Ruiz’s Class

Ms. Ruiz H-4
Math 7
Your Tech-Free Zone
I have technology for you...
When the Teacher is
Students should be:

● Quiet
● Listening
● In their seat
● Looking forward
● Raise your hand to ask a question AFTER the teacher
prompts you (asks “are there any questions”)
How to Enter my CLass
When you enter my class, use your indoor voice (Level 2 or )

Show up before the 2nd bell rings

Go to your seat and begin taking out your materials

● When the 2nd bell rings you should be:
○ Silent
○ In your seat
○ Have your materials out
○ Filling out your agenda
Getting Ready to Leave
● Wait for signal to begin
packing up
● Stay at your seats
● Too loud? Sit down
● Leave only after I have
dismissed you
Moving in Class
All students should stay in their seats throughout class

Do NOT get up while Ms. Ruiz is giving instructions

Anytime you need to get up, you must ask for permission

● Sharpen Pencil: Raise your pencil and wait to be
● Hall pass: Raise your hall pass
● Question: Raise your hand
Hand Signals

Silent Signs
Your Tech-Free Zone
I have technology for you...
I see/hear it...
Hall Passes
You will get 4 hall passes at the beginning of each trimester

● These hall passes can be used for the following:
● Restroom
● Locker
● Water

Unused hall passes are worth 5 points each towards
assignments (Homework/classwork) at the end of each
Restroom Policy
Make sure to use the restroom BEFORE class begins.
If you need to go to the restroom during class you
NEED to use a HALL PASS! (5 minute maximum!)
● When you run out of hall passes, you will have to
owe me 10 minutes during:
● Break
● Lunch
Water Rules
● The sink area is OFF LIMITS!
● If you need to use the sink area, use
the one outside
● Sink area is reserved for
● You will receive a DETENTION if you
use the sink area during class!
Only allowed to go if vomiting!

● I have band-aids (ask before class)
● Headache?
○ Take a deep breathe and drink water
● Feeling sick?
○ You are strong enough to tough it out!!!
Stretch it Out
Suggested Materials
You MUST bring the following materials to class each day:

● Black, blue, red, and green pens
● Pencils and erasers
● Composition Notebook
● Folder/Binder + dividers
● Agenda
● Textbook
Respect Class Materials
Use materials Ms. Ruiz Community Bin includes:
provides you with properly
● Pencils, erasers, pens
● If you borrow an item, ● Missing or broken
make sure to return it by materials will NOT be
the end of the class replaced
● Materials are shared ● Empty,Bin? Find your
amongst 6 periods and own materials
there is only 1 class set!
Class Visitors
I know you may be tempted to interact with them, but FOCUS!

● Stay on-task, especially if we are in the middle of a lesson

The visitor will approach who they need to:

● If an adult approaches you, be respectful and answer their
questions truthfully
Designated Helpers
● 2 students will be chosen to help me around the class
each week
● Reward: 10pts towards your assessments!!!
● Tasks:
● Pass out papers and materials
● Beginning of class: Pass out absent work
● End of class: Pass out graded work
Turn-In/Out Box
Each period has the following sections in our cubbies:

● Turn-in
● Graded
● Absent

One student from each group will
Be randomly selected to turn in all
Storage (Files)
Each student will have a folder in the filing cabinet where they
can keep their past assignments/assessments

● If you want to use it:
○ You are responsible for placing your papers there
○ This can be a safe place where you can keep past
assignments/assessments in case grades are entered
Emergency Procedures
In case of a fire drill:
● Line up next to your partner in a calm and quiet manner
● I will lead you to the blacktop
In case of a lockdown:
● Move to the area furthest away from the door/windows
● Stay as quiet as possible and do NOT answer the door
In case of an earthquake:
● Drop and cover (Get under a strong desk/table if possible)
You will not need them in my class…

I do have some available, but we will only use
them when necessary

If you want to CHECK your work with one, you
must bring your own.

Calculators are NOT allowed on tests!
Grading Policy
Assignments Assessments
● Homework: +10pts ● Quizzes: +10pts
● No late work accepted ● Tests: 20-60pts
● No redos available ● Redo available for 50%
● If absent: of missed points
○ 2 day extension ○ Need to include 2
sentence reflection
per redo section
Partner/Group Work
● When working with a partner/group:
○ Make sure everyone is contributing
○ If a student is not working, tell the teacher privately
● Students who do not work well in groups, will complete
the same work individually.
Group Roles
Each seat has a label with a color and a number
This will help us in class:

4 2 ● Colors will be chosen to turn-in homework
● Numbers may be used as random seats during
Isolation Island
Students who need a place to focus or are not:

● Listening
● Following instructions
● Working well with others

Will be working at Isolation Island

● Students here will work by themselves and will only be
allowed to interact with the teacher.
in my
Format Notebook
When we work in our notebook, make sure to follow along
and include: 1
● Title Title Date
● Date
● Page number
● Cornell Notes
● Fill in table of
Format Homework
When homework is out of the book, make sure to include:

● First + Last name
● Assigned problems
● Due date
● All of your work!

Each homework will be out of 10 points
John Doe
Math 7: Period __

Homework: Lesson 3.1 Due: 11/8/2016

P.98 # 20-25, 28, 32-34, 41-43, 50-51, 53-56


Grading Homework
Use a GREEN writing utensil

Do NOT mark anything wrong, unless it’s blank

Repeat Answer?

● Ask a group member or wait until the end

You earn points for homework based on effort!
Homework Pass...
You can earn a homework pass during assessment preps

● The top 3 students who prove they understand the
materials will earn a homework pass
○ This does NOT excuse you from completing an
○ It provides you with an extension (+2 days)
■ This can be turned-in for extra credit!!!
Taking Assessments
When we are taking a test/quiz:
● It should be silent
○ If you have a question, raise your hand
and wait for me to approach you
● Keep your eyes on your paper
○ Cheating will result in an automatic zero
● Put everything away except for a pencil
○ Try your best on the test and show ALL of your work so
I can give you the maximum amount of points!!!

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