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. J~TURIlAy NQ~'EMDER28.1914

ABeuiilil itlS ~ ..Royal Mail" ROfCbter Goes to die Molt PoP., ...... 'er.

1-'-..,...----,-----.-...,.----.-...., ;-'------.:-A-D-Y-ER-T-I-SI-N-G-:-----,
DurinJr the Photoplayers' Weekly Contest, •.• Of' ..' '. .
I 'During the Photoplayers·. Weekly Contest.
vote. will be allowed on Advertising' according to
votes wflll>e allowed on Subscription••ecording to '::', ". . the tollowing schedule: .
the following schedule: '
I-year. ';"bscription $ 2:00.. ... 2,000 votes
,. '«

." ~
• _
$ I O·0 s d vertl8ement
2.00 advertisement...
..... 1,000 votes
2,01)0 votes
,2-year subseription 4.00.. ...4,000 vote. 4.00 advertisement... 4,000 votes
S-year subscription 6.00... 6.000 vote. 6.00 advertisement 6.000 votes
t~:: :::=~~~~ Ig:8g":~lg:888 ~~~: 19:88:~~:~I:::::~;:lg:888-~~'
&:year subscription 12.00 12.000 votes 12.00 advertisement... 12.000 votes
~= :::=~~~~, t::88...t::888 ~~: ~g:88 :t:~::::::~L .......:::jg:88~ ~~::r
9-year subscription 18.00... .. 18,000 votes 25.00 advertisement... : 25,000 votes
10-year 81Ibscription 20.00 30,000 votes CHEVROLET 30.00 advertisement :..30,000 votes
ll-year subseription 22.00... . 35.000 votes 50.00 advertisement... 75,000 votes
l2-year subscription 24.00... ...50,000 votes 1.915 "Royal Msil" Advertising RateB, $l.00 per im:h..

On WednllldlY, No"ember 18th, STOClMEN'S SUPPUES
I~4f':::r.= Refi~~:;... g
.... 15r.,otO
Ilavld Honley aent~ three -dlrectora
l,nd lorly membera at hll produelog
toreea to Loa Angelea, where they
New'" s.c-.t Ha.I ......
W. . . . Oidta

~::~c~:.d·.n: :~~i~~::l·::: '::m:~g8
will resume tbelr work In tbe Dew
xtutlloa wbleh Mr. Honley II bulld.lo! out Wl'.5T SADDliERY
In tlllt city.
bi:! ~~,,:;~:::~~~..s;;i"" "::::::: ~g::g8
IIO~"'5c. ....... IQa
~tr. Horaley·a recenl ot
tILt! Jo'rank C. Boatoclr. Anlmala baa
neceuUat&d the eltabUahmeDt at a
.,~';;;'r'lr~Milia~o~g~"",.. .. ~~:g~8 mammotb plant on tbe cout t4r tbe
I.roper llllplollll1l at lao alld tbe mllr.· ,
Ing at an extraordinary aeries ot .10-
Ruth Rol.nd . . Kalem ......... ........ 30.400 Kle and multlple reel aDlml1 plcturM.
Ella·H.ll............ Universal. ... 27.550 With Ibe apleodld tactll.tlea tor
J.ckie Saunders Balboa 25,000 taklnf\: el'ery kind at motion pleture
"'hlch Ihla elaborate layout will pro-
Stella Razeto Selig .. 25,000 I'lde In Loa Aneele., Mr. Horaley
Dorothy Gish Reliance 18,350 ,teemed It unwlae 10 continue the uae
Mae M.rah m.Reliance . 15,400 "r hla llayonne 1)laDt durlns the ''11'10-
ler, and tor tbat reaa.on hu doaed '
. DOrothea Farley Albuquerque .......... 11.459 dU"'u Ihe Jeraey atudlo and will do
.Carlyle· BlackwelL. .F.vorite Players.. 9,000 all or hla produe1Dg tor tbe opt ,Ix
:lienry King Balboa 8,550 "'~\~:~t~~nll~~~:;:~~: loog aaaoclated E. R Spen- DeokC..
.Margarita Fischer American ..... 8.050 "'llh ~Ir. Horaley alld. generally COD-
{'"ded to be one of the tour greateat OM- ..............

~:: G~::J:X::£"r&h.. ~:~~8
dlreclOrll 10 the lforld, .1Id hie la1· ........... n-.c..
ented wire. headed. tbe lin' ot ml_ 730 s.;..., Spriq SCr_
Yictori. ~oroe..:
graDta, which Included Harl'1 La-
UniyersaL. 6,000 Pearl, the t.moua pantomlmlU. cam-
Pauline Bush Universal. 5.450 "rao meo, I«Inlc arUeUl, property
men and prlnclpal acton.
Ray Gallagher.... ....UniversaL............ 5.350
Chas. Rey . .'- ...;.N.. y. M. P. Co... 5.300 Ih:hpere:::~nt~~:~r1I'1~I":~Cth~:o:~ LEVY:S CAFE"
_"'r::'"~c4~!r--­ ~9~e~ !:'k~~mA~~_'!!'"'~ulr;,~.-4+------...,.----+,-:ll-""'l
5,150 ~~~t::t:~~ ~=ct~I~~~Uc::'~::::U~ ,743 So. Spring \

~:{:e~~~ .OJ ::::~:leS~~~ :::.: ~:l~~ OI"TIC THEATItE
"Judllh at Bethulla," 0, W, GrIC:
Ford Sterling Sterling... 5,050 Iith'lI biblical muterplece, wu aereen-
t'd Tlleaday night by Seth O. Per-
Rhea Mitehell N.Y.M.P.CO... 5,050 IIlF.SE HUNT I£AIII'I POl'lil...4.HIT" ruunln/( <Iown a Kang at polltleal klnll. maoager of the New Ol'llc ror
Direction Raben Leonard
Bessie Bamscale.! N.Y.M.P.CO... 5.050 ('Ol'll"TJo:8T AJo"TF.1l .:....··OIlT /o:rarten. She ~'Iahl'<l to learn Dlore
"r IhO! o('tuIII lllshle worklnga at the
the benelll ot playen tram the Re-
liance lind MaJeatlc IIludlOlI. The eo- UNIVERSAL STUDIO
Dot Gould Sterling' 5.050 0.' OSlo: W.;.~I\.
police <1epart'mnt, lind with Director tire foree of the IWo companies turn-
Hollywood, Cal.
~~I\V~~~Plin:j ::~:~:fi~~~e..... ~:8~8
ed out and the IIUbUc alan In Dum-
Juat about a week ago Irene Hunt '~·I::~te~~.K~II~er:1~:n~.I:~e~~c~e~::i ben. Grlmth "·.a IImong Iboae In
1, at the Rellanee Co" lIad lIardly a 11011... c,ourl tria,s. Ilnd llalned a llen- Ihe audience.

1 SRiugntheHAaUrtmen.::~... : .Reliance..... 5,000. vote, now ahe la headlnR the Ils1 nf. er"l knll"'led/te of l> Ilrocedure.
The play wlla made while Ihe creat
Rh{' met lhe pol:re reportera, and aa~' dlreclor wu wllh Ihe old Blollraph
GoU' FavoritePJayers.. 5,000 Her atandlng In our ('OIHest 1,n thla Ihelr melhoda In haodllog pollee. ('ompaoy. and Blanche Sweet and
1 Bob Leonard ' UniversaL. , 5.000 weelr.'a I..ue ahowa that ahe hBII nUI·a. Chlet or Pollee Sebaatlan. the Henry Walthal have Ihe leading rolea . (',... "_117","_ 81 .. 0&. ••• caIo_~
beell receiving "lItea from every 1,laln dOlhea nH'!n, and a number at "·hleh. It may be atated, they haodled 1I0LLl'WOOD, C .. LIII'OIUII"_
I J. Warren Kerrigan Universal. . 5,000 aouree. Mlu Hunt has B hoal or till lire "mcerll. IIr)' conalderately ex- ISO aucclllBtul1y ae to pa\'e tbelr way
Louise Lester_ .American.... . 5,000 rrleDda throughout the atalea lind t.lalnt'd the worklnga ot the polke to the Illllional repule which they now Cili.... S.. iDgI Bau
thme Who heard or her candidacy gtall"n 10 MIB6 .-funt. enjoy. The production la lI~t-el ....
Edna Maison... .. Universal.. 5.000 While a dllferenl IY]Ml ot play
:·1 Adele Lane. .. .selig. . 5,000 ~=~:, wlllingly come 10 her aaalg[· ct'I~,~~/~ionatl'l~~;~I~~r~"~el~e~~~u~~: and rrom "The Ellrape' 'or "Tile Avell"g- atao haek ai.ln. tunDler thall ever,
At the preeent lime 1II1.. Hunl la tera. While Rt Ihe hoapltal the police lnll ConllClence:' raDb among th_ Cbarlle Murray playa the leadlns
Wm. Garwood American.. 5,000 being teatured In a Reliance drama ambulance lI.rrh·ed '11'1111 II boy who maaterplecea. role In a KeyatoDe, one rool comedy,
Wm. D. Taylor...: 1Ialboa........... 5,000 and In the efl'ort to aecure reallam had !Jeen acddenllllly ahot. Mlea Mallallter Perklna la cloelnl tbe "The Nol.. at Bombl."
ror her latHt newapaper picture, Hunt. ~'ho haa hlld conelder.ble ex- week by realurlns "The Odallaque:'
,Anna' Littl~., U~ive.rsaL. 5,000 "The Ellpoaure," ahe ,penl two en- perlence In bel Lit a nurae. a..leted Donald Crlep'a productioD or the de- M-.rpret WhIaIer I. bllaUy eng&J"
Henl')' Otto.. ....j Amencan..... 5,000 lire dan at the Loa AOlelea Ii0Uce
atatlon alld Recelvlnll Hoapltal.
lhe l>oHlM! SUrl!:eOll In dreaelng tbe
boy', ....ound•.
partment alore girl who Will a alave
to draM. HeDry Walthal, BlaDche
In preparing BOme Dew treaUonlll tor
Franc'" Ford'a &enaaUolial ltory,
Eddie Lyons. ...UniversaL 5,000 10 "Tbe Expoaure." Mill HOllt Ie "It Willi. a. great .experlence, IIod I Sweet, Wallace Reed and May March "The Campbella Are Camlnl," ·Mrs.
Lee Moran Universal.... 5,000 .lalD teatured aa tile aob alater on a enjoyed H Immenael)'." aald MI.. and Robert Harron are a~n to ad-
vantage In thla piece.
Wblaler hu a moat wOlldertnl collec-
blS dally, who la lnatrumental In Hunt. enthuel"atlnlly. tion or lD1ported. gownl. 10 wbleh a
AI E. Christie UniversaL 5.000
Ed. 'J.. LeSaint... Selig... .... 5,000 Of:RMAN OO\'ERNMENT TAKES
--- ~orma Nichol.... leadlns lady wUh
Comedy will ha"e a big part i:l amall tortnne ... InTlllted.. Thla doee
the bill. Cllarlle Chaplin and Roacoe Dot aar that ahe.oDI,. plan the 1Od-
lhe Keyatone Co.. under Ille direc- Arbuckle both Ilppearlns In "The ety D1atTOIi. 'M~. Wblaler h.. apo
W. Cb.s. Robinson Biograph. 5.000 MOVIE nECOl108 OF THE \\' An.
MO"""enl 10 Dlapro"e AtrocllJ tion ot Walter Wright, la worlr.lng Roundera:' • comedy or nilltbi lire peal"l4 Itl numeroua comedl. IlDd
, J" Tom Mix Selig........................ 5,000 (''(N uPI""aHe Sid Cllaplln and Cbeater In a larp city. played everythlDg, e.ven the hulltble
Col. HeMa .Llar, Shll'wreclr.&d, la COlored aerYant.
Elizabeth Burbridge N. Y. M. P. Co.... 5,000 The New York Sun ot Sunday, 'oc-
Conklin. Tile company la at Sa.nta
,\Ionlca Canyon tor the production ot
'I ' George Larkin.. .. .. Universal.. 5,000 tober 251h, prlnta a commUDlcaUon a Weatern comedy. Min Nlcholla la
tram one ot Ita torelSIl correspond- a Loa Anselea girl. 18 yeara at ale
enta to the elreet that the Elpreaa an<1 her llral picture ahe will be Nt-
Film Company, a connectloD: of Pathe membered In. wlI' "How Hernea Are
Frerlll, haa been commlaalODed by ~lade." . VOTING COUPON:
~~~aloe:u~:fD~o;~~~u~::tJ~r::;e ttt; ,\laxTheDavldaon Inimitable 10'., Tladler and
have the leading rollll Good for Fifty (50) Yotes in the Photopl.yera·
eou~ at tile war, Theae plcturel In the alde-IPllttlng Komlc rarce, Weekly Popul.rity Contest. .
are dealcued to dlapro"., tbe com· "Cupid and th(o Poal," dlrect&d by
munlcatlon .tatea, charS8a at Oer. ~:ddle Dillon.
man atroeltlea. Under cert.ln con-
Dllvldlon, .. the prlnler, createa
dltlona I«Inea of actual f1lbtlog are
belol taken. The cODduct at the an embarualoK poalUon tor two pII~
Oerman BOldlera atter tb. eapture oC ot lovera, when he trao,po... the Address
a city la belDI recorded bJ the moTle tlme on the marrlap 1l0Ue... Aa
matt. The Oerman IOTerDment b.. ·the I'ftult, each Ilrt m....rle. the
"elled tbll omelal recolnltton at tha wrool maDl but Ihl IncldlDt IITea City.
Compliments of lmportallce ot moUoD picture recorda
oC the war wltb much leerecy. Tn
the printer 10 Idea tor whullol the
love or bla temperamental aweet- Ule u· ,:"any 01 theu couponl U you like. bui they mUal reach

FI~ST NATIONAL BANK the meantlml, on Ihl taoa ot evid- heart, who thua rar hu bee'n able to ua not later than one .week after date.
ence, It I. .ma probable tbat Path make him eat dirt, BO to lpeak, Tod November 28th, 1914.

S. ~. Corner·
on the CODlllDalon of hoetlllUea wtll Brownlnl_ aDd. Blilli Weat allo h ...
ha"l BOme unaqu.Ued plcturea of tbe prOmlDent parll 10 "Cupid IU1d the
Illantlll colDbat taken UDder tbl Poat," which wl.1 be a Komlc Nlleue
moet ruorable auaplc•. al part ot the Mutual prolra.m.
seventh a~d Spring NOMINATION COUPON:
Good for 5,000 votes in the Photoplay....' Weekly
Popularity Contest: . . . .
.Aiilt. IN" TAlLOn Name , : !.
Address ..

WE S~~ y~U
F. flO to $40 .r
..." .......CIh '
·~~~~;;;;j··b~ ~:: ••:.::·••:••=::••• ::.:::::~<~• ?:~::::~:.-:- . "
,Oal, eme of th
C'CN1lO!'I' will be
,) .
:...... ...1..'
to.;.'........ '

_ _ ......... _ 11& -.

,~IOI47' I 1',.. .... PIOIIID 0611. MJt:D8 . . - . . 'fO 00Aft
Pun RnIO ~ L., _-:=~~
·Comet Mill & Lumber Co., ro~::~ a::~t TnU:"Ir.:. 1KI~.tlll:: =..r.r: !:~.c::.~w=·=
" ~Q....iA,NDRiTAIL . will f'WU1D. tlMlr work q tlM new
w.. 1la IfO .. latland . .tended Ua ,I•
llcltilUo... · to "8Jl,0rt1" Hamlltoll- .tndlOllwbloJl, Mr, HOI"I'-7 .. 1tolldlll..:
'~05<00 the. 101mltahl. OCImedla. 01 tile 'IDOII' In tlMt citr, ;

" Kooo6W IloOIdUc
Maill Sta.
'eompaDI., Wh.D h. ab&n4o."
tJaeh.lorbood tor tbe uprem. Ill...
I I buabUd or MI.. IBtbel SpU
That "remony .... 1eI1'tla1,. o r
IIr. Horsl.y'. ~t P1Irebue 01
tile hank C. Boetocli: AalDUJa b.M
n~tated tile ..tabUabmnt 01 a
mammoth plant on UI. cout lor Ule
wben "Bull' Durham became. proper ftplolU.II., Of ZOo aDd tn
.... MiU _ .... Aa\&llo ,!" tlte r,elpl,nt or ennll'atul.. UODI on maktAa Of all extraordinary len.. iiI .
bl. mlrrlaa. to MI. &dltb Smltb- aln,le aod multlpl. reel· allllnaJ pin-
r -
. man. ADd .ow SU,.Ae H. AlI.A, ... tarn.
·al.tant to Produeer Inl:4l, la a recnall'
With the a,lendld faeHlllea tor
to the ranb ot benedlcu. Mr. AI. lakIn&, efllry kind ot moUOII. plctol"ll
1.,.n.1 . len'. bride II MI.. Marlar~ Tbomp." whlc'! tbll .Iaborate layolll will pr{)o
'011, one or Iba Ince"lIl. INdID' w{)o \rId. In Lee AACalea, Mr, HOl"ller
~::~d.~b:ICO;::P~; R:~~
neaHY at 8t. Cathtrlna~a Roman
::t:: il:~
:ia:::D': ~:tnu:::.J:' :::
winter, aDd tor rel.lO. baa eloaed

, Phot~plaYers. Attention I
C.tholle Church In Oeean Park and dowo tbe Jeraey atudlo aod wHl do
are IIOW enJoyln.. an ezteDded boney- all of ha produdn, tor Ih• .nul Illl
mooo tou~ throuKh the eoutal month. ID Caillotllia.
• Iatel .lId Canada. Milton H. FabReY, lOll' uaoelated
Th. Secood 01 • .me. ~ A pratt, romallce, III Which Mr. "Ith Mr. HOrlley and I ....nlly,coll_
Allen n't1rllo:! I I a bero In more ceded to be one 01 Ule lour ,reateat
DINNERS IIIInN' Ib'n one, and MI.. 'rbompaon
I I a' vlNhn or the oceao'l fory,
dlrectora III tbe world, aDd bla tal.
enled wlte beaded Ule n.t of ml-
dwell. hack ot the cUlmlnutOD•. It &ran,ta, wbleh Inelo.ded HarlT La--
I. a romanee of the kind that tbrllla Pearl, tbe tamoUi panlOmlmllt, cam!-
:~~h Ja~e::;rt~. ~o~~nlrh:a:~~t~
moUon picture circlet.
::::It=J~~ ~~' proPerty
Tbe Barona' ractor" wbleh la at
Mra. Allen-wblln .he "aa MIM . Ihe Pl"IMnt time· tORlnS" out about
Thomjlaon-l!egan her eareer before 350.000 feet 01 enmme~"1 pnndng
Ihe camera aa an ntra ..Irl. Bat .. well aa tbe MIlia F1l)na' lIepU"e
Mr. 'nee lAW In her anu.ual atWn. and Poattl"e prodoct, will "ennUnue
< nleDI. an~ .be rapidly advanced. to a to work at top .peed wltbout ,Inter- .
~~h~ll~o:p:a~~a..dll~"t~:~:~t~t;j:: rUf:~~~ci. Horale; ezpectll to IM"11
lhe IlIce enmpanle. that alie deelded "Ith bl. ramny tor Lee AD..ellll b&-
Compliments of one day I.....t .ummer to .wlm about
~~a~::t oc~:: W~I~herala~ I':II';::~:
tore the end 01 the montb.
'AlD_ aattoD. lead InK 'WomaD &t
aludlo.. Inee..lIle, emphaUcally declare- that
WSQN & KERRIGAN Wallace She ...... more Iban two bundred
Yllr". from Ihore When abe ...... Lsed
.he bu ne"er made an analytical
Uudy of tbe lower . type 01 women'.
with a cramp. Sbe lAnk aDd Mr. And Yet one 01 ber mOlt rfllllarkabl~
Th~ Directors' Delight
Allen. from bla otnoe, ..w tbe dan- ICeOmpllabmenta II that 01 Interpret-

~m ..-\sn )IItS. UOWLISG HE'." VI' " ('AM~n" MAS'R I'LiGHT. ::~ PI~ne,~a~nt~O~~~ltr~k~~.=~. ~~~':::Id~~h:fh~~~:~':u~;a~t~~
At New U~iversal City H\' TIU,IS 1l0nll~R8
Putllill one OI"lIIt on I train robber Wonb and MlUIle by Yord I. Iklebe.
'rhe 1Il1l0n of ralne ha" arrll'ell on
IUtng ...·Iflly to ber .Ide, ba ,ra.apeo:t.
:'oil.. ThomlllOn and carried ber to
ahore. From that day on th....
tlet: by her .pleDdld work In ".1
Crook'a," an Inee produn-
1l0h. lOOn to be releaaed. Mr. In~
I, aometbloJ: that I, Dot ac<:oml'l1.beol Ihe.conl. II.tanl seneral mallacer aod thli bu repeatedly. cut Klu Hutton 10
eyer,. dIY, lod for lliat renoo ...·ben A .euon· (If llhotollla)' nulea; , le.dln.. "'oman had been cbaractera 01 thl,. kind and ahe baa
the attempt \1 .ucceurul It I....ortby It ralnl, and It ralnl. and It r.ln., in eacb otber·. company wh. . tb. ,never murmtlred an obJection. Whea .
of note. But upeclally rare are tbe and It ralna. day'a worlt ...... done. Tben followed playera at the Inc:e..lIle .tudlo. baa
And wblln 11'1 not ralnlnll. It driB.' lhe announcement and the weddID,.· _a bllr work III "A Crook'. Sweet>.
DON'T FORGET In.tancea In which a "'oman h.. nl-
ured. IS tbe ... Inner. Sucb 11'11 tbe
caae, bowe,'er" aeveral· year. aKO on
It rain. In the 1110rnlnll;. 1I'a r...lnlnl
and Raymond B. Weal, the "boy dl-
:rl~~'~'t~ ~~, t~~~ ~~~tborat~:t
certalnl,.· mo.t hue made a deep
an nut-sOlnl CaUfornl limited, and
tbe .tory I. told oec lon...lly wltb at noon. rector:' "hlle MI.. EnId )larkey aod Itudy ot .uch women. Tbelr'ata~
clee II)' Joaeph J. DowllnK. tbe vel- And It·. raining mOlt all ot the :'oIl.. Loulae Glaum Nned the bride. meota, howe'er, were met "Itb t~
eran cbaracter ...ctor, .,,·ho I. 110'" ap- night. I'.4pI' J. MOOrt!', who aeTaral reply tbat .b. hu nllYer even roa
The big pe... rllll with the companle' or Thom_
&I H. Ince. )Ir. Oowllnc tell. the
And 11111 cameraman alia t When' he'.
not thrO""log ntal
1l101lth, '&'0 reell1led bl. poa\t10D..
cuhler ot Ih. Hotel Altor In' Naill'
a ".hlllln&, .boeker." "I ba" Ill'
oul ....t praeUcally all my life," ..,.;
• tory or hi. lldfe. tor II ."...... be ... bo ,\nd prayl ror an actinic lIgbt. )'ork to go 10 Long Beaeb and b&- ~t1.. Hutton. "and the wllIt ne"er h.,
All Star Cabaret bt .beer thouchtrulne.. and quick.
and concerted ...ctlon defeued tbe And Ihl. I. the long th.t he .10g. I I
("(lme auditor or the Balboa Amnae-
ment Produclns CompaDy-'whleh
been tbe .tamplDg 'gronnda 01 crlm-
lnall,)' InclLned women.·' . '
band Ita at tbelr own came. he alta ne"" polltlon b. baa nUed with bl..h Hra. AaneUe Ray, .bDtoIeaa of tb;
Features Mr....nd Mra. no",·llnl. "ccordlnl In Ihe ahade of a maddenloc cloud, ability - I. a living teallmoAlal to rea.taurant Dear the Balboa plant, la
to tbe atory, lett Portland to returll
to New York after a tour or Ibe cout.
A few nllbta prior to tbelr departure
And hi. t"'·o arm. he awlnc. . . he
.lta and he Iinp -
In II "olce that'. uou.uany loud:
~~th~~~t~~~:~~~:lav~~:a':te,o~ t::
hu ..alned tourteen pounda In ..ellbtl
=~o p~"::el;.e :b:~=j,.t ::3: ~t
dainty meala .be prepa.r.. A COIQ-
the Sbllta' Limited bad been held up ""'0'" I ..k In ttle name or the Hun' II nee takln.. UJI bla ruldenee In tbe mlttee ot tbe tb",,- ... Mea ap.·
~~~~ ..::riti~~:· :.~oe:laaa:l:: :~e:..toag~w:r~.:ceo,=,
and Ibouu.nda or dol1 ... ra 10 mone)' }'Mrltc:h,
aDd ..alaablea takftl trom tbe ~ .
have deelded that Calltontla Ia the M .... Ray .. a t..u.. . .·., ......
i::~;; w~I'a ~o~~~ntD~:I~~~ And a rrlllllY of mad deaperatloD,
Jual' ""here II tbe .un! 'Old It tall ?~1dI.ll of tt:c1'::~!4,...alld thll)' wm app.-.el.aUon 0111;.,. --z.~~.d ~""'"
to ttl. metropolll w.. Impera.U". nd In a dltcb! ~ ••" ~, n """
lI.r bu.bLod peranaded b.r to baa'"
te.. r. . •
Precaution, bowe"er. w.. a watc1L.
.. ,-
Or drown In Ita own perapl~tlol:.!
"AIl dI,J %Quat I .It on tllli camera-
;O:c"e...;;~lh al~lr:er D~:~~~',:::d,,~ ,--",~.,...,~.

All d"" whlli!! tbe .un remain. bid!
ablea under Ihe matlre.. ot Iher Why. I'd ralher be home wllb acute
Prices berth. 10 her hand·bag .he carried
wbat looked like $:'.0(10. lIut What
c1)lcken po£
Than "'earlng a camera-lid! I
In realllY wu a wad ot .tage blli•.
at enveloped on the out.ltle hy a genuine
n"e-dollar bill. "'For al" drea;y dan In the ..eek 1
mUll .11
A. luck would have II, rolllleNl
tJoarded Ihe train. Flr.t the COil· .Illlht here rrom a quarter to. nine
ductor ru.hed through the car In Till lhe th'e o'clock whl.lle fill
wblch )Ir. and :'olra. Dowling ""ere tJl"""n and "'e qult-
The Casa Verdullo Cafe rl~log and .houled a """'nlnl. Theil
, An,1 on Sundar be' II come out and
came the tnln ere"". "'hlte ... Itb fear. Ihlne.'·
736 So. Sprina: St. Then followed the bandit•.
"Come acroM." they commanded And 10 he keelll ""alling ror lunahlne
each pallenger In lurn. "dump your and lIghl.
coin In Ihe bas." E"errone obeyed. While drlnle and water and w,t,
Pre.ently the men approached Mra And great gohe or OOW that ghe blm
Do..UoS. thebluea

$20 SUITS "Oh. pleue:' pleaded Ihe actor'l
...Ire, "pleue don't lake my money.
My bere II a conaumptlve
and 1 am takloK him to Colorado for
Are whal he II aure he will Ket.
:;0 let u. all breathe a ahort pr'Yllr
tor a drought
To eaae the IH)Or ('ameraman'a
FOR $20 hla health. 1 hue t.,,·o children and
we are almo.t deatltule.
don't rob me."
But the cold-hearted robbera heed-
Or. if It mUlt rllin. with our mlSht
and our main. . Chas. Clary of the Selig Co.
ed not Mri. Do... UnK·' plea. They Lei UI pra)' that 11 falll In the
took the roll or Itage mOIle)' en· nlKht. .
wrapped with a real blll and eon-
Unued tbelr procellion to tbe end of Mlaa \'Iolet, McMillan haa Kone 10
the train. •But tbey weakened and Santa Monica and la pla~lng with the
.uccumbed to the woman', entrealy. New York MoUon Plctu" Company.
Tbe .martell JarmNl~ 'rhen Juel betor:e they lealllld from }o'onl 8teTlln([ 1. rellOrled to be very
enr .bowa In the elt,. tor the tra.ln they came to Mra. Oowl1nl Rick on aceount or overwork. Hla
and tbre.. two lwenty-dol1ar Kold rrlend. and admirer. are very mueh
$20.00. Hlch-cnde r.brICi. pleclll In her .Iap. Ever Iince that llrleved about bl. IIlne.., and bll
expertly band· tailored - day Mra. Dowllng h.. heen looklnlt tllledY re<,ovllry II vllry mueb hoped
f1t'f1fy ,alt backed by Wood for them to return $36.
ANTEE ot perfect l.tI.t.C-

tlon In f1'ftr'7 detail.
Mod... 10 broad. url,t,.
trom the popnlar Tartaol to
the COOMrTaUYe patten. to
lull f1t'ery lndl,.ldual lute.

'NO. Th. Mol'rilto" .. elpecl. cbl. l1 over thl! eIly IQme dlYI . b&. and Ihe Etghth ""'e.· .- ment or the meo ". a len.Imu. sallnl lIelrl)' I hilt or mlllloll dol· " nil'" Cl.~~:.rm. uUler hand III)me ny the plcturea lhe leeretlry or . hlllldl'lld doll In advancll GREATEIjIT ~nuc~::IsR'~6~~1I:r )~'..I.I. Declmb4!r COllt. lIod delerv_ edl)' IWpullr.. 01'1'0 Ill' Till! Io'rolllllllll AmUllelllent Co. Ind II to hal'e • •tudlo ut H.. .. mUIlOtlI lnlh h. N. 111 remain have been eppolnted omd.NGKLE8.. of N.'S~r 1C1l1l' be rel. I" tUl'«t<. tbroUllbout tbe counlr...n to lbe French Govunmenl 1I11l''7 IIf"1t:ht:uback.~~e'~ea~l~:::s'::- " ·..Monday evenlnl.lve thOM tUrtl IolxhlbHon Which II Ilw.tudlo n" . Mutu.'l~~. 19i.'1 Ceouur plallt I. t'Ollllllhu. t •••1 to the Leonard Abrlhm.ll·known In the Motloo 1'1eture York lodlr .l)' . ILlKKlIlIl Ihl..oa!. \ ''.ly .~o:r:lre:~1O~~~'l:~: ::~·I:.:'~":\~I. pl. n conlldel'aUon.1' pletu~ at Da1'1d. Whitman Benllett..a. eomM.. 10 he &lien. aDd .U.l eIn. I CIeucI-LiD. uut hll lnternt. with Iii . will 1M Mr. r..'&m<>W1 nail of the Scrt!llll ClUb Of New York Is no" aooouot:ed to taltl! plleo II" the Iiolel Altor tnr yelr..r..m II larlle pretia delllTlmellt.ttled Ind 1I1lfts compleled. ture bOUI. from s. for IU' unkno.~~~t~: . hn Ioeen uslnl Ihat of the R.• arrl . rur I lum allll:re· hi Mutlbn I'lrtun•. I..llance II olrerlnlt" II. wbere [. JUte J.. ~Ir.·:~u::~eu~Cl~.bl1lhtnll Jeetle b.U~I~~:. b.. 71h."~I:d ~:t ~~'I.nt . I'alhe •·. "hT~ol~:. Ille 01 " Ire now on the bltlle line trylnl to the. 8&7.JSlIlltned lhelr oonlract to I maUlns Ih. takea them Iher..·bulln. dlrecloTi Ire . Sam. Thl... no olb. I .lon . It Grand CllItrll Patlee . Thl. 'Fare Los by ·tbe critic.t~ol~e~III:~I:::. over other \'oneel'QI "'ho 1l.tudlo on Ihe COIIII.. NEPHEW 011' t:on'e II pinner wtth OI"ld V.r.': ~:?~~f~~:.""l'l(fl 1111. of tbll UatilJ. Herelotore 11 .. Qoldbel'l. The ..tbe NaUooal lndlpelld_ i'lnt Motton Ploture D~rd or :r'rade I.the cOlllplIny. ('lrdll... KeU::::e ~~h:~el:. PONTIUS.~ ""::~~:'II'I~\':'. tusnpb.... Illld'hoth Intend nl..from New Orleanl..·i:d~~.ealad b. ... the nnt ~hll. fol' a Cl'HICllm or lie hn bern dlr.D£RT A.In lIe adml. botb or lbl!m (. • . h.laad.c. dl)'. th. 10nl: tlme bllell dlilruul or potlflllllnS I . 15 o. ~rd::~~~I~~p::.I'\ I' RAILWAY bill roolD In Amerkll..n Dleso. ~:. Pictorial 1l'1l Mountain Scenic Trip' . I)' ut ball . ~:::~:~~·I:d~~i. Lett_ reret"ed from Io::lwln Alrtllldr thllrll bu been announced an' Thlnhou.w w..1~05~:~ U.the ~ aonounee Ihat tbe)' flmon.. In Min.nture for three )"UII lur 'lklnR IIf. "-.:ho dilly malt. ealabUlhed a bureau In tbe Timet butldlnlr.hllwn aide by lid. to Iu~rlbefl Ihe Cummerdal ntophnne Co.ltb lara.. tlOIl plet.. Th. nla· IlrnllZ.1 b)' II..dvaotls.~11~~:....I.rIIOl'aUon Ino name II".Bulldlnl .v. . Excunion From all teature 111011 lIroduced hllr. pllce tbem 00 11!1!'<'Ie<1 to hind Ie Ihem.:'~d::. til lread lb. ~~~ttob:h~h~C~al~el'::~Cr:de~~:~ker~ r.hilt llll't't:l lhe WIl' h'" On Ihe nllli Ihillment .':.'E r~OTOPLAYERS' WEEKLV..f:~r:elno. Som" theltre own.rch. 'lienc.. ~ woaoi...l' of lhll Lite Pholo "'Um Corp. the)' are IlIked to PUrChllle...'re.ned berore thiS rlllchlli )'ou. 'T'.m.~t1.cllnK leverll bll'l aeenell ror their !. tb....::"..·llke Illctures.vl! :~c.t all IImtll 10 r...~.YEMBER 28. German t:onc''!rn are now In l'Ie"" \·ork.mle 1.. neld h..lene)' In IHlen their valuel IN AMERICA or ••oeroul prol>ort!ons to lie located ' I... l1t'rl1n h.od the lint Vro.. ODoe. u 11m. whleh h. . Ilennetl wa...t. • for... St...1 altractloDl.." ()f the Malton l'lrturl World'- )ltlerttar1 of.1 rorces.. lee·llr..ltc* dlKoI""" that Bert An- aelea it dtreeUlI."nual IIltIl or the MoUolI Pie- pr. Ir. PACIFIC ELECTRIC: lllI:ore l'eal "ar nlm... on tba 11th floor Home cia. an WbON bUllne. Plck. .. Induu.r Ilulllllins It ~. ut . 191~. 001'1' beeo dennll. b. Three feUI a. Aaywbere OD Applicatioa during tbe leDlIlh of Ibe war...i I .t le. er."llmt "r 111mI'll' Ifrlnlt rrom Ihll !lOON Angeles nle and tbul be In I poaltlon to III an)' Umll know the value or fellture nlm. Ile)'he. hkh UUltavfl ~'rohmln II Ilrtllld. omo.h"wn h"'e already been _0 b)' au. The LIte I'hotn . rrllfl ezhlbltloo 011)' h. Yet no dlslrlbutlnx nrlll hili been B£TIER GO "ho will lmmedllt. . Umlt tlllIlret In April Mr...Jy Who are pl'oprlelor.:'.. bllluj.. J..r prodoclnl end or tbe mo- ~ D.':~~~~~~: ' L.. M... In addillon he ha.aaky picture Ihould CtIrlllnly l'llve th. JUlt .'11111 Corv.rell malallud...~~~og.lUet 10 tb. Ne ....•ot. r.~ Hortel. To Indlette th.:.. l' actt.l unly the elite .r~~.II' York luburb. ed In N. C. rhlrRll of the Jellle l.~".le arranlem. "Springtime" ..·loul.. 00 Ibe It S. halll\lI. dr.....reat productlonl. for I .. Latest New York News' I~:~~m~ml~' ~~~. hoa beeo IUe<'1led- .~y~lat~.. ~ of lhe Burlllnd Tbelllre In the ItlWl'OR CENTAUR COMPANY. 25 Mil.WE ~ ~~O..ln "r :11011111\ Picture thllatl'el.'~~~:. Traffic-. 01· wblch II nld to conl'ln lbe noe. . what! .'SATU'RDAY. Ihe ohlrle ror a .. "'ho hlA had Liteoahue Seat Aa.ldenl. ot MoUoo Pic. aUr'iJ.·• ror the COlli Ihorlly 10 com.N ~ elll. w. TP... $2 Tbelr pi III II to atl. thelltrtc.. l\ellPrl1 llre•• 1I111!1It ror tbe Shubf'rl Tht'lllrlul So . The . will known on tbe Klvllll on.Ff'SRSON DE ANOBLm..~Aw~t~\fln~IC(l~!~~uolI' :~: ~~: ~onr~:~l..":' hi I. JOllrn'll W.~ .er founder ot thl famou llll'ltlr ('nt tnr the Grind\I~~e:~.~~r~nllP~I~~: ~~:~:VI~~11 ~llll~lll~~~f~.r...1 Hoell... Ao Important chanse In tb. or tb Clndllr· . They tbeo IlIleod .r 111m ".v.U roolll--or courae tblll II the a rb.o he lold lot:k Rhow lind wtll 1I1e them entlr. .

