Engine shuts down due Charge alternator failure (Audio-visual alarm) i. Under frequency(warning) c. Field trim adjustment 27. AC protection: a. 3-phase AC Amps b. Non metallic enclosure c. Fail to crank (trip) d. 23. 3-phase AC volts c. protection and electronic governing system . Integrated control system: Microprocessor based generator set monitoring . solenoid valve etc. Low /High battery voltage (Audio-visual alarm) g. VA e. Fail to start (trip) e. LED display. Engine protection: a. LCD alpha. provides genset protection. Miscellaneous: Running Contract Details & Technical Specifications – Diesel Generator 100 KVA 5 of 9 . Engine speed d. Battery voltage 29.

Flywheel with housing. 4 strips bus bar of compatible size and suitable length. Date and time stamps for alarms 32. k. Sets of CT’s for metering of 0. ALTERNATOR a. A set of L. All the control panel wiring should be easily accessible and shall have sufficient working space for making connections of cables etc. j. 33.E. charging alternator & solid state battery charger shall be done as mentioned in detail specification. c. a.S. 36. 34.E. good looking and to be done in factory. reset. b. Battery Charger: Automatic trickle /boost battery charger of SCR or SMPS type to charge the starting battery of DG set. Vibration damper. One electrical/electronic hour counter meter installed inside panel connected from O/P of MCCB. a.5 VA burden.D. This charging shall be done through main supply for which a suitable incomer shall be provided in the panel with suitable range of ammeter and voltmeter on the DC side with protective fuses. The terminal of the alternator output shall be enclosed in the terminal box.D. The alternator shall be shall be self exited. self regulated copper wound and totally enclosed for screen protected class-H insulation. The AC/ DC wiring shall be separated from each other. CONTROL PANEL: Control panel & its legs support shall be cubical type made of 16 gauge M. Push button for start. b. test. Provision of release of Solenoid automatically after 30 seconds while the Engine stops due to any fault. h. With digital automatic voltage regulator b. sheet with hinged type openable covers mounted on suitable channel at suitable location inside the canopy. acknowledge located on Panel. Control panel of should be consist of 1 no compatible MCCB having the provisions of short circuit and overload protection mechanism and the relay should be of suitable range and the relay should be of suitable range so as to make the setting of EA set full load current. 1set of L. Voltage regulation shall be + 1%. designed and constructed to with stand tropical condition. Hooter. g. Operating temperature range 0-60 ºC b. 35. PROOF ENCLOSURE Running Contract Details & Technical Specifications – Diesel Generator 100 KVA 6 of 9 . pilot lamp for phase indication. The winding shall be star connected and neutral shall be brought out to the terminal box for earth with two independent earths. A tinned copper earth stud of adequate dimension shall be provided. The connection of i. CONTROL PANEL: It should consist of the following. stop. f. type pilot lamps with RED for set running and Green for set with load on. d. Sign Writing shall be clear. Common fault alarm c. OTHERS a. Common shutdown d. e.

