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4-1, Ukwatta, Yakkatuwa, Karandeniya.

Career Objective

Pursuing a challenging and fast paced career in accounting and finance with higher potential to develop a
career path and to give my best commitment to achieve your organizational goals through my knowledge.

Academic Qualifications

Following a B.Sc. Finance (Special) Degree at University of Sri Jayewardenepura

(2nd Year Undergraduate) Overall GPA up to now :3.16

1st Year 1st 1st Year 2nd 2nd Year 2nd Year 3rd Year 1st 3rd Year Overall
st nd nd
semester semester 1 2 semester 2 GPA
semester semester semester

3.05 3.26 3.14

Audits engaged in Role and sections handled
Professional Qualifications
BKS Company Pvt Ltd Audit whole financial statements
Chartered Accountancy –
- Completed Executive
Ninewells Hospital leveltrainee
Audit exam -in(Receipts
2015. and payments)
One-year experience at EY as an Audit Trainee.
LIYOTA Tea Pvt Ltd Audit Handled -Cash and cash equivalents, Trade
and other receivables, Trade and other payables,
Property plant and equipment, Investment

Yolta, Thalapalakanda,Danawala , Audit trainee - Receipts and payments Cash and
Moraketiya Plantation cash equivalents Payments, Investment

HPDF (Habaraduwa Participatory Audit Handled -Cash and cash equivalents, Trade
Development Foundation) and other receivables, , Property plant and
equipment, Investment
Educational Qualifications

G.C.E Advanced Level (Commerce stream) – 2014
o Index No : 1854267
o District : Galle
o District Rank :30
o Island Rank :374
o Z-Score :2.0585

School Attended: G/Karandeniya Central College, Karandeniya.
Accounting A
Economics A
Business Studies A
General English S
G.C.E Information
Ordinary Level –Technology
2010 C
o Index No
Common General Test : 6124300 60

School Attended: G/Karandeniya Central College, Karandeniya.
Mathematics A
Sinhala Language & Literature C
English C
Science A
Buddhism B
History A
Sinhala Literature B
Commerce A
English Writing, Speech and Reading – Good
Sinhala Writing, Speech and Reading – Fluent
Computer Literacy
 Well Conversant with Microsoft office package including Word, Excel, Access and Power Point.
 Familiar with Accounting Package Quick Book
 Extensive experience in working on Windows based computer systems.
Strong team-player skills developed through work in group activities.

Extra-Curricular Activities


An active member of Student Association of Finance (SAF) at University of Sri Jayewardenepura.
o Snehadhara Charity Programme
o NADA Event
Fullas a Prefect of G/
Name Karandeniya
: Kolombage CentralSanjeewa
Suranga College, Karandeniya
Served birth
Vice President :of26th
theFebruary 1994
School Commerce Society of G/ Karandeniya Central College,
Karandeniya : 23 years
Personal Nationality
Details : Sri Lankan
Gender : Male
Civil Status : Single
E-mail :
T.P.No :0713545929
NIC No : 940570441V
Non-Related Referees

I hereby certify that the above information is correct and complete to the best of my knowledge
& belief.

S.W.Lakshitha Dilshan 2017/04/10

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