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Paul Linton (Order #11844419)
This special edition of Torg Eternity is intended for demonstration purposes only. Rules, concepts,
characters, and content within may vary from the full game.
This document may be printed for personal use. It may be distributed only with written permission of
Ulisses Spiele.

Original Design Team
Mythos and Game Design: Greg Gorden, Bill Slavicsek, & Douglas Kaufman, with Ed Stark, Greg
Farshtey, Stan!, Brian Schomburg, Christopher Kubasik, Ray Winninger, and Paul Murphy
Additional Concepts and Playtesting: Daniel Scott Palter, Denise Palter, Jonatha Ariadne Caspian,
Michael Stern, Richard Hawran, C.J. Tramontana, Martin Wixted
Technical Assistance: Dr. Michael Fortner, Dr. George Exner
Original Cover Illustration: Daniel Horne
Playtesting and Advice: Eric Aldrich, Paul Balsamo, Jeff Brown, Laura Brown, Tim Brown, Gary Corbin,
Troy Faraone, Mike Landsdaal, Letha Owens, Barbara Schlichting, John White
Original Logo Design: Tom Tomita
Revised & Expanded Developers: Eric Gibson, Jim Ogle, Gareth Michael Skarka, Nikola Vrtis, Stephen
Marsh, Talon Dunning

Torg Eternity Design Team
Game Design: Shane Lacy Hensley, Darrell Hayhurst, Ross Watson, Markus Plotz, Dean Gilbert
Special Thanks: Greg Gorden and Jim Ogle
Art Director: Aaron Acevedo
Graphic Design: Aaron Acevedo, Jason Engle
Cover: Gunship Revolution
Interior Illustrations: Chris Bivins, Matheus Calza, Dennis Darmody, Talon Dunning, Bien Flores,
Gunship Revolution, Alida Saxon, Andy Trabbold

Torg, The Possibility Wars, and all unique
characters, concepts, locations, and creatures are
trademarks and ©2017 Ulisses Spiele. All rights

Paul Linton (Order #11844419)
The invasion of Earth told in previous tales of Their cosms' influence must be supported by
Torg took place on one version of our world. "stelae." These markers bind and support the
The High Lords there were successful for many invaders' realities, slowly transforming Earth to
years, but were eventually stopped by the planet's the host's environment and bleeding Earth of its
valiant Storm Knights. precious Possibility Energy.

But there are infinite versions of our world. Humans living in these transformed zones
eventually become alternate versions of themselves.
This is a tale of a different Earth... A cashier in the Living Land, for example, might
One where things did not go as well... become a hunter in the primitive world North
America has become.
They came from other cosms—other realities—
conquerors joined together to steal the Earth's living
energy…to consume its possibilities. The Possibility THE TORG
Raiders brought with them their own realities, Why are the Possibility Raiders here? Most
turning portions of our planet into someplace else. already rule their own cosms, so why risk it all to
Led by a mysterious and ancient individual invade a realm across reality itself? Legend has it
known only as the Gaunt Man, the High Lords that whoever becomes the ultimate conqueror will
each claimed a piece of Earth for themselves. Each merge his consciousness with his or her Darkness
has established his or her primitive, pulp, dark Device and ascend in power to a legendary being
fantasy, cyberpapacy, high tech, or horror realm on called the "Torg." It is an ancient word stretching
our world, setting the conquest in motion. back to the beginning of everything, and it is
likely even the High Lords themselves don't truly
In some realities, the raiders encountered stiff understand its meaning. But they are greedy, selfish
resistance from the residents of Earth and defenders beings, and it is the bright diamond in the sky they
full of Possibility Energy, the "Storm Knights." desire with all their black hearts. They will have it,
They rose up against the Gaunt Man and his allies, and will destroy nations, lives, and even worlds if
battling back with the full fury of their will and they must to attain it.
eventually overthrowing the invaders.
But this is not one of those realities. In this reality, STORM KNIGHTS
in this time, the High Lords are winning.
But there is hope. Some beings have the ability to
resist the invading realities, to innately control the
THE HIGH LORDS reality within and around themselves. These men
Earth is under attack by invaders from other and women are called Storm Knights, and they are
realities—other "cosms." Each cosm reflects a the Earth's only chance at salvation.
different reality, such as a grim world of classic The world's conventional armies, agents, and
horror, a lush primeval world of savagery, or even ordinary men and women fight the crucial war
a fantastic realm of swords and sorcerers. against the invaders' minions, but only Storm
The High Lords prepared for the invasion of Core Knights can inspire the masses to make—and
Earth for years before their arrival, using ancient keep—Earth's precious Possibility Energy. With
relics called "Darkness Devices" to enter our world great success, they can destroy the stelae, repel the
and flood our reality with theirs. High Lords, and return the land to is normal state.

