7 Things Every Husband Should Ask

From Saint Joseph
Saint Joseph teaches us how to be faithfull to God's Plan every day of
our lives.

Silvana Ramos
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 19/03/2015

Today we celebrate a great Saint, a model man, husband, and protector of
families: Saint Joseph. We know very little about this Saint who, along with Mary
through her generous Yes, welcomed, cared for and formed our Lord Jesus in infancy
and childhood. In this gallery we want to show you some details of this great Saint
who, even in his silence, heroically models manhood for humanity.
Just as the gift of the Holy Family was entrusted to Saint Joseph, so the gift of the
family and its place in God’s plan is entrusted to us so we can carry it forward. To
each one of you and us because I too am the son of a family.Pope Francis

Fair Man

who is not overcome by outbursts of anger and despair. the Blessed Virgin Mary. when he learns of her pregnancy. A different reaction from Joseph could even have led to Mary's death. Initially he does not understand the situation of his betrothed. Look to Joseph. His choice was first of all fair. 2 Fragile Man . What a great example.(c) encyclopediaurantia-Luca Giordano 1688 Saint Joseph is a fair man. Instead he decides to repudiate her secretly. How many times in our marriage are we impelled by gossip and injustices. however he has no desire to shame her publicly.

3 Father .Pierre Parrocel Dream of Saint Joseph Saint Joseph was a frail man who does not understand the message of Mary.(c) Wikimedia Commons . despite his fragility. is confident and trusting. How many times I've seen fragility in righteous men when they cannot understand the designs of God. I invite you to look at Joseph who.

a man of faith. the meaning of fatherhood is revealed in all aspects.José de Nazareth/ Galleryhip. a hard worker. 4 Guardian and Supplier .(c) Guido Reni . With Joseph. a defender of life and protector of Jesus' mother.com Saint Joseph cared for Jesus and formed him as a man through his example. Joseph is the great example and inspiration for today's families.

he bravely undertook his work. injustice. In the midst of scarcity. It is to St.org Joseph is the protector and provider of the Holy Family in all situations. Joseph whom we must look and go because he lived through these same trials and tribulations. 5 Hard Worker . What must have been his anguish to fulfill this duty in the midst of their flight into Egypt.Huida a Egipto-Commons. And how many today are in the same situation.wikimedia. wars.(c) Fra Angelico .

6 Silent Man . brings food to his family's table by the sweat of his brow. A model to be followed by all men on the dutiful path of their profession. just as so many good men do today. He is the patron saint of workers.(c) Gerard Van Honthorst -José el carpintero Joseph. a most honest man.

wikimedia.commons. He worships in silence his child who is also his God. 7 Beloved and Loving Man . He has the attitude of full availability to God's plan. He is a source of admiration for the man of today who boasts of his achievements or ambitions. Joseph instead contemplates from the silence of his being the calling to fulfill God´s plan.org Saint Joseph is a man of silence. Saint Joseph does not go out screaming that he has great importance for being the earthly father of the Son of God. He embraces and meditates each mandate of God.(c) Scuola veneta .Altare de San Giussepe .

caring. Joseph's love for his family is evident in his actions: he is tender. Teaching us that Holy life is only possible by their side (Jesus and Mary). .(c) Alonso Cano . and generous. His is a love now fully rewarded in eternal heaven.La muerte de San José The personal closeness to Jesus and Mary make Joseph a privileged man of extraordinary faith. giving.