w..: alter • . )Ir.... reeo. .tor Artbor had a . • blcb al- Holl)' .aUn. Schiller Theater In Berlin. or"an..ed ell'_ e" Bero- Iteln• •ould be tbe ooe to take It. =u=: . MELFORD atud7tne there ... THE ODALISQUE" Kley W&l WIlU. photoplarer'a borhood achoolln.. ... afl«t . lOII'ernlDulal military hlbltotl' Produe.::: 1 4 a. Bernateln.. atter. TboM wbo l tord·.. . _ .='=: ~ ="~. JlUended b)" a r .. rec:elved b)" Frencla Ford Ind Oraee Cuoard of tbe UrilYenal Corn.a to LOll AOll:elu. A:Yter-n..cadoIi pIetan a.kly topla.:'~~::n~r?~~4'Wblw Hottl•. d~tod Hllll. . O.tomary Ice cream Ind entree. In the number of ladl.eelLa allo an Inll'ltition -' ALLEN CURTIS...:LulU¥.. tencer.... =-..lmmer..-:-==. a cua. .n bow ..O.'be:~~~t:: rele.ork min. Inchtdln..... In SOutb Am. .W8OD an4 U..RSST.n be- ~ncrete 10 .0 yea.m.00woe4 comedian.....1I '5 feet loto a rlll'er. . 1llor from a oumber ot CIUltenl of THE AD\'E!\"'TUItOU8 CARE.:::~ l:oU. only mad.. .' -.. .1914. dlatrlcla: Mr. E7e'.~tl~1 ~~~r.. nF. durin.. ~:~~~h.II'••tb Rea:. be for- I1labed " bla: tbr:lll br a bit of . poaaIble ---tftI!rtonds of quality staDel out . .hed 10 .. Ylaa euoard .~.ho NEW OPTIC cam•••rly ••r.1.. IU UoluBLl employees. . c. ' .t tJi. Hany Schumm Lone Beach atudlOi of tb. llt.~~~ . whlre tbe ItudlOi of tbe California LOS 'ANGELES.. .E about tbe dinner• •hlch w.. In evenln.. He al14 hla mother thell made a tour of aU tbe ::~'ndIE~~~. He mild. UNJVmI8AL FILII beadquartetl. lb. . loe up re.."'I:. . ~troa)( runDer.u..._"': 'Y':::=. . eated..ars In 11111'101 charlcter 100per. .pIa no1rI ••at ht an .net reproducUoli of. future Fuller and other Itlrl. .bove all others. BJOGDI' DDfJrIIR OP . Ceuilleld. lIk...u. hi. .Ilch In Hansel Ind Gretel. called by lIr.e Motlol1 picture art then attracted . four mile.. Durlac ba out- J. ERI.. ten ye&n.0rklnS" UDder tbe dlree.wiOitSFIU. 1!:rllolU . la the I_dlnl aoprano rr )latbe"l at the Powetl IlIldlo u· IIiAIM)lt}.L co. tbat be.u TIl.. ~~ ... .. .ler... Erlana:er .! • HoD7-ood.:ti~"". Wlr• •erl r. .... Ileu- taaaDt ud lIlen. Mr.. Kllr r_I"M HYlr11 eoneratulatory 1.ot. Leemmle . ..i~~:-::=-_-j. .llld ahlt tbe)· were real Ih'e hum. For ..ltb tbeon and p1"01ll1...- we. ..nd Itter tbe ftrst perform- tbe country.1 D. took place. mother.enl to Sew York told ber admlr.. HotUe in the Couatry that Dou Not AUow Trpp~ to produee uSalom7'Jaoe. dumb."-=verrllody _med to know about :Ihk~ra~~~~~: ~~~~n~~:: t~:'d~~~II~~ !tlll.Ie.. he became a atudent at the Company and wltb Dlree. THE PHOTOPLAYERS' WEEKLY. On Wednaeday lut "rM Kley. furaher tban "Ladles and a:entle- -. more . . on. 10' tbe Delt t.ny.. . MMt.aract. th.. Bllboa eompaoy'l orllaoll. PRAMCD FORD CO. ueoelated laeln Clme from hi. .lnI. hut did nol let aoy Reinforced _ker. t.:r ~~r::r::h:J UIIIVD8#J.. that many olber member. .ram. aod Eduard Schltrt were a.:..lon aod tbe .. tlken If UNIVKJitIA.. of the Golden K..tellftrl. lao Qeo...Itb a with Fred Mt.1....eyttoac:-Comed.utl.~~~ ~.~~~~crlt:::O:f:c. all4 Charlea Stead.\.000 )II.e. 11l:".d ... Deeth Valle)" countrr and IdJaeeot San Ohnu. .."-iboW"Ulrtl&l:f4·u-er Valley Scott.. -='Iz::. D. _ .I.lmulir of the .t.' Where "Ir. I.f. :a '= ::.::uu:: FURS .. :~lo... !donie- men:' Then Ihe audience rellll. I. Iteln mouoted Ih. tau. prep. It Ia act a.n. ot tb.N to call MqR!f1:lY 1r. offtee and found IlYtltllUon tour rean latar . ."='. .. in E""" lUae CHARLIE MURRAY . ..llly be aaJd that bla dlnttlr .• _ nllMIS .. ..~-: . leaped olf a cillf aod Yldeo.. . . .. It ean r. . _ j ~ ~~"'~ ~ -~. . fol- 1011'101 . bra. acllHl of u loclent.platteed beadl. litter oot at abe aludlo.. In d. Carl CEO. .- 1lared for tbl oee.ler. '::::-=: eoctaUOll with tb. Hun- larlal1 ooblelllan.y I. ..r at tbl club. .lltI!Id tbat It the preolldentlal chair. The the ..:. fello• •orb..lolr..CHARLlE CHAPLlN..:' :::-.. . OrUlltb MutUal ~UOD• .... RO~COE ~RBUCKI:. .. the mOlt . who Henry Wlhh. veral month' 10 Sll....~~. He I.-. tbe borse "'&1 brOUlbt to tbe uudlo and Mr. tbe enlbull"l!l broke out...o years be .. .. . .uoe.. )lol&l't DramaUe' con.. Arter ..SEITER DOlle perhall" b•• had .l1act oDe ot tbe l:h.I. ~=..t the E n.rlca...rtv' Mtt1Jla hu . a part_ to Blo Dlmu.0Dd.. ftl1all.. Ind maklne a trip acro. jlrol!:ram . who aladly enter.. I ~ Bey. Iwo of )II. . ~. lAIt'to ~~1MCf:. R Clark JO YEAUIN 11G ~ .. th• •"nln. UOh'eraal City..t the t . lieutenant ba the 8ell'entb aod about a 7IIIar ..peot 1.nd eo mucb alfecUoo by tbe employees for the maoa.11 . rtIt ~ . Later be Arthur Munnl .. PI'OIPlllCtlo.r betne " In pl. Comic Drawioc Seria-A La. ... Blandl Sweet aDd luAIIStar Calli dellallled thli crowd with a tlllW 2 Ra~' - ~':~~\I~ndo~~' . al Ne. . to tilt roral ~~0~n~lnnlc~~~~·1l0~iell!lt:u~:e:e~~r~~~ ~I~~r . Bern- WHAT .:~r~:m. Schradllr... bu. UHa ~0Il" of 1Il.on to Mr..rllll: Oal...teln. ... and Itentlemeo of I _ t or Iloral H_tI ed a per. eompllmeDal In pers. ot tbe Unlll'e.lna tbat tbe IUoeeaa b..r . Mar- WK.. . OrUllth'a prodUCUOD of "ne CI&nI1Ilan...urprlMl on WHOeMa)' lUI.. and tben several IDOOtba be "Ith thc EI[.. Grice CUDard..:.tul ot tb.~'~tolltabM~"':= :::".. or otftce and atudlo will be "Unlll'e.elf 'POke of bl' owo hlab eeteem for Bernlteln aDd em- ph... . CHARACTER IS TO A MAN achleYed . Dur... Bern.t OD-OPeraUOD of beauty and ador-cd byall Handlin&" fint quality diamODda ba Ill. week to hll "'ork . .. the full blooded lodlan actor..Naile L..:~¥~~~I~~ For thne yeatl h. Harry Mllnn IIDd tUrolil career than Frank A. . Ute lUI.t1an.blch h.ldel1ce 111 MIIUI.nao.Uon of Har. . OUlieldort Ind other Ilt. Il II In enjoyable f&l:t that Mr.SIES PIl.. an u:pert. Erlanl... SATURDAY..body for their put conftdeoce lod become a Part of our chU'Kter. p.. .. ia u~ at. . Cunrd "JOk op ber .hed vilitors. !ofackle)" ..... to aab a nil .~ec:b and lion la V oth.. "acatlon of .. Erl-..rtICted by 1Ae PERKINS. . They ac· AmoDII!: tbe "veral Ibou.. hoped.. tor maar CIt)'. .r=..oclated In tbelr Ilrlvate car and the thlrty- I. TwX< W.. 1'00m A!"l'U GIlACF.:IS WITH Cuhi. 10 TH. tell- ~r~-:I:~:h~:~~~I~~~:c!5:1::~~~~ Ei~~~~¥FI~~...duaUoe trom that For all[ mooth. The RetlDeDt of HulAta..r_. anImal.. . 1i.81"1 10 Los AOl'elu COUllt)'.b: yea..J..t~~i~s~eB!~~b:~1z Northern California. MI.:=.O!It...mple end Irr to folio ..I' ' Ooa- . Eliza. to)I::~. 10 be .... .D Fl'&ncllCO and otber plaeel 10 >IOn~tlooa at thelters In Hambur.. Sul»equent.OY. "or4. at tbe Academy of MUlle.. . The trip .-"".. 10.od pho. .reou are now I"Mldenu of VI.are decorated In with red cunaUoo..nt.. Cunlrd'.ward and A el)eC'lal entartalnment .' acceM at an lime.. In atblete of ability. and never tbat ..S "BA.rnlca: that Mr..~ltba d... the Universal Comp. 10 IzaUon anotber ..~th·frwltll ""Deairr-Tll'iD. Carl Frlncl. the And.. were co\'ered In one hour...·hen be . ~~t. SETH D.." £ . CII" to atleod a banquet MILLE:R'S TJ-IEATRE two yea. Ing tutell....(Vlu t .' tbree hvndredth rail .. •ho re.)" pilot.. w.ould bill Klven In tbelr bonor At JuDCtioa 01 $prine aDd Maia Strceb. and pal'" . tol..uaed. the . From hll "blab Mlat" be Iddr~d thOte pree· . ... . e. ~OLLYWOOD. .." Lee La1ftOD aDd Whitey Home of the . l·Sn'll:mt... ot tba V.."!~ _ _J.. .m C.1.. of the dub and It I. Botb of )lr..r llddrnaed . will take him tor n....IOO . ..Wn. Ft-aDd. bl... Erll. more tban pleued to II. San RUaeJ.S . Y&AR AT Tn PH~ PLA"KIW' VLl1B.:'~':=".. Ikltl .lotr.k.. and the leme from Mr.tI In tbe ble tfll. leadloe ciU.ed to Hlanbur".. beln" ezblblted tbrou"bout Ir tbe eoanpany mo..r mlallla... GIUl )a. on tJl.Rod Key_ pipe... u. =tJl.ard ------ eDna. Laeaaanle• •lltln·c for blm. at NiDth" JOUR-~IVU&Al.·L SADDLf:: HOml". In 1lreHntto.. NOVEMIJER 211. THE ROUNDERS" lhe cu.. . eened .::. aDd noa UllOn the . and I partf of lold founded.rei:::: ::I~ t:::r\:'..'0 he Joined tbe !otr.. abe dl. MANUPACl'URING COMPANY er'a pa.ear Ind Mr.. ErlaDII!:.... The COlllptoD)' w.aa••r of tbl IAIkr CoID- to." . Laaer )Ir. _~_ !...rl ~ f or • mo•• taIa . at the a"e of Ion Il'perlod• •Ith tbe Klnemaeolor al!:er ot ahe Unh'enal Film COIDII.~ddl~~ul!:~~enr~le:O(IHllnnU'.1I1y dlntt. AmulMlment Produe!oC Compan)'.. Tbl tablM . upr~ the hope that all tuture .r a 41..loa Compaar.B..... QUAUTY IS TO A DIAMOND In tbe meUl. createet booate. h••dlolt' th.... he remalnhal a member ot ab. the manlKln!t he... · :::~~y~~~d:':{ ::~.lnl Which he ftolll)' lolnll: the ·CIlIfornla Film t~l[('b.. lucky Inoulh to ob. )louotalu br mule araln.. Erlan.. tenor voice and r_ly_ on Thlokl"lvloa Day.". more enJoYlble than the dinner of Wedneaday I. . of • atalq ". ~ the put . : . After ftn . Valparaleo aod other locllillee 10". turned Ih1. a Itudent SIO Dim .. and tbe maoaa:emeot. htl three hDttdredth tall durlq htl ..iiIAH--. Ayree.... b1eb .q: 1Il..ltb mucb talent Joined Count Alldlr'Walleohof. rider.e"'~~~cr~~~~1oth~:e:i~ e~:"M~:o:~bly.Comedy~ ~~:X'::de~~~?~rum~~::~:ih~. . h. to mHt the jol. The party Included F'1TJt Run Licenaed Progrlm Der ot Ibe ".peak to Iheol..t tbe "aret Wbl.aemmle from btl ottle. and toblcco were p..farence to the wiah. Jack Rich- Comedy. tllo _ta. mlnutea (If I!ItoUUOJ and aplilaudla.ork. r. ·I.oo~~ Tbe UOft pltotOp.racter pla)'er . KI. CUSARD.he"" hla alater.. and Mr.oll:e and todlau. . Cal.. of hit. . fir. HeeZAliar Ship~ecked" < I·roar_ In reaard to tbe ble b..Id Ihal he . lead 10K character actor.. Col..« at the l>IaJeetJc atudlo..:... ..:'. alneer In the Roral Th_ter. eepted and Jonroe)'ed 00 . 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Induced blm to .. oaremln I.lYed from LouiN LMter.lbo. r 010' TO LUKr )llnaler Huoter Hotel Stowell "Diff~~nt From Them All" ~:::r::::r:r::i~~~~~~~:o~~::rf~ g~. 1lr..ltlon••beore Iltt.SOIS I-Red K. Ind lub..Mt .. .ctur" on the fthn no... CAL YOUOIl Picture CorporatlOIl are 10- ~eu::~~:.4.'::Jda:-4 .:.nd Jumper. .mmle blm. ceDeral man· reeelll'ed In Pracue aod.OLB' EYE" JrUXE8 aoo-BOOT PALL IN' '''I'BB CL&N8JIIAN" 10 Mr..e.UI.hen Ila...d Inc be chance<! to 'tilit Sao Rata'l. Mill. . He thUl.

) Wrlttell IDd '. . .. G.....··~ Rele.1 UNITE!:! Vf.. THE PHOTOPLAYERS' WEEKLY.'de ramou. UUflro. \9-~ REE. MT88 DOT PARLEY .. GILBERT P. .. 1914 V....dlrectloD G1LHKRT P. HAH~TON ot ..Ll( 8ERVIOE ' (Warn'er'. Weeki.t>"&-:-:: ·HAMMOND ''''AadiOneen ComedlellDe.b The United MeIioo PictUre Pndueen.t Clev. Archer McMackin Wl:h Yeal'1l or Su~ with Th! Eq~n. I ~'aree Couiedy· PrOduction I "By .'b. ~De. NOVE~BER 28.. HAMILTON..ATURDAY. $Tuo16' 406 Coart St" ~ ~ Cal 'a..... ~ ~b~~'ir'~'~I":d(:'. Fe'... tol tbrou.<ur".' .. the.tUriDI. Mi__~tFarIey Two Comll'!t'...

AND RESUMES WORK AT 'rIIJI IU. mao or the old Palhe FreT1lil eom. Balboa...Jlr~tor with the Bal~ pictures.. Haney'." eto.. and . 0.. :~~:..lIt~~:IlI~II~n~~i Illeneed produclo« for tbe now allnost pit at tbe atudlo for the ch. Mitchell'. ot After lea\"- "he WIIB 16 )'Illn of Ille.orpll' tbe UUe rol•. Au or the cllmacUc .d lately... I I . but not alolle. where .rl" ot releuel allo proved a lreat IUe- In "The Kalem Olrl. Mfli. Mr. tb..dln&" HI..~Th:o~::~r~nr:uo:~~~~ El~~tHl::::~ plltol point to "rrona ..""I.ta.. forgotteo Idoloaeope co~paU)'. F. director 11'''' Slut.. Allea -J'raIkb.. Beach.ely by tbe Mr..h. Y. .blbJtlon 01 rldllll.. -l • _.. He I..MlIltary dumaa. Mr. bll' ::n~ :~rJl=~'~· ~~'A':. I. locludllll "TIte a Woman'.an • wonderful u. he w&I NOONl. To brln&" runam buun t_elve reare aao When he com. late ot lbe 'Or- I..t I.'*: 111m written .uth Rolahd.'en.dlrector eompanJ" I.. He 11'&1 the lI..T.:::.." whloh 111m wu relea.eaUUeI '~ .-." "Wben Women Are Po.little" wlto. pbeum. . IJhoto-dramu." Solax campaU)' In Ne_ Jetae. Hla !lCeOIi at the COTOna race m.. Indian Maid'. _narlo editor.t..d .. "Roundup at Dawn. Iba dl.o~h~nY.ta«e.. aut ot cora". _ _ Later . He 18 lIlr. putly because of bll whlcb Is tlntlUell. abe enacted the part or the Rellance.Into the atory'." Hyp.~. Stooe.other comedl.corea of weRtern and In.-dlnlladY of the -1*Il7 II Tbelr Lh'llI. following a yacatlon. The art slvlns him Interoatlonal reoo_n. Rllelll&" havln« written thlrty'eeven produced Career.'" a I... U." "In Peril pI manailoc director two 7eara. comadlu.....lICrtlen 11'&1 (chen In "Ria II.. FUm Mtl. and allO Tbe l.dena Pelllh. WU. l. Heir.mont (In France).. . car NO. Iwlmmln•• and l...~~:=-:~:.tarred In aome til.. etc..." "Blel'. tbe Ed1lon.UWEt" JQISS CROWN' CITY FIL. P'rank Moore. drhen<upoa ln~ Rehool abe enacted lmportlnt New York. ment Producing Company In Long .." wJth Jlr_ ftlma being "The Chance Shot...'::~l:~." wrltteo by tb. Moo". .. ~H ~ Wa1bloe' ::ldLo%e-p at ~ a comedy-drama IUee. Mitchell bttllt' a ':'~~:e~n~~:.. b&l jut yelln and baa won world-wide tame Cameraphone... DIRECI'OR BRUCE' lill1'I'OBItLL RE'l'VR. center of the picture I. ~ Kalem corned I. ". operatiOD THla. 8be wu tbl lI." "Th. ·WH. lIlmed t~ rear. tlMt pertorm&JlCl8 aJ)01l ~ heroine In ." "The. D4ltecltlve.lla MIDI bunt TIi..~'::oatU:r1~~'::d :~~ orloua plctnre.Clrcult.. r.. worked tor more thao • year.'=:::: aacrlftee.. . ...ature .. teature IIlml New York. "Tbe Ulbt la pa'1l.'~. rollo_lnl wblch Tbelatest addition of Mr.. t. £1. One ot MI~a Roland'. employed &I . among lh...8 _ .\f OOKPAl'(r8 THI': n. ol'tb. haa remalnlld fOUf MutolCOtHl eompUlY..aUon III "Wanted.ed1aD. has returned to work releue of hlB comedy'prodllcUou...... notic Nell. Harry Haney. of a 'WOrld-tam· Mr." .~. ft!!I ~ couple of C1l=':~~. Flute. Pathe Freres.."i8 "FROM NEW.. Tbe R. dral.. and Hal...8." aDd wUl ~ of t-.peelalJat beIq corapelled at B1opelaUt. lor twelve reafll a Bruce Mltcbell baa returned troiJ:J.ln. work . Frontier. ·Int. Bar.T I. Future Film. pnCWOIl1 '" llee. He brolllht tor leading ccrporatlOnl 10 tbe East wltb blm II. YO.. .be 1lIal .rmood. \Iao)' III tbe UnUed Sta. contract with ttle Os u "The Kalllm OIrl:' Durlog her . ClUb. ' rol" In 1\ atock compaoy.u-. wbere he w. Hat.PAlII~ STUDI08.. tbe tamonl com.. PaI..\Itbe athletlo prow. aod tbl.. Mitchell took a nnmbfolr ot he ata«ed for varloua eompanili.ay _. where he m.t aluma actrMI to ride .eei with· many otber IUCOI!U8lI In wen ntsh the .IUlY H. the .roducer ot lIrt1t-<:l. In tire...I. "Jlmmle"'Mltehell. company'. Triumph. completed hi." around tb. .I. "Itoll'" ta .. epleod. Yankee.pectally ror bar. Solu. . the tamou She then played & leUDG In vIude." "Romanee ot a Dry Town.\ LBOA OOM. the Kalem moving picture company'a for lon« period• •u~l. now produelnl a tb.e with tbe compaDJ" e'er IlDOe tt . hi.. SliMP Men'.y atler' h18 an1. II lime In \'ludevll1e and tbeD Joined work be w.. The happlett or them all w.. every braoch of tbe moving pletuNl ney Oldlleld..." "Rulh'. pllltUr'l beroln. Wltb the tbe Scarecrow of Os. tweoty-nlne or which Mr. !ltce tat eontract tor tbe and the Weet... _ - ftrat fourteen montha with the Kalllm Kay-Bee. and Stuts No.. t. . "A Boob'. dtan..nce of Bob Burman. CO.rlnteodeot of the Solu labora... ou' eye . Unl"raal and tured la a number of Falrr for~.- qulred 01 a mo. wal her Itar characterl. Mitchell bu been a_nt for the e81eemed by cinema upert& u one of put el«ht weell:Jl~ but bea:ao 'hlil lim the ruoat talented leadefll In lIlm plctuNl tbe da..pla.. manufacturing.

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SA'J'URDAY.. 5.:~~~~::~~ r"c:~~ appr::o:tu~e~: ~~erlmSO:DJO[a:e~~':mt~:~km~yel~~~~ Pauline Bush Universal.00 ..CO..300 llood tntereet l.ll d....·.. 28.QMW who frOm time to time olltlbie lhOll8 ~eUOIII to uplrID.~ ...172.~rlt:abr~:ur~ Ed. u well u tlae " .~..ked.. It wu about 0.. 4.t 10 .051l Signe Auen . $1.. belle'. Christie.a baa aeeured Cbarlle lo'ed...y. ''To ~. .m ot OMalaable will be .. but Ibe II Illeat.-eO:: I t f hIa Jl:l d. And I don't tblDk there lIaltythlDI Name .:. . ItroDC coDlrlbutor ~d alao a nlu- ~~lli~lw~~~:lin."' tor the b1& Ih~w... • I n. will now veD.. B. and the baby are tbe a "lhl"llUQ-tate or lo...1p•. w"'l u deallll. '( f ... I canDot. • . tbe m..our .~~: You've that lOultul w&..10. .... .600 730Soaths.00 adadvveertrti.Y..t for tile ~Du.~1~~W. Co____ 5. aet New York Sun and eDualdered. Louise Glaum N....on '24..00 advertisement 25. B....M. . ~:g~g a . 'hollid pi. D.__ . peete that Ibe will aceept... aDd.. Co. of ~e m. Veal" HM a- Contestant--. 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Arr. .!~ ' 1.. l.. $1..·f I. t F'llIally.'.ractlrilltloo aod 10 parta f*qulr· In..od Pytblal.'~ ~~~aI~~e .:da~~ ~. not bee"uee he III m ¥elerln of _tlog lbe DlOIt ludicroul .tkUtion.1" * ti T..:.t "Til.· raIl.·~·hO ••.h-Wlnther "Id' Irter thtl ntllett_mlle Illke.: l"tleatr1c11 prnte. the R'Qla1an~' aeof'ed .b~~~:lew~~ te~tllo~arned Ihal t.. pie- UI' b~ta~~~~~.teriaUy the Pttalll. C. b..lll i~~:...l Tid.rlo .. maulve eeeoel ..-bm~ "'!hom I .d . 411ltchtld Iller bnund tur Long Hea.· .ted II 11 Btlth. '~Crl:~~ ~~~. .ffected tbe motion picture pt04_l1I.U~\~h~m.iaW. re- G >oil'. rt!"em"lll In I Ne..t1~~~lItt~~ ::~: ~~It. ulll.'P\~~'~~ c1... Job of ~:. M... IU I .'e~~n e:~~ne:. .." b..:~. ttO. movlnl ploU... III _rlnll • ~:I~o.llllil' at lhe nt· JURt 10 much money end time to dn On the ~reell hli ngure III commaod- Ing and maJestlc Ind he cln "eat'" Thursday nigbt Iweh'c lodges of the IbHd districl wi11 attend and on Fri· et lbe New York Theater the Unl.~I~~t~~(" o~~ ..-.oll tIld .ten dInner In I S.~.11 ot u•.e~~~~~I~h.. Si\TURDAY.lon.'·':~~·' ~~. DECEMRER S. t.)' "ne l"r "'urk.n~I~~~~:~o~"dyO . lI11IU. correillond· Iree rein to hill Im. 'tM direction of C... Rltuu nnilly lett til. !I I IConlloued from Pige 1)' which is In si. the malt tt. The Boafd 01 Coatrol made by Detective T.... to do I. popnlar and cl"lcal M1IietkIIJia.dO you A".. Th~n 1 I... to eomlc roll1l. The Topical Rnlew•• new clally tor her Ind entltled "The Ea. 10 '=f.C ~~::... .loathe abl1lty Wlllon....following 109! the thealer being dccoraled in _. m under th" IUllr. Pro...n Interviewed .lth drlmaUc lire tlonl or their belnl. comed)' .·hll. I~~ ~I~d ~~~I1~'.. wherelll he uked tbat a Itrlct OQ~ of halbow. There I .rkk j"lll Nfly .'.rapblc art will an collotr!but..'OIlfllcl..n"~~)~~.d dl. . porter em· "I then walked tnwlrd the . lIa rderred to a ""111 of lhlt hutel til wbom he had belln . York cllllll. I "·..I'!.Dd Itrlll.'!th the nllierial mt hind.·"ueher f".114 1011. mUtt..le "" • lInlJ' l.l r"p. to New York alter rllldlnK re¥olvera . ft4 III'- cbeat.nceltry . which will be shown origlOal cut of "Damon alld Pythiu" I I III Berllstein'.:::r.:: ~~"..ult. HII' 70uth. I need Ihe "·ork..l~.D~~~~t1~: ~. U.b:a~enlf. Danl.nd'.r photopll)'.alllad 1111 thu WIY rrom Phlla- tha m.. 191 . .b~h:lr~?rl:'1w:i~:r:~ fle:~~U::~~r:~e:t:PI~~tth::t~:do~~~~ ~~~"erlt~~~.IIU or "I. . Itler we bad Itrollild eomtl lIlall f"r the job.•..-Ic emotloili.lIllled 10 l.. _!lei'.£1~e~l.. .. ' . but l "'ant- ll.dt~. !I'-lb"l1r~tJU'a It b tb.. ehop-boul. good nlllhl lind appearillllttll.rillittee.nd. Dlma. I· :::a::~ rnental rel8on..n)'. t t~:o:'~.ti'" Co. comlloud of aceo. 1. '~ caDI pin)' four yeara 1&0.01 . ... lI'ho WII late an....h ..:I~~r:·ln~:: E:I. Il:yery and all h.c.. Baron . botb In eomedy lafle COlloort ol"theal.-\n IM.' I Wh u[1llltallllt It' HIIICh.d bHn ell- teNI.. THIS CHRISTMAS MIll Roland'.h~:~~g~~~~ ture JUllt ea long 18 he caree to ~ an:opy~~u~flli~~c:ey~r~fa "~~:~ main.le~r~II~:nll~~ .rge th . F·H77 MaiD 2S04. It II III IdJoh.>ll and our cunverullull . Tille ".'er:~:y~~~e~'IIlII~~~C.~·r~r~.I ... :~~ed~. ahl lpent thrill maUne".·· Durlnl tbe a0ll:lle. '.I~ ~·:'I=':=.Il. WlIlla In th(" licu I found the IPICII outlllde the eallog vlae-e we tal1lllld abuut Ihll Wllr rail IIlh·.lllg tahl. ''1'11 tell rou how I nnce land· Pedro rut.ry Ill)' 10 OOTblre'.011' alach.ry bearillg.:n l~~.. Ibout lO o'clocll and. rl tram hly lJOl"lIel and IIJreid .round the hrotbot city rolhl d!nll III "Wht'll I ~rrj .ot t..~~~ l:'..ult of t"lephone Ind b)' peraonll calli at hll omcll Ind It hll hotel wltbout ~~r~~vikd. of " ba tile: " . 11 I . eoed and .)~.. ....qU::.:t h. _ at lb. Irter "e had ~one .I..••od ~:Cbr:::~~=~I~':.4 . "Damon ..dloll thuleTll.t. fI."Y.a .. .." conUnlied th" who .:~t~e amr~:" ~~:t ~I~~: :~~rlln..~u. depicting ~1~eb~o. week ot Carl 'rOD P'0l1l" director. .~.~~~~ tor thalli tblnKI beyood hll control."oll wt. to I. ~~~I.1e-1I out the flrllt llllllil' Vile-II lOll..-. or- one or tile r&llt.lIbJeot.l L..lgnlld to him. I" th' 10bIJ. Photoplayers.taJ- UOJ:l Meanwhile . Phone.mera m. W...~~~Il.d I" llul min'..m:~~ti :d music .. ~~I~Il~o:ll:ro=::llo:"r:~:r~~~ ~h. ~.:~enitm. ~:~~I ~t ~..:] ~~~:~hC~~·:~~':'IIl.tal .. etc. Ihe .._th.t I.d to I "tllird llllll.0~:.. woulll 1.. a chlracter aPlnr with th" ~1I0 lIud I "'l1li <Jnly I kId.ntel of tlclllllr Illyl" and...·•.uty..:~. Th.mellt wltb tbe Fradkin.l .. . etl"ectl"elr 18 he did day Republic Lodge "'ill be present..cted 00 .... Flnll.:oer /toad In eyer)' PITt . GlLF~"HF..alcment "In the Pathc studios we thell honor. tbat .~r.>. In an Job by letter.nd Ill'" Mr..tllnlt moultlche. ""I. 1"a.le friend bid e.lId h..Iown. a varl)' of m. lly Will be teD Saturday Evea. bul becaolle be mlkl!ll uf thcater partie~ have hecn booked .:. ooe of the world'.. .lk I Ihowed mI' trlend a I.. the motlol1 d..n~~:~~g~~~~ghetoarll~.her work . SpeeJally comf)Oled. 10 S~~.lth letterl IUtUli then l>eclme IOOlIl"'hat trlChl' \11 th"lr hllld~ lI"lnll In and out or H..~~e~h:h. present al bolh New Y-ark and Chi· 'Samsoll: ""jth Willi"nl Farllum III Iho litlc rok" ~~o :~:nifi1~.anr in. rolled UII been prelentlld l" nIP aH H IIIH t. tbe Brltllh 11111 .or.::~ ~':t~~ meot performanc.Uon tor beT nrat-cll'.· .~ ~~=o~~ 1~~~·-...r: be~~~n~:. .iac... which h.bl1 dta." IIld • YOIIIl. en.. tllel1t1 1.anlHa 1Il1inutmy 1'lIr.lclur.Bt~~.uDnN .~~tb~:~~n~~~ CLUNE TIJEAmE BLOC.~~: t~'~ro~:rt~h~:::~~.od proved hereelt to be dental muttc will be pi"" lt7 ua. ~BU~r~I1D~~ :~~ ~I~ ~~~·gR~I~~~~·..tb~ or "':allfotllill tortlnrallonl n8l"1I1 ''I'I.kleb .t lome opportune time.. m. Mr.. he bado m . and thc Brooklyn j'1lrd attend- .r&...'~~""~~~~'. Ktowln. toUrlD...~uath~~' thhl~ .Ff. will alao r&Ilder a ~ of I! '-t cb. CrH..a.. wu the ezperleD" thl..d received YUlinc Ictor from S.. but alnCII Commltl- fs~~:.nd I mylterlnu....W:IIl.ot•. On new lot of European war pkt. coat _tI Uae...ell. ~~.~~ lIl1..~fY:~e~~::t~~:. with the Kalem lbe other Strand IClIoa..I'4="~~ :I~ . .118 he wal 1I0t In uniform.. ~laJar Daniel Maill 1706 F·32S} ~:: ~:'~~raa~rfhe. ~~:t~Ot~~r~W~n~~~~~~~ob:.maa:J :~~8B~.~~n:~~t. IJllJ"r au Rlillday. .m IIr Ute weapolli.n lur. 1Il:- :~ta'i~:~rt~~:~~d~:: fl~:e:tlp~a:. B:.ent tu Sin !'"dru tu Itr"l1 ... Be.!er~:~~~a~~ ~:::dt~~ ~~~ec~:~I:t'rne"n~illtiht~':~ Ulltethtr II an bonored member or the Bllboa Comp.Itler wllrnlllll Ille tn 1111' r"r Ilw 1lI[o(II"tllr~ "t fhe b"lII. dra.... lind 0110 or my 'rlendl.:.. : :::~ the IJf!OIlIe of thle dllvl . Dedmber 5th..ill be played by the ~et-I RUTH ROLAND tra IhtoufChout thc run of . . LewU. It waa ~ume yean IUtuu.I ~~tl~llt. ~.Ito::~~lI""~ ::. boea "'ould be hot uf ml frlendl an..IIO~~~::: .ny of '1.. The . tUMliO.. oth.1 and II III nol talr 10 blame the director neutrality be pr_rl'lld b)' aU cltl- ca~~ roU..rkedly lut fllw W8tlIr.h~b~l~~tU:~I::n~:t~o .1l ~~:I~~:'roY'.:hf~/O....ha flrat IchklTM IUClCflll u I cloem• •ctr.t 10 with tbe epecllcul.~y ~ ~II DESIIOND'!I--tba F .r ~~. llfled lhe lalH..~~~:~~~o~·~f~.. c-.onll .. . 00 "'IY:' Quottld the UllItlenced dlrtlc- m. my hll Ind coat .." During thll worll: Ind 10terestioK acleotillc complete lbe -creen entenaaa. no ·w..ry . to her fortbcomlnl" trlumphl u a featuN mllit hlTe • ~:~.oduclion of Mr.. Dinner Ser"ed al 8 p.Io"'n I lonl.eta.lkanta aheld ot me. IUllat..nhl. I.on'·ersed lIe"eral mlnutea.. "Where theru'l It will there'l a th.II of quutlonlDI. O~I~f~~~J:: P...1 "r ilill ..·orll.:~:~~r::I~." .l Motion Plcturea will pr_nt .~m?~:e~ftt:r~ ~~~t d\~('~~:~ DAMON AND PYTRIA8 AT THE .~i~:::..·I)'.......~er~~:.u:IJ::~\o~tI.i. . al the ctub~ 349 So.J ::'. cruto.rloM. I had which Ihe)' ere hopID.'hldl had and Iud loon !Cut on H etreet .I 1M ~eldom enoulth to "''''e the director The proclamation ot Prlltlldent ed lb' tbln. Il"teeth'" :..'reoMl ..:~~n~~~ ~~.. nder Ihe . b" a ~ 4IrUtor II I .aln~e I~ ::~~~~hr~:lIl.. __..talra and followed hi. _lriaodo dOl odoti_ mllic pl.:~du~~ wd~~ '-t 1'01. tor.hell It louked Impo. A I'rodurtlon The Amount or em .sn:l.... . ka at whkb eal bUIY bookke.e Itltl<l.~\~~f.l tu thll Jlllitor CASA VERDUGO watching me Illlilicloully. markabl~ rBOOrd of thll not cblnce<! to b~ w1lh me III the "ell .nlll. portraylll of hl.. Itl" "dv.·hen he "'1& "'Ith Sol Smllh Russell or Rohert Mlntell.ppearance III pleturl' f~r-th~~~~~o~f t~hea ~~e~~~tfrl~:~~ :. lerlel ot Kalem drlmll ""rltten 1IlIptl.tam­ SELECT APPROPRIATE mltle roles . marp. ..:~I. hla '1 'A'ent out In I" the hall 10 gilt bome. baa .d IdJUIted the me.:p:~~.. 1914.. §il~~. mewlnlt l.~ ~1:~I.lIp~~::D I a~.. dt1 prl. boarded a Car fur 1..dImfaa."thora and edltnrl.'il~~i~0i. wltb tbe r. Sunda)'l IIiClud'd. I duhel In Ihrl)ulth the bela Illtanded Ind really edverUeed p~nltid IWlf. NEW YORK ..rllto- 11IeiDI or hlllrlnll from him fnr the well in advance.lil. Ind I b.. paris. "'ent 10 the Schuyler Hotel .': :~:ID:~:~ :~~Io~e:. StraDd. and a~.~:~I.I.. will be dall)' luthorll)"..~~': ~§"~~~f]~:~·:~~~':'::~ .even mllel dllt.. Irr.ron.f:''FC:~ed)'·:'~~ua~1"~~~::. uti" hll coat Ind hit Ind lLlII" th ..rlll ronm. f:rata .... been I pla)"er tllr more th. aod II lI11ed .t IIqulpmant Ind dllll'lan'd a 1m all Itar. During lllP \YII~ " hot "'ar "nd lhe emplOleel. ~. I tl.'" had dlle-ardlld Ihelr coata IInlfe ot curloua dllHlgn.}~~:~I. cbarmed wblcb h.~: ::'~I~~ ~:~ t~~I:~ed~\~clt~y~. .)' \0 ....tal[l.: :~~It~r~~~~e-~·l~~..~~ .'1 lh~lr 1I11Irtlllee'·.·!th the 1.. cap. 10 many c_ It ~ad wheo an opportunitY to _ Europe elch e"l1l1ll1l and tb.ur.lboa Compall7 I•• 10 • wIY.)': NoYember 30."=. O. II . 10 II.. h . -~ ..'ntlh~: J::dr. Balbot. ~&-dter "onidea C. • c.mb.:.. un hl... .. I wae prell)' tlrtt<J Wh. lubm. In the lobbl at the hotel.A ... .' ~:: (l~·~::.. THEATER Beglnnlog Mond. . who h. 0:.t hll home In when I landed here Moodly mornlo . .e..ppll_ In n..eYllral 1.'to ru". e . of Governor's Island.~iJj~I~~~"n"~"'~ :r~~'IP:I~~~~~h~~ b.dvlcel he b. the... Ill)' hi".~~ td::I~~'-4­ w.lble.ln...·o puc. thc mO"ing pictllr. two II"" th" I>rh·at~ otnce In the dilltance men camll oul and follo"'"d UH.. kcIy~ ~I..:~. . I I GIFTS OF QUALITY In every"'".. who h. lit Illncheon In TANGO DINNERS employ of the /l. to.I. I could dletlncll a"'ll rrom the door. a atar In lbl ohl•••to... ~Y:~t~e~~~ ~hi~1 ~ffic~:smindnt~ii~ Te.ured.:~~~:r~1 ~:: 1~1~ '1 1"·~".I~.~~~an'nb)'eo~o:: f:l~~~~~~:~r~e~~::e.:u~ntt~:tm~rll.rce.nd m.eetad .llr.. be. took . wllo I' known In lotlll mo¥lult picture the . .I. ~ Aoother lnteratlnc featuN la a ."al . h m part up .p· Ihow...urlnt Ind had III ked of ad I Job .ed In San Pedro had been told by Ih. . Grlmlh olovllll{ picture CUllI' . I. NORTON ::o~~~ ~:t Ig:II~~.ut . olll."ng"lolI. dul" at tli.o'.Ilit. of thl n.~e~~. --~f-'r:'= ~ - '- . .: l::}~·.:~Of:~:'O~lltf"'~:~~O~Q:~ ~:~ ~r~r:~llIm~~t ~1~:U~~~o~l~ ~~: ::~~.. hot .·.re .~ Job all tlllclly III lUU want l'anl .ppl)'lnlf for...:.n In the ltd-Au Club. r '1 :~~:r~ ·~·.plllYed dell'hl. u e&rl)' u pO*llble. "mce....entJI. ('\1"01.'0 OIlIn 1>llIl't!d In Ihe bulldtnlf. th . forts.l..'-t '-t eh.."? ~o~l~n n:: leatled or tllt:eo .a.. Stales ~aYing ordered the film.. PlTta aod Bad..laD'I.. He h"ildinK an ex..nd reel aentl: fenee IUlpecled ..r:17~~1 ~:::II'. H.. -.=~::~::~:t~~ ~E\~f~t'~.ken to til.. U8a~h I 736 South Sprmr St. ~I th. . ~.:e oar ror an)' other eentl- :~..v~I~V~:: :~r:nttl~ ~~I. . tbe Lont: Beach llOllce deputment. . Paris Bours.. Attention I tll o..:~I:.~~~~u~~iAa~~ hi. huuM I d. .:I~t:t.. who would.1 "'Ilh ahout thirty .P~:~'K~.b~hr:Ih:::. apeplal rep~tatl. Cerv. . for It w.~. _ Stano .-ca I t t'b.r New Yotk ~~~~~~~ Ediar Lewis.~1':1-:aTh I perlel1ll8 . Whll OIedlately CO to lUl' hOOle In I.. .. moat "eraatlle actreaae&... player for th.rrell WAI '"IIIIIOw I".. ~~a~a~yJ~:':e<l°~lt~: ::~~~C:I~ b~~~~::'.plk. of lta~ alul .. woo Irelt comm. He la I..Wlnther.l~.·. .brinCtI'It . 1I0na und.ut I I"'ncll behind m)' ear. .- I~ turn by ber to. aden ..".Ioner or II of tbla city peremptorl wlUl • IU'Mt lit Irrlltll..Impfol. ~lA... the. a r. Or- elp il.-I1..'. ..~ I r Several monthe Igo ~tl811 Roland taken all the actual battle ~ . Seepod 01 a atriIa uf 1)llh. Amuumenl I'rodudnl ComlJ.. B. I.::~i1~:i~£::::.. ot tb. .. Badl. 11liI lIIr.•."kIII~aJl tW::J:·t~·.·aler· tront In San 'at "'I.nd..llfornla. THF: "MHOS" ARRKWrlm AM Spy THIiI: W"S WHO Jo'OVNI). :'''::~I.~ PHIl.~ree::~~~~: ~:o::I~~o~~~~'e~em:~ I~~r~~ n~ol:''' :~~ f~:t~:. "1I "t whom wuuld be abeld dently WII overheard by lome l'Il"I.. J:I\~ m .Oro: "011 Ind wb . .. 0 IIIlhlrll1lee'·. Ih~.r:t..hal he hlld heell on deck a long I hllClme al. .. ~Ir ""'" 01 .:.R Reallected and 10"ed b rtbe elltlre HZ Sooth BroedWIY .. ll1JI~e -"'OllO.. grcal dramatic success. .. in~tu~~~~ .... . . Herll CAFE . '·Jltlll. Horkhelmer..nd oome beautlhal tn. will . by edUcaliollal and historical societies :~: I~g:::: tt~d~~ig:rt~~ '(j~~~~~ He b.d until he hlld Wbon I Irrlved In l. "I and ~lr. _ _ III Cer"antn "ame Into th .tiJ. PERSONAL :e-::.:":~:~:':E. ' enacted the leadlog role In a big the Str.dlllc~m~d')' ~. ::OI~lf~Oft~:~v:lI:::'~~~~o~c:'~Pt~~.ll.1 wouldn'l hOlher I" lee . "Th' n.::I~~~:hre:. "f 1111' ~ll' helrt went dnwn.o"'WK....:...lbo... Ih. p.rl 1:40uanh..ol. will WIH In ~~ehl~~y~~ PUBLICITY .tllat Il8rtalu Wu Filma would be ye!.the film. brl....t .It~~('Il\I. carried beeo IDOlt eotbulllullclll)' elldora.~:~~dlnbQelll~:lrnt:l:h~fmt~t~ fotty l'elre and hie achleyementa adorn the plge" of dramatic hilltor)'.dell of Ruth. b~~~::e~a[~ wlll be liven :~dkee. perfectl)' Ua..all~h~~('htt~~ I"MI war aoea•• actual plctuNlll ot l... ~..:. good nell knowe. ~~'~ll a."" ON. lOO. THR PHOTOPLA'iERS' WEEKLY.Laemmle intends having the th .h~~:~le~~hn.. prellldent of the Bllhoa mO"lnK Illeture cOlllpan)".nd rlllourCII or ItII .s ...o Pedro.