Paul Linton (Order #11844419)
CORE EARTH spiritual energy is power. The edeinos' goddess of
life, Lanala, walks among her people. Technology,
The Earth of Torg Eternity is much like our own.
on the other hand, hasn't progressed much beyond
Magic, miracles, and monsters exist here, however,
the Stone Age.
and "Core Earth" is also more action-oriented and
cinematic. Heroes can do and survive incredible Where the Living Land spreads, miracles are
feats that might kill a person in more grounded common but advanced weapons rust away. New
versions of Earth. York was hit in the opening hours of the invasion,
and is now overgrown with vegetation and filled
Most importantly, and the reason the reality
with the cries of marauding dinosaurs.
raiders chose this planet, is that Earth is rich in
Possibilities. This is the energy High Lords covet,
but it also floods into certain people and changes THE SCENARIO
them into Storm Knights. The player characters in this adventure were
ordinary people in New York on the day Baruk
Kaah and his edeinos came. A maelstrom bridge
THE LIVING LAND crashed down from Takta Ker into Queens, and
High Lord Baruk Kaah, a lizard-like humanoid when it landed New York began to transform.
from a world called Takta Ker (which literally
The characters are in Battery Park, at the southern
translates to "The Living Land"), rules a primeval,
tip of Manhattan, and have just survived a
mist-shrouded realm that now stretches across
horrifying attack by the Living Land equivalent
wide swaths of North America.
of a Tyrannosaurus Rex! During the assault, each
It is filled with dense jungles, erupting volcanoes, hero tried to help others or fight back in some way.
sheer cliffs, and the ruins of lost worlds. Creatures This triggered a "moment of crisis" and changed
resembling those of Earth's prehistoric epochs fill them into Storm Knights.
the jungles and skies.
Now these newly created Storm Knights must
Baruk Kaah's people are the edeinos, and they navigate the dangers of transformed New York,
have come for blood. Within the Living Land and help others survive the day.

Paul Linton (Order #11844419)
Most of the time, players simply say what they
want their character to do and it happens. If there's
a chance the action might fail or succeed in an Modifier Adjusted Task Description
interesting way, the game uses a 20-sided die (a DN
d20) to determine what happens: +4 6 Very Easy
+2 8 Easy
• Roll a d20. If you roll a 10 or a 20, roll again
and keep adding until you roll something other – 10 Standard
than a 10 or a 20. The final result is your die −2 12 Challenging
total. −4 14 Hard
• Look up the die total on the Bonus Chart at −6 16 Very Hard
the bottom of your character sheet (and below).
−8 18 Heroic
• Add the bonus to the skill or attribute being
tested, and any circumstantial modifiers. This −10 20 Near Impossible
is your action total.
Example: Dean is playing Aidan, a hero from
Note that modifiers never change the die roll, Core Earth. He's looking for a secret entrance
only the action total. into a pyramid and the GM asks for a find
total against DN 10. Dean rolls a 10 on the
Difficulty Numbers d20, which means he rolls again. Then he
The "Difficulty Number," or "DN," is the total a rolls another 10, and finally a 3. That's a die
character needs to succeed at a task. If a hero's total total of 23, which is +8 on the Bonus Chart.
equals or exceeds the DN after any modifiers, she's His find is 11, so Rama Tut's action total is 19.
successful. He finds the door and enters the forbidden
The "Standard" DN is 10, but sometimes the chamber beyond!
DN might be a target's skill or attribute instead.
Taunting someone, for example, uses the foe's own Mishaps
taunt skill as its Difficulty Number. A Mishap is a natural roll of 1 on the first die roll
when testing a skill or attribute total. Don't count
Difficulty Modifiers 1s that come up as part of rerolls or extra rolls—
Circumstances may add or subtract from the only for the first die rolled. A roll of 1 always fails,
character's action total (again, modifiers never affect and no Possibilities may be spent to change it. That
the die roll—just the total). In general, players are means even characters with the highest skills and
explicitly aware of the adjusted DN for any task. attributes aren't always successful.
Here's a descriptive list of modifiers the GM can Some situations might expand the range of
use to make a task more or less difficult: Mishaps, such as 1–2 or even 1–4. This may also add

Die 1 2 3 5 7 9 11 13 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 26 31 36 41 46 +5
Roll 4 6 8 10 12 14 25 30 35 40 45 50
Bonus –10 –8 –6 –4 –2 –1 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 +1