derusting.G. j. phosphatising etc. The canopy shall be provided with emergency stop button easily approachable from outside. set during operation & maintenance should be provided. The door shall be provided with high quality EPDM gaskets to avoid leakage of sound. painting. Anti vibration mounting shall be provided for supporting the set. for longer life and should by Polly polyester based coated inside& outside. Framework will be provided for floor made out of 3mm thick chequered plate i/c welding. q. weather proof & environment friendly. made of transparent polymer sheet of thickness not less then10mm shall be provided. b. It should be sound proof. Two point lifting arrangement. 37. b. The enclosure shall be guaranteed for a period of 24 months from the date of completion of work against defective materials& rust. d. Running Contract Details & Technical Specifications – Diesel Generator 100 KVA 7 of 9 . Air filter should be easily accessible for maintenance. welding. m. An arrangement for adequate illumination inside the enclosure shall be provided e. Radiator bellows to be provided in case of Water Cooled Engines. painting etc complete around foundation as required. n. conforming to the latest environment(protection). Water temperature gauge (for water cooled engines only). minor civil work is to be carried out without any extra cost. The nuts bolts and other hardware shall be Zinc coated. The finished sheet metal component shall undergo seven tank treatment process for degreasing. g. a. f. Separate door with locking arrangement for easy access to D. Adequate ventilation shall be provided to meet the air requirement for combustion & also to expel heat to maintain temperature inside the enclosure within 5 degree Celsius above ambient at 10% overload with tripping arrangement between (50 – 60 ) degree Celsius. The acoustic panels shall be fabricated in 2mm thick CRCA sheet. The set shall have minimum vibration and noise under all conditions of load. Oil pressure gauge. The set shall be dynamically balanced. Small see through window for reading meters etc. Fuel Tank and Control Panel shall be incorporated inside the canopy. k. p. i. smooth functioning of doors. GENERAL REQUIREMENT a. l. Main base frame of suitable size MS channel welded with suitable size thick MS sheet for bolting arrangement complete as required. c. Lub. h. Dial type fuel gauge with sensing arrangement. The door handles and hinges shall be Zinc plated &lockable type. inspection window etc. The canopy shall be provided with following meters (visible from outside): - o.

The set shall be fitted with radio interference suppressers in case of slip ring type alternator. Coolant system shall be either Water or Oil – tropicalised radiator with engine driven blower type fan and coolant pump with low water level captor. High cylinder head temperature e. Three sets of manual giving the details about design. Low lubrication oil Pressure b. Load on Dg 40. A nameplate showing rating connection diagram should be provided on engine and alternator. Water separator fuel filter to be provided. shall be provided with suitable guards covering. e. Control Panel with changeover switch: Control panel shall be cubical type made of Minimum 16 gauge CRCA sheet dust proof. should be supplied. comprising of all safety and indication arrangements with hinged type openable covers mounted above base frame at suitable location and supported on both sides on base frame. All the control panel wiring should be easily accessible and shall have sufficient working space for making connections of cables etc. Start failure after three consecutive attempts f. AMF Panel (Additional Item) (Not taken for evaluation): For AMF Panel a manual bypass switch shall be provided on the control panel for total bypass of the AMF system. The changeover from Mains supply to DG set supply should be possible in manual mode with AMF relay totally bypassed and should have ATS facility. c. Load on mains h.5Sq. j. Over loading c. d. 39. i. All exposed metal parts shall be suitably finished to prohibit corrosion. All the exposed moving parts like coupling etc. Visual oil pressure meter for lubrication oil should be provided. All the important and major parts should bear there catalogue number make of the parts etc. h. A tinned copper earth stud of adequate dimension shall be Running Contract Details & Technical Specifications – Diesel Generator 100 KVA 8 of 9 .mm multi strand PVC insulated copper conductor cable. 38. High water temperature d. A laminated control wiring diagram should be pasted inside the control panel. Earthing provision should be made for earthing all current carrying metal parts of the equipment. f. Low fuel level g. The change over of suitable rating and the separate indication lamp for DG/EB supply are to be included. All the control wiring shall be provided with letter number ferules at both ends. special features of the equipment schematic and wiring diagram instructions regarding installation and maintenance etc. g. k. vermin proof & powder coated Control panel. Potential Free Contact for Remote Monitoring: Potential free relay contacts shall be made available for remote monitoring of the following: a. Earthlugs of suitable size shall be provided. Control wiring shall be done with 1. specifications.

Cables:Gloster/Universal/Havels/Rallison XLPE Similar Superior make Running Contract Details & Technical Specifications – Diesel Generator 100 KVA 9 of 9 . connecting cables to alternator and load as per Electrical Inspectorate standards 41. Change over Switches/MCCB/Contactors/Relays: L&T/GE/C&S/ABB/ Siemens/ Schenider Similar superior make b. Make of Material: a. fuses and accessories. provided. The control panel shall be complete with necessary internal cables.