~oe.n. bu.nd mo..)'1 MR.dl. ' Lo Offices . RUlh Kol.'lnr 1.1boa I"omp...~~·lll~~ :~ . Coaat. • tt. .. So distinctive has their superiority become that all Balboas now find a ready market at ...rn .. Bright Future For The Balboa Company and Its Associated Players From the time the Balboa Company opened its studios.oll I I It . .r weat lata ... Girl'.t. And unoe' Ihp dlr...n1 ~II..ean old. and more of them than ever before.1\1 In ··Uome......." "b..lU" Henr)' Wa1thaU_ Will make bI..nO mOlt (.IL She _ .United Stat. u"t ".. t»ere be . .. P1<I.n I")' "ther ll"lnr Irtl... llt_IIno. ~\ studio..·er. I..ts. her . . III . blend hp.grn lnAde b7 thf' requlremenll of her profe..... with the KaI_ CompuiJ.shed wtlli compelenl supportmg ca. IItt perfurmln<"~•• r~ "n'· ••)'ln ..r "'ltb • t"'l"IOn. (Cho.."I~~110~!:~~~y ~~~~~~ largest exchanges In £urope and the Untted States.r l.. nl of thai ." 1..Jed the dUf_t •..I~S~~~.... (eotc!D«._ ReUaaoe aIld ~ Com.el.1I .. 'b.·ho.'·or.pd to pia.. ~ .. Rol. pr.l o n .. f'Uhe-f't~r.. Sbe will be «h'en ampl" I.nltT She II 1.~:. AnO rei thll ...h .t. decided to open a cham of renting agencies 10 all the pnnclpal cltles of the country.. 8&c::rUIce. 1"0 .The Balboa Company has no enemies 10 punish. Jo~ the BJosr-pb Compa. nrlmth HI .. ~\ I 'Dunn~~~I~~m~~n~~~?lboa~~!~:~~~. ft'III&laiItc wlth them for _e .. tlnl. h..-:and· ~ec:utive..560.i ~om~nies. tou _rf'<! bill: In dramll .koo . nvlnt'Pd tl1. l'--f:LkI . l!'er~ is ~othing in the agreement resulating who is 10 h~ad or who is to be in these ~P'.. .. Ihp hlrbpr ...U..han 1. actresses. mort rennf'd Khool of o.rl ... 111 appear In • numbt. Mcurel IIlur ... lIl.beD moUoa plrta. of New York. W..lbo. t ro.r HWtII' aM MaI-prft AqUa. that these important acquisitions mark thf' beginning of long-contemplated expansion and improvement. ' . ~_ the ~ Com~y. Campan)' hll r...nll ... IIre... _ l... or .)' Sh.h... r be. dntDatic INdi III the blJ fe...1Ir Ttl . .~~~e~~. Each wtll 'be un<!er the management of a director who know...... lth rllr lrt .. Ill POlh11l h"r 10 harmoolou.... . aaod 10Teo:1 .n..u"('1".. IIttNde!l htII'.. ." ''The C1anII1ftaIl. Ntd &c:bJ~ ~l .."ddf'd 10 Oil" or th" olb"r On th" ('(lntra ..r.. aDd it will continue to make pictures. rt"\1 fur til" le...·.)·1N! durlnr her 1'. he..n)"1 I<>on al hf' tlnl.II.. I.. orth." "The TI'alI to . aim 80nl La 8belb.. WiD Hud Their Own Stock Companies and Play Leads in a Series of Pictures That Will Surpass Anything .......h... . . ...·lth "eblrl"" Ihll .. Walthall.....- It'hle~:~:~~~....11I7 .full)' tnlned 10 meet the 10ruer Tbefr 14.n.on I" mlk ..r" II brllll..'tr plrt. directors and camera mtn will"' llirough llie Ihe rl(Ct Ib....... art or l1Iotlon 1...t lllnu .IM " MlM Rolaa4 aIao A 9 ~ fa the worth-.t. . Will have been 51gned up. Wba MrI GrlJIIth _eftltl bb COIlMICCk>e wlth the 810trraph A milld n. 1.tlt"d . bkh the lDOUooa pkta aar.. IttllltOrlOn..f'h.elated with Th' Balbo.: \..r....the pkt. III dramatk pkt. rrell I ••h" I•.1 RlIlh ROland I. .. reell- The man "'ho h .. Heretofore Attempted in This or Any Other Country U1'!N OFFICIALLY announcing the engagement of Mr.......lho. Mr. r ellll. rn Ihlt RUlh . nlllllVll 1. 11.r'D~" under the dlreetloll or the n.. ml" ..rm &ad '11'-"'. She llp~ o.. Henry B......o'l4ibOllS.. ~ fe. Balboa Amusement Producing :. th~ I_t .1...HER 5.. .. I r6"elltlon of .:... \\'ALTHALL In Ibe United S. and wherever they have been shown exhibitors have demandfd more of them When Wilham Fox. I. .tlnr rolu thll d"mand a rOalbln. t1 "I. More llian 300. .III'· 11I1"lu of til" mullllud ..t hrr n..000 feet of po5lhve a week I More .ml....bkb portrtt.. l. nd III m.... In· "bJ)d part&.. \ I notch prices. . Thee follo. ·'BalI. 'Sweet 80_.-rtu.. HORKHEIMER.~I~~.e a _derful e.. h . the World's Greatest Cinematographic Actor. rP Iol"t.. of (Cla~mllo«rlph)· ......l.. lbll IhOle who bu.."TH ROLASD • II--.~n ~:~:'~~?~c. It faces the future willi good willloward all and llie hope that other COI!l7 pani. ... ll"n m I.amllk .:....l ." &lid other Grltntb f _ r _ prodlldJOll.n..'....llt~ Ihlt .ftM 10 drlYe a.-11 nol Ihe Ibourhl Ih.. th~ lI. "'Tbe Jodi. Qf thii ·t contract the: Balboa ~pany m~st have at least . ed herent po_en u"~r th" rl.i.iness...xbJbltJoll of rldIa«.of America's Most Eminent Motion Pica'·· Stars Are Now With The Balboa Company" Beary B. She II . DECEM. - n\ll tilll II nol ........Iem C.t ..jt"lq Oun..·I. ~ be!otame t. bto. it has never ceased to make pictures.0 . &lid ...111 hit ..b ~"'t he nllb her . . "0"111': . Peril ot &l-.' . "Til" Clln. .aadertlle .. At the ~aakMI of th.. OrUlltb.. W.... She p ." "Home.. "1U"daaa'. n ~au h... hi... may be eqUally f o r t u n a t e .tHO~MER. euIUI n of motlon pl ...d tn ""Juollll or lletlluUI"- The man .. 1m· ~BOn. he""lf I" thp .....ldI1 1IlthnKrten- A ~l"IOnlllt.1""te\l rQr til" 1....' ..~.tlIII.·en IIte.n." lut throulth mell)' tremendou.I(Cture dram.. n~ h....."".. Hen!)' B. ~ .t dn"m.!-nd deliv~i a of fifty cop...I<'Iur. .... r..tunlly.'n m"lIun I'lrlUre ..1 ftlendl In III .-..)'.. ~trun . I ..s. R .m~ II m.P~land~IManaaer.. . eighteen months ago. f'd .t>:lt &nd mOMI l101'ul....ed for lellICen~. She .·• th.. th.:.·lIh.lbI.... the Famous Kalem Girl. E. lInf'd to I. r Jt!&r'!I a.n·. .tth the Ileltaaoe &lid Patbe orpa1aaUoDa. 8laned hP ~ nperlftK'e pa. I~ u .·ldu. It has made pictures every week when the weather permitted. I .." aDd "The Ro.huata of each feature. Alabama. -. ~. . It 1.000 feel of posl bve a year I For the purpose of meebng llie c._ "Tbe Cbaaoe 8bol.. Coml". . the ftrat moUon plct.nO II dptermlned 10 10 Ihe ""len..lIt. This was the first big victory for Balboas.llon of dlm(Cult rol I....-od_ hb 0.-- r '. Wal.l. Under the tenns of this co!1!ract the Balboa CompaT!y must produce more ~~an six thousand feet of finished ne~bve a I~" objecl '" View " has en-i"ged Mr.....lel The man .t.. beat pklure 1. Hill Tbeater 8tcx"k Compu.IlIptdaoU...ea.tlon or all Ih" -on(erftJl . Till! man .. mm.111 bf'fplturf!ll10 fUlur"r.......t berure Ibe workin. tabll. IUtde1' the dlroer· Uoa 01 D.. he selected fifty-SIX Balboas lxcause he knew that Balboas would deliver the goodsu-knew that he was chOOSing the brand of pictures that would place hIS busmess on a solid foundation m the shortest poSSible time That he acted WIsely has been sub- stantially proven. A great contract has just been signed between the Balboa Company and one of the lar~t and most celebrated ae organization~ ~ . HE:SR\· B... th . _hl"h II 00'" 1l~1'­ 1"11: rompl!'!!on Mias Ruth Roland Ml.\'be welcomed to the Balboa fold. llh I "1111" Ihlt I:Ulrl"t_ tXl1 om"" lurce. elemPllt tn Ihe htf'vem .. II ..udle""" She b .. president of the Box Office At- traction IIno.lon In.A' lhe lI..110 la· abe _tered thla Geld 1lDder Mr... '''CaIllonlia'.u• .. ~ ataUated with tbe Amerkalo 8Cock Compul' &lid atterr&rlk jollied the Pro"I.... . r .Ill be eneou'''led. llIent It I. In "'hkh Iu demunatr.bllll)" Ille haa dl.-. And Balboa photoplays now rank among the foremost in the world.h"d It.a . 1 'our ' .oo... \\'0a4er Ch1Id..rfeetlon. tion and prospects. 11 oPP<ullInll)' to "tllb.. THE PHOTUPLAYERS' WEEKLV:SATURDAY.mbltioll or th .rll. COIllI"O)' 8<lcau_ . Each of Ihese will be fum.lbllillet nr . Thl! min "'hum thl' hmoul II W Grlmth fl!ltufl!'ll tn "Th" A"enrlnl t'unldl!"~"_ The man "'hom th" IHmO:' "Intd or dlr""II"" 1..l\kb . r. tot ~ (ft.....tartll..1 tn. Before llie mit i.U11l: She ... 01 Gold... of '''llIuk. Withm a few months he has bUilt up an enonnous patronage and placed the Box Office Attraction Company's exchanges on a profitable basis..<"...Dies. He ICOnId II 1I01~ 1Il ""adlth..) 8todt Oompall. . r. I1nll"d 8t..s_ J.. bnut1... B .. C... D.....N INdI . th HollDd II • _1In daa&ter of CalIlon" )I ...lliall an~ MISS Rulli Roland.. I_n <'I.1914.hl.. . ho ." '"Tbe Obi [)epol}'.. nll:lII:~d b. (Cbarm .ld be ~Ie lmmt. 10 m. " detenmned to prov.mtll bl the )labial FUm Cot'poraU. nt. in the United States...u. ~ry.."nOn _l1Ile I' . ''The Kalt!lll Girt.. 1Il MOf"OIK'O IUtd 8eIa8ro pt'Od1tdJo.lth In Mill Rolano . ..nd . . S"'eet 1l0l"""~ The m..-the "..loul It'tor who tin dlrnlfted Ind "nnoblo.. I1Ilh poilU ..blp dr... P. tbe .aplntlolll .. Jlllt fo .mu mpnt 10. III • 1>IClurf' r".. endo . and the Balboa Company has entered upon an era of prosperity that will send it forging ahead for years to COme.lollr.. ha.b.. I':n"e.lbl" tor h"r I" b.u ~ _Itb the ) the mo. m. Foy tOIl~ IDOIIW abe pla-. 1 <"ult!Ylt"d Ih . tlt. brlrhl.. !IIISS R(. d"l>flnd . Ind... For _era! _ he .. dlredJo... ment I.. Walth..hl(C It&t Tb... Ih. but not at the sacrifice of those who haVe stood by the Balboa Company in the face of circumstances that were at times discouraging.ft.nt I..lli! the PI\OtopIayers Weekly other notable molton pIcture aclors and ac. the T IUe ~. 8. bona I" 8&a FNa- -. fa . I lI"b... .... Henry Walthall The world'.. tlon of th" HalbuA Company h.nd ltfott........a:oodow ~ &lid. WI In ~<>m ." hllo!tora .. Walthall and Miss Ruth· Roland the Balboa IIii Amusement Producing Company wants it to be understood by the motion picture fraternity in Los Angeles and elsewhere.n "'hQIll Ih" lllr. Secretary and Trea_.. The B...ltb Ib .." ''Tbe A .. ."tr.nd l~ • r .. Capable actors.nd• • nd hold. 1 u.Up .. lnll hum.. . 0 III' "'''11 til" "lItllull. t"" 011 the Otrpheam O".l 11'1>e.-.. and ~h~ haa ... . turp IClrep d#I(oo Jut t'Ofe1lI}'~_ Jean 11« C"m- p.. and Ruth Roland..1e llie besl obtainable.... fOt htII'.. .l. -. ..... teem of . .. ~ ..h~ I' "n "xpon"nt Ilf Ib .ta. pro<lu .

rwelolla prodllC'dOtl.Wna: tbe phOIOl[r. radiant in To ctllllmellCtl tour bla: tealurel. anl". C. ht...... Ih" 110.:t b)' II I .lte . ..l)'. III .. mell Th" 1I"ltork .1 ....1 III hOI .001...Il. Qompu:t.rll<ln. .~.1..d 11.y tb.. completed ... r. "II" In th .clurer u .. "·Id.n.!M:ed III he «Iu""'\....rlmenl...l Oil..llbe. rhaul for dlarolling tratne'" h.ll\lurdly toollih . tRI~~·e:O. ·321·32 W. Ul:'!. buI Ilarr)' Tu· dnr ...nd In Ilroupl...lId Ua. e:l In hit grealell j .bortl)' be llIcor- m. m 01 hnno.r. II • teat tb.n In tbe Iba". valua ot publlcll)' III Ihe Molloa Pldllr.. .nur. ho t.~~ ...cell"llt pre.~I~·~: ~·I'ER8. "'l1h ~"rl .t k.n have beeonle tbor-"~~'d1~:.. prOllr. h.nrth••Dd become a put of OUf character.nlt. If n"t 'll.pan .ble Director n. TUdor "'ho II. n. E!l~ Pnp. nllie "'rltea blm alld teU . l".. Jenaen.tOt)' ot Arcblb... wall.pted for Ihe lueen b)' Marlluerll. t"llow him..-q F~ure Pia. rep.ll)' .rO\·.ll .-tatlft: Oec>.1· " llUO* Cab-ee An.1 """11r.lned .'.:t~~to~:~n·~~r'..Ild ...ten FUm P1IbUsblol Co. .. Home 5. of • revol"er In bt.. . no.110 r«o..rllk..Irom..lId reQllel~ • of devaal.. editor ot the Unlvera. Iho"" to thenl . r 'Iueenl)' neck.partn::ent a famll)' II 1. H. pre· . o .. operatlonl 10 pl.. lh.. nd b. III thll" 1111)' clrclIlI clo.l)' ..ta tbe mlltre.:. Illut. DO b.!O·.o::I1II)· "..eleIlU. pboto at .. About It"V"n hundred leet u( 111m for tll~lr acroOlmodat!on tn conJunc.e Irdelll Ih.horn . alld "'Ill nllure .nhouHr (eUur•• "Zudora..1. Where "holly hotror" that Ibe Chlneae .. era h.ny plcturea ot .ro tled them mark In th"" "'O. " 01'1)' a rouI. Ihe Bultock Iho.. ROSE GARDEN8 TIIEATRE Wtlb • prOIlT..lId the lrade I.II'" . .ll ID peranll upoo ht... tOllelher .. The Door: '.who "'1tO..t HoU. Rom. at Ibe Los Angeles..era Ih..\"(. tn charSe o( the pub.. b.d W"D bolH 10 a('ornmod...t>rl "I .IIN·lnd Ihen en. ".ldom .Il)' «ood Itorle•.. to 10e Wabu·... berelofore prevenled . 1. <:ompall)' whleh 11\ . 10 a .. bllt Altollelher tbere Bre one hunttr.1 Ih.• nd I... Diamond.. AlexandrlBli <lIe· :\.1 lit III Ih" ~u. .utlful In !he whol . porate4 uoder Ihe 11.. The 1>)' Ilarry ~:. pl. n belllll: ... MIX:'!l·. dt •• ppolntll:! In 'IIIUnl[ Ihe mOllke)'.ller tbe .."1l1"d Mr....l In h ....lId Mr Kanbee'l trollble IlIcre_ with Ihe ullllm. conlldere<! m.lloll of tr.od ~:~::~:e:I~~:b. of the pier.. .I~~IIM:I~I\K~~~'~... ALLEN CURTIS.. ":lplatntnlt her error III m. SI.X'" L. l...~tacle Iun conUngM to draw thon.UNIVERSAL CO. boy I. THE PHOTOPLAYERS' WEEKLY. Lt:rbtu ClQ&pauy.dJIIIlIM .Ila- II"".· hll. C.o:: l'Olllure lit lhr CHARLIE CHAPLIN frnnl "f II'" I'hlnk CIIlOVRtr. 1 rele._ 110m.1.\lra. k. The Biograph Co.1 ot ber hua· nimble I' · m.plled a K"•• I It> her th .• h I ..aod the Ke)'atolle comed)'. The ld~.t tonalltl o( h.t'· Ihiliped lJy rail to Loa Angelel. tllrlltlhed Bro. nd <. . CHARACTER IS TO A MAN PRODUCES FIVE nATURES AT SAKE TOlE.nll.11I resumed.. an allimal trainer.0or II~:::'I:: ~II~ Beg:lllnins "'olld&)".l. OIlIde more people I.:· • tour-r~1 dram..d"erll mellt "o.t.........rr. on.. roo. ot • well-to-do S_edllb t. h·1l .ad • m.. :.taln with thll lllO]>ard In hot punult.ordlnllt)' trick • Ilnll. trom • aueee-tol tOllr In Ihe Orlelll. Vltallr.taau4~-:Il~. llh ...r" III II" r. ....l)'. the moat heen of the mediocre et.. '..ced • d.ttlonR MY&' BERTHA KAUeR.llt!Clea "'''r . tf"rmlllll . re.l ..m tb. aDd . So tar . ~.1 Orlent.lId Chloa..innal Co..d over th .rell. "0)'8Ile..1 Roorlnlt h.. It .r • •nd thll.t Jennie aple.lnlhll Ullun Ihll 01.t1)'. r. nl 111m m.l 1111. II m. <'eIlIUr)' ur Sa: Charlie war • Ti~1 Skin. Will .et nul. ur 0 . on th..ue .1 he d trea to _lid • b. 1.I th.Imultane- ou.·. lnll to the ..ter 1111111 b. a millinery Ihop til which Ire... WILSON Ilonll...hll' earrl.b... ne. Ihe blll ..eAOr.1 production "lIlrh . beautiful Inlm. t .h.ddl Ibe title o( r:eal OrlellL The Europe.bould be well reeel"ed... Rorl heaU./ i 1£/...U III that ot uoldNI 10.. K. MELFORD nld ro~ th . H..rlm. ludden lind mORt Hollywood..· ~n·~w~..'hllllerOi:d . (ollo.llnll on "" ... Horll.. . to .Ume FUm Tbe ~l"IOn . Hell. "Ill tbe Hour or Dtaalt.. J. WUlon baa lind atxl". '.. DECEMnER 5.n..nd Tb.·ltll Ihe ne'" Cenlaur Studtol . .trleUy . lko. r phalli.lterln'll.nd wonlen lenmlile In Ihll utmolt enllfullon 10 • Oullck... r <l1.. J . ODllC'" waa tor )'ura In active ebara:e ot tbe a:r••t- .. .lllt to tbe N_ ylMit R. Handline lint qu. plctur"l 'Io'rful ""lI"rtl"u of "'lId ..... WHAT Season 1915 .1l...Ientl wbo h. •lId )'.llellC"tl bu . tl""Il.'. famou ..TS OF ~~:: ::. blnd .rd I.. but of retellt UNIVERSAL the mlllnterpel. preHnt "ur b.. la .·Il~.lltJl:"nl "'lid ... AI Ihll leollard trlea 10 aet the mall lillY the a:lrl' crowd the door IIl1htlnJl 10 .)' u( Ih. Uti.. tlaeHeuteidoliOtr·· .. "·... . alld latellA4ll)' amu. Mllted b)' bl. linn .pb Theatre... Ihelr (eut Cllrlled... roul «In- d ..l eK. th...ted tor. amotl.·ue.. will MIl Inllall.ble Hell""" Jenlen.....1 . 1 a ne. . )tr.loh.nd. BILLIE RITCHIE GEO.m- MILLARD K. ar .nd Ia('klr .al teatures "'hleb "'1Il . kl"lt .... ~ACIOItY...1 I. m. rnBI. rorn ..t la . 111 In the "'orld. cauae ot tbe trouble. durtnll . A n . of Ih. bow. III tur. DYAS CO..ppenlnla ot tb. IllIr.llalth..1 "'olter III" In fttl dlr... In h. H. r lit Ih" III"b" ..d lI.lIllIh . Jolcel In the rl.1 mllllaztne Itory two monlbl ...Iubhorn .. ad.f~r~ x.=P~~ . Illltlna: _bleb will della:bt man)' tholt.d In nlaklnK hit.~.nt..nded (rulft Ihe Ihlp at Ille Atl..Jo:AMF:H "lid.... r III rnlbllll" altll...1 ltar O?mpliments of tbr". we...Ullb . lrunYlI1 Apollo.h. "f beer "'hleh .ood. D..mper upoo tbe Immedl- Harry Schumm Iud..t:ATRll: :\hwh or Ihe I(I'MII .ll.. t n.Iorro ~h. lite Francis Ford Co. perform extr. p. Ihe .. from th .... pier lIul Ibl. "" ... Cauroroll. rtallllllll nO"el..1 m.. Chas~ H.erl(>.nd h •• In acqlllrln'll.. to rutor .llh)' Chill b..ra.IIll'ER8AL FILM ...blt_lltl h ..rk· abl.11 o( II. tIl_t. h JU.t Ihtl 111m mllli bav"...d.. Ih..l""rl. ~:~·Pnt.ll)' blc... O~t.lIy lie entltled.lur.:'. b trolll Ibe table .nd rldlnJl: • mulorc. the " .ale b. ..s...ll. Hili H.ler owlnll tn I.S' Brulh G.\ l·- th .. .loer ..-waKLJ' Tbr 0IkW.ebed Ihe ture World.::... y .le of . (or Ih. r.. lIandaomeat . baiDI Ur..l.rved ....llla: alllmil picture.lid coaal alld J. ~. tbor- oughlr equipped ltatr ot cam.. 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IanI' Broad . alld mlllilple reel ru'" Ihe Inh. lut two an aUlllD PN.ttal comed)' htea hu 1>een du""I"ll'lld tn ltll fulI""t eltenl In thl. .Imolt ceued to b. r.. 1 • ktlowledce ot tbe """'" .. I.... . us..I. It will nil dOUbt Str..'.·r"....nd \'ITAGRAJ'H TU.'en r. hlbtl.. accomplllh.llenl"llt are t..... ~ Colburn's f2~~~ r.""'.ulc I.'~~PJ.Ild ellcloae II..d h)' th.fSfC1UNT~ 't.....nlm. He I.tloll....'ell. Untortullatel)' tur Ibl! 1"'1. It it • comblllaUOII'or .. r b.. r I" ••Illin..kl or 9h. enIUII'. tour part picture (rom Ion .u . Tbe dlmC'lIll)' ot ItNl without t .. Th" I.".d '501. roulld h.11. . Pi.. ..ld.~~~~kO:r. C1f!()· SETH D.".. _ _ .tur .UolI by htm of muUttud"R or pell)' lillie Ihln' orlll"anized • lP.... 1482 Fitrguald Bldg.d" of hll ll1u. Unld Horaley .k.. 1 . .:'· I'rlTllln IX 1I. beauty and adored by aU. S.IIUc of re..11.I)· d"IIIIII. Holly. Room 108 bll e&a:" to tb. • dram.d ". ~~ produce them practlcall)' ...'tou.. In of tbe I~~k IboWII .1 II vtatled .rml.. Kallbll!e reald .Il.Clei . lb. u.lId .:' tbe ...11 wl10 love 1l00d pte.nt.tand out above an otheR.d bftll 00 a v<l!ty Illlht dlel dllrlllC th. Everyooe I... Il..Ild over to Cbln." bulllne.' pro- URIIIISII DIIMOIDS .. .. n. ~ :.m . Illld In th" to .....r.... 11""1:' ..t papul.ln't I... h"Il" IIncuturR "-er. . tile bllllt.llllc"llollI Her nenoul ucltemeot c.. 11 .. mll. To thoM .. H.nd leadlna: man tor A1~A~ • ..l.. eo!>- r.... CleopalrB.. "on Velzer III hla .~~~kln~. hl<:h tt would n. d"".·td I.. ..ld Cluertllll licit)' dep... 4!rwtor. n. .deotlheantm .dlty I..1" NUIlII 1"... Gitl.ltatloa III prolloulldlla: Ibl. 110'" • h.. II (haaed frllm room to room whtle tbe tn('eDaed bUlb. .t durtn. t .ruailll Mooday lI".III. the early h.. 0001 ot Ihe lion.II killda.1 luncheun when Ihll anlm.·.u.- cblc. II nut eome. IIml rurlck.18 80llth Main SI.rmer.ppear ill Pic:lw'eIlor the Bnl time DlRECTISG .....rta ot the Lowland..I.·..plUd- or. moal 1I11111l1l.. Gunter'..r. .. ' '11 III ItI" mol h'" I.. Itllry.. lIultnck (ur Il.pan_ c. A lIttl.II. conciled 10 the fact that Ibe camera It It lIece. F 1841 .. tbroua:h. "..e II. Tb....· uf Ihe wllh the "Im Pub."d cl. . 1::=Il~~1~7=.lId tbelr etrona will be ap- predalee! b)' ..lork Junllll. r. b...~ . of e"er)' on.ue lome u('ru('laOna:h' tunny ad"eatuf'M.'·ellou•• uuk 01)011 Ibe KreU .·.man'l ap. Ih..elt . PIcture oper. auUtua _ H YLUI IN TH& DIAMtNtD :0.olllr bear trl!h lh.~ ..ccuute picture... for ~II .d Peal .r. pa..1 prfll.. Clark ~~: ~=:..ctlon A C.d. IIlI p.dway 10 Direction Fratld.... nd blo..·.lulH.. I ~ .nd produc@ra wbo wtll brilla: from Location ~'DI"lI!r.. blCh J.?nCO! delermille. acllve FRANCIS FORD co. r allme.~ '"'T Batwl'llAJ' by · . t ... cured. nt . r alld tr."'1 ot New V.)' fe&larn of . "n":ll~h'd Indt. nil"'" almOl1( 1...nJl"d Tlld"r and tweln! traillera.. -Wlowd . 10 c.. leopard. . .'rWFACTVRING OOMP. d . T_ ..l('h.ulaome yOUll1 wom.I-..klll to lhl .. Or other Mr..1 h.olrdu\lola. Howan! lluriDctoo • lroucb.. del'end . ot the W .I . ..:.d ot a c... Itrr. ~ I.. ln IIhtrll'lI Illodcrnlllll •. ~tile 1I1a1l IDA .rt _Ill he I.m of ape. PubllutloD· of the .... .uPre-me dr...1 Wtek- I)' wblch chrollici• •11 ot tbe dolnp llll~ ot latll17... It 10 baPll'lln."hnal... r ...... "'Oltt "'"n.. W. voted 101... IIOII·I..1 )lark Anlnll)'... 1ll0ll1 r. "'ho Itatea tb.."tl. n mOllI rle- For I.mong "1m produeera. t that S ....nd brued b. mue ebeck.o::ftl'lnll: .." II bane or .. work at J. ... nt... been In the 1. .· "R"t f"r Ihe villain nf Ihl..l..1 _hell be ull.Uon In bl.. Manage.! • vlttlle... Chrilltla" ~:r. Tn · mlaenbl.p...tle trlumpb uM...tall are .nd I.".J'I.. E. •llhollah • 111t!<"·!ty. work on Olle Ir.·.I Ihe OIII)O.r lalleu. Yurkk I••• Id 10 b. mUlton plclure.." Hor.eolltellt.. Cellt.r . . IHlen the "ere tOllelher .. Whll....... Scberft".. Chin.lld tl gettlllll It I tUIl . reell. "~..plte at the tact lbat Il.. all Indlell._.llll&Ce can "'hkh. well recelv .11I.nlmal of Ihll.II.· 1I0"d ahll' "A~k" which CRI'. "The S... !lualock anlm .. 11.he .uI ." on Ih. Unlveraal Plo- ber of a:trla ena:.1.Ulh Ollllhl)' IlIt.. 191-J.·n. ~_... ~c..ettlll off Ilu.rd b)' • hUlle polar be. 10 IheHer the lillul l>uN'f1eda tt> II . ....:I 10 be . at!'$lli.lto.. . SATURDAY. o( Old Nil. 1I0t • II..tandl the rell. ne . reo .nJl: .-.. ed b)' CbID_ .~: _ ~ _ UIeDl. Klllllit'. "Anlm.. num· -TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION: • .nd while he rlUl. olhlr . th .....t a:..I .11 tn' k"I.klnll pallli to QUAUTY IS TO A DIAMOND p l _ .'". All I1l1u..1 fan. aad Ie ad.. !tettlnll pr.. Movie Headquarters ....lid f"". by Dorll Scbrod. to eat publlclt)' firm III New Varll cit.1 Ktn. 11 ber fronl teel h.lld emptlel tbe..ttrlbuted 10 Ih.l loy I)..1I war ~"""k C. Ih.. 10 In • a.. uarealrlcled between the JUTenilt Lead THE LEOPARD VISITS THE ARTIST 110. £li~tor THE RUXAWAV .. "o)'a«e "lid their HAPPY 1100. tbe Lubin t:l)mp.m~.I.. .nd tltle•.t on Ihe bc.:MI. b<!!tull and mOlt be.. In .lre.:1" LATEHT PATH': ItJo:I.l- t.mnll. • CaDe and • DUb)' t .e .. by ~Ir.11 few )'e....OO pelf hltb.... When all h. ~:.. hOW DIrector ot the P.:· O&BIllU D'Almuna. r d. Tbe celebrated Illlern..1 f1nlllri . The . Ih" 1"lnclpal difference I~­ haa the cr. 11 be t..•11 ot ...I"... It> NEW OPTIC Uninnal Co. r .d 10 ~. Terror ~~C:I..h~U!\~r ~~.. lu Ihe unnllllhed 1>. th" "ornkal chlmpanu.tu. belnll't.. Hla _oolnit tl mo.. ~.w..nd "'ho Iherdore IIl1der.d to th" a tin" of 111111'1 ..pon or com- . ..n trained .d •• Ih. claire of be . d""'o th".ve trumPeted joyou.ed bl.. On a It.'ent)"·fOOI b..'111 BOO" be Ol}llned u!' Jlll'anele hue al"a)'1 h. l". In . ADd I. w..." ~ j ..... t" The "ntlr.n t....-Ia••re tb.. who bit. .UI"" h"r In e:l. A In IUIII" ludeN"ll/! 1"'rl".\lotio. ~. Oil the tblrd aoor....rrl . 20Z NootIa ~ 1I.11 .e become re- Direction Chaa..II.11)' Lif. H.I~::~ pf.t~~ _oourlt-... tbe Ihe comp.ur ~·tlm com· moal .o... lit th.lId • riot M _ Bulldln«. _.uChl ml.ple.1 lemllflr. m.... tb.dd I tell' utu touehet..i. r from Fredertc'" n"'ercorne thele oblt..lne Fleldlnll. . On the Ilround 1I. .. th.tlll and actl.11 pre. Io. or In- Rat.ce on the Iqeen reel UNrv&RSAL J01.1 h. ba. the ll:ltelltlon ot .l lit. Compaoy..~r... t theae have "........n ..~J. who I... tempted or encoura&ed ..\t"n"lI.m. St.... It 1a th . h. Ihe etrell e.pb.l<' "".· ru..t.. ot the larllUI clttea like N.. 11 .rtln. alld d ....ood 6.d dO"1l the Ilreel on • le...m.or'" )lA.. ln..1)' 10 Motloll Pic· "Tbe Salle Brllab 0.1 th.·.nd the lloatock collecllon .p~nl olle d .... mOUOI 10 ..)' nUl.1 EDITH TAUAFERRO In~lllnt .llgbel.dmlr..II •• lh" Uo""c:k .Ford. .tta • pel monkey. I•• ny.pI • ltttle more than the rellul. Anlm ..... .orda "'hleh cauaed ber to in Hollywood rt. .11 "'lIkll hUHl. two or tbem ot a. Cal. entwtlled their trunk• •nd 8ertach.....• Ilt Ih.. follo"'l tbam. r"lIrtKluc· """ry l'.' ducer• •ntbor .. '"led ~rlllln Thl. .l1«1 Jellole baa been "'Ilt upon '0 err.n)· IlCII!nH from tho Orient wllb ..'OPARD W.d ror the lllctur""l lomeho.. Hllad oVllr heela mell ·.. ImpO'f'UM.-a "Tb Valle)' or r-t HoPtl. In chuge ot Il.11l. '"I.lrl)' .... u .nd Cleop.. Poor H..lId .n..on 'yeiser b)' bll old !nalter. 1I11ld US~U:. bill 1l0W . action at the compan)'.nl.. 1I....r1tt)' and ... K. ot Ilripplllll Inter- .nd .II.. Gr••• Room Caf.. l'ecth·e It me or dl.nd and n.b~o:. her uo- Il. .... "f .. m.. An artl.orat kind ot Co.. It .. where on.lity diamond' ha.1 for BIS HelUt'l II IDordlllately pleued with Ihe pholo .. • -1 .""emellla b)' wblch HoUywooc1...·tln" II• • • ho"·n hi. Promllll)' captured . •nd "Tbe M.ler with... A rOll'll ... terNt 10 . Ciibl7ll IIf. .:WAMKA" llltlX(jK 7AI0 break ot the .ken Juvenile Leacb "·h"r..:.'·11 re. r ot Ih. h. r II<'nd .. hlch wltb cbapln'..ln"d. 7th St.OM ICIUTT'U TO WLU&It ALL STna . PERKlNS..~~"~. Sh.. mailer In the p. 1I0nley'a III..•lId wbo nturued before Ibe oul_ POLAR BEARS FOR HORSLEY CO. blm tb..1.d ..~~!1 h..tur.. ed tblll reat. Ibe tact thlt Pr. p. ar. puma born on the pl.Bldl....ny ye. Ie conll"II .. AnIOIl)' .. r.Me:! Ihrollll:h II bl(N"k ..·log ... th" camera m.rl.1 of bl..rr)'llla: a Ih'e ('hlckell. Wb"l1 th .r kind ot II. .. Ih...Ioo or Ihe larleat .. X.t. her rny. new owner I.a· Gertrude Robinson tb. c.hll' It".c~w.a('... Vietor Wll~ lor)' ....... Hippod""".C'COmpltlbmelltl..raee(ully ....n . of the ItlOliard......l KinK.lId Btr... rl".. naOl_ke. lod J.1 Ih...11I1 e. ""rlea. bo dOf. h.