Paul Linton (Order #11844419)
extra consequences to a Mishap. This is explained their current Dexterity but this inflicts a −2 penalty
in the particular section whenever necessary. If to all other tests performed that turn. Movement is
multiple conditions apply, they all trigger on any not an action—it's simply part of the hero's turn.
Mishap. Mishaps triggered by a natural roll of 2, 3,
or 4 may be successful if the total is high enough (or Actions
more likely, Possibilities are spent), but the action Actions include tasks such as making an attack or
still triggers any applicable Mishap consequences. attempting an interaction. Generally, anything that
requires a die roll is an action. Heroes may attempt
SUCCESS LEVELS multiple actions on their turn—see Multi-Actions
on page 10.
A total that equals the DN is a success, but higher
totals often grant extra effects. If the final total is at Simple Actions: Some activities, such as talking,
least five points over the DN, the character has a flipping a switch, or drawing a weapon, are
Good success. If it's at least 10 points over the DN, "simple" actions. A character may usually do one
it's an Outstanding success. Generally, we only or two simple actions on his turn (Game Master's
care if a result is equal to or more than the DN, five call).
or more points over the DN, or 10 or more points
Interaction attacks are those designed to unbalance,
SUCCESS LEVELS tire out, or maneuver a foe into a bad situation,
Result Points Success reducing his effectiveness or making him more
0–4 Standard open to harm.
5–9 Good Interaction attacks use one of the following skills:
10+ Outstanding intimidation, maneuver, taunt, or trick. The DN of the
attack is the foe's matching skill, or linked attribute
POSSIBILITIES if he doesn't have it. The DN to use intimidation,
for example, is the foe's intimidation, or Spirit if he
Storm Knights, Stormers, and some creatures have
doesn't have intimidation.
Possibilities they can use to enhance their chances
of success. Player characters refresh up to three
Possibilities at the start of each act (more if they
Interaction Effects
If an interaction attack is successful, the attacker
have certain Perks).
chooses one effect (Stymied or Vulnerable) with
Any time a character attempts an action, the player a Standard success and two effects with a Good
can spend a Possibility to roll another die and add result. The attacker can mix and stack these results
it to the die roll. Only one Possibility may be spent however he wants, but no foe can ever suffer
per action. Possibility Energy is potent, so any die from more than two of each type—called "Very
roll of less than 10 is ignored and is treated as 10 Vulnerable" or "Very Stymied."
instead (though without a further reroll).
An Outstanding success also allows the attacker
to dictate another effect, called a "Player's Call"
ACTIONS (though it applies to nonplayer character attackers
as well).
Combat rounds in Torg Eternity are 10 seconds
Here's what each effect means:
long. During that time, each character can move
and perform actions on her turn. • Stymied: The foe suffers −2 to all actions until
the end of his next turn, or –4 if Very Stymied.
Movement Additional Stymied results have no further
Characters may move up to their Dexterity in effect.
meters each round. They may also run up to 8×

Paul Linton (Order #11844419)
• Vulnerable: Actions taken directly against Ranged Attacks
the foe are made at +2 until the end of his next Ranged weapons have Short, Medium, and Long
action, or +4 if Very Vulnerable—additional values listed in their description. Attacks at longer
Vulnerable results have no further effect. ranges are more difficult than those up close, and
• Player's Call: The target suffers an additional subtract from the action total as detailed below.
misfortune of some kind. He might be pushed
off a ledge, lose his turn, or back down and RANGE PENALTIES
attempt to flee the encounter. The GM has final Modifier Range
say, but it should result in lesser foes being
— Short
taken out of the fight, and at least the loss of a
turn for greater threats. −2 Medium
−4 Long
Timing −8 Extreme. In the right
Vulnerable and Stymied conditions last until the end circumstances (lighting, terrain,
of the target's next turn rather than the beginning. etc.), and at the Game Master's
Otherwise, using an interaction attack to Stymie discretion, weapons can fire up to
a foe on your turn wouldn't have an effect if the twice their Long Range.
opponent got rid of it at the beginning of his turn.
Characters who want to help their companions
by making targets Stymied and Vulnerable should
usually go first for their side. That way their allies If a physical attack is successful, the attacker causes
get to take advantage of any negative conditions, the damage value of his weapon, which depends
and might even get to do so again if they go before on its type:
the foes in the following round. • Firearm: Fixed value
• Melee Weapon: Strength + Fixed value
• Unarmed: Strength
To make a physical attack, a character tests for a
total with a skill such as fire combat, heavy weapons,
melee weapons, missile weapons, or unarmed combat.
Resolving Damage
If an attack hits, the damage total is compared to
The DN is the defender's dodge for ranged attacks. the target's Toughness.
In close combat, the DN is melee weapons if the foe
is armed with an appropriate weapon or unarmed DAMAGE RESULTS TABLE
combat if he's not. Rifles used as clubs count as
Damage Over Damage
appropriate for defense. Crossbows, bows, or
pistols that cannot easily block do not. Toughness
Below Toughness* 1 Shock
If the attack is equal to or greater than the target's
matching defensive skill, the attack causes Damage 0–4 2 Shock
(see below). 5–9 2 Shock, 1 Wound
10–14 4 Shock, 2 Wounds
Bonus Damage 15–19 6 Shock, 3 Wounds
A Good success on an attack adds a bonus die (d)
20–24 8 Shock, 4 Wounds
to the damage result. An Outstanding success adds
two bonus dice. If a bonus die shows the Eternity ...and so on
symbol  (or a 6 if using a standard d6), the result *Damage five or more points below the target's
is 5 and the attacker rolls again and adds it to the Toughness has no effect
total. Keep rolling and adding 5 each time  is

