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Course Name Multicultural English 12
Course Description Students will engage in the study of multicultural literature to determine how various views affect the
interpretation and understanding of literature, including pieces of classical and foundational world
literature. Students will gain an increased understanding of their own personal ethnic/racial identity and
apply their understanding to investigate practices within their own communities. Students will participate
in an independent inquiry cap stone project and present their findings.
Approximate Timeline Texts are to be Text(s) support students with Targeted Date of
Unit of Study
of Unit Determined the following assessments: Assessment
Quarter 1 Theme Analysis
Unit 1: Ongoing Formative
ends , Friday, Oct.13 The Kite Runner
Narrative Thematic
By Khaled Hosseini Narrative Writing
Development Sept 22
23-26 Days Conference
Rhetorical Analysis
Semester Ends Thursday,
Unit 2:
Dec. 21st Various Texts Research Project Nov.3
Initiating Inquiry
30-33 Days
Central Idea Analysis:
Unit 3: Analysis & 23-26 days Various Texts Nonfiction
Argument Thursday Dec.21st Ends Dec 21st
Writing an Argument
Unit 4: Interpreting 23-26 days
Shakespearean (3rd Quarter ends Friday, Various Texts Analysis of Similar Works Feb. 1st
Drama March 16th)
Historical Analysis
Unit 5: Application 31-33 days
& Presentation of (3rd Quarter ends Friday, Various Texts March 9th
Research Project and
Research March 16th)
Presentation (Capstone)
Unit 6:
Comparative 29-32 days Various Texts Comparative Analysis May 18th
Literary Analysis
Parents or students may opt out from materials with mature content by providing an email or other written request for
assignment of alternate material to the instructor. The written notice should be provided to the instructor at least five school
days prior to the planned commencement of the mature content so that the instructor has adequate time to identify
alternative materials and instructional supports for the student. An opt-out notice provided less than five school days in
advance of commencement of the material shall not preclude the students/parent from opting out but may delay the
identification of alternative materials and implementation of alternative instructional supports.
Northglenn High School
601 West 100th Place ● Northglenn, CO 80260
Office: (720) 972-4600 ● Fax: (720) 972-4739

For additional information regarding primary texts please visit:
 Amazon book reviews:
 Common Sense Media:
 Thriving Family--A Focus on the Family publication:
Grading Scale Grade Percentages/Weights
A 90-100 Summative Assessments & Projects 80%
B 80-89 Formative Assessments & Projects 20%
C 70-79
D 60-69 *Weekly progress grades are posted at
F 59 or below

General Expectations
 Grades are based upon the demonstration of proficiency on units associated with a standard given during each formative or
summative assessment. Formative grades in addition to summative unit assessments will be used to holistically determine
your grade.
 Summative: 80% Summative measures of achievement are taken when unit mastery is expected. (i.e., unit tests,
culmination of a project, embedded assessments, etc.)
 Formative: 20% Formative assessments measure the scaffolding skills and/or content embedded in the unit. Formative
assessments are taken frequently, after a student has practiced a skill or become familiar with content. Examples of
formative assessments include but are not limited to exit tickets, paragraphs, oral check for understanding, warm-ups,
stages in a large project, etc.
 Assessments will be graded based on teacher/district/state rubrics.
 On group projects, students will receive a grade for individual work and a group grade.
 Grades are based on achievement of Content Standards and Grade Level Expectations.

Class and Student Expectations
Missing or incomplete assignments/assessments for this course: Superintendent Policies 6280 Homework and 6281 Make-Up
Work, will be followed for this course.
 Be respectful and mature. No excuses. Get smarter every day.
 Be in your assigned seat at the start of class
 Bring your materials: English folder or English notebook, or spiral/composition notebook ,paper, pencils, pens, assigned
reading material (optional: highlighters, post it notes)
 Participate by reading, writing, speaking, and listening.
 Cell phones and electronic devices should be silent and put out of site unless they are being used for academic
purposes. I will ask that you put your device away if I see it out and it is not being used for academic purposes. If the
device interrupts learning, I will ask that you let me keep the device until the end of class. If there is habitual misuse
with the cell phone or electronic device, it will be handed in to Student Relations.
 Snacks are allowed. Please clean up your trash.
 If you need help or missing assignments, please see me at lunch or after school.
 Everyone must be in their seat before the bell rings at the end of the period.

Keep the first page, but take this page home and have your parent/ guardian sign it and return it by ______________________

I/ we have read and agree to adhere to and support the above policies, expectations, and procedures over the course of the 2017-
2018 school year.

Parent / Guardian: Name______________________________ Signature _______________________ Date__________

Student: Name______________________________ Signature _______________________ Date__________