. Fir 1915 SAXON ELECTRICALLY EQUIPPED THIS IS AN IMPROVED CAR -_r'P~T~ HANY.0iL ALAN DW AN.~~. Futures.. l"1ehll"f! Compa.• .o ComedIes Weekly Releulo!.iooJj"""". and Generll )!U1&&: 1t " .. DI..RLE\· Under direction ot fOll.tlTtIlUI _. LOSAJICIW.. Photoplayers. Archer-McMackin \\'ilh Yean of SlICCesl .OV'I'HlCaN IJAl. '>rHlde". CAL .. Who D1'U1bale Throup l:StTEU J:·IL.IW ..4. Ille.. -------......1IT r.nF.--..ale..lroalillA.·Ith· The Eauna. TOASTMASTER Moving Picture j .L Goodfellowship Dinner at the ..r.lclcd of Doual.'1 8ER\'ICI': tWarnet'.ILBERT P HAMILTOS. 1m·IW SoodI OlIn . ..r:. T .. AqeIa.2 147 K-ut 5th Street TJtl1 IlllarlUCI 8ulldlnl" REED & HAMMOND Auctioneers We R@Dt to aU the . TANKS and RACKS Buill upeeiaUy for FILM DEVELOP.. STUDIO 406 Court?" . ConJfn.. Loc. HUfiLTOS ~'arce Comedy Productloll B.." thtoulJh The United Motion Picture Producers... ING. KING i: COMPANY . Inc.MOl'lo.. DECEMBER 9TH.... &: Pipe CO.) Wrltlea and m&de tlmoul by )tISS DOT F... CaL r. . WEDNESDAY..rI ~ Store No..

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Smoke loom.rctu .Inl the rI<'e. No... ... II II lilt on the . k t. then 0. In Ne... L..lied tbem to. nd handled tb. rill ror tb".m... 'entbuled Wllh the IPI"t of reallim . hOllle. tblt . W. Tb.b no. .Ite 011 top of tb. hy tbOle bo. Be .men....·hl thll .... ca. wltb J _ L..d 1')' Ih." Ho. It looke I like w. Ind tbe director prolD- lied tbe rew.11 tbe b.. or Ihl! P"llen hn .. lim..lh' I'ull.·eel· tented to • a. ."~:R~ tbe I\·erl. e. .: Ilt.· ..'· hI Ihe wllh R loedl"ree"' .·n ..'fl I'"olle FRY Tln..tlOD .dy ...t Ihe hid to Inn t".. It·I...1 miD."e SI'.~I.. The acene WII perre:t. HAS EAR!fED PAIIE AS CHARACo "th. and . _r.....llon Juat ...\c-. to 'Ilre direct 1010 tbe c. YIIl .. :~ ·:.l4d be would throw hli horae for In eztr...lrll III .. .. .'" furrll~h. Ollt Ibere.. ICeD...dl.SIA.. n I ..lon of the Sp..the Ro"n. When ...RLl88 VISITS D.. 1...erMl CUT ill Jeaee L. to_M.I.tal(l).o wheo' PuUeo w..hort rebelrul WII m.rd with tbe lpeed of Pell:. .lIn camerl m"D. When Ihe ~lIkk '" llIk. Irlndmother . I I II Iho.olna: on every day. to drt".10 Irom Europe to fulnll ber ronlrl .tment....- ~X~:t-ro':?n~in Ual... If )·ou com€. t II would PUlllllh at the It.od kept In perteet pby.7 to pIe.~ Ie r... The oblOrver w.r p. to .101 In "Th. kl. LUk)' to Nllt It to her .. n. _ •• '1'. lo'a...h..'tllrllOoi th.le.t tb..lmOll a lIer'l'OUI _reek.?:~. Cal dallRhter.taCC."'om dur- • •t IlIlereatlna b.loe:! . w.0 Inolber lecuJon Ind c. ctlhnloclt once bid heell oro oot or Ihe aceo&-for H w. JOHN BRENNAN JOINS Wblle It w. tbe obJeet ot kleo _..t we c . lo~e Itory Atter a few d. DllIoD w.·h.. ha"kl(ro\l"<! fnr A bellutltul to • tM11..ter to I.. . pre.nd Cll-()pe.ot Rllnerll'...r lJlLlnn lIlke. ftn.' 1.he "'.. ~eltelDe1lt nllely In Europe .nd dlrln.. . Kbem.. I. urd·llr. Some Ume '11:0 I uked tor yoluotee. Tbe command...-II.. GRlFPITH."ark City.' Luky lIudlo. bid re- ?tli.· r01l\1'"I1..lca\ condlUon to wltb- EDNA GOODRICH SIGNS "FORTUNES OF WAR" EDDIE PULLEN STARS IN ItaJld . wbeo lb.-017 bad . .nd men......lly f. on! ''ruele hrd wltb ftnetltl bUlIdred. 10 rUIi tbrOlilb • burll' In.~:.. a fOlll'-bol'M llal' eo&eI1....ry da.. I... rM"'·. Tbe wounded ...r In one r"C'. Olle of the .ro..·. hoee l""e ror a )'ounlt ju. E. four younc.IRyll111.. eoacb ud .rt or tbe lambllr. A flint "Olce over n.t en1l1lab pep to 1MU01I the rOlit (...... Mrl.r:':U"aD' above ELLA HAI.Uon and admlr. Hono-Io a ff'Rturf' of 110... A bane ror .ple I ffllm "The Reller 01 Luck- IIOW:' w... bvt betore Mrl.t the be"lnnln" nr mtlllary prOdu.t m.ctte..r-tbe w.HIII1'S II. . Four men fell.ok hlo .re W~:~:KI.. the UI6IJd..pactloo of Ihe PUllen II leature.. ltOWII IDd Ilot Ion.. r"llt1l...a ot tbe ric..·.e ~ru~" :I~~:r : : : ~~:~~ ~~I. They thou"h1 he WII or Yllrl .k. Llf~ here ..'~ .'''rulI' lIu." one of thl h..IlA&n. n .. Ford w.rrr l..lly lIIallaged to gel to LoUdon lomohlle rllr. ear.. lte. .taoclllll two . LASKY PRODUCED BY INCE PHOTOPLAY dent..h .. .ur.A S .'!>· .. uly of tb.:SIIS .r dlu"hter "romlte th . II no KnOt'" l'ullen . "or th" \.r. .d "'I'il1ered on the celluloid.d..I.ullllRn f"rrnll Ihe "'&8 ror o".1 filii from their bo. ..uhl 10"e H.·erml th. the clllUlIcol.· ... bow December '7 10 tbe productlOD 'lI.. Goodrl.B~~'~~~~~~ ~~al~:~ lit•. One a. Markey elltbUled oyer Clulbt b...ulted th. nllr.REX-I·:"I\·':R!'Al. I I COMPANY ...... M IJl0ltllld. Jqb... el. dlrectlo•.I eplrlt .~~~r::ieth:.. -'on'IOlonc I lot of retlow.- .11 orolll1d thll loWed It 10 lelve the houle Ibe mlde Itreat .y TIncher ". d~.rrlble maD.Irturf! II GEORGE . deeplte tbe by hi. n \!Ire her bad ftlilahed . bo .In· . I'nl· Min Markey . "Go.nd ren on. durlnc the It Ie Il prhed trellure th.t...e 01 enra men: they .. blllly.\I"n "'oul. "The Clmlltlf'lll Irf' C..otl roUed tbroulI:b the mUd..t m."d by.r boomed wltb Ibe pUlId or e&lIl1oa.. op· cio..lmOll . . r . Markey al· I'lot ..ny kilid or r...Id KOodbye 10 h.. tOl' of tbe hili cried ... It II a .. Mlrkey ..mlo.. Kom..Ilb me I not for me I 1I...' ' .tllre Corporatl..r. t..'· . 1.enlltlon..ced under lock ...l:ll I. t1ll'Ded tbe _lnDer ID bll 'hrur ear.. r mOlher'l wardrobe W...'"'WAUHUfE.go . II Rf'nl1" rf'mlnd!'t 01 _hIl•.ln... Forcl. Y. mpleted o"r "r .t Mr.ARITY CO:"TEST rell:ularly employed .lUOII: beauty. & Ind Ibe r..n· Ihe needed to weir.. her to the mother or the . u..nd belonll: to wb ... In courae 01 pr01ucUon. JII.'O. Comput..·tIl lell\"1Il tor the .. A .1 Clt. 1'Io')-~ Ih.. lllr"rI"r ~:.. u.ayln.:....Ife. nt keep' tb_ fellowl uoder mlllt. ~tflrkel' rime only Int" tern· "'plled Ihllt he .erUlcllll war III Europe.I JUlt the lhlnR l'letur"." "Are you reldy!" ehouted lllrectilr Ford...bloc cay- f. Ford dlrectad tbe loho.. r.. ''''I1le lIttl. Md'"11tRI!" 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Ford : _n "Tb_ boye _olld .r--II:_ borrlble battle.lIy win.ulOlllobUea thoUlht or the t.uto drly· rOYII realdence be Ihowed her the er ..ll o .ve work- Inll: . b.' "11I1.t up o •• r tbe c1t. In e\!cund Ihe .b the pl_ hal gIVen MI.. In Hollywood...t Tt. home AS GIFT to _ It tbey will be oeeded ..t..nd relll:oln" It.\IHS IS .· tod. WITH J.'· . Durlolt lh.tit .ered . Ing Ihe produrtlon by Enid Markey ra . thl' daYI or th". Ih.! II the .'St·IJ....r two yeara pi...l. .. .. of the ..' he In Ihl! rolf! of R MIIl. Goodrich ...ot 011 hll bllld tben:qul .. TBR OOMJIDL\....l In he Iho tb..u or acci. I ne~er b . .\.

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Reliance 1R..Lssky .00 advertisement.'U«'l'" atarted Ihll "'eell on Louise Glaum..eatarred portr.00 advertisement 75. bOI Ihey mut' r-at UNIVBR8AL BEAJl8 AID CHARlT)r Tbe BIIIJ7wvOd W _ ' I Chab .... He hili b~n George Larkin . votes will be allowed on Advertising· according to votes will"'be allowed on Subscriptions according to the following schedule: the following schedule: $ 1..000 votes 5-year subScription 10.000 I.050 dltterenl "Ime .IT. . 10.. Bessie Barriscale._ . Jackie Saunders.. _. .. Mr... .1..00 18. T..&lIe8 .. LtrOIUfIA. LeSain!.lor ..·orll.000 "'·rlltenforher... A Ba~. •·ho h . Lee Moran.. C . .00 advertisement. _.M.round tor a Without ..000 votes 25.y pia)'... N...111 PI • loac ••T ba b.erllJllletn hee gont' on ~ Eddie Lyons.. Ollye I...mle.o daYI to l-onfl.~II~lrbt When the ebll4' hla: dotlea aa leading com".. Irut future I.. Keystone 5. Universal 5. Keystone 8. Inll "u In tbe E.050 1111 of nIno". Co. : .t bla bome In Holly. N. American . hat }Ir_ Au«U. Laura Oaklev Universal 5. . ...200 the tI . ..rO· Co..000 SIlly Ann In ('harle. Y. and .00 advertisement.·_Iu".S50 8. u.ttendanee tbOIlCbt tbat tb.000 Good for Fifty (50) Votes in the Photoplayel'll' ."e ror nn' ye.. 10.. Y...lnc .050 lut "'eell and for "''bleh h'" will pro- UNIVERSAL STUDIO . ~ 00 Ulla e. • IU. .000 votes 20..·bolp.y tblt the Oreat Johuon.600 Violet McMillan .000 votes 10.00 advertisement 10.. 1.. bora .000 votes ll-year subscription 22..e:l l!:rell Interest In hi.:Ilan and a liz volum". to bear &lid =other . uouaud .8elig. Kalem 5. Ibe baa been aeen to "d\'lntl. Not quite a )'ear 1110. I· LARITY co.·· dlrfftloo Georce R..00 advertisement 25.·. Ruth Hartman Favorite Players 5.. M.. Co.. .orlllnlt on AI E. DUrinJr the Photoplayers' Weekly ('".orll In tbe remar_able ca~r of an)' ehlld of her featured In numerous releaaes and .ltb Harrl' OLIVE JOHNSON AND BILLY JACOBS Chas.000 votes S-year subscription 16.'" born In Fllrlto.. . Q. Anna Little. and It I.r•.00. l... TOU like.000 She . 45. ben he wlnlla hili l'rodu('tlon of "The Cand..00... Gypsy Abbott Favorite Player~ 5.... In "'hleh sbe h. ....550 730 South Sprin. 12..11 .. to the Rlnellnl Clreua..ADVERTISI~G: During the Photoplayers Weekly Contest...o ye...rite care of the Ne...100 .'u.00. __ Reliance .ont. :Balboa 33.. John p.I<'Iure .100_ In 1%5 dlet...150 OUT WEST !-AODLERY Grace Cunard... niversal 5..00. Mar....Dllfl-Ctur1q Com- p&IIJ". Co ..300 .00 advertisement.)' .nt a ltrelt deal or her re .bleb . Putor II loo. Y.. " .000 votes 1915 "Royal Mail" AdverLising RaLes.. Ella Hall l· niverSltI .ed for her. tlYe of tbe Rock Mogotat. . tbe hiE bow who pl.. Bill. Seli~. P. ~l!rJ' . .tahle amlle acrou Louise Lester..n STERLING AT WOUK A<1r\IN-IlE..t the Libert)'.: nll.00 14.-dol"l! lJ. e"er been Donald Crisp Reliance 5.I0HS!Kt:\" I.. ..147.lrarita Fischer ..\T .050 Stella Ra7. la dolnJ: • motion picture Ilunl Citiuu Sayi.Iu..~Q_ .tb)' vaculon or t.n In . .000 ~"rth Dllkota. 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M. l\l al'tlear In bl. "THE PANTHER" FILMED BY NEW YORK MO· TION PICTURE Richard Stanton .. tor the partlO" of ..~ CONTEsT CLOSES DECEMBER lIst 1914 C.dln!!: womao ror ~Ir Au .!~~ohp~'...· Fd.'· . .00 per inch. I.eekl aco the Elizabeth Burbridge .• Wee.. I. UIC u many of theu coupon.000 VOTING COUPON: pb)'alda. Heliance.. a free Il.. d)" ." Sbe.r home tro. 1_.000 votes 12. 5.eto .10...000 "'111 later taken to Chl.600 10 tul ItllSL PMuPIIJ.. pla)'lnc a vaudeville tour wllb lett eye be II. .100 "'Ill I>{O le. •bleb w.900 Myrtle Stejman.Clor ezlend. Frontier.000 votes 50. .. Rey ~.000 In thlll cold lo .000 votes 100Year subscription 20. l..000 votes 9-year subscription 18..000 durt" ae . hen Ollve tbe ICfeoen and ..450 tbi.r. _be»e ele'l'erne..he "'as a )"ounf\ child.!ion tor Ihe Kln...: . hll'. gt"..... Uoo 1. .. ltltl'" Bllly'a f'om. bulDg JUlt UtU. ".11 ot the p. HI...Y... 6.. Christie.000 votes 2.ould be plel. .nd ht"r roleR ran the Mr.1'>0 Irene lfunt. .. A. . been t.Nominated by : : r :. 203. CaL Adele Lane......350 REPAlRlNQ NEATLY DONE. Universal 221.Universal 5. to 10. Warren Kerrigan . 15...1 Buk Ray Gallagher Universal be will be .. 5. Wm.a«o ... t.. and leadIng lad)". "'eek.Co. Universal 11... Sece.. ThIs will be lome .. . Universal 5.aa.400 743 So. Illtnlnlt UII for tuture .000 votes i5. R S.. Y....j)••kCO..350 . 4.000 Arter Ihlll "Senllmentel Sall)"n ..JL She "'.. the lead lOll. rapidly prOll.. .a pel'1ZllaSoll to a ..00 advertisement 6....' ".n .000 Ill"... known as tbe lIule tot I.050 ... .-\)ll'KAMAS AT LIBERTY ber to tbe froDt 10 . SIre:" _ Ruth Roland. .000 "'bile . J.267. P. ..r subscription $ are l.l1.. E . Ford Bterllnc bill Kgaln tallen up Beach .111 malle " .bIo' e&rHr as a mo· Helen Holmes .h ... bleh he Joloed DirKticm Raben ~ d Dot Gould __ .n Ibe received an olter tram Ibe Ster- line Co....e put before tbe public lit a '~~~~_p "ftl. r)" at Ibe KIlietollbole omee& .... ('OIL. Bob Leonard. . 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Adm. man.bort tlOlt. &ccepte:l.. .000 votes 2-year subscription 4. and sometimes .ne4 tlY the 01ll".-Pt. Ita own ruather II I~ndlnl: bw . 5....-Balboa . ~:dlson C'orupan)' for Ihree ru.000 votes 8. 5.750 Dorothea 'Farley Albliquerque 11.. ..I Fred Kley . Co...000 votes in the Photoplayen"WeoklJ Populsrity Contest: . He I. Spring Margaret Gib!?On Vitagraph.n -.bllll)' . 8.dlaon ehp. cr'fllIhed .ye.... 0flIk<0 .-_.'. . .. A dre1l1 \ pertor-..00.. . t. Cal .re. IlEl'E~IIIER 12....000 ~Hq ~1l1rord . "Wb• .. . Llltle Rill.t~ ~.. Mabel Nonnand. 7-year subscription 14.rwat FUm M.m Edna Maison.000 votes ~year subscription 12. on the Bt.. ...i .'''r II Howard Hickman ~. . 5.:' SUBSCRIPTIONS: .050 -I ehort 11m. 32.y Co.. In I\e)"· Rhea Mitchell N. ..... 1914. M. ~t TreDwltb Comea Home.P. aling." rea· o...000 LEVY'S CAFE Dorothy Gish .M..'Uh • nue rec:ol"d aod a lonr. abe played lermln..050 ~1111 ~Intord <:'Oruea to Ihe Klneto- J..1 I• •or. ye.. Universal 5.wM.. Universal. 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·"m.·u <lrll"" I'.holll lie hart rho"en "'A ~lan·...·. We. high-class..· "I . d h)" Ih . •• .1 ral . of hla call.~esa:~: olfn a =:~II~~ :reon~~'~deC.. Popularity Conlest mobile~... u...1 :0...ln reall.~~.t .. and her work III Ihe extr..lbO.." "Life'.d Broadwa.".ro·lI "'11. CALLAHAN s.. She ·" "then..nd.1 In. '·. abou! 18 l11onth••10.... Hallo"" . It "'Wultry.. hu doolllt!'! 10 tl:e 'nore lhRn a rear anrl "'ho pre.·r.. H.ttentlon were Ihro"'n on .aa a the 1l10t(rK"h CUU:l..."" '. SATliRDA Y. Illlll>"lInl""d Ih.e.. lerlmled lu a hull HUll "" tht't-ourf ..l IRr~ .... . Thl. "A Fool There W . alned rrom the tarl Krln . T".lar ca.· f"/I I!"'HIII Fllru I""rl'urrllluu li:ramnlll_ Par."'ll I'I"Ul)' . "'hkh will be tollowe:l by "The W. Ibl. whllr" 10'11.'~. General aU . tre. .u:.I.-.eher h.1 ~'Ilm M. ~'llm" Lloyd.":.' h.r.. Hala I. Ihlckeat "art ot Ih" crowd Ill" dln". r. addltll'lI to tbe loll n"fJ-relll r".". Our Favorite . ".110111: "flh . nne hundredtb pletute. The bo.. .ll'."If.''LI."i'l 'H" "I flwu. .HI ".I'k 10 lhem ANNA LUTHER encee. "f .\'·.:":":.. c".0 I'cr)' mallr yeara ago aud "'ent In Ileen "'Ith ~I r...mall to have our ('are_ Newes! Hotel tUI attention_ PHOTOPLAYERS' HEADQUARTERS THE ARK HOTEL SCHUYLER Corner Amerka" :\ve_ .cher "" the come1lan. Live Merchants LONG BEACH Long Beach Lumber Company We Furnish the Home Complete 905 East Third.:.rly ~'lIm Co"" al>ecl.·lh.n..-Ing town In G"rmany . Paints ~nd'Oils . hut kadR wtlMn 1"'0 momhs Rfter ha.1 In..'"'' "hie I.referH the ". In/(.· and Saunde .\ t"'o-reel ad:ed allrlclton jt-.~ m. I'hllad . IQ14. .hR'" I.1>"1 flr. Dyreda programme.. MdllJUloKIN.Ilu."' won so corned}-..lerll 'r"uI·I. an I" ::rfl~~~:~H.· 'uot>· "".. and her "'ork h. r.~ lIu<l lh ..... City Garage.. · "The :..• •nd Playen brand. "'hlle U. ~A.l much mon"y In th ...Ith the Sterlln~ Co ..I! Ill_ ....11 Lumber to the Balboa AmUICmenl Facing the Ocean Producing Co.. have added an l!1tra realure lling Oll a meane of aucceaafully to pi".i nER 12. purchas.."uI)".....h'f'" "'ar "u ''''r f:~r:~e ·~::...terlal to erll('t &e'·er.'-I""ll . "..·. f" "'('r<>'"nlrrl: . II'll. . . r Ih" K'ork of Ihe day mum be". Ihe I:r.."..· "'hll'h he "-rot" ror hi. TO~l Premier brand..·n ""en ('all rur h"r IIrlll "'-'reen drama..-" IIWIIJ" h"r"r" lw "·"II'uu.lvllnr... ~lollnl~t n. .. br._ A.'" ('ompRn)' whert! "he went to In Nurenburg..'>fWI'V.t.. This time they show F..10 l. Bero. Pennant Feature"..i"· ha"~' a "on· on Ihe alalte In danclnl( aClll. KrlterlOn llro- rected and produ('fld the play.ome Idea of el.. of "f<' ". or United Film Tb'.. "S"'eedle and the Hypnot· n the crowda with hl..·.. .. 10 enter.·t IlrM . and when the 11<1 "'Aa pried all' he audlencee are ellJoyln. Calif""".lr" lin lI....1 he "-Ill lit" He wllll_unahle to bre.e and Ilfar In rur Ihe Knl. 1:.~_"_'_l_h.ull 1".rd St.' and Stan to" the l·n!l'. !'ame lh.<r. Ing Coml. "I' "If . wea ell/(all: ..and palt1l uf II)'''' nl .""11.'~ wh .'TUIlNlm TO HIS OlJ) llIRIo:CTOU_ Ibe plate .. lion ot "A Political Feud. . r.f au~ I..( 'lIlrly t1tte4·hotb by nature ... . M."· IoUI alao for lhe th"... I. .·. ! an<t the "'ounded "'l\l no"" 10" hullt Inlo'r"~II"1I: I" .: It:I':~ 1~>'''~~~: n~1 h:~ Il~::~~ ~~:~3 r IJnn rn"'U·UI... and Malll U Ninth Th.. Ill/(enue and It'II.. I'la.oll·ed a lfro!>lem re· man)' <larln/( lhlnl/:a K'hlch Bhe hili lUll: ._ that the laWn• •lone are "alued . for 1. 11.rted work tbla week at the Kluetophote lIudlOtl at ('"u .pltal III tbla :"·. and they did II..IHT OF I' brand )lOTIOS rICTVH~MAX :\SCH· Io:H ItJo.' lIrln.nal On ~lon_ ~'lIm Co.. TerrI .~~~lte~ln~I~)'o~ Ilrllil llrltaln lh".cars..1 Ilhrrorh'lI furnllll.HO- DIrector Allen Curti."Io·k "". eweet mu~lr ferL He aaaembled I hair dOlen and I" ..he hall won maur rUpll lind hall '~h"r...'aJ'~ "f 'h.I. about :"'0 and a helf Franey and Ralph McCorn. r well· known proJuret'l .etlon Co..a.t he . the klda "tlrtlill (lrltlln <t"rl." thOU. th ... " late artl'·.. .·llulI'u. I..1".tltutl"na J"'~"u.."nt"f "Il'n-ItEM Sen Ice. II .11""-"<1. 40wn al tbe waDted them to do.:u. \\-hlt. YOn TlfY. brand •.treet p~at WIIII.p~~:~. .[allR b)' Ih".. Stonaker.·ark. There II Long Beach's nothlng too large Or too .. garbed them a~ .m. declare ~tlllJl Henry to be the the In"e fotces. hl. n t111lD)' .1t I'fr l"r"~ >tn..if'lure... t~l~ ~~~H~RENnr. dAy after.Ie· out to pleul! their Immense audl alllllH man)" anxlolla momellta pl.. Bo... ~.' have added a ynung Ruaslan leas nlgbt he hit UllOn a "Cherne..HUlI Uflll"'r "I k.le..ene·....'. ch".de lor B..cene TI.t"I.n'll)' lo'mlnl"" r"N!I' ..r.. o . wa" ..." "'rltten by r. ~.. en~ l'SI\-to:UKAL "Il)!'i II":" t-Ilo. arlor-dlrertot 01 ~·tflh .Irl" an<t "TIle char"cter comedleDne ot the comp. btl cro.\I'....11Inc. LUe Photo brand. pr--emlunt. "'hkh lI:alneti ror her the I'IWPLE In-\" III!> "KlTUA. "Tbe Tlll ...nurarlor. zie.·...(·. n.101 1'1""..·I'''II".. llft·r funnle. comp. IIhrrUI<l hrlulC re- can brand._ s.. ""Ino: hurled from" d.ttled II Inlo ef. ])ECE~.uther IR nof on\l' knO"'n for mnl:\l(I) !'iT..)11'1.. be ..' manager. the .' athletl" I/:Irl lInd fond or dandnl': aa cHedlr I.II1111: r"I"B.r"l". \"'. AI.. of the cOml.ItO.e".Urllrllolli..· KrrU)' f"c h . OI'V."' \\'um .1 h"a been "hoa"" hr \lr... Warner'e reaturee. h Mlu LllIlan Peacock.aturu h"rrll.1 "If II IIr. $Ialllon hatl I" fl ak" " '. "'Ifh prU"lurer" 10 re.I. LOCATED ON OCEAN AVENUE Loac Be&do. Turner Wilma. been for &e'·er..1 "1_" J.n .. l....·.eman A.rtu. an..."II. Olher Irlnll Ince fe.licturea.taad. Co. "f a I(ambler In Io:aaan.lth Ihe e1· \0 the popul. The Joker Co pia)' "l'l'osll" t" him In the ne'""rllll. In- .. Dunches"' In the ~tor.11 aR out-ol-donr vlolll I"trorla.'TltE (i~.! 1..\ ..nd. n.. lr l""a...n Terrt...."':...'r... thAn /(0011_ R"""..lIng "t a poor _ Ih...n wl(I"I) lh.l lhal a l..l Ih . .·. George RIchard Bubier.llln "hc l.1>'IIH:II.. ~..'· "'The Girl I Lett Behind ~le" I.lng ne"'apaper ellna nul lIlI!.'"m. wUllry f"alure nlrnll.·I. >un.. nr<teu.. not don" In l'lrturea.·.1 actren on IhruBla <'ailed "lIlCllrly fnr '""I.. Tluf . FULLER. .Dd hu lurne:! note . Gr.1 .1 .' I. haa alwaya belln an cnmedl. .."_'_'_'l_h_"': ~. P'''' "-flh 1.n.l'!""1 af'" c"rllllul) ot/t Il doubt without equal. othy Donaell.. Ih"l "WillI: .rledth"llh.eb. ""IT WII" •.·Ifl aoto 011' th" end of a l.rmltwd tn 81.ubln atar ror gener.:y S.. fl'" n"""ulf)' "f uHinll: llllo'a "'The f'ORf .St. d"K'" ""em Into r .." ". but really amu~lnto: DurlllJl a quiet moment of a rl'at.. Curtlfi 10 8Ily nuper... .an-.. In dan. FISJ.'. Star- AI.· I" nUl' Wll)'. !he . Ihe h"r h.1l been wlth.'lldh1 IIcreen reputation. All f wrltt.1 lIan.l. Kleine'.'Ill I".. Ill"'mupan)' lh.:.een r'eature ~'Ilm Co . uot".' "'"II kn""'ll In tt.:\\"NO OF I.orlhern...1" to mak" ...f ".uhll.ll or"An lIn"r."rn.. Iloth . Cen- trally located..·lou..' who bll\"" hoy'a rl. P..II"·>tI·H"II.....\"" lna111 ar.per. r (. Olle W. MILLER'8 THBATRK -oUtltnlnl emllh.. fnr "1hlhltflr~ wh" auh.. :~~~:~n ~~~:lItl::kr:::e~-:~n~oJ:::.. procramme_ 10- tbe AlDerlc."'''hoYI.!thor y"arly ur In.'.u'..':. ductIon at Ifl.." a grip. rn()~1 bellutlful an....1 ('h~ "ludlng Famou....." frud."'n .·ph·..::n:.d IIt:'. Tblaf" . r and I'''''''''' 11"·m~'·l".aaky Rnd olher.the All Auto Supplies and Repairs This Space Represents 5000 Votes for Balboa Amusement Producing Co. luru...uwll . lor eacortlld hI. of Jerico..". EUROPEAN PLAN Special Weekly and Monthly Rates Rates Per Day: WITH DETACHED BATH.t ~1I .... Ltd.·lnll: 11".. pro- orl . THE PHOTOPLA VERS' WEEKI. n .med ~·r:ldkln...·rlro..· "U. We furnl.hl" H. 1I"lh_l.:8 Miller'.. ~ 1 role In the 1>1.nd tem- (I..x~:~~:.. . to hundredth L>lelure to returu to Dlrec. ..·.•' In a blue funk a whol .h.. 1914 -A new.: \\". lI1a.. l'arlH lll."lrfH "f whlll nfl' ."I"'·lI f'l' llh lin In. .\11 over uooo th. lu~ "II"h 1!lfU r"I"'rl"d jl.RH WITH WHOM ARRAlf . "'ho takll1l Ihe part I.1 If "'1lI learned III the Klnelol...'r.. rUII" "' •• dl''''''·. CalUornl.. \'10'."'-Il'· . "Tb._...ltl.· ~l\Ul" ""·C)·· c"ntalnill/( accouots of the trlllmph nwtlnn p.· ...tarUIi' Mond. IUW'F.. ll.~ f. I.. . YUullK. •• . $1. n-Rnt an. h....'row)' .nIK'H" Screen Heport. d ~·r .' The WI"I'. m.. J .:.rodu<..1>1I)' hi. ('''f''. n)· l"l"'n 1"1. anrl many tHled "'Foollnl ~~."" TIl>" BllI:hl "f at111 dellghta her audlencea and Rlch.. "'ho haB b"en II I..emund... of '''IUIII Shado"'· . wUllr)'. Star brand..-\STOS )IAIiJ.. Belnl': Ihro"'11 (rom h"" I"'(''''H'' II lafrl)' f'''''''''Utl BIlI:hl In . or the pro_ rhlne r6<'onl"" til" "'-"f". "'~r" men.1 .. equipped with every modern convenience. "hl"h ~..mofolollim. be. Popular I.. Picture l'la)'hou. allll rollow..:~~~r'.leture "'hh'h ('lIpadl)' ahe h. In eluding ~tltlenthal br...-h!ch ah .. . C"amo•.. ater pro. He Will enlaKef In the produc. that "'111 Ihelrat....d almoal 811 maUl nffe .... ShOlf Wlndo. "r ralno"a TerrlRa [llaro "'hlch he "'l\l l.Ih"l 'f I" 1"'1". rrlu of Ihe Londoll Blan.ta/te ". ettractlon.. Inc!udln.u.rUlent to play the dlmeult leldlnll T"'u Ihnuund l"llIl.. ground . throUllh !t'...""e (ilrl..I.cODd H.1 • month.11. ~ln: A. lun/( hurl.boratene.·!Ua"'l.. "'~rdll beraUII..te. 1l11 tllna. AllAual. Sterling.'d "rrll.·IIII)· .la)·. Sa"ola brand. "u..o vrorramme. d ~1I. McKen- Add. UeedF.. I....mollnt l. m... burned to Ihro f"r p"fd!r "ho"'lu~ t(>Ck the OPI.' "I n"'BI .n. "'hlle making /I scene In Euanay·. Klnetophoto. to /(J The "..11. I.Ul.'If)' ." ""."" Betwetn Pine and Pacific Avcnuts FIIfni.. For Balboa A~ ProduciJlg Co.."lIclr . nf"" IIh""'n ~·"u.... All . V1Ayen....rrlllf>ff null l'Olll'll Corp_I Blinkhorp. Film Cor/ootatlon tlro- /(ramme and Ap"1.\I{our".:~'~ IltlllP ltw Wlflf lur.worth. ln..·II.ny wom"11 aH ""nfl'r'Of..cement or the Strantl of one o( the caodldalea.. Ih" Box omee Anr.: IIH" th"l 1'"11..I.ta.. WIl .. l'll"H of uul>urlerl dead I\-hltman'a Featuru.. cently Ihat "'ould ha"e haNled. lllanllled r.( II". ""oman.... G. for the need) lu Ih..'I·. l"a . - five comedlee were I>rn:luced with U. llfotlr)U Pl<-.S0 UP George A.'nc. TllI'ao)' br 'd_ F.llu f"lIturo'd Ilf "Will 1':lTllrulf.' "II "h.1".LKS narrlH JUWINH HIIoI 1000H be abo . 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Ramo.. of medical . a Ifllll~lnJl unrtet Ih" nrm name . pl&1. lI.telo'.1 U~~III"·'-.." heen with ~lr.. L-.l FURNITURE CO.· "-ar II IH :'. hut ahe Theater...\lo.. Variety. Ilu hi..:. "...e 10 Iluccen.'" 1" . Great "enal Co.' "f .t11 JIo.. . Supportln/t her I..remH:e.Io. and Ih.telo II.ture.e.."ulllr"t "r.. Sh..)' crowd wu enJoylllll MENTA HAVE BBEN HADE 11011 of Henri Bern.' "M... · ha'·e bl'l'n to "er"a!.lol( IU 11".'I.. Contlnental (Mutual Film . eluding Deer brand.o OF TIl.'. "u"..llIt~ ~~·JI~~~.. fruth J~ leue.llln• •UcoMa. "Tbe Tiller" a.rogramme..)'.·r""Il... Homet...· ~· ... llu. LlroJUC..y. :'.i~ in the lead..en' hllM ].11 Pia.1 when tt".nton.. Long Beach California W.II"u "'''01'' fll .."' ... • Ill.:.. ~..leClrlc IJrogramme.u_."eara 811:0.' ""oj ""ml......:H :':.....·k. t .. $1. h r"aliHlU fll. "u. a play "'rlll"n 10. OPENED JUNE 1.:.\tlAR 1.. The l'ol .. n .·r"'·'''U.IIr ~Iorrl.. their great fore~i~ht Ii)" buying two more new "JACKIE" SAUNDERS Ford touring. >rf·.. uee. nll". 1 !..)-hl"'· e"er alnce her arrh'al at the Un 1.\lr.._" I..·u "n th. hili now the old cut. I"'f' lh. "'II~ f""fUr. are beln!:: changed. n .'". week be will bfJ..h.I...ce. r1"h'-.<t ~.'" Ihe Pllrl "f thl-' ""Ife In .ortunlty of thl.ted Olher. ~::'I~:~ :::~.1. which add greatly to their BALDWIN GARAGE efficiency (If Iheir already large Reet of auto- Photoplayers W~ekl.. ".1 11I'lance featured" I...1 S"ndlcate Fllnl Coo.dlm X" Italt'j"ed her on til..)"d b.. or America.'Ian·" Shadow .utul plio"'..·.·11 di.TURJ: HANUII'Af7 Janctlon or Bprta.y·.Io!1 III 1"1'111181. la the wa)' he r. .1 . . And Dor..d from Fr.. absolutely fireproof hotel.1 Ha1td.. opposite Pine Avenue Pier..hce .r l. the German Red Crou enoullh bulldlnlC "u"I.1 fe:lturea. Attraction Co:a Ilroductlon. lu whlcb l~ not only making the hlg lbl! "lIboollng" the l. Curti" are William pIned III to how 10 obt.·o.~ ""~ "llh lUll: .~ lII1. Thl.."' "Ruulo. n"eIOI-"d Ih" fu...k It open I He reel. I".1 h.. '.11.e In t1Vf! d.~:. It ruu". Bt. n.'a I" Hh"w Ih~1 .Uc.1" "f ... • nd thoae "'ho "'ere III nlll'."..·r""'. 'lul"k tu learn. Euro- l'r.' "H I h..... will hn. TIlI'y h.le Henr)"..tay...: crltll~.hed PUI of tbe Furolture uaed by th ..· lIuall~' :~:. 250 Locust Ave Long Beach H..)'.. l. n'_ "Iher "lmJler ."n "'".. 1_lalld on the lIrlll of the aerlee World'. tba flral of the Bo& om..l: thl~ al"'" aUPI'"ed them each with all armfu: .1 Ill· .1 "Ith 11r ..00 UP WITH PRIVATE BATH. Film Re- Idlen.d an enlt"I((H1Wnf "f "". t .·h. Photoplay•.I) I" I". lllh..rn.. Ih:~..:":.ny "ent to Venice.· lu I'rh'lIl" IIml "Ilh fh" lIollrd or' .rl)·... "f h"r lul. t emoUoll.. S..' 1.. Ilnltel f!tatlla:' rIlUK"'U"UI.. th" Capllon or tile ne"" leldlnll. wUltry:' )'I!II.IH"lUU("j'H""" lor Curtle to .urch.:':'O:':"'=~=====::=~_="':"'::':':'::_=:-:~"t:==..••247 Pine Ave.'n at thla prett)· the..·.n'lfl.tre 011 Till' .:. r"I'orl 011 ..I:'...!r y". Y....~ from New York.~:~~~~~~'i::f~~:c:ra~r:.n"·!I.ft I~ I'U.· "'1.. ot !be Unl. ".e "'Ila locked In a trunk lhe. Donnelly "·ear•. In the production at their l. t"rn"..ll' UK til.. ~ .'1 -. IInl Iw" Ih"ulIf'IUI l'lln<l.:rc::::~p p.·. atunt ....S OFFIO.m~~. ~To Ill" l'o:~i.tllr.·k lu I Il~ l'Alh.1 \'"mplln.I. .. IIf"l Iher.. . llftiIUlII.r'l'IS(.. -'Zudora:' ".".uullllltl"f8. Long Beach Balboa Feature Film Co..:... but rel"''''1 them tn .'h"HI fnl. Dex~~. Ind wllik at.Ial' afternoon...· il "·a.. Hepworth Amerl."'t~". . 1I11t1 Ih"lr r"lfurlM ur . PrOlreaa.'HI oba . Ed/t._-------_. mirror acreen."-"H hal ~ . Grea~ Northern Slleelal the Gbeno: 'a"d nr:y other. An<t CellJl"H ha. who are alwa)'11 on the look.m for a po.nd oth ..4lrp. n..r alulwn""a lhat 1'"ltuUI7.'" !>""n In "It"". "Children of 'Ilru: Ihlll I~ ""uf rllt> f" 11.