Paul Linton (Order #11844419)
Another way to figure the damage result is First Aid: After a battle a first aid test wakes up
that every five points of damage over a target's a KO'ed character and restores one Wound on a
Toughness causes a Wound and two Shock. Attacks standard success, two on a Good success, and three
below Toughness (but within 5 points) cause 1 if Outstanding. Only the first attempt counts.
Shock, and attacks that equal or exceed Toughness Wound Penalties: Characters suffer a −1 penalty
but don't cause a Wound cause 2 Shock. to all tests for each Wound suffered (to a maximum
of –3 regardless of how many Wounds they can
Example: Aidan punches an edeinos for
take). Wounds also apply to first aid attempts to
12 damage. The edeinos's Toughness is 12.
help the character.
That's not enough to cause a Wound, but the
lizard man still takes 2 Shock. Example: Aidan is a Storm Knight and so
can take three Wounds with penalties, then
Shock on a fourth he must test Death & Defeat. An
Shock is stress and minor physical injuries. When edeinos warrior is out of the fight if it takes a
a character suffers Shock beyond his maximum single Wound.
(usually equal to his Spirit) he's Knocked Out
(see below). Additional Shock beyond this limit is
A Storm Knight can use Possibilities to negate
Knocked Out: If a character is Knocked Out
Wounds and Shock. To Soak damage, the injured
(KO'ed) from Shock or other circumstances, he's
character spends a Possibility and makes a reality
unconscious and out of the fight for 30 minutes
test immediately after the damage is determined
or until the end of the scene (GM's call). He may
but before it actually takes effect.
also be revived with a successful first aid test (see
below). A KO'ed character regains Shock normally. The DN is Standard (10), and negates the following
Example: Aidan's Spirit is 9. When he takes • Standard: One Wound and all Shock.
nine Shock, he's Knocked Out (KO'ed) and • Good: Two Wounds and all Shock.
ignores any further Shock. • Outstanding: All Wounds and Shock.

Wounds Restoring Shock
Serious injury and trauma are collectively called Shock fades after an encounter unless conditions
Wounds. When a character suffers more than his would prevent rest. When the game is in rounds
maximum Wounds (usually three) he must test (such as during combat, a chase, or Dramatic Skill
Death & Defeat (see below). Don't track Wounds Resolution), a character may sacrifice an entire
beyond the character's maximum. If he would turn to recover 2 Shock (no movement or other
take another Wound, he must test Death & Defeat actions are allowed while Recovering). Recovery
again instead. isn’t possible while engaged in melee, so find
Ordinary men and women are out of the fight someplace safe!
with a single Wound. They aren't necessarily dead,
they're just wounded enough that they can't go on, DEATH & DEFEAT
unconscious, or simply slink away to nurse their
When a character suffers Wounds equal to his
wounds (if the attackers let them).
maximum, he must make an immediate Strength
Stormers and Storm Knights can take three or Spirit test (whichever is lowest). If the test fails
Wounds before a fourth takes them out. Very tough he dies. He immediately gets one final, dramatic
individuals and monsters might be able to take five action before shedding the mortal coil. He may
or more Wounds before they're defeated. ignore his Wound penalties for this last heroic
effort. If the test succeeds he's KO'ed.

Paul Linton (Order #11844419)
SELECTED COMBAT & Each group hits with a single attack, but the bonus
from the combined attackers improves the chance
ACTION OPTIONS of gaining bonus damage.
Below are a few of the most common combat
options heroes can use to fight the High Lords. Concealment
Wise warriors get into cover when a firefight
All-Out Attack breaks out. Both melee and ranged attacks suffer
A desperate, furious melee weapons or unarmed the penalties listed below:
combat attack increases the attack total by +4. This
leaves the attacker exposed and off-balance, so he CONCEALMENT CHART
automatically becomes Vulnerable until the end of Mod Concealment
his next turn. −2 Partial: Up to half the body is
Combined Actions −4 Medium: Less than a quarter of the
If multiple characters attempt an action, you can target is visible.
use this shortcut. This is particularly useful when
−6 High: Only the target's head or hands
rolling nonplayer character attacks versus the
are visible.
Each group rolls a single test; pick one character
to roll if players are involved, called the "primary"
When a character using equipment that isn't
character. That test result applies to the average
supported by the local reality rolls a Mishap, he
attribute or skill of the entire group. Then add a
disconnects from his cosm. In this adventure that
bonus based on the number of participants using
may happen for any device above Tech Axiom 6—
the Combined Actions Chart below.
so all firearms, cars, or anything invented in the
COMBINED ACTIONS CHART last 1,000 years or so.
Participants Bonus While disconnected a Storm Knight can't use
equipment that violates reality anymore. Such
1 0
devices fade into limbo until she reconnects.
2 +1 Worse, a disconnected Storm Knight can't spend
3 +2 Possibilities to enhance tests or negate damage!
4–5 +3 Reconnecting: Each turn the player rolls a reality
6–9 +4 test against the Zone's difficulty (New York is DN
10–14 +5 14 at this point). Once the test succeeds the hero
immediately reconnects and may use all equipment
and Possibilities. The test doesn't require an action.
Normally a further Mishap on this test risks
Example: Four edeinos attack Aidan with their transforming the hero to the new reality, but that's
spears. The GM sees that four participants beyond the scope of this product.
adds +3 to melee weapons total.

