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Prepare the given document in Microsoft Word to display in the same format by considering the

given instructions. The required text has been given as Text.docx. The other necessary files
(Networks.jpg and Client server.jpg) are also given to you.

General instructions for the whole document

1. Paper size: Legal
2. Page Margin
a. Top, Bottom & Right : 1” b. Left : 1.5”
3. Heading Styles
a. Heading level 1:
I. Font Type: Arial Black III. Font Color: Blue
II. Font Size: 14
b. Heading level 2:
I. Font Type: Arial III. Font Color: Blue
II. Font Size: 12
4. Apply Computer Networks.jpg as a watermark.
5. Pharagraph Spacing:
a. Before 6 pt b. After 12 pt
6. Line Spacing: 1.5

Instructions for page 1

7. Page 1 should have a Table of Content .The table of content should have only heading 1 and 2
8. Insert page numbers
a. Position: Top,Right b. Number Format: Roman Numbers

Instructions for Page 02

9. First paragraph: Apply drop cap to the first letter.
10. Insert “Vertical scroll shape” as shown in the hard copy.
11. Insert page numbers
a. Position: Top,Right b. Should Start from 1
12. Page footer
a. Insert the computer networks.jpg as the logo.

Instructions for Page 03
13. Page orientation: Landscape.
14. Insert the provided image Client server.jpg and apply the given picture style as shown in the
hard copy.

Instructions for Page 04
15. Page orientation: Portrait.
16. First Pharagraph: Should be in two columns
17. Create the given table as in the hard copy.
a. Table should be Auto Fit to Window
b. Table cell margins: Top, Bottom, Left & Right : 0.05”
c. Table cell spacing : 0.03"
d. Apply a suitable Table Style
18. Insert the given endnote for the word HTML.

Appearance of your final document should be exactly same as the document that have been
provided to you.

(40 Marks)