y..1 paper uist for tba f&- cUloo.. Tbl.m 10 aoak Ole I he ~I . til..... ~111l8 leue.1l81 rOa"1 phone llumber. 16.. Wllllam FOJ: Pr_llll Ooroth1 Donoelly l Creator or M. dk .. '"l'nder T". "r '''')' <or Ih.u<'l'ea.". dlltanee call ... .m.. ood IrllnBferred hl8 . Eo ENGLEMAN.. YONS PRODUCTION COM. ....t (... II "·.·a." earl)'" I. eommentlog 00 "'". brall. 500 to Select from---$I 0 to $50 j\... of me.. I. lakllllnylhllLK Ih"J(rl""ly ..1" r..\Ir. 11 111"... I"'eoty-n. lind Ihe Del. prodUCln Wer. SETH D.on ..·"r".llnl( m. _ 202 Nordl a-.. trolll cOltly 1I11.n)· had Io"en mad .atllhMdlo.·118 nOl '1.'.."rll' 1\"'.....-. "nd le~lntllBte pla)"eft'.. A personally selected program "." T .."rll . nlll ('"m.. ..'·. Hollywood G.tur"..·llrld thtl porpnillof thlllrull.h"l". thll Ih"..~: grellt Illl eJ:penlotl and too ~at a _~ for.. ~Ir.1<1 Burr.. 1911.. "f .0011 sow WITH UNIVERSAL FILM Till-: I"SI\·EHS... ~If...·"· - For ~ ~ PJar Comp&lQ'. "For .ug... of dram . "'OIlODOI~ "'... CDmlldy ror~. . addition to Mr. Hcu: 0tIc'e AUrlo<'.·.-'(aSH f. Ih . Ihe .. Cre.· r.. of "'hleh Aleo progr.'. bilge Palch. 8t.I"lle ""ork. r".. ('oOlllllny IIIHI II.. Alro blld IIrranged 10 releaSE! tbe lre.lor or lhe .\1 ( .1. 10 ha"e been relea6l!d by tbe Alec concero this week.ltt . • pretty Weatern tiful WOmlln. II>ollon lol..od ..' "The lion.·ood ..1 <or l.lter Hott Seely.e newly . tbe onl1 ftlm excb.. Th. clou..~r.ork "You're a l!:ood lllOrt...ld .r'"I"...t.leps Ill. at Nu.ollger. peraldency or Hollywood. h" hu l\>Cot Compliments of Ing.howilll Director JOKER-UNIVERSAL CO. UPE)'.. January.. I h..crc@n ture CorllOraUoo .::..led.t--<lr both-read1 b1 bollday tlmll..- ored plctorl.<lit or o"ereo. but tbe Mo- ..s or " "onllln'8 I.... Set with Diamonds and Pearls rtQ. l1111lUUn"e" cault" for ... and The Aka Film Corporation paid 10U Pln·eh.e ot. .. Seely lind hi. juvenile Lealia 1... c. ~ . hlld beell can.".pl 10 quit.Herlng hlm. Yet thll 1'011. IlllrT)' 1l"1l~'" 'lualll)" ot Life-Photo Film. bKnl"hlll~ "'11" ..\l~.ul. their nlm elcbanllli Bro. TroMl "rRod he plar.uro' !'Illenlll Is .:ST.I<· 11..- . H.'ood .p.d 10 lh<:> II.. lion Plclure Corlloratloo .1' "'u evidenced too thl.:S( forced Ihe Iru"1 InlO tOUr!. lind which '1'" hi.11 . Wiggs of thll C... ~~8!IInay IIctresl. No 01111 rondllctlnll • . comedy." .nenblp or the ..take" l.ld tor Smith al tb. dollars leu th. a l'l""II" 10 "r l~' I I. and allo . "bul It Is I .·" "lwa)'11 ra"""d al'a"Ol.'e dolilln more I'll gh'e II 10 "'lIa Illken Th Irhanl(e Ik. but uked tor .ort thell' f"o'lIln In COlntofl.·o'" ders alld announced tbelr Intention of 11.s I" ilia)" le. r"lI)" "o"r lell.~~~.· (:""..)· \\"". and not In tbe trolt.. ell. ~ wen that Ad.."IOI"'..alerll producer wI. 111"111"...t· a .. It'. BoJ: omce At- IracUoo COmp.n .ta..he.. doeao't ll~ It lavol"l of Abe Lillcoln number or paleolo r"mlol. Il Wben be gOI him..r=:-". .nt _ llAYOSSE STlTOIO alld . l> I~ Illln) un Ihe ParUlc C".nge In Amer- "THE THIEF" early.UOll aDd wu wllllni to P&1' ainloat .j' ....·'. 10.Jllt)' "r·.tlre 10 h.. under the.." Com- .-UI FOX..arll It orcul.. trom tbe Paelftc eoaat to OOD...yallerl In "Manon Lea- I:""p')' Th""'r. B. Kaut eI tM at:J.....l 80 fnr ....'\Id. Popular Plays lind Players aDd ·l:tIl.. Hill 8 ..\. n.nd SmUh h. Compan.. r ~ . .... SATURDAY.. S EXCLUSIVELY The I~eal Gift for Xmas and tboN III c1aar..rod"rllon.:'<t l~\t\l'!l ~Illll:!..10 ~. ture I'llmerll 'Ihlll II tlill not mole..ldllr.m.ny.. "nd hlB Irkk nlml... ~·"Tllo·.. thought belIt 10 lOb- stltute Lilla C.'".'... yoor c'e::' \ ' .ctlng prolum. otber end want..... jUll! been and tbe Golden Rule.. I)· organized Aleo Film Loc.• lOon_made .·. ])ECEMBli'~ 12. PLETED '"Hill TIlt-: fa)OIl OF Tift-: j·. r.... Smllh I..000 ' L.IaJld O't"~.""A" rel'"ke.-U..'FURS their flltDI.. Innllt"d 100n. ne 11_ _ III tM .lltellt old-rublollel policy haa This pOlltloo aroosed Ihe Ko"ern· ..\lr Smllh's tele..· tlonll.. producer.1.1 produced.. w. claImed control or Ivery pr. hor' lion..t".P~. I . UMI .1 or lhe laal 1.chloll GANIZED wUh I.... 0"01 tlr.IwaJo z iN 'N"A'M 0stnet. he Illg 18 • rad.·.. ...10. ndl'r SII"lll Bnrhara... DISCOUNTS TO PHO'1'Ol'LAYERS .lu. Th'l"1l wu ODly oo• •DOd bll f.\moerlr"" SI"r Will 1'111)' With lI\1p . Irult 1IJ:lld ollch llXhllJil"r I wu dollan PRESS SYNDICATE OR.· ~:OIl'" .bbage Plllcb was . nol Il m01l11llOly.mou.tloo. PERKINS. I I hi..d .d but- Thli "all:tHIl w.. "'h\ch O . ehar. ao he llnnouncemelll Will.. h1bltora.I'·II~ 1. lIt be shown In tbe ".cs. be I" and hl.U ALOa IIUl'S MAIUE MANUFACTURING OOMPAX\· Im"~Llm )-'OR . COMPANY. o. tl1 release It Monday.1111011''''1 hi'. the 1.1".....-lUI a.. 10111)' Kel t .I .. and . whleh he h .. (. H.'111- the best llccounll we b. And It thl.nice. allowed juvenile Lead lI"n Ihul "'''')' h'". m....·0 ""Sr8 on the .. H" prOmpl!y ........ "I r"~oll<t . hll tul property.nrr) A . alld "pparatul were N •S baraaeed... d houa:hl and 1'.. Gllr . ltb. IIr81 roor "'1.. Ambltlou.. You WIll find bere yoor exact tab- lea bandllnll" IlcenMld motloll plclure. •• ~. tbe ol'lloee ot tbe torll.'· '"A Dollllr Sa"ed I". ~1a. bo. La e"'T1 prindpal city.econd to none III AmerIca Deer and champion of tbe "tell-I"'ent_ Ihelrull ~:ll'lo. """"lDa Uon PletMN -Pat_til Compan1 .·un. 1 n'elhods ..'a8 ne . aald nOlh ('ollll.... Smllh hall hlbll"r 10 "H' ally ""I 'r"~1 l. ~ .-your uaet pattern- Up to No"em~r.. Klellt"el llghla..l other producing firma of"tlie !l'1I r"I:"'"...lll.._ ZlIlti.terll org..>-..III"....- TO tll.~ /o:r"""IIIIt \en rBl "'''1 10>lmd . gOI 10 ha"e It....nta Compaoy .' relldy 10 Holly G Home 57007 .I.RITDiG HAOIIJNE "You may nd It b. .. hlB takeo up danc.. Decem.. but Ihla la .. the NEW OPTIC ftce AUr. ho.. 321-32 W.N" w.\l<HKn..trl.0."llIr.I.r" Ihe eUmlnaU"o ot certain other dl- reclor•.h tk-..Io".. ... the )lotIon Plctun Pat. Uon or Lu· That tbe Aleo concern.l. I.'.lg~ol~~be~m~~h mll~ d...e h .1 fl·h·III" . ... i'" reer lhll week by annOOllclnll" tbal ""IIlI.n.\.1ylea or four-eol- '1'16 8.. A Corporation Program ALLEN CURTIS..r.cUoll. .. J..1I hlll:l do.1 • ..QIWANIZ.'orld.-. j"sllr Ihe Industry Ihao any other nlm· .\"" '".MoYNl·k-­ OI'Uded exhorbltut ..'8rtP.::.fa"~lT1t.\I!1ford hlB 10 h".. tM "." re. \ liE.)· IIwl SI.. r.rd ot dlreclors. 8che~r.\It II. tb... Clark DIAMOND MERCILOO 315 w. wefe not Inou.11 oc· lion or th" FederBI IIBltlte". conBlders It hi.roreede."overed thllt .eIJn ~Ibl". It 1"11.. "el:tr..onlllllll)" ha...dame X I In Henri Bernstein's Powerful Drama.lled up beeau "e b. 7th St..n who toulI"ht Ihe La Valliers lllteat. "How mudl do )'Oll ordlnarl!)" ~el ror the lubject ~Ir.I"rk 1111Iu" h". om. Il~ned.urh a one· price This mo"" 1"88 b••"d UI"1O nil "1\>0"1· m·{""~lt..t HIlIl . New York's Smartest Designs One Week..'n'Zallo" .I. nl.ttA '". ho mild" ..sllll': I'Ro. llle nam"l1 "r Rolle. ~'llllllllK . Fol.'III 10..h·~.h1btton..r rr"dll.. THE PHOTOPLAYERS' WEEKLY.. MMmt~"Ar LQI~ c ~ ~".erul Co..'llh I\lllludll'lwes and \\ 11.Iam •. - :rr:~..... (. DYAS CO.a.moD-laUortnc . IlOlIlbl1lly of delayloll" releuea.:C:~I~lb~ .. tbe ! .nswered Ihe lalorshll' ''''('f "f llll' ('a"I1"" 1.101 HI It> the franchise ot Ihe C.. ho .... H.. Ihll ~lollon 1'.. ..l'aU)' a' W.I<·.I)'. • Ince 1907.... all..rellt comp..·PI1 kno . II "..·"." a".. "'h".11 Ihe duction of "The G. not I.. b .'·e.J: Sennet... Mo- Harry Schumm 1. known u tbe m. Nloe dltl'ereot .ervlc..t In tb.. "Tbere'l oothlng the mllHer .nl...·a8 Iran.ek rOf the UIIl lOt II m . merely Bald that . II glaaa 10PI>l!d &nd..... UllOll • "" a price YOU can aJrord to pa1.\. Motion Picture OctOpUI Ind 'WOll....' "Oh~ Whlll " F"rm.1 mO""d "·eal. T" "81"hllall nl.r" 118 1·J.real. 8.un Ihal h" WI. Cal.d I" "Well...e of Tbe DOl at- any prlel It. 1914....ked Smllh.~ -.(. director. week wbeo . 111m ncban.uhllo- Hon wllrll mllkloll lumellllll motlllY to IUI'I. <1 UI"'" I 11.tudlo.J "'n<l slel' IlltO Ihe Alco program and tbay.r ~e ' York ~-lIm r"ml'ln)' Th"" Ihe Amerlrlln ('omp"ny of- you:' broke In SmHh fered OI. lng 10 Ihe rnl'l Ihlll DB"ld I-Ior.. ~:ldl..· "dd.f"I1)· regul..lurllo"l under Ihe dlr.\11".~e~~~ ~11~~. bll tOWD.IIK h". r"mo"" 'nu. .101 ronllnu" 10 I'le""" In Ilrooger and brougbt . Prop.llfornla MoUoo Uni. I' nl. Jane Cowl. to I. HM~~~UaMo pet-10ur euet . She hIB learn. GEO.. 1'1...·. ft"PCIS 10 Ihal comp.' '"TllIle's Punctured Romance. Ihlll II .".nrls III luch lflml HI elcbanglll.I". tbe prealdeot or the Oruter N•• York Flim Rental Com.·ould relllaee the We..tlon M.. lpecl. n.. Ill..cb u:cball.·"rlh Ihll ~I· tbl'O. AllBRIOA. 1111") '''''I The All Stir Feature Corpor.. Thill thl. lt dJreet .e ..\ ..I"..... lth the p.. ·· an..11101 .r r". rll.11 10 !Jill' hI" ..SI Yl".I f )·ou .ho bad InYested 20 Y£ARI IN THE DIAMOND IIUSLNIM mone1 In plant. 1"'llr-IlI\'1l tl I rhllll''' 10 l. pro- h1blton of tbe couotry.'lalol. .In· HAPPY 1I11.· I'K"". h)' Ill .t familiar wltb vice of tbe moylnll" pIcture Clmera and proJeetloa: macblnes. . William 1.. no producer...ler m ...t_reeTrwat. aod after II IlIlk 'The Woma" In While' 'and '"Lu.. Ilnd Gllr .h.el ot Ihe ~ew York Motion Pi .. All Star Feature Corpor.I. bUI Ihal when the o ... bel!:.00 AND UP.· of the day DIRIIlCTING Fox qulelly Inqull"1ld whllt It ...lled officen decided on the new pl. le .' York Flln.ferr..1.enly·n'·ll tahllshe:\ In Amerlra.·"' l{hod.. 100.bUo boo. . If you w.'·. In "made" William FOL Tbe hullder ot mellt.. beat . "" "o....... larll II d.d~ In Ihe Imp l." Mr. Itlll 00 the ~Ir Fox's allorneys had \lTe[lllr"d.p 1"'''11 a.. It017 . ere. At the t...1l 81ud lo~.\lrs. Seely of tbe erring judgment.. Ihe Cenlll"r studio lit Ba)"onne.rbel~r.t- .elr 011 hili "". IOw.tlon'. n In Ihe enl add hu m.ric Headquarters booll:ed~" he uked afler hla In'l"lrr Ihelr De'" IIOIICY JUBt In Ibe bornlng. til..'" .r Program tlr..ere de- pl1"ed Of ... few montbl ". . F""!t"·'."..ny·s studio al highly amuslnK corned)' nlm ever 15 MONTHS FOR fl5. Keasel $100. aDd 11. COlD·. <..ecore. Wiggs or the C.. Nov HW Ale.·. d..It'!t> l. Ihls made lhe Aleo cooslderably "III no .ngea thllt the f. hlch ~1l85 Dreaaler lind Charlea quoted you prll'e.. 1tJb.0j..n for Iht" Amerk.1.:.' ftboul.. he aald . 11 lin. t'o1OI'IlI1. . for tbr.000 tor the rlll"btl TYPEWRlTBR8 OF ALL MAKES the fealore~" .l" " d('"l.'o Fla~.. UNIVERSAL I". • hould pay double. m><n)" frlentl8 bOlh IlmOnK Ihe .rden or LIe.\1. VI"lurl".pitt week" 10 '·audeville.. nlOtlun plr- llrlee. nw.Ha:s came 10 a head In I Ih.e or 1II1_hl .. .wd.~p=::1 :if ..·llh Bul ..·". 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Immun. policy tor Illi Cllilomer.".te produc- . began a campaign to procure MILLARD K. FIRST CHRISTIE i.ctlclli de. u •• r of I. to tacllItate prompt il1ltJ1butlon.lIrlmenl of JUBtln \:r"nt!flllher... ocI D. . ". mOllt beau- tblft" 'bow and the orlll"ln. to pt lometbln... or e"'11 lUa~d of patron- laJq antl-trut compaol.ldliItOn . Who 10 lneltt! rlvolt. lib Mo.lhlolled oly. -00" of Ih .·II"·"rlt.b- Direction Francia Ford... whlcb T_ . ~ . IIII' . an E.r unll On Ihe Alco progr.. Angeles for the ". In "'ddilion I" &ever.. Seel1 wlre::i bls Pbolle.pbone' del<'rml"ed 10 IlIIR ." J""I eultllJ(e.· Allulllrllon rille" Laler he . t 'oa.E" UNIVERSAL FILM .llIr Ihat Gil .Br<1ed 88nn "ullll . H..arted In tbelr elforta 10 book sWEA. It SIlII In IIPr ... ger.Irunk" . Tbe deal w \lalpably el- eloaed.I" hu beeo otreff!d tor renl... 1I1or'·8 Ilw) .. ~"I f"ll <or th.n qooted ~ly 011ln and Ihp Tr". prlnta of the Cashier il .·n.morlll•..amal . llllK "" e'lu'll.Ln: 1tt-:a·:\'ES \rlh"r ll""h·r .n prodoclng company FRANCIS FORD CO. "rll:ln. under Ita rolsl ... joln«d the Pnh·e.tb.n e". Tboee ...·•..i Cahuenge . Ihl'n ulldoubll!dly caused more comment In rel/. ~s..· hen Mr.n rerular eacban.n Ihelr ca- I h." (hertor.. . "qulpl'el with CooI.. Ill. Beat Comcdie...ergen~y..rd- . l-..t aull ~nd of ··Tllllll·. yeln beror•.1 . "k'·lrh..ttraetloua..olu.lnc ba"oe amonll" Independenl Itudlo operaton. In Ihli Prealdenl Seely. ~'r"'l Kl1r. Chal'lIn played tbe lelldlng rolea...-h"llKe" 1'" and authorltlea claim It Is the mo.lhe dnl· \\" 1\ hIll .d ~a1a ~..100.Iage·. Il Th" till" or Ih.. WllU"1l:l Jl'ol.. FOJ:.tb_ 4. ~ ~piolW If .. FOJ:·' omctll alld ItEGlSTU HASTE nnandallntere.1 JoIleefull)' nnlldl'"I"..... Fox aM pr"III.· l I e l _ On ~I..1 I" Ih. WILSON <IUl"t!<lll" I" th. rel.. In the bqtnnllll..\lr F"I . nr8nd Ollera 10 HnlJe.l. When It wn dl ..tand.adllll!: mall of Ihe Thllbhooeer and Am"rrean ("OI"IIMnlell.Il. Direction Chu.IIOelates..· Iol'll.·enl)".m•• h poInt or equlpmllnl and arrangemenl p. atld be wu anJ:loul . r"l1d ~e.11" r"ad)' reatures Ad.· " .OO.. rOffil""'}' "....l"" II!' "'r -. Smtih... but ""hell atl'lln \HTIU'I\ III'ST~:U ... I" Ihl' I st.I . k II". A.' ~""I"r l'fl"I""'I"" '" I.nd bllllnll" t! like a legltlm.II\\'IS llU\\'Y.'011'- ".11 the pro- AC'I'UJUNG OOMPANY It". 8prlq S'" 'I'0'l' 8. whit too lat.Iur "nn'edy l.ulilton na I".led. To ll. n"IEI.. of u.0[>01)' WaR crellled The Cenlllur .'n8" of In remembrllnCe.· 'The [)r"ma and Hoy..... of l! II I. Aparbnenta l-taol. I't"dur. rlllhi' I. Mm.'•..: Home .. ".n 1111II_ly.llIht In II" ~:nI:1l8h the radlclIl change."toffO claimed o.. CoIb um..rle Orealed. rrte~ Immdl.en reJ"<'Il'd Ill' .. ha....· Thnu/o:h Ihls brilliant )'OUnK aClor Ke. a In Walhl"~lon .- UNIVERSAL II". t Ill.· 1I"lIdl"JoI.."" .. 11 1".eol all of hIs producing bookl or Ibe com piny.laUal picture pallces aod tbe plo· \lollar ~:lIrned" "A ~llItter of 1lllth Is . au. l'IlI\lnl. do" Ill'ndero. wllh him I nlld-" an..bare'. *~ ltoi . ~lr.·ell-kno. II PrlnlO ror a" . and elhlblton found ruUt. He la onll or was mild" plllin Ihllt ('onlrol nf "nr ... ny Of coune th.1 er-.prockat uNd In the bont proJecton.r .er-lIe. 'TUlte'" Punclured Ro- I'"n}' WiIl'B". Ind Cotne<li.oold have your Zlnna· Jalldioa of 8pr'tlla . Tbe m. Cal.Io.H. lIerlnnlol Monda1...e• • eno lloeued..nJt. hlance:' w\th ~l.TRE: ...... lllel lire ..\' III.'\"Klor lolny. In nddl e:xcb. r COllnlK't" . Corporallon. ned Illr It ...... It .·llIe. ChrlmtOl'" ~'·e.~ldl'd 10 "!nIl"It" IIlmBelr "'Ith the '"111.:' . where h" IP- InlUa1 I"1lntal "ppllea If made a ml. Punctured Romance" From tl15.lll'ruJ( w.ever.." her...1 1101 .Gibtyn Mr•.." 10 .1I11 .00 to 1"':HH~:11 IUl8 80ath Hal.1 10 .ture of olin 1lI01l'heric Il.<11.1"!aYI . plllenl ""1lB not r"Kllrded 88 a monnp linn 10 lwr.· ".'llh "lfk.l\r.auods old-t..·(·."' ""dolh . 10 Lo.·llan ~Ir ler of shlpplnll" printing.and tbllt In Ihe fulore an- olher .1 olher •..porlunHleB nOI 10 be o"er. lb..-= eI -.-nor a bit too· NOT --l HARRY woonUllJ. Room Caf.. ' 1'1"' .'nr """"'<ly '·"". Farol 1'.nd Mr.d I fel.l beell MILLER'S THEA... CAL.. _ ..dwa. u- '"':...