Assigning Attacks: The Game Master should use Firearms in Melee
common sense when assigning attacks. Ranged Characters in close combat can't fire bows, rifles, or
attackers should split their attacks among all other long arms at the foes they're engaged with,
possible targets unless there is a clear threat for but they may fire pistols or other small weapons.
them to focus fire on. Melee attackers tend to face The attack test is rolled normally. The defender
off evenly among all possible foes, but usually can't must resist with his melee weapons (if armed) or
pit more than four against a single defender. unarmed combat (if not). Dodge only applies at range.

Paul Linton (Order #11844419)
Multi-Actions costs three bullets and increases the Mishap range
A character can attempt to do two or more things to 1–2. A weapon capable of Full Auto adds +4 to
in a round by taking a Multi-Action. To do so, the the attack total at the cost of seven rounds and
player declares all the actions her character will increasing the Mishap range to 1–4.
attempt and applies a −2 penalty for each A Mishap roll of 1 means the attack doesn't
extra action. If a Storm Knight wants happen and the weapon suffers
to do three things, for example, she a Malfunction. A Mishap roll
suffers a –4 penalty to all of them. of 2 means the weapon suffers
Generate a single bonus for a Malfunction after the attack
all the actions, apply the (which may still succeed
penalty, then resolve depending on skill, Possibilities,
each in whatever order etc.). A Malfunction renders the
she chooses (or makes weapon unusable until the attacker
sense). spends an action (no test) to fix it.
Other Modifiers: Modifiers Multiple Targets: If firing on
besides the Multi-Action multiple targets, the attacker
penalty are applied to that must use the same attack for
part of the test separately. each. If the weapon doesn't
If intimidating someone contain that many rounds, the
and then firing on someone attack can't be made. The GM
in the dark, for example, only can round off a bullet here or
apply the darkness penalty to there for simplicity.
the fire combat total.
Example: Aidan Rapid Fires
his 9mm Beretta at five edeinos.
That uses three bullets for each
Characters can attack multiple opponents at once
and generates a bonus of +2 on the total, but
with physical or interaction attacks. Each additional
a –8 Multi-Target penalty for four extra foes
target incurs a –2 penalty to the test. Firing at three
for a final modifier of –6 to his test. His pistol
targets, for example, subtracts 4 from the attack
holds 15 rounds, just enough.
total. If successful, all of the targets are hit and
suffer damage normally.
Rapid Fire and Full Auto Reloading a clip, magazine, or up to three loose
Most modern firearms such as revolvers or semi- shells is an action. No test is required. A weapon
automatics can fire multiple rounds (bullets) very may only be reloaded once each round, but may be
quickly, adding +2 to the attack total and thus reloaded as part of a Multi-Action.
increasing the chance for bonus damage dice. This


Paul Linton (Order #11844419)
ACTS AND SCENES spots piles of human corpses near the diggers, and
an Outstanding success reveals similar groups
Adventures in Torg Eternity are split into acts (each
even farther away. Battery Park is becoming some
a game session, usually) and then scenes within
kind of mass grave.
each act. This act is set in lower Manhattan, and
follows the Storm Knight's attempts to reach a If the heroes linger, edeinos find their trail (use the
place of relative safety. The scenes are all events villains from Scene Five: Edeinos Scouts). Heading
the heroes might encounter along the way. towards the gunfire leads to Scene Two: Under the
Rubble. Investigating the diggers triggers Scene
Possibilities Six: Edeinos Warband unless the Storm Knights
Each character begins play with three Possibilities are very stealthy. Any other means of escape is
at the start of the act, or four if the character has blocked by diggers, and the waters around the
the Favored Perk. When a player does something park are filled with dangerous creatures.
that makes the game more enjoyable (a particularly
heroic action, a poignant character moment, or
even a particularly funny quip) immediately award SCENE TWO: UNDER THE RUBBLE
another Possibility. At the edge of the park, streets are cluttered with
If a character has more than five Possibilities the rusted cars and overgrown with vegetation. A
player should need to work harder to earn more. huge triceratops munches on vines, pushing aside
Likewise if a player is down to one Possibility (or automobiles as it does so. Faint cries emerge from
none) prompt them to make a quip or look for an one of the crushed vehicles.
excuse to help them out. The triceratops ignores the newcomers and focuses
on the vehicle. If it continues, whoever is inside is
SCENE ONE: BATTERY PARK killed. To save her, the Storm Knights might attack
Hours ago, the world changed. Cellphones lost or trick the triceratops to draw it away. They almost
signal, motors and electricity stopped working, certainly can't defeat it, but they can distract it long
and a massive bridge of vines crashed down on Citi enough for someone else to rescue the victim.
Field as the opening pitch was thrown. Monsters • Triceratops (1): See page 13. Since no cards
descended the "maelstrom bridge," including are in play, assume the heroes go first each
dinosaurs and terrifying lizard-men. round.
Many sought refuge inside the walls of Clinton
If the rescue succeeds, a woman named Laura
Castle, but the edeinos came (with a Tyrannosaurus
Dale is inside. She's in shock, but first aid or
Rex!) and the walls fell. The player characters are
persuasion gets her moving again. Once she returns
the only people who escaped.
to her senses, Laura reveals that her son is in an
Have all the players roll a find test, mostly to get apartment nearby, and she's determined to go to
used to the mechanic. Regardless of success they him. The group can go along (Scene Three: The
hear gunfire to the northeast, indicating some Boy Upstairs) or proceed without Laura straight to
kind of resistance against the invaders. A success where they heard gunfire (Scene Four: Firefight).
detects dozens of distant edeinos preoccupied with Convincing Laura to go toward battle before
digging furrows into the ground. A Good success checking on her son is a DN 18 persuasion test.

