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University of Sri Jayewardenepura

Department of Information Technology
ITC 2340 – Computer Applications for Managers

Student Handout: ITC2340.MSAccess.02

Background: This exercise is aimed at introducing the concept of querying a Database.

Activity :
You are provided with sample data in Database ITC2340.FMSCCase StudyDBwithData.accdb
You are advised to run this queries on the Database using Microsoft Access
Create queries to display the following information:
1. All fields and records of the Lecturer Table. Save the query as Q1.
2. RegNo, SFirstname, SLastname, Gender, ContactNo, Address, and DOB for all the Students. Save
the query as Q2.
3. RegNo, SFirstname, SLastname, ContactNo, Address, and DOB of Male Students. Save the query
as Q3.
4. All subjects taught and the names of the lecturers conducting the subjects. Save the query as Q4
5. RegNo, and Average marks obtained for all courses by all students. Save the query as Q5.
6. Update the Course_Title “Database Development” to “Advanced Database Development”. Save
query as Q6.

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