.ttorney•• nd tile I." "..od hi..I. rele ....:..· 1. n. .J ••r...... . ~I . Hilde Ami tbeo I.1".Tuk U. rll" • (urluDe rron. .•.· Albuquerque bec!ome all. h .)' protHlloll.. but 011 the f"urlb . ~o olle w.' _rl I• •1111 In ~: . .::~'.n~._. 41ceaar Th.... ' . II dlrecllnlt Ib of bli 1l8Ople. "I"...orett...Id""".r .11.bout th ..nd tbe other '·"nll:e carried out I>T tile Ilrl 01..od d....v)' roln wltb Director Fr." rll" r"r 1"'ro.r..ln leen he a ~'. no. Illak 1I11. bello rl:~~I~~.n .ck..ct\-' I b)' Jobn Etllel I.'e. ll fru".:i I'klure Com~(lI.lIOn In pmblmk I.n. leading m..'h. .. I~ J"" BII n~h. . ~ COM to • I:l. TANKS aDd RACKS ·8wJ. She and Aul.n~.• lId )Ir." MUrh ....tb.rk. lh .lred .. ber .<. Wood.muunt of n.. membered.I.u of the )tu· Ft..""lfo"l a.• t[" . .. nenr Ih . to .lTr.. :-Ot'.. I"". r .. I .r.·ith "Irk. 1.1..1 A... no'" • .1i •• Ihe heir"""'" or hb 'nnlh 'h '·r.01 .~·h. ....b. h. • 1.grlnned .kell aup/>IHI .nd "I•• Flachar Ilk.. "4dllllrabl..lllr. b...lo prel.. Ho . rt.cale .. "II.t."rb"r.. IlIIlY' 1111 he... I.I... ... "·.. H..ld Crllp.. ltl"ulh' ".· a••. tbe ne\O' compan... 147 "... .J ' ...plendld worklolt h.. The ··Net... hu. puncb".n· lor. 1 Ihrlllln.elf proud" Ill' tblll .ounl' Srol run I .IIIIe-..i:ood I'"nny Ferol In Ihe r8lt. In whl"h . ll:odf. "IoIlIt. direr- tlon of ".". Fred~rick Thompson.e... aIld renlll" her broul'M bon:e Inl'lorlou... FI!.· .h...\:.-~-". One went one . "' Ille III"hol'. Tbree IImel dId the I'ollllul Fllud..d • dll!ereDc:e of opinion •• to The m.." 'I".)· .. . .· Ihere not lont: ago. ~dl"o: ".e:l ..I.·hllr'· dll... Idea wblcb It would be ... "'I" '..utlful !-'r. "ar- Ibe t.". ..)" OPltfllll\-.. "l'lmrtunlty on. __ LOIAiIi'iI. !'I1.1 "'.. "e lake ple.·. ".. beiDa blm..w...: )".lnl UI' lin .Ue. In th" rl.. p.. h. Roberlloo'. Tbe ~'orelll ~.... I.:'. I'hlld. Crlmth for tired lb. u' Ihe them 10 acore "1"""lly during tb" tim .CAL ~Ias Ihe end of the "e..1. Ibe .t 101' tb• •_ a "rUc. to lel..dmell.n "'111: . "Tbe QUIIBt" In wilich )......lLln". lloe decrtll' I • "'um...· rll lUll 10 hllTlI "'ork .t: reI """"c!l p(l::::ln :: ~:. In tbe ..... TO..~'\~ .o. plclure of her.sement Goodfellowship DiDner at the Club· Moving Picture lNG.1 fs"orl'" n""llr. .CIO I• • •Irlpllojl llulu..'ru..rr Alden u . 1.nd Beatrice V.... boro end lI. !.to! of coll .." T1D~r ..1 !i". . n o"e. rdor of • 8"n l..11 :"r. .. Il' '·TI.!>oUI th" . Will· "f lhe srlrl!" Sh.'" ..oy.:u" or I .n.II .Ilghl.. wboae motber II d. aK.. "''''l.1 the I""".-. 1111.I... l" . . and Arlbur ll." It . fealure:! ..n ~1~'~I~~r"'~~rr~ Slel~I~·~~o~:.. " ..1T1t In "A Genllemln or be foultht .de r.nh of tbe n.I>i1ll'"." Ill. I!I·· . "...... It. "t perfeclion bo'b Kirh.. /:.le..llr becom~1 S:or)':' produ .·eler.Ilor· durlnR the . or tb.11"'" or . u... l lIbou... 'hI! Ill- ney..IIIYI "f 11.... tlmll. Stedm. r hl"'... 1..:a.1 no..'·or 10 .1 t'Omedy .... rem.. ky Co.·1..Iow up. rllllit work "'lIh Ih." "'Ilh I.ell b..n'.mbllnl. 1 "·'thl'n. I" Ih" 1'.1 .ertorme'l T .... Ih... 1 r". Store No.1 II . h. 1..Itlnc the Ilrep... thrill· r.lIee. malnl tbll IncOI eOI1l\'lnl'l url'rl. In. a fect undentandlnl: "'bleb Iud.. at rh. 011.ouW'" Lellure.·· Il forlhromln« I"...1.d. """ ~ ... rl . II. T"lp}' ramll Ul' .. Ibe college youlh llr Stan Ion h....rry Kern..&II '.IFllnt•... (.ure".'.1 rhar.a)· tolll In Ih .: '".- .ut 5th Street /..·.1.. 11)14..1I I.r llrodne. ~ "u "ut of 1 1i .. SpoltilwGOd.1. I..:"" .. ded.o. dl. Ml......l.. AI Ill· Ifn . III' .ur.. min'!' bu' Ibe h •• lO' "r 111 a'. trailed. Sh" ll:h'u • .- .It eb. rnmhlneu .le KAlem Com pan..n 00 • . HI.r....\Ialeall" realure..IU.. ~oo-. right 10 Ibe otber.he .n In blmlll'lf i ...llle1 York 1I0ttOD Picture Corpol'1lUOII for IWO .. A" l"l .1111.l..<"'"r Hlrh.h ...t Ulliverul City aolDe ed 10 the leadlllC rol..· • n. blt-..l. frllra.11 .n'''Irt. Sleg· ... Iruellllg tbrougb • •m.•'Onr"rne:l mOre "'llh cb.Utute.. ho tnr""t. I.rred th..r..1I hllr.. "'ho I.t tb.1 fe. ln« • r .l" ..11..tured In "A .nd A 1I..h'" ..\ lnulillud..~t~"o~:e~ pll.. -hun.. b.\~G":I) I.l'd.d been Int"od"d In hla 10.·r lJ)· ....'ture In ""llleh the .Oller • -. •••0 "Iolent "'hpn he pl"ked her The . from.. of "'lOr' M 'hrllllnll: .d thallhpy .'·enl•.'· ")hlr.d '0 b.m.·U"" :-:..· would be • dt!$lr.. "Ira. OPI~lh! .)o'ord" Ind Wl:h Yean of Suc_ with othen It ioI ""-~:r 10 undentand "'hy I..nce O·Rourke.. "ho II In 10'-" "'Ilh the he8ullf. r.. Wat... Iuc. In tbe role ot Bill.rk.. The plM II dtcld· time durlnl: tbe comllll week.. Ihr "'lrlr"l. "..r.U . I. I!lld'L 1" b"rl'll'1I y"II"1I tOn.·11 b•• been leltlDg .rod"""I"n "nil ot Inten.:...~r~O~~lr:~h:~ ~nt~.: h. Klrl!ey In .rl"elI 10 tbo... ..ork I.'nll>..r'·ll'·" Who Olltrlbllte Thro-p USITEn . r. f"r a.. r. all"K Ih... n...10- . III )·ollnlt. I. rnor n" "lq'O"'"g lkk .rt In hi.mona Dlher lIlly. 3m·' I" 1'.Cfl b" killdl" crltld.\1..'·.r· ""n.turi0l tb.. coo.·hat..terro . w..... hI «luld .· .r'e f.ugene Ihe l. alDOl JollIllIl' tb" . G1end. . reclor \\"all.clor It .:l p.bound.y w... h·l. r r~".'1 .. Adnotur.1l l'UOlllTK.. t. r n :-:1. fortuoatelr ne... T. IY-H"en:' fealurlng l...tlnla Kb1ley.r ~llIud . In 'hl) .. )11. "'onden wb.· Ihat '1 hI' Old Fllhl'rm..==:£!b::. rnnllonal 1l0uudBrr Iloe • motorl. the New York Mottoll u the .he her.lant .. "r Ihl' llIR)'''U II MissDotFarley wllh WlIlIll O.edere. ... A...le1.ppe. \1".. .' r~f' .. co"'l•• nl". t-re .nce and . r~ 11""1.rly a milll.Iu• • rlt.e. ~· d.y 'nlrlll...n ..'"'' m.-!.· d.... He I.on· Comedleone.·llh Uft.v_ ICI..rlyle Bl.rance wltb ot 'hla productIon.l tl!tbllllll '_eo" . recovered lind u.:I try Loll .un ror ..'Ith n"hl 1000I II I"" '>r:' • fortbl:llmlng rele..omlnl .. .nd the bugCY . r '" ruill lh . I'U~ILTOS the Soulb Atrle. ~:u.·1 P. A Zulu "lIl.pent • t.r In nelU..nd Johony blch II 11>11..n.. ". bt.. h..Iudh·d 10 attain hl!r Title In.1 .. Toastmaster.. 110 An.Uly ellmpt.her.. • ·Thu'k. . 01· hR~ "'I' .\l!oln at thf! R~ll.ler Ih..e are re.e Inlere. Irll. II l..~t{'I~11!I~~.1"'·l!lol'.. h . ~ ... beyond tbe .'1 ""."I'h lI.... a ..~~:~~:~.I . m .11: her cnonecte:l wllh Ihe meetlnlt .lc.n I.uled Irll:ndl:d.. f•• mil'" P'nJl~1aeo elld m..l troupe.t Clever Join.Illcb will Pfobabl. l'ln· 111... tl"... Tllr"t-r.turee of IhI• •ttr.... .: t..h.. .·"I"'I""...)' Ilunt...n YOUn~ Aitken bu pl....ul>erlatlve pro. pro:luclng..~d Ihe lena••be .~~~Y . ... rllnltlna: I" .. .I_ReIlLllte COllIpaDY h. Ih" .n)· of th.. . Too Ilro .ear• • friend or MI'I Juvefttle I".~ I..lo ... le..' Ihe 1. bo w.::II:N In rehe.1Id •• kl"l( Ih.. I'. Jltn... BId Itlrl.. ....r urtt•• ho' IPI'.llIga tbere.n•. onl1.r.I.. nil . bollnd to be Interutlfll.. lh .'I "'hIM' II".·" •• 'r"opln.kellp.. Cblld o[ (.1 • IrUlllnll: country clr!. 110 It "'1Il hi• •""o)·r .I. 1' or tellurel.. I.h... of Ih..I '"K. .... nUTln to ~I..• Il" I' .. h"r h... ..n)· Then BoI'1.trie:al 'orl of Pr. Th.... c..' "Ith I.elf IIVN by all . falher Tbe pl.. S.our wh"n ah" lin' . ...~ 8wtc:Itu'« .\lri. In Ihe old Th. br 110 m". I. .dlnc llgur~ In • dh'orce I'r~d­ h •. for bolb Ire . 1I.u· "lLpl'rl ""'lmmer BOlh p:ruped Ih . Flcm.lIenl 'I.. m.rd Siaoion J.)) n ... "har. . I.I thriller. "'hen he I.lcture be produced tor the 10'.1 forcell I" quit work for Ihe reat of 'he d. 1"ltt I I.llu". 0 dll!"r. n. n..- r . "h.tock ellc. .. . IIf Relellllnl' tbronlh 1I~<l fro.lnd.iaa1&ln • Mc:tlOII boaa• • ho h . nelr ". burnlllll: of • f.d 'llh the corned)' eom_ m. Ihe middle.1".llk Photoplayers..1 pro.....· \nna 1D0ner ... thtl 111re"Ulol Illudlull .n ll:Il' I".p "I'h ~n ob)ffl In IIf" Thll man ~h .Jeetlc Comp. hlcb .Ide of a tree the)' . rllli lmpro'·emen.. frutulll Film Mfg..1 • I. !-.r«'".··"·lIn·kll" ....c'l't One dB... l.d " ."d. on lb.Ve "'1lI In 'h.. ~lor. oftl~e In LlO"fd. "'hen h..· "f II:r.tock lh ....'r'urn . t'O. ')Ir. rltten e1Ipec:l. Rotb liolr. fa.York .ln 10- "'IUl8.. '""k luth....... h...rl· "'url" or h .lr to ah . Stan· . LUNA BRAND ture CorporatiOll.h....r. r .lenre" .lr"".··IO~:~~ 'or. uf Ih. An.'111 nUl t.1".-.dv.ll"tle I. the COIIW..h.Iern ch. aa 1.mD.llry _II'" I!Iver pl... very 1"'''"...OOt' . A..•• Itoln.e'·erel ot Ih . " Kr ..·r 11".....II. pier. I!lelr IOn .."..' 1I". pl.Iu. r or a ~lelLlr.lenl . Sb: rNn &CO Chnla Ray wu In"..ter'n Ball u .n he 10"1'11 In Irue "·ell.. •nd c.~ .leTa I" motbtr killed....1" "I her br"Ih.... Illd Ihe rIO"" ".·llh}·lojl.'r..wortb c:omp.. 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Co.t. tbll lime III "Wher.pllllldldir.roacblol' completion .. ble pbr..y hun .. Th.llr.n to engall:e hllt" It Edith T.bould be one of Ibe plc:tllree of tbe ye. J . .""".. lUUer Ira "Tb... enr..1 nni...· 1".le E"uJIl In rldp Ihu ...WJIII..1'I' ('. aDd Cb. .e I... hi. How. W eh.·phI 1i.1 •• me n. . for .m Brunton. Uoer&llger I.. mUlu. lt:eI ot over n[.nd Ih . B.. ah'ea emerceo~. .. h"" h.·r. Slory" .&r<i to 001 .·...r1! HI.taae drl"fer ID """fIr. Buh will .. the reput. 1.. III r .. Tbelr "nl.. tlr f.nta ~I""lra..bemlnc rlv.. _ _ _ .tllrel ... mlllrh h. It 10.1 "f 1h. .ltle ..·." "'''fl I..." ..kln. Am....oml. In a I>uggr dr.1 drclel_ Thl •... ..dl..v.1 ".tloo.."l th..u~r of the ch·n ::~o~~~. Ibe mo.11""""0:: '·on'·. Ibflrll "ere only fllKhl III thl' .....111. I Warner'..· Ihe h•• 11(0 lill!rall)' nghlll hla . P. . . I.' .· .n.. "The Qu.Ide "r Ihp "·om. Ill .1 . buckle under the dlrecllon of Lol.. Turner I..rl ot Ih" aNion of LI... ff! hrl Ib. ...·o. Ill! In'·.. Il:featrlc:.=========-~.1.:~II:1l II:~' ~~~~~:::".rrl.ny I I .)'. Ih .1. (lId )O"llherman·. .)· ...1I. dr.t rl.lle of ~'Il. 'lllll: the alenogr....."".... It h ...· he O"ert'Omea III~ Inlrlll:u. d 10 b'" """ ... 1lI".. "" and 1000run' uk .n Ed .l1y for DIrector 10'.ve n.t be .r' of Ih ....t>- IOlul..' hl"~". of ute "'bo h. wbere .• •lernllBt .rloo. ~llnr: M• • 1.·Ikened. be...ard... luece.. I..'" 3r . . Ill. :-Oelllor dlreclor de Under dlr~tloll of w•• built by tb~ .1'1"· Ib.n1 .•• tilled nt Ihl' "Ollrern ·.trt.. Uh • "tlr Touth .III&' ...l "r ron.2 tor Ihem 10 drl"e .wUnaoll...n..mlly ..ho..d un .lIey.' nnl. d I" 1".. St.)'111" " .r..~· In Ih .. lI:et with tb...11 lorll..lope In I rlnooo. hut hi.nd to pull l-. "..'110 .· f"lIo"'ln(".r ".. "II" of Iplendld dlrectloo tb .ered and a r. Tbe E. ".rrla..>: "ril. ··.u dlrectr.nd Gllorge eo.b.. I..t of late.'.T r-l'om bOll. ·Th. "'HII.·ere ..·.. .. r '0 b .nd ."11.IKUlCh"·' ~"....r him b}' bl...' \\""I~~I. . Tbe otb"r nllbl at :l.n of Doual•• Fir 1915 SAXON ELECTRICALLY EQUIPPED _w I .1.. •.· loeaU'11I a menled man el"l'" bUI II b .~~r~:~ It III 'nT ~ket tor I year betore 1 b. A by • IHlle girl In cnrllllC ber doll'• h. W.. leDctby .1 llnband gelll hi.od MI..t h"r heell ClIme For tIlll"" "f Ih" .!" la througll ""illl horae•. ~" of IhO' Cb..nd •... II. la rlll3'urfil In Ih..reln..t the UIII· v. Ihe enact• • heav.n..nlm...11:" of book.rd a.\·oled to her loy tbe loe. the :.r.kllll ~rrLll&eD1eaw to In tbe "ml'loy of J"hn Cort lind en_ ture:' written by Georce HennellY. . prlnrlpil..wn br 1"0 nery t. . p.:1 •..ll" . "'011 dl. rl".bould go....n of r"· "ue . mer..1 lurn durlo" l'Je Ilro I"rllun or . He m.1 actors . A real- • Itb Tom MIll: III Ibe Selic Comp. 1. but Robyn Ad.•· ""I . r m.lIrl l.llh..ot----...·d 1t"1 I.r 8nt bll .. ht'r 1.. rly I.."d ..und ror "Olll" <I'll" ~·"I Mr"rr..h." n. Billie Khodel .. I It "'~II • '1Il0::" I.. r . ~··· I d In Th . IIf. I"nK hi ....dllll' wom.ddlT·l.. 'h.Iat.. re.r or w. " "..nll. o .11 her on tb.\I. "The l. "lIh '"urh Itren.. 1••• '" THIS IS AN IMpROVED CAR rlCi&t...e 10 .o Comedllll Weeki.Ur' 1<.plendldl." II.1 cilibre..11 Ibey nlel \\·I1II. tbu wtll He-a tu.11 · h '''''rh''[rl 1'lIlon.p.." "'ho .IId .blr. (l!'ftrb"" I.od" .1 In Lht' .olfatlll • dellre t.t .. ..rOl"f!'ed ......r 10 rlnl...... r 11("11.Pl. ".."ouilli. Ann" _WJ. a eh. B.Dd rec:OCllltioD ....cllon called ""r..u.. nlng 1I1.a" of Ihe alorr Ot'rU'" ...1<1<l .O. I"\-.. wl'l!lI 1. In" .111.p.ctu.. .I. The)' lrkked Inlo goloe: throusb • mock t ....." tor hI ~ . like ne.'111 be • Reliance relene at Auctioneers for the ~1. roml. and Th"re I.. tbe role of Ibe clly you Lb. .1 n"I. 11 olr..nd oh' ho .e In Ihelr entirely.erie-. Cal.turN. Billie flhodu I'nd wilh Taylor haa reaeoo to be proud ot th .come known th"re sa Ihll "I'lri wltlt tb• •mlle. nl.' ..r . Wednesday.....·rence h ..· .1'1111'1:" In . Black"'ell by ~~~:I:I~? 1~~~"lltr~ek~~)·r~::...·lIh .ell lnl...· been wltb Ibe Ne .n hue been .bll "I ItPIIlnlt QUu" "I . re. tor.• "'11. 10111 time . m..·ent one '. lure ....h.."'11"" .11...ed ••• ~url p'l"r c. ....rell"" ..- thl.~~~e7r' ·ll~~'..nd mu.'1.ldly 1'''1 Ihe e. ud:· • rorlhNHnl"l: rel. n br C)·ru..rr hato lefl for S'llll" IIBr· Ihe j{o'·ernllleni.ctor..n Illd t. under Ibe direction o[ J.. Warren Mr..nk .' . IhrllUna: lale "t love. ""en and "'II lr.nd of Phillip..wou. . luI' lJlrcr(\"n ot the Illere Ol<ln In dll!erenl .. ....tart. I" fur "'hlOl look .\I:.hal :n J.... one of the h" . lu.. llig ".i~~r~ rental oppoalUoll. "".~"rd. '0 Ihe .Iory concern.k.. lit"·" Shl! "' •• 10 hllflly lI.nre Ind M •• ~lu. In .:· MIllo! 1'" I n. . F. 1 "". ollitled ' ..ear·Qld ju. be- Iyn Arbuckle I. b"Il'>: " .:' "The )4r. . r.1l11l1 W. lie "Ceptaln CourteIT:' lIy P. Hr rellileel from m.tlDg . I" · uor.u. .1"" Pklure I'orl'orall"n .' " I. !-.y .. Pour lIelutT 1._ STUDIO m. WIIlI.he I..r. hl~ I.le to l.n II ... n '·'"I"lI r"... With Ellie J..'" .nacf' .ld In Africa• •nd . opjlo. a "..~'I.= beC...elr lie"..1 per.)' cliing lcen. . •Ith Floreoee Crawtord . tht' b. ll:lt. 1...:~:..erl In one e'·enlnlt.n. b....' 111.I. I'.ke luch • .n ~Irl. Mc:Oowall.. ".A . ..eorlte . produrtlon Ibere or "Th.· Ih. •nd he relllled Ihllt Ihe ....Itb J.· 1M.... Mor.he U60lCil'IDent 0. .· rkh :-:1".yul1adlrecIMaild I.equent m.11 •• rl. Ihe ooe.. IIr. durioc TIll' .. !-':lrce Comedy Production t1M1t 1. C.I:· "rlll .ote Oarb.. .r• • lId .li.\:"'\· I'mm"I":" Inle 10 the fourl_IIlh of the "Dill" J. ""llI" Tloh·r... t. After the trul.ny...nk I\o.· III tlll/II"1t 'h .he ..n ror Sh. 110111111. on h..~ ..·ere aood arltnd...:""""'_-".1'0 . "A (i1I.1 I" read th . n-Ic:e ..1 to .d. and btl ."l1" With H. neOll or • roun. \1. Mr. plckl'd out a h"T1te tor u..." _ . S.. · I. n ra""'U 110· " .raeler- be In Ihe futurt!..O"'.o"'110 r"O::'·"··'.nd r" .. cb. .-.n . du.. glrl'l mOlber.nll ~.ed [or the big ..H1I This II Ibe beglllnioil! of bl. rllnrbe. ..1i . "The ~t (''bapl:er'' II re. the "·ork...1_ ••11"..! ~hr I.Ilhllil . ! ...elt'r .1 .otlt Receipt:' ...vel. Wben Ihey b.. •u._ .. ~lo· edl)' lntereI.n her H... nTlt picture with tbe Ume .r. been _lIh ~lr.M tb" de- l. uoder the culdlng h.1 .t· 'I• • 1'....n. forr..·o Bo. Ion and ~Iaude ar. lur\-.hom he h ... I" JoIn Ihe S.rroll JOHI'h .rled .ltcellcnl slM .lneJ Ih.· urprl ..."11<"..t Wack- . .uoc..· (<1111:' kan lI..__ __I =. rh~". . n'..rl'eolpr.1 fur. hi.ll 'he llalSl""~I..led.1"1'1:' und .·.ppto. wbo I... . ber ne . 'h.. P¥I' at u t.....h .1JF:RT I'..ked ~Ir... "'ell koo"'n In )o:o"lllh Iheatrlc:.·ttln. eren..· \·.' .rr'" • rkh !tlrl. I•• rl lll. •• I".Inlia Grlmlh of the .. h •••Ioog l>een kDown In Lo.l· Fe. herd rllthl bfohlnd Ihen' .rlff IIrll no. . told 10 tbe The ]llot blncee on • recelpl tor l. . HenderlOn. treatment to In thrlllloll: ..nd luh· "olunleer their sen'left .. Furlun".nd arUlIllr..k 10 'he .1.>: ". r. He .n and hl!ll'..t notorlou..n"hed out •• a dlreclor II.h • le. JUit df!lf!rt.d dulled 1»' llr..l'·' ".t tbl. hr... t>eeo Hllllt:le I ror .\""1..lnl' Gr.ce I.'.1 .d l"".h 1'"1''' . .. Qee. ~~~~~~:'~rtf:~I .... <.n lore le.·ntr~· p:lvlnlr l'erform.· le'.·.c... """1..tchel her ... Pol- hNa1l ahoalf ·lia wr. ..• " Th .eKn>lInn. p:e.. (·onshl" .I'olll..·ldlnt • •erlee 01 . Tbe FIgm..rlln~ "And The De~­ ... K I"hrlll'Ie.· P'IIeTl Illd K .'lol: th.~~UI~::' ::~~: 1:...llI&' In thll Sb. The ." th . h.for tbe. On mor th. Frontier Twin Stories tbe . The United Motion upon to pertorm.ho"·1 ho ... tly "'orrl"d Ie...· l.. ..r. The b.·nHOd nenh .) • ... dUlln"j for elern.. I. ..I :•.. lett 10 "ue Lh.·l!'t'lhellrl......" . I'''dlnlll.he . like Mr.. . ['hlldr"o I.d 1>..:.klnl p....h. Cort tloo PI~lure Co here he .'·r~~~e·wll~rib~llp~c~:r:·::·d.nd l:lllll'eol..o·. ..nt" tb..1.t.T"n.dapted .arl "' 1" I rleln ." • •"r'.II.11.c••loll j" .. t'lIm. I" h..d. dolnr:: "I"" Ib" II:lrl In IIplte of hetHlf \ C'hlld of God"" ..n. . Ont' of Ihe blo: ~ dime. It II No L. m~n W....ckl.ntl! .lnlnft to the women or Southern California ·'CH. II . )tb Ihlt. Illlople .ry .n"" ..1.. ['~II~(o or III ..n. .. a:h .. l. lib lhe be. . Her ftrat .nd not m. "f I" " .. Young. did not ne<!<l hi" I(ll.J".... 'I'ot:' Sh.·hll>· "h Oll' .'n.lpec~UY·for FILM DEVELOP· Construct. The com' )O_I'h tHo Gra. lrNl!d I(u'·ernor... k{'O'I. alld I ho. 1I . on" of the mOlt tbrllllnlt 111_ uillon~ In Ibe 1.·ear. The part IIIlw RaT ...· ..ollt.·h.e I ..w d. .c:.. ~ __ Ineldeo' h:fD'Y~.h..rllet. I.. "'orklll In Lh.'llh the rlerlt r"h...y lhl! ImllOrl'U1' rohlll.'ere h.nd 1::.. Bealltlful IlhO' Ukelr 10 the near fUlure.. _ t u . "done blm· lh . an~ )lIaa m.·". n.'·'era In ··Th..\11Il:~ Com· I>oth seize th . lu " I'rPlI)' 11111. M.rll)· 1>. •h"" Olio"..erl('an .n he' 1I" .. ""'. 1I.Ute uprl.11: re. uO"'· I>r."1 ~:Illtll. Wood."1..n·.bound.".h..'eolte Is told In Ihe Rell. n . :-:'.n III "Terr.·ood..rleIlCl 011 the It... Bl.n prlllclp... 1 "".·.11.tlon of not 10. "'. the . hurt. Flemhlg 10 . "'llh ..n Ar..rl wIth hrr head. Th" "OU .1 406 Co"" St. Ihoul1l1 I.\lK"le)· .·ben .. ·Flllm.d ."".... Ihlt IIOme ml.. .1. yo"nl: n>:'" '.lon 10 the r...' l"t>clor Flemlog . 1aL" '''"i1•.r .1 or the .d • ch....." "".d In~ wrletl or .. uf II ItK"K "r .r.ka tbe b••k...cted 10 .ke .oythlllg be .11 ..'~~ S~" I.arl or Ihe HAMMOND Sm. Inc.· in" . . ."01_ '. .nd Ihell m.on C'b. til .U'n>: ""'r .. He m.od both are l:eOlleOlell 'n the belt reud:' .nd ~ialI Urb. greatly cb. )-.. Ill) "nrlelln ttlina:. tr.nce I" ~llne:' \O'rltl.dnH>l ..~l'~~~l~dr.ughter or M.:l Joined. will In"oITe Ihe .~. "r" I" .11l1( .m Includ.11..Unc Oil Ih ..ylllg In E... bUI "no more.d Itle loll 'ea .10 m.her"·om.... A..Dd C.t1o" ...l th .' 1"'0 "".)·.~ ~l~'~~ :':. Itolnl much rl.n one OI.nd no\·el.ture treltlOll: of . llnll: I.d."tl"nh .ke Ute Illrce oOe 10 be 1011.11 . I'll d..lak" Wr. Gentlem.ootber )tIl.ll ~ •. . llllrbnr... Fon Roaec:ranlL 00 band .." the four.....lIctl...y . . John Sheeh..1 corned" at f'hoeliis..t • treak of hick be bre. I. " ..·:.r I~ the' Unlveraal .. .1 ..... u..·". ho I.a..nd dl:l aome tlne work.....· "O"'I'lIn)' to..m ."de.. 11~:J.'\.·I. lite Ia . IIo.'or. . I1"" "r '"l..nlo" "·K. U.1.f)·log reallili.11.... Ilk" Iri..uuoee 8ulldlng . .. rortIleoalq U'Ulf' h&ulJ 8potdIwoode AltJl..· oorh. 1.elf II .....n.'00...f· ...I...ublIQu. DlCNIt .um Frun.. ~.g~ or Kra. htle ..ll· k.. In :"'I!" York and III Th.l . .n.'bo taking . 'I'r.. 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Tbere I... )'uuthr. hi tI" .. of .ekrlnl~~.rene.. one-red roo'edT... 1 'hI!'" ro..lln"... bouler .h f".~~"'.ed tbe lIerve .I!.l. r th ...\ (·HII.. "lth lOll Inlr"du . "ar.1 ...rulu..lrlu~".. of J. treated.. Ie bt'lllnnlos • •ec:on:1 Illclure "'lIh IMn hundred men la . "Br.".· "'II. romanre I'.tlnctlon durluc .• ".·I.ell· Wbeu .n· I..·bll. a h"r h. b••'" to HoI! Ibe orlclD..nd "The IT r.. an .ny elLch..""fLE"· ·ductloD. "I • "nl h . lbe lat.III. ~lr. 1'01111 1 Urban I• •1ll1 ID mu.11l III Ibe III' '. "Uh ".t Ihl' r"mllln..·b. lh . lard .·...ude bl"" l>e . 16.. )(alOQf!" II 1I0W wltb tbe (':ort '. t'd ..."lIon of Ihe pIe".I\·"S" In "period" coetum...lmo.1 CO. here Lll".. al collellll .."10. _\tlSS 1)()1' "..~...beD Ihe horetl b. I. 01 ~lrI..i:lrl t.d r..ceoe .on "'lIb Ihe Amer' Il .ge c:eremollY ..fUltr.ll. the d. In the mf.'''~ hili.!Ioll . '_ THE PHOTOPlAYERS' WEEKLY.. • Dd produced bT Doo. I . f.I..rl.\ and Ih" on I}" dllt.ult'hter I. Rlchllrd CummlllC' . .t L"e prlll". FIllm.nd ~1..t.. Arl· numbl!r lIf hoy. 8 Ilromlnl!nl parI.I>on' • l>u.. her In bl...' "II'" h"r.:7 ..k lhtllllnlt IIltuationa Olle of Ibe marrl.....ctlon Aol" a..01111 com- pan" the Inl:ellue J. Inrludln" "The Avenging Con.lId MI. "I .."r.ltu.ny .. wblcb WIlII.... 1"'0 wo- celBII • • • very daring driver..·orth.'oll<l>:...o by Fr..nle .. • he . r I. "'ho b .1 ...nd . SATUI{I)AY. Rl.ll...1H1 I.• . I.\ ChIld of God" I. hl~h b.. • nd In .~lIeduld to .allibler ot the m... Is belnll: dlr.\rlh"r )t. La.u.Jeelic day•. tbl! .d ID . ho It on.n lCenell were puI .UlaAI u.1 Co. bT tbe gamblers..".. K.....·.. n.a .m:· All II . Sb . hll ..... C.. "I 11"1<....."IUf SERVICE pl.t DI"ld..ttldeot. ...ludIOl....or ~eUortl or Ihe I .aalp.raeler... "er"..Ih . th.n the other..hlll lI"d "Ill 1O<l0 hll r.. "A NiShI" Adveo.. III"nly "II"'" I':'''r II t. 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"Tile FOR SEVERAL YEARS HAVE DEEN KNOWN AS "FEATURE .bo'·e .. COUIlt!7. Arlhur Le. .. The mur.. head th'l ~II .lly believed by eUlhorlllea on rll>ped one of hll . •·.i'In Ih.\I'r:r Fuller. Mr.e U1.n.*t In til... Xellit year embr... .1 hand· ...od wlte The Mark Sirand The. .e . H.e:~m:i" "Ie•• .:lhll>loore' Lea.. r '''r' n"arh' .y .n 'a' ot Pit" . the leo.t .r from Phl/adelphle.. cl~.lIt be called the cold.'''' fllrlou.. narro .tl ot m. Vlvl.)' tll .ood.ur.. MI.m th.UII.r E....ce.="hJ r.. ror oart&lnl.. r.perla . Oa". ~~~\.e.lel'l"t hI. Anita 5Ie...1 th.y""rIKhl Ihould "Our policy "'Ill be to preaenl COIl- be. A... m'd" ot be'\')' brocaded felvet '•.I.. .CKAYE lS ''THl: PIT.." ferro. the ucllltllCtllra. elllll 10 h.. and MM!. Mr..orld ..our .11l be The" In"ld"'ll .lo'" pro'O'<! un ••· rol... to-tlIe-mlaQtIa ~ troa type. All lb. 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Olaa Petro. ~lond.)".1 . ot elnem.r t). lIlrh haa already been copied .. UI.....Ith "'er"oll or rflnnemeol Ie "r Ih" l'lrl"re>! r.. froOl Obi.nd pinned It there. melropoll~n crill. ""rl.. lfuk _Uac 1.te Prle. !dlee The color acheDle tbroughout I.·lnll.."da 10 "lrIOr)' "'hen from Ih.. built on 1I0ea .rc_ney room "hkh La III chat'C. X.-~-~~ EXHIDITORS' BALL . W.". .. k.II.. h. Not only are the entertlln- 1101... Ie the moe( remarkalJle In- m..e prHent "'ere T_ \\"... ..bel TaU. la ... ."l. r Id..mong th .empered by klodly forbeerllnce.II"". hlrh etilleluck In It and Mra.hly 1. ~Ir.II:.Heal moUon pIcture elll· MIIII"r I" tbe l. every elrort rore he leaf..d "'""erl)' around th .111 tb.. 86Jl WU- ..'O'I·:::I:r··A.. 0' "'Ilb • prOlr. rka ·.nd ture.·u frAr"lr. !olr.blcb "Tbe Pit" I_ . . Kope. OtIc.cI..."... The Ira.Ddt..ure. at'llll curtain I.t.U_ the . .od wlte.r". T. Peler J. .Uy 10 repreaeot a Dlnet:f~llbt pound lick of tbe frult of th• •be't.m Spedoo.. Ibe . ~-:>rnun. trylOll 10 Impren II...I.... Cblcqo JohnllJ" Po". Mra.d..taNt could crute 'Dd .. ttll . h.t EllIel Cochran. S.nd .. ltI In Ihe tormer "lace..ncter.".rt.. OlllDpl. b001l.'!!Iorlly of Forreat MI'. hOI" !I•• lonll: time. 0... .brlc..h.. nd . . the cbatf-Ilke e'--. """'..I.n blcla tacl _p...11lI1.l1log at "'hen )·ou ellter Lb..~r ~~~ d. or pupil•. Wlillam Sbea..':: pleta. Wal- I. thl••• me part he b. Vonlmer.-llb R proJt!<'IH!! ao cloae to 1I1..600 tualtl to Ita . dr. The chl.. aceD. cont. for Kood and .· lltl.'·ed Ih...\Ir.'tr"lI.ney. Ublhlln. the 6Dtertalomellt. I.Cler. Will ~uae or Ii. log_ with .11 or the .dlnll: phOIO pll)·e.o . hon.. .l. J.n4 10terloclr..n WHEN "DEN HUR" NEARLY Ih" .\I ..orl or poetic Hcenle F'arnum lAW Ibe horae-.I l~·~lt~·lw~·:-!t~1:::..u. "ftLb CI"O. ot belief. ~: .. Fllrnum ducke'l... popul..ce the highest producta of tbe POMlbll1tlel Scm.\101100 P1ctur..concrele ramo 011'.Jllcl'll and trallled nUrIe. the)' the lurroundlnl!:e ere. . or .l.l tbe I<:"len- j~n. In re.nd _"f"ll17 p... The llholo-l.. N.. ncellenC8.'" \'urk "'ho "u not l". ROllen.dDllll M. he!!l of hli rln.orb. Perb. 10 "The Pit" playa"':~ep~~ lTSIQUE 8TUST "'011 WH/TOS lr. conltructlve view.1 IhlnR of Ita kind ever . A .'d".. nn .. .. ...1 11. SUoler.r tbe- demnalloo of .. 'hell' drl.pp.. .h.Uoo ot taate and 11"".. O·Do11ald. Slerll. toda.\ of . Rotbapf.nelou. and Wlf. .rt Illdly ~eh·e well-me. to be rllnd lit tH ll4z No.\". b. ~." ..!th Ihe ulllIII ro . cohereoce_ of o.. \·"rk..ln·.. Alu: Ooldmu. ot coune...~l "STRANO" MOST REMARK- .Jadlt" Q1&1Ia!q1ilUJ!l" ~1 ~.nlg. or WUtou Laclr.dr.." feel tbal YO raali..ork the StnDd tile mo... Mr. ha." .ore care "'10 Ihe .ratlon to be alr. 0111· OlIO a]OD..r tor tb.ry" could npecl.t.ln for the Indulgence plny.rry "Ionll.naly. obtaloed.d .. World :I'Um COrpor- .11 lIur" lind hi. Dlotocr..ble . MuuY Qold. CII "I. 1I:0ur 1_.1 lh.trJ'.... h..l rnulta I" .. .ea. Ieee of S. La .1 . . unltori:ILJ (Oid alo. .• In th . pruldenl.\Ira. '" 1. papera a.nd be . COlWd. ...' Sur. Lolttle ~I..... etn... e .... liruetu..e.· ." •. !... !lIuter dreaml or lite.. n...1.. 11:181 muterpl_ .. Rotllapf. lb.. Pnt~. • ~t1erlna r.u. Mra.y -. Tb.l. . hInd hoof of "ne or Ih. ::r:=ta"~:~b... . ftlm m..IAntOn I. .tII1 keep. A.·rench Iray.·u nrml~' "llIt. alght of hi. ..l.. loll. 0al•• Hobart H."u<'lRtlon 10 the world ot amuaement_a polk'y ..t Ihe Ooth..hlnll. that ua.'lIt1er dl_pl.• III f.e . atre 10 tbe .· r... 10' ew M1ectloM b7 1M 8rtud..t th.ral 1m men. . W....· Ilodl.orld. ..d. '0 10..11 n'oll. •nd )[.110 It larlle rOIJreeentallon or Lubin IIllfer I'erelofore been I'reaenled.. . J.... Voralmer..rdl)· 1111 elhlbltor ~ . Illd lin..\I. It . over.. lind Judge Alennder Wolt . uplift tlllll th..hould be "ken bJ' produren I" m. ... 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It 1181 l\ vollcy Ile'" ...J'_ which cratllud" .ln to Ibe la_k 1.. work In u.cDl!r· Our hOIl" I• • tbe'lre tor motben.I. ~lIn C. :::'.· ". .h. bMu car- ried out Iu tb." I .1 'I""-t or tile .nled In ". hand lIurnln. Hobu. . at UI.. ..IHee yon bly r..lloD... H.· AI"".....l'lrll of Ille lbloK .m Drandl. Cudl.d Iheir rlre . ~rae aKltorl ).. .ood. tlI..1I'alrw.ct. m. h.or WIltOD I. ~Iore II)' 1l.. Mr...lIe..nll... lira. or ~::·.nk BI. I"rt "I cooaerved .... In Inri dent ""Melt nlll:btlr end.ll)' lO knu. NEW YORK . Mr. Idea U1.. lOt bU.a" •....." door_ Itadanta u provln. Ceue form It.wlur· .t UftC . doel 1101 .. hlch era. =-1111· ~:~ .IrHldeOI Iltfl lobb..aon lI ..h. S./uola or nallon. I. UI upon.nd In e:lqulelte arUIUc • II>eelall. able Illeitre to be fOUlld In thla coun- Iry or 'broad..ur:a ~~-= aaM 'ftaWU~ lII .....hel.' 1I01"lol! :'h". Mr. Walter Holl Seel.'01<. I. 2~ PRICE 5 CENTS TWO THOUsiIOl1'-m EIO rmnr==-. IIlule.n Tobin.. Ihal wuuld pralee a 11IRrl' nAIl .\11' ~-llrnum •• "fie" ('elherlne Countlu.unle F'rauhoil.rr.·. ~ III bo 4\zUtal . The moment one enterl tbe e:lqul-.nd MUtoo Sill•..llnrt .. h..-vlt 10 • conclu. ' . • Dlu_leal prOlram ot orlgln.arll It ". Leon Sber- burn£ lin... e)'atem of lllhllol. U. troll 0IIlaI ca.rolloe FreDch.rit..·.reol. Kloa B&not. on the rOllr 11.. Ja~1r.. An Inelll"l llr.n.torY-I. rn. ). u. . dan of racklna ende... ~:.....omlnC from b. ".clr..· F'uller. Uu LlI· vu b7 ..100."f"V)' COftl.. ." honf.-rUlo. k A".."Artl.. "II Ar. M....'\lilted . . of mlKht b.bO tur....Ileol dram.-.ra m.·o It. a Ume m.. me un. ..t bl. .rr 1I.\I.... R. M.1 ..a canted. Pal_man.· uaur. F' 11.-lIlg Cummtop... n Tbe decoraUon •. came tl"ODl alhertlalq ..'1 noor In the dly..U.hort .PI.(m•. Arthur J..ell to Ih.."t"Ulq: R-U K. "Tb..yne.ln.OOu of Sew YOIII·.:.·tlon and .I1)· rome to real· lie tbat "Ihe "l. tUle Il:ult • performance "'Itnened Whe" he. n. of Ihelr "'ork...ollid Th..1I. R.. Iboroul.·I"Ill. 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The mO"le . tion picture nlm .r4ed u an u:pert Board of Trad.... ~1l111 Clelr reich IdllBl /loall In tbe realm of . dll. lum I•• pictorial reproductloo or tbe b.)'. and rILMS" inlernta dl'lllayed by lhe public.. In • "er Ih. r Hen Th". .n...rt COnl. !d.on. ~ty .. but Mn Abbe...:· Tbl. Leater aod Mu: Sple.rnth·l!1l more pl.1Il h ......· pll.. b ••dNlS rol4 more "n~ • tb.Inem.otI labor .u... K. .. and dlffereot from eury oUl.' Fr..cob Wilk.l'e. alld luceell..ork .ker.bal moTtaa pldu"" will aUoll~ b.ll.orld. Se<'rellr)' \\"lIl1On.. Tbat tllt..)· come In the em... ald. betore lIIrnlog • dr.. I'e.outac- "''''r...enr. 'ftc.1 I.uent Ihat . WIIII. lle...... .111 "rRn" ("entr..lh. In Ihe laal ' . the dellc'le lubJeet over the proaceo- en .klnl Ibe n.em....rg. ary Plcktord... J. m...tyle a. !If..1 .. 0.. frum Ih" em. K.rt&lIlDlan. l . ln . H...n .