Paul Linton (Order #11844419)
SCENE THREE: working, even though there were no signs of jams
or malfunctions. The weapons work fine for the
THE BOY UPSTAIRS Storm Knights, but Gummer has disconnected and
The Storm Knights catch sight of a young boy simply can't make technology work. Since he's not a
pressing his face against window of his third-story Storm Knight he can't reconnect without returning
apartment room. The building looks completely to Core Earth. Gummer is a bit slow on a good day,
dilapidated and covered in vines. When he sees the and disconnection has confused him even further.
group approach he shakes his head and mouths
The good news is there's lots of useful equipment
"no," then disappears inside.
the heroes can pilfer that may help them survive:
If the group approaches the building (Laura
• Armored Vests: Increase the wearer's
certainly does if she's with them) they hear sounds
Toughness by +3. Note that the armor benefit is
of destruction and yelling inside. The voices are
lost if the hero disconnects.
human, but sound crazed. The fire escapes outside
have rusted and fallen, so the only way to the third • Hrockt Shoot Spears: Damage Strength +2.
floor is inside via the stairs. A Mishap doesn't disconnect a Storm Knight
using these primitive weapons.
The group of humans inside have been
transformed by the Living Land. They are now • M4 rifles: Damage 14, capable of Rapid Fire
savage marauders and attack anyone outside their and Full Auto, with a 30-round magazine. Short
small band. The heroes encounter these brutes once range extends out to 40 meters.
inside the building. It's possible to use intimidation • M9 pistols: Damage 13, capable of Rapid Fire,
on the louts, but likely the group has to fight. with a 15-round magazine. Short Range is 10
• Feral Humans (1 per hero): See page 13. The meters, Medium is 25, and Long is 40.
heroes go first each round, then the villains. • Ammunition: Extra clips for M4s and M9s for
Once the feral humans are dealt with it's simple each hero.
to recover the boy (Luke Dale). He's the only one If the heroes can't help Private Gummer they find
left in the building. He was staying quiet hoping maps and orders talking about Lower Manhattan
the marauders downstairs wouldn't find him, and Hospital, and identifying it as a stronghold for
didn't mean to draw the heroes into danger. refugees. It's not far, but unfortunately "Red Face"
is on the prowl in the area and finds them before
they arrive (Scene Six: Edeinos Warband).
Soon after rescuing Luke, or if they headed directly
toward the sounds of gunfire, the party comes
upon a scene of carnage. Dead soldiers and edeinos This scene can occur any time the action slows
litter the ground. One soldier, Private Gummer, is down, or if the Storm Knights remain in one
still alive. He's badly wounded and in deep shock. place too long. The scouts may even arrive at the
A standard first aid test stabilizes him and gets him battlefield from Scene Four just after the group has
talking. a chance to gather weapons—or just before!
Gummer is in the National Guard, and his unit • Edeinos Warriors (1 per 2 heroes): See page
was activated with orders to locate survivors and 13. For this encounter the villains go first, then
escort them to Lower Manhattan Hospital. They the heroes.
were attacked by a large group of edeinos led by a The last warrior left attempts to flee back toward
warrior with a red-painted face. Gummer calls this the warband if he can. If he escapes he tells Red Face
warrior "Red Face" and describes with horror how about the Storm Knights. If anyone chases him,
it tore through his friends. give them one more attack to stop him, otherwise
At first the National Guard were winning the if they continue chasing him they encounter the
battle, but as they fought their weapons stopped warband from Scene Six!

