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Procurement Excellence: While companies often focus on revenue, procurement savings

can increase profits about five times more. The key to maximizing procurement's
success in this critical role is to deliver consistent quality, savings, and
compliance over time.

Supplier Classification and Segmentation (19E)
This scope item is used to identify suppliers that are strategically important and
critical to a customer's business, thus enabling an appropriate allocation of
resources to develop and manage business relationships.

Supplier Activity Management (19C)
Go from insight to action by collaborating with internal stakeholders on strategic
topics, for example, supplier development, audits, supplier strategy a.s.o.

Ariba - Sourcing Integration (1A0)
This process helps you to extend your SAP S/4HANA operational procurement processes
to SAP Ariba Sourcing and to select the most cost-effective bids from the millions
of suppliers on Ariba. Once awarded, you can automatically convert bids in SAP
Ariba Sourcing to purchase orders in SAP S/4HANA.

Purchase Contract (BMD)
This scope item deals with the use of contracts in procurement activities.
Contracts are agreements with the vendor to supply materials or services under
negotiated conditions and within a certain period.

Requisitioning (18J)
This scope item deals with employee requisitioning activities. An employee creates
a shopping cart. A purchase requisition is generated, then is converted to a
purchase order. When the employee receives the goods, they perform a goods receipt

Procurement and Consumption of Consigned Inventory (BMR)
The scope item shows the characteristics of procurement consignment processing.

Procurement of Direct Materials (J45)
This process enables your manufacturing department to order materials directly
through external procurement using purchase requisitions. The purchasing department
tracks the procurement process with the purchase order as well as the goods and
invoice receipts.

Serial Number Management (BLL)
Using serial numbers, you can identify material items in the supply chain and track
them during goods movement. This scope item includes the configuration settings for
serial number management and shows the serial number handling on finished goods

Consumable Purchasing (BNX)
This scope item deals with purchase order creation activities during a procurement
process. It describes the additional process steps of a purchase order approval,
goods receipt of consumables, and invoice receipts by line item.

Real-Time Reporting and Monitoring for Procurement (1JI)
The Procurement Overview Page enables business users to perform their daily tasks
quickly and effectively without the need to open many different reports and

Ariba - Business Network Integration (J82)
Automate purchase order to invoice processing with your suppliers in the Ariba