The Women Engaged in Action on 1325 (WE Act 1325) is a national network of women, peace

and human rights organizations working on issues surrounding women, peace and security,
specifically the implementation of the United Nations Security Resolution 1325. WE Act 1325 is
very much engaged in the various peace processes in the country, particularly advocating for
women’s meaningful and active participation in conflict prevention, conflict resolution, and
peacebuilding. Bangs for the Bangsamoro is part of a larger project, Operationalizing Women’s
Agenda in the Bangsamoro, that WE Act 1325 is undertaking with partners Teduray-
Lambangian Women’s Organization, Nisa ul Haqq fi Bangsamoro, and UNYPhil Women,
supported by the UK Government through Conciliation Resources.

The Secretariat of WE Act 1325 is located at the Center for Peace Education Miriam College,
one of the four advocacy centers of the College that seeks to advance the culture of peace
through different avenues such as peace education and peace advocacy.

There are many developments in the peace process in Mindanao. Our call is that women be
involved in these processes and their voices and experiences be heard. To highlight this call, we
are doing a public event. For many, the decision of having “bangs”
does not come easy especially if one has worn the same hairstyle for years. This is similar to
women’s participation. In political processes, men have been used to taking the lead or in
dominating the political scene. It is time for change. It is time for women to participate.

Getting bangs is also a non-violent means of expressing support for a political cause, similar to
head-shaving. Such is exemplified in the head shaving done in Iran in support of political
prisoners detained by the government in the notorious Evin Prison. Similarly, head-shaving is
also done to show support and solidarity for the plight of cancer patients.

Diliman. and support the inclusion and participation of women. Women have unique experiences in armed conflict that can greatly contribute to policies in building peace in their communities and our country. (+63-2) 435-9231 / (+63-2) 5805400 / 09064617846 Women Engaged in Action on 1325 (WE Act 1325) Secretariat Center for Peace Education Miriam College. free of charge. Status Salon and Henna Salon will be present to give them the bangs of their choice. For more information please contact: Ana Natividad Program Officer ambnatividad@gmail. Professional hairstylists from David’s Salon. 3550 . men. will be held in front of Miriam College (Gate 1) on July 28 from 8- 10:30 am. is being held to encourage women. students and the general public to support the peace process in Mindanao. Katipunan Road. This timely public event seeks to show that the involvement of women in nation and peacebuilding is necessary in moving our country forward not only under President Aquino’s term but in the years to come. By inviting the general public to come by Miriam College to get their bangs cut. to show their support and solidarity for the cause. we are asking them to show their support for women’s meaningful participation in the Bangsamoro. Philippines Tel. just in time for President Aquino’s fifth SONA. to raise awareness of this important peace issue affecting our country. Quezon City.