Paul Linton (Order #11844419)
SCENE SIX: EDEINOS WARBAND Move: 9; Toughness: 12; Shock: 8; Wounds: —
Equipment: Hrockt shoot spear (Strength +2).
Before the group can reach the relative safety of
Perks: —
Lower Manhattan Hospital they must get through
Possibilities: Rare (2).
"Red Face" and his vicious warband. Red Face is
Special Abilities:
a Stormer, which means he has Possibilities and
• Armor: Scaly skin +2.
four Wounds just like the Storm Knights do. Give
• Claw/Bite: Damage Strength+1 (11)
him two Possibilities and use them to enhance
his melee weapons attack or to negate Wounds. FERAL HUMANS
For even more of a challenge give him the Quick
Perk, which allows him to spend a Possibility for a Almost a third of the population of Manhattan
second action! has been transformed to the Living Land's reality.
Some have embraced the savage nature of their new
Edeinos are tough, and with a Stormer they're reality, and banded together to hunt and pillage.
difficult to handle. The heroes need the weapons
found in Scene Four: Fire Fight to have a chance, Attributes: Charisma 5, Dexterity 7, Mind 5, Spirit
and Red Face isn't taking prisoners. 6, Strength 9
Skills: Dodge 9, find 6, intimidation 8, maneuver
• Edeinos Warriors (1 per hero): See below. 8, melee weapons 9, survival 7, unarmed combat
One of the edeinos is "Red Face." The heroes go 8
first each round, then the villains. For a greater Move: 7; Toughness: 9; Shock: 6; Wounds: —
challenge replace one of the warriors with a Equipment: Improvised club (Strength +2 damage,
Triceratops. Vulnerable on a miss)
Perks: —
WRAPPING UP Possibilities: Never.
With the warband defeated the way to the hospital Special Abilities: —
is clear. Outside is an armored vehicle and several
soldiers on watch. It looks like a place of relative TRICERATOPS
safety—at least for now! These Living Land creatures aren't quite the same
as the ancient Earth dinosaur of the same name, but
thanks to a bony, plated head and three sharp horns
FOES most people can't tell the difference. Triceratops
Mobs: When the villains take Shock just track it as are favored mounts for many edeinos clans.
one block. Each time Shock accumulates equal to Attributes: Charisma 4, Dexterity 6, Mind 4, Spirit
the foe's Spirit remove one enemy (whichever one 8, Strength 16
makes the most sense). If a Stormer like Red Face is Skills: Dodge 11, find 8, intimidation 10, maneuver
present track his Shock seperately. 7, stealth 7, unarmed combat 10
Move: 8; Toughness 19; Shock: 12; Wounds: 3
Edeinos are trained in combat from the day they're Perks: —
born. They grow up with a spear in their hands and Possibilities: Never.
are ferocious in their pursuit and capture of prey, Special Abilities:
which they rip apart with their savage teeth. • Armor: Bony crest and thick hide +3
Attributes: Charisma 5, Dexterity 9, Mind 6, Spirit • Charge: +2 damage to an attack after the
8, Strength 10 creature moves more than a walk.
Skills: Beast riding 10, dodge 10, faith 9, • Horns: Damage Strength+2 (18)
intimidation 10, maneuver 10, melee weapons • Very Large: Triceratops are up to nine meters
11, missile weapons 10, stealth 10, survival 8, long and 5,000 kg in weight. Attacks against
tracking 8, unarmed combat 11 them gain a +4 bonus.

Paul Linton (Order #11844419)
Permission is granted to copy the character sheet on the back of this booklet so each player may select one
of the archetypes below and copy that character's statistics onto it. It's important for each player to have
a character sheet due to the Bonus Chart at the bottom—players need that for each test they roll.

Attributes: Charisma 7, Dexterity 7, Mind 11, Spirit 8, Strength 7
Skills: Beast riding +0, dodge +1, evidence analysis +2, find +3, fire combat +0,
first aid +0, intimidation +0, maneuver +0, melee weapons +0, missile weapons
+0, persuasion +2, reality +2, stealth +1, survival +3, taunt +0, trick +2
Move: 7; Toughness: 7; Shock: 8; Wounds: 3
Perks: Prodigy (Start the act with an extra Possibility.)
Equipment: Improvised club (Strength +2 damage, become Vulnerable after a
miss), mobile phone, pocket protector
You never thought being an expert in cretaceous period plants would become a practical skill. You're
smarter than everyone else; be sure to remind everyone of that. Trick is your most powerful weapon, use
it to make foes Vulnerable to attack or Stymie them to protect your friends.

Attributes: Charisma 7, Dexterity 9, Mind 6, Spirit 8, Strength 10
Skills: Beast riding +0, dodge +2, evidence analysis +0, find +1, fire combat +1,
first aid +1, intimidation +1, maneuver +2, melee weapons +3, missile weapons
+2, persuasion +0, reality +1, stealth +0, survival +0, taunt +2, trick +0
Move: 9; Toughness: 10; Shock: 8; Wounds: 3
Perks: Trademark Weapon (Re-roll 1s on bonus damage with the baseball bat.)
Equipment: Baseball bat (Strength +2 damage), baseball (Strength +1 damage,
thrown with missile weapons, range 5/10/40 meters), refreshing sports drink
Maybe you didn't have what it took to make it to the big leagues, but you've kept up on your training and
never gave up hope. Now strange lizard-men are here wrecking your home town. Show these invaders
your moves and put that baseball bat to work.

