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Year 11 ATAR Health

Let’s Compare Countries…
You are to look into epidemiology measures such as mortality rates, life
expectancy rates and morbidity rates in Australia and compare it to Ethiopia.

Question White Australia Indigenous Australia Ethiopia

1. What are the
mortality rates
of people in this
country? Look
into different
age groups,
sexes, etc.

2. Indicate main
causes of death:
look into
variables of age,
sex etc.
Year 11 ATAR Health

3. What are the
life expectancy
rates of people
in this particular
country? Once
again separate
different sexes
and ages.

4. What are the
morbidity rates
in this particular
country? If you
are having
difficulty look
particularly into
obesity and
mental health.
Year 11 ATAR Health

Extend your knowledge question: Go to Page 137 of your ATAR Health Book
and answer the questions from activity 11.2.