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U*.. •·hnr..· enlon.1 t.••••••~....·. Cltl N. that Se'Unl Into the kltcbeu . "r.....'.. _ DeMabw .. Sha b..."d . lI11aL~.herlllllltt".·r.rll mlltl." ~.\ l.r O1et. bUI owln/l: to b!lr hll.ST SO~G ~llIlIol1 Dollar "')'.....1 g1ft-a ..yed Ill.11 t. I Juat feU to .. I hal'" that pOPIII. .. prowLdLol bllr dt.tlc .y IIlIre In :-:. ha.e . IIr woOaerbood.. " .e.. "r. Ia Lolldoo .\1 s. reluctanl to do . III real Soutbero . r f..t~r:k.'. d. wltb ber licIty man III Loa AOlelea.od t.lar.1 ..ll. ")Iolh" rBr'led MOttlng.1 lt~ Ioru I'· ber mother dlKOvered Ibat }J. p. bill Into Ibe ·'.•• w·~~utm~ r~I:IIl~h~~ I Th-: ~b::.11"" Ih"~e thtng. Mia FIIller nn.dame I• •tao a the ~.. .~h.tar )flail Fuller 10 011. brloll.yed bll &«111M frum m. 10 .n. lOla. 10' "II wo".. II.111 ut IWlln' flr"nd .ry read)' lo'''r . cltance 10 11.eUlb"red.he beromea ." ::~r. tn the W. b . take~ " trolley rldll alll! reo lurn.. tbe hr)' 1....' .. fr"m Ih" .·om.. 10 Mlr. ~:pb .t.\.. I Jut Nt there Ul4 lnolf. rm'".." . Ih. lead..uN I did ot aU: paru and ora.11 "Ierlrk. tbat the Unl.. departmeDt.nd Itand mo<.eeomroUshf!d and nnl. to4." fl':llCued by two POlicemell .. .:. ltltIS· WIE.·. "lel trov.cte. III wbltlt I plated. B.r"d fre'ln ..·· ero dloner... n.::. nUl plclure .Ur.H... _lIarlo editor at Ihe E.orld.Idea.~:~RI:~I~~:£~~~ ot tblnp olce to eat...·..r~tches ~ t 1'1. . W'ed.rl.If. made of l...z.III' m.d"..n .lll1bed...tar to hllr be.ould not .Ith tbe aerl..·la \rl ~'llm ('orpor... the 'that'l".r .pPOlnted ern l. vI "I". I folt Ihllt I had "Redemption.r 11111" I.....ler .bl€.. Ill. ll11tu... Ofef I • Arr.. .·. tr.~: ::~tor-. chi:. p. havll'll beeo ullder tbe dlret- "u' .".·~tUla­ .·ltcrlll ltanllll...' II".ltl"1 atlll "I:alll tll.."d)' tor tb. rea:L"f!d • I. lW. .. 10 lb. aad Sbe I..te "'ho hu eo..le..r. Co.1.Iero Unlver.rl~~. .)·ed Ihe p. "atbe latter "'0 apd . enter.t <iapa· dlplomatlr lien-Ice..ture did oot t...lId . Sb" L."d "-e.tery.... bad looe to B.·d thor." I.d.'utrlll n""u. 'lull hi. n'lIl" .'· Ueauty f'lllll •.. lI1rIl CO.".. an1 h"r .tterDoolI. It orth ••iUo•• be.OU tbat tbere la not a. author of "Tbe lOlIull. I gould .rt of hI" "r "".rg. . m.. rich .:..hle to ..r..he I....e poaltlon.e:e~~~..1 b.I'ODle..nllallon. Thll ItlrlR cro.'...tUI"" Ih .l: L1t1:e • lovel)' I... I wu '11.." "Wlil lentlenea. picture .10y<1 ~'. '.ortunUy "0"'" I wenl Inlo one Hille 11.D...taodtnlt Bhloel Ihrous:h nl·e-p.-\ depl')1ld.rl~:'r~:': I~~~::e~~ I~~v: J.II.e.. rultr. trom MARY FULLER :~~'I~.". m.. Joab thaulf. 'rlenda pl... Rnd "nIBI" lit . ~~...d .aUI..1 • mOU'"nl lat.nd It I .ulldiog or Ibe ma_ ntee lbJDp to e.ppeared Ln. bom.ha I• • Ull wltb hLm. ..· u r."l'I'"n·1I.t.turlnll lovely lIE.llttle 0. 10 be .kln fUll In Ihf! Io"ort I. .d~ber lhe ••Imple.Iw. The atory .lItl1hll: fu"t th .':~ .y .. Wl':llr. blm tbat tb.d.. He Yorlf. nnl.::~~~~:... The .n.:-unrta..+j h" l111R 0 tuLc b." "ho hlld b""n tor· Ih'" mll.·..lId orlctn. MOiler.· newer ..D ~================ •. lit" It.y.l .. nfll a fllllllre Ihat >llInbflam. opportulIl.. from Ihe publl. I hlld IlfC." from prl':&l')nt 10dle..1 .· I" Ih. tlllerwted I.... It took me tbree boun Cb.he hoPtO..d.ollergllO.:Ct..m.. 11.. Uyr.'" ur .lI..round JO.d. Wb7 wbela I wu do.. cl. . be.. lih'" rRnlli' Ihal ot .t iIl. an.ulth III Ihe hOll~P.I.. orlglo. Onll ye. .I_LIe~ ~~~:~~ea~." Illtle IMnli.kea ber .bI YOII are UI.nd coolf. " "HLa Bill bllt power I.:~~ =. hen!..ho.~::. Ao uOII.. and . hut ..t the en'l commluloned by Ih" AmerIcan Film I". an." .ke her one ot th. .re Ile call pl. .h. l'~ • &lid 'O. Ind I f"l1 Illot 'lien.t 101 tbem .nd .nlul<lln..1 l....loll ..n lind her on wtlnl':Ulnll a pl...rt>_ae. Bul ooce .. lbe pl'Oduut little Ilrl In tbe to . Ih.." ~ l u :~~ ~~I:o-:::~:~n I~':~: .J botatl ud . He waa vefy reluctaot.ce.' IlC me01be" ot Conl'r_ ..Net..1 311....:~r:~. d"". born eal"h lIul".. embr. liteI . b..".nd. or them abe t..nothln~ Ihl! be. bUI ~t"lI" .1 I b {.g" rur . "".w Yurk until _ondarful allr In the nlm _orld.. r.: ~u'·ce~~ . tomorro.• . .lr.lca1 aIlo•. "D...:"'I~rd· o~"~::~nl~: . ~hftOll.~. tIlaDlI: hu Je ..led to dlreCI IIny ptcture in wblch mood.rl.' .. Tbta oew pl. or eb. Re.t Art _bollirl It I. 'I' • • • 40 '0. '1 w.~:·...·d 10 btl Ihluklllil or A""lIl:e Tbeatllr....lf . Ih..·. Southero Senator to dinner ..~~~~..·lIlch lIrank Ind ate did not llDdu- C IHt¥..1 nlture..1 IllY tn rIly •.e with a ." "And Iben . Brnan! la k. So ~bleb baY.==O=LO=A-I. D.r..lrll..-e . .•b. Ille Illut fit Otmne. DA)tOS A~"D Pl'TBJA.': le .d.. "The Creybound.. "lIr.t:'". . .odonln.III..o Film Coo.... all.1 . beell .. In • meuur" l.. proud. true.. "t Ih. Tlle'l.eta Ibe re.Ltimore for Fuller ..lI. _If.1 "OrIel.. 110 .. Ill. 10 Ibe .... tb"'- . llll' ...ud Iml.Uent.. b.ctLoe tbey Ii.terL. IJ..y ". ID'" lIlany plcilires.. •a • ne" IlIr" I . mLrror". Cluk L. be- er.. ••• 1".. I dLd nOI ot 10 them.rly . 1"11 lU. ----. to bean.·"tt'll a "well.~~~~~~ :~:e ·db~i:~~I. .ork eJ:clullvllly to I~en prl..n4 wat· pl.lIed by the hlr. Twe1..n••· 10 lli"t.... 8..t..klllt( for anolher Vt.ny 1..p. me.1 'Tb" Corporation _nke ImPOrtaol Unlve.'. '·Htller.. con.lm to ber haodl..tchl':ll :n". 10 mao..e. Iblll~ ahe W'rlte.talldard dumatle . 110 on .ulU n..t at ...lf bu. •• cf.turN I~ nn. EIIt:llr...tlay crene I • Th" uunh. "She become• • dow.ppearloll tb.·' ll"d"I1I" I'.1 "'" 'II r. . It.· .·Uell:eiJ."ul .cured tile mUILon 111('.." wb.lttr..·tn I.·.. dLoDer .1 In 1I1"HY eIIl'ltal of Ihll chll.. nlm. .1 Ih.n'" rLd' ..~. .' th: f~oRr~':i.ry Fuller..rt or • UUI. A.IOI • vnlee tb."n .I·1I ayndleate lut wt. Jr...very IIllIa tb. IIl1rrla' 1"'0 aller at the Tbllohouaer eatabllab- .::.II 1 ).u'" In Ih.1 ..~:::::.. taJI:tq aallQtlClLallatow- uuptlonal mlddla rell.. Tb." but .. beeo pro- f"r Ott...ueb C'l!1"'brated mao&lera... joLII.e rblldreD.------- MARY FULLER Wanted To star In Kitchen Not On Screen I'HQTOPL:\\'E}{S' \\.-. ".d to be bill" v. b.1 bome Mr. SeeIng Mlr..m.-tbey earry • lu.c.hO' belle'·e..ome or the pL.I "The B.r( fealure rele.e Into her ·rtlr.~~~:'DO. It II nn! load AI a IHtll! <'hlld ~I.ce . Walter Ed .nner Ihru In Ih.... "Think "f )'<lur "run>..o. I prO"en I m.ry FulLer. 1 1I0t the O1. dtllDer. 1 b.t 1. LI on. Th..1.~!-~ C.. .p. . •lId .d unly to III'ClIll" h"r beeo bl."n tnr nUl f'II.. "".. II'" . .m._ v ~- h1~:~IP~~ c'ourae I bel..y•...t LI com" ••• roL. hunfi..lm...." I.tett cook In the world.. Ho.lIr.0 .I... 0' Ill" I>ltlerDeN III...nd g..nd taken .)... all 110011 ...~~~. ::::.r aa4 obtailled ("1101. prHudoa.'..w.l :':orker Head. When . ""4 Ill'..uOCflaetul In pr_ a.m •. n'ent 10 t>ecome II writer of re.·. pl.. Iy u ao. more orls:to.·.. . f'".leacy.d ..bed .'I"11I1 baeD at Doe tim• .. nnd Ibe du.rltten by ber... fo' deel..y.'•• In bll electrlct Co" to . I "'.'l~e:'I~~ t:~II~re'. M Mlrall.Udou.."'e .:.r. baa bee" In'l..1"'..n • mOlbar . or the countrllll of tbe ... re-unlted. ~ t. Th€' World Film Corpnrlltlon Ihr..tIlOI return.ldered.. . lIJl4 I ura&l'a pbolo-apecta.IIf'.aute<! Al:lle to m.. meal. ........ ~=~~. . nt~:..nt I:er. wa. of the artrn..llen:"nl . ... I. n" rll.d <le""lop.. Sell.Ithollt performauCtlll .u: ')I. of IWu week.." from Ihe lJ\'I"e In.. . .:~ W...r "'bo .lld.MarC.u &ever...nd the Imp Co.Itb all Cbarle ot tbe Unlve".. YlUa .. "and 10 "I them Stlldlo•• nd the S. for Cl':ll.._ Aod he ul!i!!d 1I0t be . for )II. with an ellilallemenl .elecl tbe prOperl m. bill "f .. to drop bomba.".~~ of Ju.h. .od hI.y Ib. II wu ..ollemeota ..·la .10 · I. . where her nut mutlon llJc· I .'. ~o~.~~r•. 1a . .·d . ... In mO...·ho . . tor m. I~ . I 110'1'" "..ES..uce:ene.:~:nt~II~~~~~:~ :~:.h crawl. r cOlll.d ..ranI.' be· "art.. wu .kea SInd.t I. 011 tboae wbo and Mlr.lrlurt' ...ld .. : y b:II:O~':~~~': . .lert to . Will "n.' Ju.traJ. are: It .ok". •lthough ooly Iwenty.1..'''tm'''·d." llf!eltllrt 10 B"."!I.. be .bllity. .·.e ~ :. Innl . Mid certainly..y . .::r.lIo..:~:~:.lth.nUIl' ~M!m...lro\'& paemeol wllb Ih'" Frooller Film Co. . I.tloo &lid .~~.. Iblll .U· h or " ... lold Ibe IItl.p: : uJii-. A GIrl of tbe Itle. .t. h•• Illaced him 10 the lei •••.rr.t In . I'oll..y . Ila. ){Iu th:01 h. 10111 h.nd "Well.nnounc"'d.od that abe dtd nOI kOD'" not belllt"" Ibue .. \\ e . ..llbolla- f'r .. Film be • !!In" . WIlII. oot.~~~~lr"~~ul~:...r ..nd Loll:" ber "oet" ror aometblill bt>1l" _II rruln Ih . Itf'for" "'11.I llv.rk..fll)·. I .1 .opraoo tOlin."..I.yLIIS of man)" UoLvllrltl1 . 101..= _ .~~ ~~·D.: n" .le ot rara and ell..·~"tlr· Wby mtilt b..lId beraelf threadb. 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I told 1II.tyle I. 'Uld Ihe .len Ie I KlblltlY III L'..rllllill h. She pl.1 II I. I wu pl. --:r In oUle..lled to 1\"1" .\Imh"r" for the Vnlve..'~" h"r ". po. I'J}U.· " . oaIJM . ...ppeared 10 many couotrle•. 1.11 "1 thllllf..fe com plated • venle her . IJoec. rronl rank ot American aceo. IDec•• Cul ItenarlOll.I>elldlng mlleb time In tbe He lid lO be • cook ...d "am" <l' .mil...:"" l.ry hlK Thanhouaer Pbotopl..1 lo:"hl.••• YOUOII.n.. betore e'l"t'lTUilol In ab.rl' .~I~~. ..1. '0 .lIrrlllf>d.lIt bl. con. ked Ihem to or leiter. lIH .. II p.. ftl"..lId ." Imp .rh'~'= -4 ':.. "Ill!r.· be Ill" m"d'UUl r"r Ih" .&.'IIl! pow"r .. ·Th.. "...url. tblt "Tbe e. . Tooker.y be b. told 1IIe that b...l e'IJrCMton.. ~:: :onp~~~~1 ~..t'acl~ur~:r.rrlvlll tbroulll tbe root.nd IIll.1t'.me tn .. cOIl. ~ hlr...n In Ihe "Her plot I.)' work Ill" tuom""1 mOre tty· cam.. .. ulll. lTuteat Utll' Bellnoln.lte po. h"uM ""• .rlo eJ:- UI" kJteben wlUl !tt.'111 llUI me InlU ' Are De-_.1i .nd rllftected In her tone h. Tbeo b... 1'"... .. lenl IUIJ' .:t.rlta Flaeher.1) TUtJ. tln lu·r Ill'.('I.I~ .ould .e _.~ R." . I .' h".ucb ...urope.p.. But. Ih.u:. Dau.. ..llr"". Pythlu:' b.o- ot .nce >lIn.r bla t.y. lI..rk)· m.. the Tllrflll8.lw.reell debul Crlllea of ty.. Joc:bt.. 00.. "'1>0111 hill l>er. ~~ &U Alcte lold me .n- b.lId will have _ . .. The . baa jolo.r"'......bood.._I.nother .y card•.nd. Theo be dl..he I told In lIu~b a dell~. In Ih.. ll In mllll)" countri"" "f'I7. Ih"l "'omell are ad· :-~~Ie'~:t~~~ ~a~::·dl:::r~Olldm~Otl:~ ~:~. I..ft:\'·ar~~~ :'~l~'{~~'~::~::~::~. lln ..n't an rllhl I .. .. lr.ndll In Ihll river. lind b.l "Ilr. " _.. <-h".:k~t~eb:~dibl."~~e. tltretdl. ttl .". Alter.. ... con terence "'lib Jullull Stern.nd almoat dl/aTl'tt.nd· ellJoy Soulher...f l.11It·k. huapitalily. Alld theo M..rlllt)".: ·'LltIl.h "nd MLrllnda ~I.. Harm .r. .. ~~:. ne O_n COn:lPauy..nd·. ceed. the POpul.ll p.. Loo~nl tor Loll artlelea. tll. tbroulh Ihe c. I.ul OuUek.nt l"·f..... 1041_ On.tiftl1 eua- mOUOll ptetQn art.ork ll"n or .h. Sh. CAI.y. ot Ibe Wl. TOOKER ..elr.... Na_ ..J:un. """.V.n.'. ..nn"..o the Hla I. ..-=rel :~r.rodurIlOIl• •re I" lb. IIrllllt.lI .. '"Th" "roken Toy..od cook Ibe dLnollr.r..te .d DOt . .II)· Lnduced to ".. . "All that the Soan. one motive.te ..' .I"lId tn work lind wlllt.. .. puslJ"oed..U1 be preYl 00 ao· ror Eph... "ral 'lI'Ut"r. "I.· Ihlnu I_ .oe.tarted to prep.:r ' 'd. Knother bll un"".tale.ce.·LII. .. nt In her er( She dId nOI llWlt ~n· ... .. and dltrer- b"r InJurl "..." n" . Sherwood 10 Ibe ...-'O~V~A-.etor 11·:_d::":'o~~:~.uty "ttl·.'r Wh)' mull r... rh ..d.. Ihe ~'~~ f"".. known aa .Ide In "The TiII:re.. at ~ A9'ft..~\~rg:~rt~e:·YOllnl '''ed on I .'..t relen·c.he .. Ibey rll. ..Bolltb Atria.d.· h'''1 I"·.ry" b.1W' WIth Jut ~=~. of the moet .he Hill•. t""" 11:1" n. 10M I".. Torti: Tbltltr..:....led by but blm.I. 11<'r w.. he LI al". 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''Look. ~. _ put ta't It pNtq. 00 hla Edlaon Co" bul the Unh'erul people part..-r .tloD ot Mr. Dr. TIlt'". Sbe Ilut tba' IboUlI." rele..·n.t her r....mlle Ib.·ho When thl.t haa <'011I0' t" .t baa under P..t~.II. I. Wby you kDOW'.t I .hter. Ed .l the "-ork or rutin II h..rei Uler Federal omd.1 no . ft~~~~~ fortun.d an oLd d.1 I I>.. otr the little .lng the blgheat torn.." .11 aoul--bllt • loat hllr..d~ ..m. I• •rlulo.. :. .be eh.n by the meml.t And ~llldottlil l.y.. proml_ to Wlllt.n ' 00 tbl..'....ddy... Ih..J mooUl..aht al&ea4 at Dild4J' .cqul. . t·l1n"•.n "c.y of • I k . put." Ibe a. er..UQIl!·· Thl. ecreen dr...JFOf{NI.~.~~~~ol:e«l.:~:':~ ~~: :::'1:°1: of 10nJ.r.'t~. to"d "'10'" II dltrerenl e.::~d~~:."e UI> Ib"'.".1I II lbere 'Well. ot MllIl.n" Ih"l "huul<l It" e'l.. ..Ia"e.lloll.. "Wu I aurprlMdt Tou bet. h...ld a bill tb.~I~:~. •0'..... wel.1 I'"" lh'" of ..". rame • bro.nd under.~~:t~:'~:~~~':~.rentee tbe Inl...tlldlo. at aNt.-el In I r.o.. II 1I11ltl!nhlll "Iltlh "r 11I"lIr."••: •••q•••. Th.... ~1l~~ ~~t I:..h .. Tooker Ill. 'ur drink "lIh.lllblcr.'· .11 old marTIN 1I1aI1 I woold let yOll Baturd..o.Id M.·ut bill ut"dl! ber dt:bllt on thll leltltLrullte bef Ir~lanC* .nd motber who .'<' has srranlled 10 I..ddy: .tfted I'nolo Film COrPOr.. COUllled . tered tbe world ot nlmdom WD. am.)en ..a.·ltnll Mn)' r"I"..· ••• dual ""01".~~:. of Lord Ao.4 to me to her old . .In . hlch • ulIIn .o_ bow to &Ott_.1 the .be .Y..k• •nd ple.·"t· "'Alld 10.l.. UI.l"rt. 'It yOIl llIu.::lb~'•• ~I~hllo~..od•.1 pubUdty ...U" P.~I:dl."t:.. _onder In be.IO.Uon from I·hot.olle of tbe mOllt mamm. !Jut rUhN" Illulth "'Ith her ~lln. ~ull.· tn ~I'l>ear· 111I1(1l III the CUlIlll... In' Ilk .r by..bLe dIrection or .nd her nne nllur"'. III.r• . The .m...... r ril'..l l'UIIII<.rlf..1'1 .." Balboa Co.. our old dfl dhln.. burt .hl..' • with th• •llllle uceptloo ot ·Amel"- .\1 nn' I I'r.tb~. I would 1... Ullitad Bt. ~1~~::..·u belnll my 11m.. ~~ ~:It~~: ':u~~~~r:t .ke merr)' Ttl<' rn.. Ihe ~'Ifth )fLu (. drat Unl· • lId.• 11 or on .. rroID my:.·..lled..Pe...t tbe .. he ..wl 1010.yed .. w.t.kll chick· pl..'aa h' :-:ew York "}!otb...'11I cre..ilI be llfen eutJ me . '" .lt the bill: ell)' ... ~. 1I0W I U1".1 """1" I.....r "'-. " re..or trnuble..I..ele.. tben I h.~~~nH~~~t.bould of _II D.lId a ....n~:11U~:.. EdWIn. u-ploaloo ollr cook .t. 'IfI . Joah gel.1....nJ J.ertlnK nlll· "Imltallonl.. K. "Reillltutlon.lf.rt.AaOOI.1 Ihe "'penBIl or JOIIh 1Il1.!:::~fI:·'rl Madame Ot•• Peirovi lay at n...:..lhu" llll.. • 4ealre to rather to _ the cook and u . 0' th .. II. dCleeu ye.:pt'~~ e:l:m~"tob IDI utl'l"e dall' 4ail. "Ir.d wMlll.' " ." nor ".nd Ibe Ilile role In ~ .ollld he CUl. h.oeraof Ih.. . In throush Sind... CHRISTMAS.r. depeod- A.ho h •• "n<l 'h" .n. "U\ll only to Mnd Ollt that renecl .uty . Tb. b... b...t bukel..utou r lIy 110. pari of llIY d... did 1I0t ko...r lim. ld .r.ble w.U".::1.'· .rted WIlltl.r.tnl prOlTam .on".· ..~1t l:.r.n.preaaed .r..Iuk come.t to 40. 10. n Ih" clh'klnlt ur the pilI Illy n.1 dr..j>el Into. hlrll II".ce.m. W. ..ln. .yed Ihe ltart qt ..nd •.n h. belle'l". delefll1loed to lllr.nce.o )1lu Fuller . AcPelf.)1 H. "'Itb 1..ny ~h" UPI".lte .. n'Y "PI.mon &lid eaCb ab.. 1.8 . •nd ..nd I ..enl On 10 lell' ber to Ihe police .·"'r ahe h.US ANliEJ.nd!.....lilleu. title WOISiI. g.nllen:lenta .he'.bo I••e . bow to m. ..'· "Tbe Wlteb GIrl. met wlUl .:lIl)" 1""·11..olll·".en' ager of Ihe Imp SllIdl0.r " . ~ru) M. learo"'d rouns: .te.-re.. n r .ual purity at mtlld I.lf.11.. H..tuPl!odou• •eal- ~lt .. ~~:~..IDI at tb • tfom a tbrMt 10Uf or tb• •orI4.nkttF·....avll the ~·olle. D.Ulltled.Ti'..UEl'> CHAHLES 1. little .lbo.nd • poaltloo wllb • mu. tI' " b. ber .. "t .·tr&r' "Ho I '!el"r".n I ·.hleb II.rf'nl..lib tb.." th"l I mil" "..bla.' ••.ll Iherll. ... •t I. "'nrk In ~.. I came aod .cUn.oftened ~~~ybt~:~~~~o:p ~:.1 11 not .ke • real Soulb..11I be et-'I"eD at 1: 10 \'EIt~AL N1DI. .. the Incllptlon of Ib"t eonCllrn... .ktnl to the tnt.m -oarwood .ck Dlvloe M. comill. If )"0" rull"""d. bome e..nd e:lqul.lly cooaented to loIn lO I. - -====================.~. couotrt.fy the .ordlnar)· poe:ry ".Ire . youn truly aPOke up . tU 1Il_ ".ter _Itb Ule ..)· .hly lIucoeaafu\....:I... "... \\'11.I·.. with ber nOlhhtt. J.od bet . randa. It wtll be rell.. . uf dlreclora.)' lbe Senator to olle of tbe botela. . :. ThL••1 tbe time..·II • • n .k••ulborlty. There tbe Utle aod d.> lO .h.. .hen .. I made no lmprllulon. te. pl.Iyl. .o~~:J ~~~ "movill" Soautor.y .·.·r.talloo. productloo.rt.. . fOf dert. &lid wate . Alt:erlun Co.t m.rlte • foor-r~1 pl.beC~:'::t~r.!" Ih. r 1·"P"-r~. ~Ihthh'_' ..~ u:~::: s~~ culL Sba prepared tltat meal.-\ lIum 11I.hlll ..·• no " Sh'" .·lljllp. ··Ah. del.Uc n.r. m. OIl Son. )I.1.. been aold and prol1uced. "b. !oJr".be dId . "r Ihlnl:' Ih. ....lrl." Wb".~ua~~e:ea~h~: ~~-:~n...\ prodllrer. 1\I take !dIu Fliller I.•••.~~.. wllh • r"m .~ 1t00hing COlli· now IllI • YOIlUK .rb..... .uo't IWO perfOl'1l1&11Ct111 . ..n on tbe !'etrol'.. "'arfte dlnnllr for her !rieotla tn Iler ...r.0 tnl<l vaudullie Ibe lIlf!dlum <If eur. Uen WLlaon..b..ld. you mu.n . 4epleta a atrO" llIl.nd Suoday 1I11bt ..tte Iban tbe beg.. woaw. .lly . at..EEKLY.he I'Ind• • tr.r I. lI"r "'"n." aod la b. treretl .111'...KIwertul 'h.·.. to .. be .ent .ylnll. lIul_ .-r 11111. r . Sbe I.r·..t In lome of tbeund~.leadlly.1.Id. b.. of tbe Lite h.~.1 poalUoo. ..n llltlLAST JOIS8 EARTJ.:. behlea . ". niL 1&Ie Rlo17 B.•••:..Ir. ":~~~l:~ ·1~g~'II~:~r·:~~lIBer~lbn~ ~~~.1 cb.. tor .~~~:tel~~~~l:lt~:~·'i.·t • toll lor het my pride .. .. 10 an act rrom . la.. ltle-I!.... Iue newly-wed •. nn'" El. of po. ..olr... AnJ.1 a"tI .4 teacb llIa bow to m.ondun With Ibe III. '":.t retUflled to tb."lo'r K.. Hlppol. CI... Ibe bride or H. Ttl.lns: me to fOflet tt....In. £:·:t~:.....I. nlly . aa llr. I" "!a.ll.•nd . wellt .ter... aod 1t It I... ..'" .nd.h 011 juat . " ... believe me.raeter A.1 m. I w.1 Ih"l tbey will berom.·for.. lInt~ t.1. "AloI:le Wtlh "r.'· .l..-tett .. Th.1 It:eUllnne'' ..' pl. ." n.. World F1Inl llert•. aoil tlta t:omplatat IUm . I'v.. b bill to p..:~u~:.h.n~:.r" d"ar llltl" tbln!: •.. BrUant: tOfmerly pub- to w.\I ..l~~II.dll ber .) • • lId l'I.d..lIrely kne."ne.lId hnd bt>en GIrl.IDu• •beo be aeea ber cooklnll. 1 "t I. to be nounced by the crillea wbo b.. tl·~1 ~"nr..faT" HEPT. rhUd Sb. tb...lII Arl Film '·"'..b. "I .4.... D.<I...u I . • *' . I:'aab~ :e~:.u" An ".. now lie l1'l'er tor. "ole" aa. ' .-.. • ~ .mmy.'" 10. II cnllunler.nler tbe Th.. . .rt thcr .': patron••nd Ibe el'". Ne.1 .. "...y.....od th.."" .r Ilttl'" hll"'lIlr tblll .me I'elrov. ry .· L·nll· !.coven bl.dd..'" Itlrl lind la trouoclId by MI- "Flo.".1 Eaatern .ueN.. m.I~!:.ork.IJ ""'er-preaenl frleod "wholle qulel . tor We.. Lnto m.nd • good ooe.orl n~hl ... a.11 "rodll<-lt"lI.. .~lao'..lIoo..rranlJea a cblck.y or relea'e wll1 be . "The TIKre..'n~~~r~glO". ... I>OI... u or a very dtplo. .~.t or tile old: p.e ot ber eblld..\ 1ll. ••nd l.. tbat be gel•• bit of lb..n he .:"'tlUnl.etlon...t colUleeUoIl wu "I'tllt Ut. . •mok" . 1 Compaoy bu uodertak. ft. She L... Of t.I~: ~:I~~I". Amoog .rt ..ak the :\"e"'" to ..'· W.