Attributes: Charisma 6, Dexterity 8, Mind 10, Spirit 9, Strength 7
Skills: Beast riding +0, dodge +2, evidence analysis +1, find +2, fire combat +1,
first aid +3, intimidation +1, maneuver +0, melee weapons +1, missile weapons
+0, persuasion +0, reality +2, stealth +1, survival +1, taunt +0, trick +1
Move: 8; Toughness: 7; Shock: 11; Wounds: 3
Perks: Endurance (+2 Shock, already added in.)
Equipment: Mobile phone, improvised club (Strength +2 damage, become
Vulnerable after a miss), medical tape
You're underpaid and overworked, and bedside manner was never your strong suit. All you wanted
was a little break, and now you're in the middle of a war. Your medical training is a blessing for everyone
around you, and you're pretty handy with a weapon too.

Paul Linton (Order #11844419)
Attributes: Charisma 7, Dexterity 8, Mind 7, Spirit 10, Strength 8
Skills: Beast riding +0, dodge +1, evidence analysis +1, find +2, fire combat +2,
first aid +0, intimidation +3, maneuver +0, melee weapons +1, missile weapons
+0, persuasion +2, reality +2, stealth +0, survival +0, taunt +2, trick +0
Move: 8; Toughness: 8; Shock: 10; Wounds: 3
Perks: Rally (Spend one Possibility to restore two Shock to every ally.)
Equipment: .38 revolver (Damage 12, Ammo 6, Range 10/25/40, Rapid Fire),
wallet, mobile phone
You're used to being in charge, even if you don't like it. The invasion is horrible, but it's also the most
alive you've felt in years. People can't help but take you seriously, so use intimidation to your advantage.
The gun you're carrying wasn't yours, but its owner is gone now and you're a pretty good shot.

Attributes: Charisma 10, Dexterity 9, Mind 6, Spirit 8, Strength 7
Skills: Beast riding +0, dodge +2, evidence analysis +0, find +1, fire combat +2,
first aid +0, intimidation +0, maneuver +1, melee weapons +1, missile weapons
+0, persuasion +3, reality +1, stealth +1, survival +1, taunt +2, trick +1
Move: 9; Toughness: 7; Shock: 8; Wounds: 3
Perks: Helper (During your action, eliminate up to two penalties such as
Stymied or Vulnerable from an ally.)
Equipment: Mobile phone, improvised club (Strength +2 damage, become
Vulnerable after a miss), sunglasses
Nobody else has heard of you, but you're a certified celebrity—you've been on an episode of a reality
show. Your charm isn't much good against dinosaurs, but it works wonders on other survivors, especially
frightened ones. You're a crack shot and in great shape if a winning smile doesn't solve the situation.

Attributes: Charisma 7, Dexterity 10, Mind 7, Spirit 8, Strength 8
Skills: Beast riding +0, dodge +2, evidence analysis +1, find +2, fire combat
+1, first aid +0, intimidation +1, maneuver +1, melee weapons +2, missile
weapons +0, persuasion +0, reality +1, stealth +3, survival +0, taunt +0, trick +0
Move: 10; Toughness: 8; Shock: 8; Wounds: 3
Perks: Whirlwind (Ignore the first –2 to Multi-Target in melee.)
Equipment: .38 revolver (Damage 12, Ammo 6, Range 10/25/40, Rapid Fire),
flask, switchblade (Strength +1 damage)
You've made some bad decisions in your life, and they all led you here. Maybe whatever is happening is
your chance to make things right. Or maybe it's a chance to grab some free stuff. Time to make a choice.
You learned how to fight and get around without drawing too much attention the hard way.

Beast riding—Dexterity, dodge—Dexterity, evidence analysis—Mind, find—Mind, fire combat—Dexterity, first
aid—Mind, intimidation—Spirit, maneuver—Dexterity, melee weapons—Dexterity, missile weapons—Dexterity,
persuasion—Charisma, reality—Spirit, stealth—Dexterity, survival—Mind, taunt—Charisma, trick—Mind

Paul Linton (Order #11844419)
Name Total XP ___

Race Cosm Unspent ___
Axioms: Magic___ Social___ Spirit___ Tech___Clearance Level___



Charisma Dexterity Mind Spirit Strength Movement Total Toughness DEFENSES


Combat Skills Attribute Skill Adds Value
Energy Weapons Dex

Melee Defense

Wound Tracker
Fire Combat Dex

Melee Combat Dex

Missile Weapons Dex
Unarmed Defense
Unarmed Combat Dex

Interaction Skills Attribute Skill Adds Value

Intimidate Spirit
Maneuver Dex
Taunt Cha
Trick Mind
Other Attribute Skill Adds Value PORTRAIT WOUNDS

Item Axiom Notes

Perk Effect

Armor Axiom Adds Notes

Weapon Axiom Damage Ammo Range Notes

Bonus Chart
Die 1 2 3 5 7 9 11 13 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 26 31 36 41 46 +5
Roll 4 6 8 10 12 14 25 30 35 40 45 50
Bonus fail –8 –6 –4 –2 –1 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 +1

Paul Linton (Order #11844419)

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