et. The bill fll!:ht 1CII!0e In "Tile Trulh Rellaln..' "I"u .t."··." month.1l~ _M__ .1.lly ." ~'rohm'n prod uri Ion.UIt" 1.·"uld n"t "II. OOlUlJa 1111". company.Infc k and !ih.n l·rtterlun Theiler bll. r"l _ •.. COlten productlon.ll .1 rhaol:e.. 1 HOUBe..lo':Il... ..rlt. 011 TU"dar ev RUlh.".llrlll mllll..-e i' 1I0thln.l.. "S. Bljou Theatre..d fur til" I'a.......lmer HI..' Cblrletl Harry Schumm . 1. De~ll1e." J." In thfl T_·-olt.· ''''''':<II''r"I 1'''1 r"IlII'''''). . Ih" horllf' II • "err reuon.. Illo b.~~~. re.bor.ted .. So.: "\·u.rr a"I f ·..1 I" dN.lind l.· Orleaoa. ""111(".1. Iln"'h.If. but It mu. part t.loo of Ihe Ako. Robert EdelOo..1" III twenly-flve Ye.rrl"ed home III.v h ""." I.' II. 11... _ .! .IFOR~IA.qon• Apartznent& cloe.on . "Ilue of pu1>Il.ell lUll: a IIMnlr on ttu. .ul•.ho Ih . Cill.. " th..nd Jo.. . ami b""ullrul hll "'lth 1........y thar "roduced b)' Ihe JeIIH L.." The IIIClur..·IIIIl) If )·u" h.tlon. K'ne.1 Iltentloll 10 coodltloo.lte aure tb"t U1e Hollywood. I. III M... I bope to be . tl the III IM!fO lh" )'OUnll a.rk Cu"nlnllh. In • Ihe bill: bo..:: for • .rl"..t..venpOrt. oea.·lld. n... p.nd I.... n fllll"n. "The GIrl ltlld th . froll1 E"'D. U)' tltloall·r".ID"U I.. 1._ m.... Catherine Couo· bouud to tbe t1l.1 I" Ihn I'.ylv.d In "..a.~LIPIo weell Ihe tollo. tIme to celebrate ThaDh~l1'lIll wnb. aw.Iap whlch I" but Ihe "'e..I"""1 "I"'"'' ""1\1.... pOpul'rllr fully 50 "'h..h Iben and there HoI'· r. S.tlle.JESSE L. of tooolat " MDt poIt bat.'\l'1hur t'... .·1! th'" th .tar lu th~ Luk1-Belaaco productlo!ll. DYAS CO. 915 S. In Ju.1n.'.nll rlac.ppen on the . Ih" \'audevllle tlnlholl.r tn • hi..ln.etor ""bo made ..'ood.. Oec..· t·robmllll·. frum the leglll· KI""wphnt. Ibe lila'" 1010 Ibe rl"er to .cured h.ted.bluO C.. <1 fa.n.·I.r and ucltemenl o( Ibe Journey b. "Tbe Wom. up Ill. :-. . Scherer. II ..".rrhe durlnc the comtn 10 the air elc.1 Laaky elpe<:ted 10 be bome br the In e~errone of tbe rllt. ..llll'r 11..clted br bl.nel Z. 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Alcalllar Ho..t 6:30 lut ~ond.[llIt. pet tn mille.nd tbe '1.y feature on of )II.. . K.. .1 .. hu.. Wtl- ro ..Jhl.t .ucef'll.· ~:r:'~al::"·:. dOUbll"d Coulli Vet. Leakr PeatQI"fl Plar Com· cltr.n.. ..1 Kell...D& . Air''' I. be rele. WUC"..l. 'WOOIII .eraaI Co.Ia.n.tridell. Yorll JUit I'hat h'PI"ned I.'h"la of "I's· ""I".llforol•.. "011)'.Un. .t... f. hi.III .n In tbe" a pl. r .ke hln' a ... orl~Il.bed b.loa8 ..b from tbelr boat. Thl...talle I"th. mb"rke:1 ~f." S.lly detltrmluell ..n.11 he UNIVERSAL line.·"t "urc.·"I.·m ~. ot Ibe 10. C.1• •rrh·. m. k. r of Ih" World Film Corpon· "f Ih .... form "nll w.· Ph". PIIOIt& UOADWAY .ache..\".lf .ltolol. 't. II 1U0re J . IIII""I'. r . Latest New York News Fra".nd the decld~dl)' ..e.. He II makJnc lo.llrl. In hrellhlhll th .. of L"ul. ..ulot""... From there be la 1I0t cert.. au._ Wei. Cll)'. he lluo\ICd 10 I. Si.l III Direction Franeil Ford. mill....·"t"r.. Robert Leonard Inlt an. that Ih" enlr..01 II It..I<I ..· of ucePllonal1y rull...·.. )..II.rlu ulI"d Itall)' to)' tul I.ry rlrrumllanr"".. Street W. th" he. ~ lIenri 1~ltel"'II ".11 until Ihe)' h. t.· . C. mad(' ..." (.l''''·I ... Uam ~'arnu.. whell Georce eolll" In..~I I. ALAN FORr. of Ihe World Film Corporation. .UOll 011 the Mnlcel lite M. •·h" t.. Ru. 1I role th.aon Bro.Ue . ros 01 the . Uljou Tbea. 10..rk ridlnll hel .I4eot or U1e bert booltlng. whleh . 1I. JoIr.· I'h"'.meron l'hl1 Carlton ~. fortlleomln. _ or Ihe plclur. InClOO.· FII".A. ollc.I.. K. alll"I~I'lr..11. rl)' at... 1""'1l f.unl" ~·"ullhol.IIIto".or fill cre"tlon of the "Ju.. he h.. ~Ie... r"lurn .1'1' •. .\11 •• llul'rf. .• Id . ~.lneu thlt a ..ollful ... : 10 oft'er her .nd Thedda IIHra o/1bU.-e to ~ Juveoile Leo.cllh~..k "'on "MIl I. hlllh"·I"..HOIITWood 6.n. nnally hec. Htl lUnlerarr . . b"en ..· I· '" ~·l1m . .o: fealured In Ihe roof or a l..."llOr)' .. 1I0d n.ork for the World Film • film . Wla. S.r ~'ounlot orated by nun... an .t .I"nl'Ol I. dellneatloo ot Bud clded to bave ber . ""I< ...-Ihal l."_~Il ttolll.~L"'~ ... lrh.•.." Ihe Cba.roll..rIlU)' I'''KKr Me A' a reere.nce to the (:rllod "hlrh I... Lllllk)' haa bllen to th ..U.)·. R. Th. . lakin. CbIUl!O olllell had for vI..n'ler. hl. IltU. 10 ..ef"n hlC tbe \1111011 uf Iren"..... 730 South Spna.n .. J"hn. dllllll' .. 'R-...'·I"n trailed I· wreck." .!th n lI'oodl1 . Comp. a'..ler ... nl 1"1"'.truog The Ufe l'h'>kI Villn l..d . eompleled. II I.lted I..m·.. Tbe mut ALLEN CURTIS.... "tllK" In .. hta "'orlt. .o.._· -'-:::=~m th~jo::'d ~:i~:O:n': ~ ~_.'llh .nllc. m.. bUI...rll'''I". tborHle.t I..mN K.'lIh blm In Ibe "Truth "I'rellr I'ell(r" ha1l1 from llen"er.. l.rd . lU"enlle le..R TO WEARER AU STYUS ... FIl'" l·url.t M'ct. ...t.k. a .ed In order to m.... It..~roo.. ac- t. ..I. Turptn vltllll hts fatthful :\l•. V.l...r..5 bc:::::er "':~t'~. ed br . Ihellrea dOI'o·tol·n ruonlOll tbe 111m Cenlr. :'olr. r. ne·1 "A ~'ool Loc.ble nlll Ihe dtd n.ltonl are helllll m.n 1'..~" ata. tit "" 0.m O('('lIn to N)'. l.y Wllllall1 II.lnule .... Ne'" York. rollIedl.!. Sprlnc St. 8.. or LeilIII"e. "hllollr:. ' Iilrl I Left lIehlnd·. While he wnll 1'lIh ~Il . detaloed ." II 'h~ Charlet Rlchm.1.1 tt'lIlure "'II! 10.IUI1.:' br Ihe !Ulno...oUaled br R. WOodY'lt..."1 Und'lr n". w. He II to he }oU)' ..u~ed' III pureh..... been fro"..hby Ill.. lh" 11m. . tblt la Ihe eovy of Herr e:l.'U' 10 re<:ord·b .Uroad· durllon CII'1 'lull..t.ou".)'>... at Ihe b.olnll to Co bl.. Beaate Bar. I(lrl '.eel'a "ollagemelll It baa been d.rb lIII.1 raught lh.1f IM:l.. bu.em'll ~·r. producllIll Ib...\lco I" lur. aClh·lIl..el1 hi.. llh hi.m .· •••·.. Itl tbe COm· D. of ""hteh he hili penoo.... rl' .ndenoll.I.. ..rloorallon h. Ihe botel.1 . sc.rlr rucbed del"rtm".ruble ...lla of Jl"rteho:' Alfred Sutro·. of Llece.lIore Collier: ple. of Un...y In Ihe fO'lhcon" Inlt 1..... ENGLEMAN.. orlllln.. the the reporl II uDomelal..... head "Il.1 ." dlrectloo George H. KI.... Ilaahmaa la ably .n<:h end"'. . pbute . llr.n 1"1 "LoI. rrl. Allaola.moul succ.olel ...I.\If I.ectioo Cbu.J(.I'n lI. n.n lI. KInl I.e of tbe bookIIlC" Tbe reaulu I-ere... ft". I. S. aom . her aKenl •...1<:hI I.. "'ere uled . Mr... htl" thu pru.. C..tllnh'lI with II.n he wenl OUI for.tJille Lead m.. With hi.tudy of condllloDl .ed.. tr..1 Ih:. . IlrI>t!u""tl lead In I( I.errlr".h.t'erlell. lhe rope..·her.0..-rlou of tbu' 'Th" Thief. hla rhUd I. thankfUL thll they It II the ..nd ludlrroll."~' pl'111. prtol. Geo la Juloua . nr Ilhol"I..=dor Chriabnaa Dinner LEVY'S CAFE La VaIHers al 743 So.Ieep at ~In..r.en . Ihe K.n '"re .·... I'eon.. I'nll'lIlnll lll\"OIl1er.· Woodruff In "A ~tlerna..rtre. .. 1914. lltl.000 1..ger (nlllon '\'·I'nu.In addition It IlIt" Clyde t·tlrh·.·. In tbe nlillt I. Il:ood r.111.Ild e'·er..nd fun.d lIalll(ol...:~ 1..r".." tbe raMr.n. llunlrll.. la ..1 bonnet •.·. of the I'lcture.. ot I..yen....d... t'llth.vanl Thl• •dda . . "'hlch th.h"re "f emhonpolnl but .xhlhlwrl' HIIIl 11I. ot .. . "'ent to .."d Thrr".htnlnll IIKhl Ihe repreHntlllve of tha Thare. nlm Ib. H'ddon .•nd ''Tbor W.... nol dtlelOHd. .....II"n....nth of JallUlIry... .'l.nd . l'1cktord I.W.."tH thll ... larll" II...Uon.d Into jolnlnll "Ihl" 11'.Hlle M..mall launeh whIch. tUm venlon). STOCKMEN'S SUPPLIES N.. to ~IIIude Ad.)uod I" "Tlte Walll ot Je. .1 nt.uch • hit ..1 ""IllIIlWy... DI. low 1'-." lind hi' jU"enlle lead In ·~t1"e "nd M.k. r ." ru.wllo I'hen nm.....· OF 00 n"o'K. . "'UtI K"r . " ·too old 10 be In f{ood to It mOIQulto .. Uoulhertr bad to lUake a ~.lJI '''''·''.l.. l.u.hould appe. I'IMveC..h.. "n'-'''I'''rtf"utur''..-tor be~IIn • role .lnta ... n 1I00n ht lbe IIl'dlnl\: 1. Due 10 hi. H~ . alld JUIll JACK WHITE _ n • mue olf Ibe Orpb.-Iod..eRr OIL the . ~-. A "elrd dre.004. Cre& ~I •..on.Ia. Ih"t nndl'r ur.lIy 1..go 1l0W 11. "L1:'. belol... du"" nOI r"II"'1 "'h" 1.uper- UNIVERSAL .n.£8T. r"'>II.IIa' at h".e. . to . .tf'.1l0D th.' Wlllllm "'aI..·r"r." Y"..od Stu.Ir.. perb... In Ibe fellure lIeld. "The PII Gltl·. l\.. wllb H •• r..TERS WeatllftlOatfiti FROM ~ln'E.odtal.Ilprollrlat . fllnr)' of Ihe 11"...r.~e 57007 ~~I~:rgll~.IPted Ihl. and the flnrlful . h.. S.eU liked It.1..:...... UI.:I': .rk- Tbe -. IIICUrflll .· a. Gibl7ll Ibem:' nld lI.I....'t lpo!'" In him • Holly GUNIVERBAL . .._ Bh'" .ul. who ... 11"" l. ne.tar .hle m. al • Sumll:l . blll:l MeUord. In Ibll ). r / 136 Bo..11 .11..1 FACTORY PtlCU Make Reservations Now REPAJRINO NEATLY DONE: OUT W£ST SADDLERY THE GUENTHER 1II1TT1NG CO.' lnl Ibe battlelleld and fort ..nItMIt. New To.'" t.11 OI. h" alll:ned Ihe 13itb COlllr. "lIh lh" "".\1. blenoll "..•nd Roberl HlIlt..retul ...1 u... hi. Cbluco \1 .o"'lOratlon·. replele wtlh rO:lllc.. he.'" Khlll ll'Kllu' ..\11111 Lolita Roberl_lI .m nlln.."y II I.. In whlrh . RiAhmrd UUhler.... tbe Chteago omen "'ere Iw. nf ~.lnl an alrahtll I'flrnlt...rl.. I..anll.. In ul.. Klo.n.MELFORO Illd IIlru 10 .. aho .n.le .lib Dor•.ben rol. to apI.SKl· B...1 )1.rell.. Ihe Ireu St..... r l·hllmber. m..llr. but .cUOIl.\1' It.. Tbe lraln left II ellht .·d "n".lIb (ronl tl'" W_t .. C. BnMway 1I0EMt .n. MOTllI' ilia'''' tban IB he."I'INO )1 . nen Turplu. 11. hlm. of Ih . CiIi. .. o"-n lreuure.h I" ."y.les Probm.1 ~loDlerIlY. flln.·nIHler.. . mollon plcillre Iludiol lOme of tbe btf{ge&I UNIVERSAL Ihal l1Iall .ll..nd Chlc. ftl" to the leilne or ariton.... I• • r".I be-en . Wtlloll Lack.lant mall. 10 le.d Roa. readr tor actIon In Indl.are all Ht forlh In Ibe for ~ Fe. at llroduclloo at hi. Ibe tamou. m'r I.Ia. ln Ih .... ~·r. produclton was $lIred In Hollywood. backed hr "" .:1 to a . lall"r""" In 1....l.dmund I:Ire. .\tr John' Il-tolll.II the "Klnlt ot Ihe ~lo'·le..r ".blm to Phlladelpbll.nollbeCity Ire.. prM.k .d b)' . of akatch. eud frum Ih" l"llltlm..e of Ll .-In AU. pltotopl.n. Th.~.rt Hnlmel are aD Ibe Collnt.._: Owen McKlvelt.I. mentioned. ufel1 on Ibe hilltop o\·erlook· the 11. Klnll n.."" Ibe bell ItnowlI ".lI"n from ~le.::. . In the exact .'hlrh I' II'. H."fth. corpor.J".. ". I h~ ." Ihe Chlrl" Froh· MASUFACTURING OOllPAS\' Colo.01 limn ahl' . '11(0...nd he (.... .lura rllaue Dubuque. ~"..nd tor CoUIlL But . S.hlll".Orl.n"h'l: . notlflt'd ..n S..d . c...v.ugh In every font of nlm..·I.~..odenon...... trellured piece uf mllllnel')'.. hi" "'. E. Ihe decade In .. ollywood NatioDaI Baok ..' .1 Ibere. I..-baole m.. .. H. IId...... "" I"·..e 10 the machloe.ltI"n h" h"ltl ror Ihr. reNn. Le.'''''11.l. cru.1 l.clt.. III Th.. ". Tooker ~·tlllI Cnrl"lr. hl~ It.IIUI')· .....rlldurllon In milo)' "'. h••'IIlK hte" In weell •. hlng· <I1a.. '0 the 1... r opener Ju.·''''<'... KO '·u. Cilire hlrea. nh·".letur..r'a pboto- lila.)· plued lI . old Pel "vl!ry Bunda)' JOKER-UNIVERSAL CO.. olchl.. rreat· .fleld." d"hut .l"l....' r<ln..1f "t th.... Itreet 1·. at"'n'..."•• h.m" 01 leadlnlt rol .bl ..tunl • .rreen productloo.·lI..r... fa...H...'o"·I'. .-Itkh 1.te _DM I ""e'1..rd·. Sol wo.Id him wben Buabm.. companr will eoeml..1 Itlrl.t bl.. 1'11...a_ Terri..r.. elM CO'Old b.uKn.·I"l:ltl lh""I"'11 In Ill" counlry. I'rec:lplce wltb • tbrflLtttc bot Sb..t. Ihe Count cr.on. " Il"Cellllr. I.nd Itn" . hln.nd r. Prop. 1101 . .. film Mt.od ucellence. 1". U.. . 1•• It<· nu". he .1 "lItl "hErh Ih." with Annlll Ru".a~r ear.rrr Wei.".llte....the ...Uon )f.rln"lhn. "._LL_YW_OO_D_.· "The Idl"r: 'Ihe D...11..YI.·I"II ..! . 1l"'ld Bel. Iieorl Bern· 11NI\'ERSAL FI.lh T••llln"to"·' Iwlultrvl .nd "Tlte Bplrlt of t from Ihe mllltarr a. I'hul<. h. 10 full fry behllld_ II .' th. obt. up uulnju Count to a r...U o"er Ihe ate until he h •• hlld lUor" e.catcber of 'D on-nah The Count la rec'Plured by tU Cashier ooane-.. The Case Verdallo Cafe 500 to Select from---$I'O.ld by Boolh T.111('1 h . "Tbe ftllure.. canter.. acrompanl· U" thft Job .lto ..neen "'hy the arlre..he read o""r jl<. Rlocll Klch. "!Woo '" hltl " I".. l... .round alODII John Mah In I.lIfornia.lioyln" In Ihe jump. ~·llm. Th.n on IIro.Ileleh... Th. Cnl" the enlat"ltemeDt bring..1.I.peel. orlCI".. "'llh Terrf•• 1I 1. acored the ICOOP a. Tom Ter..\ Hulre I" . DlRB(. _~"!t.rne Ellllh·._ Jpek. >0· IIo.s...roducllon th . hlth follOW•.. p. • . PHOTOPLAYERS' WEEKLY.lnlt Ileople: "r.eel KIlt...1<1<1110. .d.. of Ih. LeoB .. ..d .'. r In Ih" .·fll b. J ... a.. Ill. l . period....~" In'lulr.·tnK plctu.t twu .y on a two weeki' buaille.y be . W . hlch ..•·. m.' In I" I"" .' "".·tlo..enile Lead. Ill. ~I"nereau '·ehlrl. . tlk . Bookln."" A..\Irs "'Ul'" lIr"nd"'''l" I"'rllnn 1110 I."'·:·. to 8fllliuDi of Ihe Lite Pboto FIlm Corpor. tor .CI[ BOlD: FOR LMIQ' Featol"e Plar Co. retber.· on Ibe nut tnln for In<lI.ltrn. Eml. only will II "xelle the rl'llIl1ltl08 of 1111 Itlrl..h·h. lunl: ..ourntnll the Ion of hi..0 Kr"'1 n to 1.".h"lnlt .. cre.I.. land.ular .·alu. LUkr. .Hon thla t!lth... ~ll dolnlr ('11.""""" u('('p.. lte""d by .\londll. Wet .. fluor lIt the ~:I' rlllllllrlnll olflln fr"m aimOIl 1I~llry lime 10 eome. t·"'I" ••"t"'[I 1""1"'" ~re"t tlroduellon.-a)' fnr one )'ellr On" or lhe "tan that ~1'1l: ~-'g-mao Slllce the .....v.. fur Ihe· h . or u.. bull of tbe wbol• •Ior.llln S..·""ell. the pOI..mIOD.n."" ~o rlther uII." Ihe acene one • lrip to' Cbleap.'c" . mlnloc I'nllf'd :-111".. Ih . and J.1 :llnr. Slgtrled. Iltm GillenI'! ..lp for 11...1I4 tba EQ a)~PODdRt and aa.ln\lnll r.II.It. til. hI..e 11.od Erllnler rumllle.. . of Vlrglol..-~ 'h .cUon Companr..t or tbe "·eek. and nn.ok" . thl! be .'11. lba Coullt·... III Ih. Chu...ed on Tue"dllY. Ihe fltll Ume In tbe Itlator.r.. !lJ..roouUII~ Till wllb omeea III Ibe prioelp.. IlIrt on the I.......1f....aeo· Laalty ~'ea­ lure PI". Moline.h II )-nulh h. Spring New York's Smartest' Designs Set with DiamQn<ls aud Peart.. "'IIt1 that runr..r:~=:-"-ol:S-.. r~I""""11 helj. l"'r"l1 kn. . Ttll..' hll "'"nl '"'' month. Iatant be takM ahlp tor RotterdalU.lck II UI'.~ Wllltoey ..k III Arthur S.ldea Ihe recular Sbu." .... In I'" r.nlnll up BeH..l1on.·..kes • (Ombln.erlll'·ed '''Wlrttl . u.~. thO!' lIudlo ~Ir.. Indenllltely.dmlnillen Till' I'lout"IIII\)' 'flll I". alld II nil. beeo enClled to .ot''I' 1"10 .700 •.r....nllld IJ) fnrth"omtoll n"e'llIrl feMlurtl r/llllu" n....·1111.. In "hlrh II.hould IIlve thin folk' re"'on to be wer.Iarred . be UpecU 10 releallC throullb the "THE THRI Ih" fl.k III ~.nn.. and le.lle (~" nI ..rd . The piece w.t~~~~a~na~V:~I~d~~: H..01Uf1. SlIll JOII lIud HoII.lh"rlnOt f'ountl .lt"r uf Ih" Kin .n In m. ..dl(" ~...... Terrt-.ulh)' Donnelly.ttempt to n"lIull· _Iar m.rlnnt lolll~·..'..t.nd f..."". h'H~ lI. I.Hhorlllel aol!..rr. h. hh"."rlnll: to dHur. .1.o Ihe IIrm .. bI..1 .eum all. "'ho It..ur. romp. agree.. Ill.·. lUallned one.olter- I'fInlber 7th.nch In Ihe Indian· gl.ut)' I\'lllt. ull'.nil:.lf \'\"1." Ibe pen of Vlctorl.. "'Ido.r ten d..\:! N.<.ol...k "-MI hi' rtenll"" uld thlll the nlm "erHloo eJ.uhje<:t to . 1I1l1. flnt reat HARR1' WOOORlr . I'hen Ih" p. l>orlOn"Ulr... Tht. phottliliay ~rodul'fnK conr.'nlarlle.H-.1 "It II '".\Ie. I' T".nl. or.. LOS ANGELES.e 1I). tUm ta- \'orlle..•• Inllched rrom hll head .y•. .tely I. "-.nd Ihe K. beaD aacul"lld tblD Sew Orl. 202 North Broadway ------~ ----.r".·. T"rrl'" . ny"ullr.."t .1 cUI. uf rt""·er..1 .11 "'enl .. In "'hlcb In Ibe Hoaaler Seboolmllter. Til.. hl ..nd ara pit:)!: up. n. rt.STUDIO ton.. "Uetll . In "S"t.lOrr rr".. C. ROlle of tbe Rancho:' 1).\ .wla out from ~a .le "'til be _ n 10 Ibe princlp. turea for tbe Koettlpbot. Ne ..' ""•• <:el"rmlr. Til ••••· of ['11.lly lIntlrllllll"d..." . CHRIST:'IIAS.1. lIlate '1&1t" only alx montha '110.taled thaI UU . Tile pa.. l')ecembe.1 I"·. Ipproprl.. . t .ld ~'111l1 t'orpormlloo....lot lu. Thare he I I "Mlrkla:' "Tbe .' ar . I.'lnl! plr· Dor."dlen.I.1 mind It lI.:I~~·J...alling .a-e lodol or . Fllru ('un". !+'III"n' ro" lo·". I. Th. wllb WII· L.'" Uullr.. ... 1... In ~ . """... two hlr..t"". ralt la ". ... Tilt."llf...r aeat of . p.. . folio ....lrltt"atlo·.. Hooklnr GEO.U. potenlli.. "f Ih . JU--.taU . lor)' D."IO... or 110.y. Illrtlnltlo" :-lue lIalfuur "'111 "hnrll)' .1. r." N"val ReMrH... There ..· Llf.1. ..ha~. ~:t1" .ul htt""ut. rarlO la thro ..tor of Ihe I...'" wardrulJ... h.·a.·...Cafe Bristol PHO~~"(ERs' ••teol 4th ancfSpring OfRo.e ten .. Dn.nltal"·Iol.lm lh.-e bo • tim.·". . ••• b'OUllhl to pnae In • mo.ellred 10 • t... " 'tI('ounllnll U .ke • c..r h. "dllor. Ilful ICCn"".tlf.ho. Boeton till.. II ••tde·'Vlllllng rome:ly wtlh a tn~.lInlh"r .de 10 produl'1l tbl... J Ih..' 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Home r.II.talttl under tbe dlree- lion of CfK'tI B.\leh·ln. CJ\I. nll.· Urlp .uppOrted hy a "0111 or rare bal. )eUolld 00 SUlld' Ihl" l'Ol..lly .1. ~Ir John.y. bile Tbe _totaObUe .nd Germ. I"'nllon.. r.. Edu"P'de.....rl".' er-..rlng In "Llfe'l Shop \Vlnllo .. runa up t. ductoll '01'1 .<I. MILLARD K..udutrl"n.p. VIt'II"llh ('u ....n'/l:er of Ihl' I'hlladelphla br'Dcb ..cetll tbe the lIIembenl or hi. h •• JU.. ~·rohm. tll hllve pan)'.e)·. 1101"" . fla"lng com . . ttr...cene•• dtlillet... n o"er bo.: J... 1..1f'· I'h...'\.n In Cblr. ..mltt.1'1I "I"'·UII< .lk CO.\II'n ..d llnd "TI". ~.UOD 410 beau· Inc. Ill.h ..ken lIarl tn The arlill II !luall)' a..p.or rolll be holl: alice Anr.nll"" f·o.d. h.... A."". .. 1'J:r! of f. Ih.1Il1"'''IlII''''''1I...rd 10 beat. an luln.lttmlltlt . 111 ro)' Uerember ... hr Ih ...dlllar)' .· 10 " . f'II1I1.een IlIlIh"I'" I'ubllchy Iklilarlm"..... 1rn·"IKI..rrt!d.h.IIud ""'h' Ih . . . Blo Theatre.nd "S..e..ce ullIIlJUred.••• 1- I' .· f"'lm"'·Il. HOLLYWOO? C.1 but be .' Thl."d.11 ot Ihe Ell:hlblto". unco"ered l. J.'t III. Tbe deal factory .rrlnl In f ('arullt"... bellet tbat the b River ScheIdt to Antwen'..dllll.". )t. """'I'''''.1 I.. mo....n· lpolla all..)' n."urea m.' • .· 01'1("..a of Ihal I.. lie haa bet!1l rhlef do . Y. 'tudloR Direction.." loR" .. Ra.. U.Y. Kln. .nd Con.." Tohln 1t'·. to complele .1 ".·." Uebl. • nutr.b. Tbe DIYII til.... dr. ~'Ol: b.)-." tben In The ('ryaw C.• .Iur. ""U"I'...~I~~~t~e·t~: ~~:1:'~~:~~ lrao.. WILSON m." . The ... Votl II 10.on h .ofrtc. "Whftl Ihe. <If 11.mped for nlm 10 Uk" c'. k.' renl ronlrlbullon. • rl'(ord fa. IMnlt.. 1'011)'. Jeue L. b.eased '"Qulrement!l of tbe bu.eel. World Film (..to_ $~~ .tle utlon.tI" UI'" Ihe «Julltry.lcho. Ton. "'aa h. "\·o."nllll"to:d Ih . tbe HAPPY nlm m..o Ihrong-huUI tbe eoualr.nd be h ..· . rOt"pa"..oal'n hila beeo dec· . "'''Ill dolt••"" but When MAtr07ACTUlUNG OCMPAJIOl' :~f~l :S~~e.... call be mel wlthoul del.a... olf"red 10 parI That'• • "hol" 101 for. a dl. cut I• • 11' \:!uee<llnltlr .. 'lId eom.. d dr:uDa. "tan I.'" ~'lIm C"rJlOrllt"n '''''Mld_1 WalleT Hoft tired him out . .. .. h.u..· . The l".. t .. "1'llotl.lur. .·II1·a "The Chlldrell FRANCIS FORD CO.t b.. nea.bout IIr Ballillm peuanla.." nol' on elreull ." Som.' .lou. be tound In crillal fa\. . Mlnhl" IJul're".m ".' II. .\. THASKSGIVDI(l.1 .loll hili bfHlll Kr.o hoill...1 mille .m "01' "·lIb...0 l/tlu...a Staltl Stre..:>nle towe . ROlllllne.. h. oOO... SIl" hp" 1'''1 .dl. Shop Wlndo ..dda4 upendltare.. .lfe I'holo nr Ihinci h. b..~ 10 S .. a. "ho U tu roule uDll Ihe aeropllne IInllly lIelen (.1 to lilt t.) •. '"1f ruIned n".lume. Ihl" adtlltluu. .. roun. loUIe.

.<1"'''''''1':1) 1""llr"".oll. P1( Most lI'-lIryone know8 or hu beard or Buck-and bla name cbaraeter lOUR aBllocl81ed with tbat origlnRI trontleraman and eb .."'" ....II.. re ~mendatlOD ot the commanding officers. COIO~'~u~~"Fca.r~~r~~rk In pletuTU waa wltb tbe P_ Gallier": Mrll..lIll.'" I..1 ''''f'r I'hOl"- gral..1 f. one Tbe Ooote GIrl atrical manager to tall at her teet In FOR THIll FAMOUS PI.J.'nrh'll ot th .-reel comedy.epb Wellur...'''I H. howe<·er.tltlhtl l'"k"""".. upon him 640 SOUTH BROADWAY SIXTH FLOOR ture CorporAtlon WaB contracted wltb bl' the Aleo veople to rurnlBli one ....::. In thl.~:":: r)' I .r.ell 11<.lt:\ l." \..11Ir.r"HI.y to. ~llll~ I'hylliM "till- ~~ MASQUERADE ~ "n.tot· ..t In tbe "Vlrtuoto. HAVE 008TUMED FOR THE MAJESTIC CO. He W&l a cow-puncher.'. director..'" ar. AUKuat ll" • .l 10 wl'l'T1l I\n "1>.-11-1\"""" I'r"dud". whiC.te FOR THE UNIVERSAL ThalB Turner'l Pirate Plcturea Virgin or the Rockl Milry Fuller enactB the role oC a Company lIB TechniCian In the production or "Jack Chanty..w'lId Weat Show...".1.'r kind. CoDnon ..... Ith IIlarlnlll)' I>rulallt)' on tllu rolc" In whlrh they wlll loll mOlt en lind a mllll or \\'OILlI\Il wllo ..:'''.. 111 ral1lntoll burning building to r"Bcu.·at(lr.·"r" I>. .!. Wllllalll I·r".· j·I<·II .'.i".. n..!!...r- Leagu".01 i. nry B..1 ::~••~:' r~' t :'t:· I.\1. .Iull"t". Oll"er lIunrd of th" RO~'nl l.'·. CornIa rell.. hlltltt'r .PIWnee: ":00<1 wHI and a Ullllte that ~lllndB tor ~. Ellen CalltornlB Pllmllton In .. nUTIe In "n"llleo .rlo"k relldy lhe plan hllil caullht un like 1101".an).'I.· n." ".tul BcenarloB.I1!& I""klnl': f"r "h"a.erlt nnd am bIll on to produce ~a. "1"M ~ Jltcbn m••n...leut." Leallue llnd III l......".I"a-.\ir..'au IIt"K" hlalor{.'I .It. I.- HEI'I'OIUTE Title InBurance BuildIng remarkallle of IlH kln.. .'r..:or" geles of a lluhmarlne'B new nnd om..\1 r.t 5th Street hllll torned out to be one of lh.EII II\" . Only W"y": ~lr.e A"eulIl! Stock ("ornplIllY..'ULLEIt IN ''THJ:: of Honor.1I.e llOllt \-"I1I&UI6 and PI."-"~11 "n-':I"." . Du- ~lotlon Picture Arlrellses Hud t'ruIIII d'" I" ··nlt· llawk": ~lill~ ~. "r 'h... ~~~~I~I.I 111ft ""." f1a""rur and other eele- Model Hits Third St.. ot couTie...\1 PIWDUGTIOSt.... II".':.) In "Aduulll ScotllBh..' \. L:ol. S... De aad_ eleer. adulatlon. ~rv~n~~Bte..11"'\1"11-...· dkk of kllluln.LBOi..lllulo.\_ Store No.. .cUmn to her lupreme Path."1' ".." Cbarlotte Corday VIRTUOSO. ~llIny 1>111)'11 lind nO<'eIB hU"e heen lIecured .~d[o i~~~~c~~reB~I~.UI I.~I~lc~~ ~:~eo:~h~hllr_Sllt~~~ HOTl~. W. . at Hill St.. .': ~:"..r 'Il.·lf. ~THEATRICAL FILM. womn" of th" Clrard ~lr. "It. Btudio 3ccomnlodAtlonB..1 !lIn' .·~ herft.-aB Instrumental In aa"IDI Ute OD tbree different during the two yearl ot the lnaurr~llonB In tbe PbUlvplDel..I." TIlt' r""r." VUlon Serte.'.. rail.. ~tor j< •• .a dir ... walla Th.rfurma'. thylrleal Q'pea.. ~lr.~r" .· f.· I'orpor"llllll [QWSTEIN·"lYlIlth'·j<. havlng-golle there wltb romounta on U... nK.. later &8 a part oC tbe Civilian Scouta uDlier THE LARGEST COSTUMERS IN AMERICA ".....\I:\IUSE llltatu·"·d .n .\111111 .traln..\lr." A medal was recently conterred.. 1I0'ftlB't"er..' llrand to be releaBed on ~Ioudll)·. one.01 ..t Valley Forge FOR LASKY FEATURES on Monday. 1914. 1'115 the IltudloB "nd on "locBtlonB."K ullOn the scrl'en.j.llflall Conllli Heneral In New York. 01"""" I"....hl" _\Ir front III the l..'lrllo ~I..· "».adlng W"llIall "'lIh "d 10 have ~lr...t!.. . K...I·L l"SKSIIWS" . \lillB A""I<' ftuaM"ll In "l'lte atoO!'B Ing the lntenalB lJetw. i ..... "'<I" "h""rh.\I...."...':.".""i. GRIFFITH Rully Blu Judith of Betbulla For Love and Duty IB problem.Irlll "f Ao elll'eclllll)' timely photopia)" ill 'h.'''r ~·.I..":.mll b.drama to lie rele&led I..·.·.0n or " MIIB \'iola Allen in "Tbe ChrIBtlnn··.'·er""l.· kl...101 ~I' """ur" I lh. II)-..1': ..:....naJer'l lIroponl comea very much W&I voiced by EdJ.".eclnl IIllpeal to Americanll In <'Iew of thl' pf'nl kl..n'pj~. the Patchwork Girl of 0:1 IAat Supper &I .' <.\tlto.1 "I'l...1_ 147 I+e. d been corr"." lit.\TI·llt.~K:'::~~'lt:.rllo WUblngton Bulldlng e .\1.d In abundlnOll J'OR TDha.\10_ .. I. author ot aeverlll au(ce.· moftl .. "Buell" II wltb Maz Flgrnan ot tbe M. :~~' ~~ ..1 "p"ra The klJl~ 1".'lf 10.lum. "r tl. Willi'"'' I... Tbe AIl-Slllr ~ ea. ('oq". ~Ilnllter ut !I!ale for lIel.. Gllhert attraCled the IItlen.1"'111 .' t"... IIhol"lcomlnj(1I would.. 1"'11 10..\llorl" T"".e'" Flel'IR and gh'en 11)' the gradualln..'"" 1"11' """ \\ IIIl ""l' .....1 . rllatlc atl..1>1.. "')'" I"·. Ow 1.Ialll. W.."!!..l.10 llarrr II H""H """ 1''''81 .\Ir_ Walker Wlilletlidu III "..Qneen FOR THE AMERICAN FILM CO. Dr..""'1'11 III l·on'I.ulllk.\1. AI..11". Louis Blondeau's ". 110·.. Clyll!aA rCormlng hnardoua senlce would he enUtied to receive m .~ hl""" Ioul 0... MiuJo.l.: 1·o". Butt (hero ot the Titanic diluter).Coml'llny Haggot of tbe Un.11"" .. n... 1"10"" 10 the 11.~. ESTABLISHED SINCE 1871 Th.nee O'Rourke Sertea The Man from Home her l.\10'" FII".r "I aU "1"''' :...ll~ In I".. Victor aomldy-dr..p""t lu 1". . rlahln!': within lh ...~. Tuaa-where ~ Olllloull. under Ihe All-!ltar brand The purchllsing ot the All-Star Feature COrIJOrlltiO!l by the Alco One of U.1""1 ".Nell tor K fnull)' "'ll. ".U ...i..... METIT''''':....:' "..·'"~ r"'IIlI"'" o:lrlB TIl" ~"I"'rI.. of 1..\1".\IIM Elllilbelh ~larh"r)' haB arrftnlt- Importer and Ladies Hatler HallKed It I Do. ~Ir.:\'~~III:!. "f 0:".. . Keenall lIuffered hili inJur)' wl1<'u h~ and Cigar Store "pl.rrormatwe will lJe lellll.J'JLlI 00.'" \"1.r...-\"S l-SI\·I.· rtl. nd .· Roy .'il"" a...ut ou Ilt 'h" tn m"rry 0"" "f ..I'.r LewII. fiend wlUl p.hell will bll aeell an Improper metllOlI of rlulIlllII a hi a .. WE tlnue through-Alco. M.~ "r" . hlcleB of Ih .1 willi It II". ....II' . and Iller C...'".I . Mm.. anti "ptloned lly Ihe Con"ern lind It ill th"ught lhnt theBI' will be proltnced C OJ: T U 1>1 E R:/.'..11\111 ('J. nrUalclI "nd . > • ~L·"b.'~::' 1~7. Pierre Mall. ~lItJl M."rd "f dln·rl" ..t~~~rK t~~ .'" FII".IolIUe to William ColllN In "1'11 U" "" R Tea DanUllte" ~IOI' the Stra"d ... "r ... ITI" . orllllllHletl the ideH ur th.' r". What tbe bllttle ot Manila BIlY. theW~:~Rl':: ::'::~l~ ~~rJo~~~::nr.he .. ... Slu('" thai lime IIh.nd Theatr'.. 1I.1l01Ll r"r . "'''~'·..~ "' .'l dr...rll ."". ... Fatal Night "loHnl. _. :~~~t"J~e~~7~eM:t~~DL:I~~~reHco:~~~I~~~W::U=.: The UU% OlJ\c" Attrut!oll Compan)-'Il fon'ell The lbeUrll all ""ell n~ Ihl! roof Kardell bave toiletl dnnJlled by the Sport Hats IIl." II Victor The Sp. II In picture tleld today."eryman". Ilt:. De(ember 28th..1:. lind ~lrB. The enlllrtalnnll'ni will lie u"I'lue III "very relpect and a .lill.-ul.-" Fll"..·rll ..·.. 110011 rl'nHllly thlllr tIl.·".:::..."dd...".'<!lhlft "·{'o·k h)' Ih...\Ian needlell ran lie hcnnl In ~llttliOB 1111 lell In "Kin. THIS l't-IU·tU . I" "T"'. Uttl"lf' ...'""rl '" "".:: ."i".ru~r"m e.s". J1EN~"'IT "'OilIIKI.' ..1 f"r"ll'nl' "r It\<' ""'.. In the PbIUppl~' terilll of llUllllty. Vernon CaB..~ ".." II ('oml.'''''''' hi.I "nd ". '1<" 1'1" .-. IIlHI . The Uncle Tom'. tralnln.·"th. trom ber vIolin enchant all ReheanlDI a 'CeDe UDtII the par- Terr. Goy Batt'S PUgl lIud III "The Yellow llraled daDCe..1)". POR -TO TIJ'J'ANY CO.. BlOr)' or ".·.· ..r \I. Hearth etrort to convince him th .ucc6HfUlb lured one ot th.T .. Crlcht on th.~ t" I...~ Rhelf under the liitronalfe or H. Clbln Brewlter'l MlIllonl .' '''I' "UIll"'~""'" pr". I{alllln ..:'."'~" al'I"--"".'" Joa.rll_ II"" Till. mSAl1GEI£S~..eHlce by the War Deparlment undllr tile recent Tullng that."'I loeU. bl th." At proBent.. ~lrl..-r "".""~ Sam loaned a real Ilubmarine 10 Ih" FI"..1. Mllll. tleal.~llr" of Maryland ourbt to be put on the "bll-Um.. tor the InternlltlOllal He'l Crollll.... f"r Store No_ I ." of Ih" .1 '\<·1111<" Ing the production of "The Fluwer of the Dell.. I" "lIl1"hl Il"rum·." " lI. apl>enr TIcket" Befor" juinln!.. hlgh Bchool in I'hllatl~li>hlll Ihat .H. the laBl d)·lnlt IItru. who hlla K r"lalln' "t Ih..:. .tl... !-lit..dtlh !t:1.. ll(lnrY o"er tbe "onnlry frum "e'" York tl> Miller In ""h. 1 Opera. ~'~~:." ~llllll ""II l.·. Mllr1...'hi~h ..)-. .re'l.~I .: r"l' Th..llrt.· 206 Wut 3rd Street which Ilhould make a III..."n I" wild tire and Ih... ot two "w. .1 th.reBldelit of It.'" ~lr."1l III lle"oUnl( Itll"n h> W)-"".<lIAN WOMAN ANI) 'VHIMlRRN A'll< iTRAND THIllATnE...lillie 01'1' I" ".ntl.lit the Bur. .l wllh th" "'O-OIItlTlt- lIun or the l:onllllltt"ll ot Mercy al th" :itrallll Tbeatre..· "-Il hi"" ""d "u'''' cember ~8th_ Tral'I'ed I~O feet ile '''''t"l~ h.·.rmln"". The releaalng and dlBtributlon81 arrangementB will con- Mr.. I" "WUhln Ille l..url"I'·11 he.. tTT .\11118 MiY. Klnlt Albert or HelRlum: L. partlculu"" Agents for Goldstein & Co. t':"'~'Il~:et:hr."<1"." .- lUI~ly hll':h_...II."hr.\ll~M . tore th...ceD. "Day..h'..e WIUl lllading womnn wilh KIll.ur... I'"..' Rancho. ~%hlldl"rll.Powen ColD -~< FOR D..'IIBII Jane Cowl T III.:1:.IIl"llo· in ":ll". .. FOil ·1·lIfo: (':oro'CLI... Ill!cemller ~th.II"'''''llr.."· hi'" erB mllke BII Iltllrtllllg 11 "tbriller" liS IIny otle-lI{'t lola)" fwer I..oNO UEHEAUSAL HAftMlo~UL W." . I" .-\ Sl'. "". "RII> \'nn Wlnkl"" .'.. IImong tbem "On the R Home Sweet Home FOR MR.•••"." Whitne~' lIud Min ~lllud Turller (.ir neath the oceao. "'ho as B dope· ('111. lIe....\Ir_ WU·'.""I"d.· 11.· HOti T.\YB:RS CO. Itarel Anglin In "Th" T"t11lnll 01 the Shrew··: ~IIBll lIuth Cliatlerton In"' '11l\ddy l. th. waa among the tint 10 arrive on tbe III A PEW 010' THE DIG 10'11..:~h~ The Cl.. the Ilellfillu kellet Cummllle" Rn.~ klllO: I" na'-al drllma reiulled under the Imp Th..' ~"r..·"I...~~'r 1>~~l~'I:((l>. 1'lItrlck Can'l. '". on the rRnge beat fitted him tor bls yean ...·. ::::..hed \\ . 1I0111rook Illlnn lind haaooen leatllulo. l'h"'''I...1..... "I i"·.'.. ... wh" II Ihe l'hnlrllluu "f tlo" L:omlllltt~ of Ar- ~:J.1 hl ... .O...lng Acto" In MoUoD.·.:~:~.. . 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Wlnlhrop Ametl "'Ill be the Rla/l.. rtllrtlooat"ly r"ttl"".·r 1" "1'1.. "til ill.. • 110 Dlatler how 1I111l1ot. "m I h~.. Horo 111 "tJlIl'l·r T"'lll -.." elaborate mob .. l·nrJ"'rl\.01 i<ard""" 1'. I" Ih. Petit Gulgnol theatre In I'l1rlll..lIn6H" hi the moUon S....r"..· tr)' I" Ind". aewlng a"d knitting different Il. c1allll of her Mr. <lid Ill... IIhoWII Well-known Itan will be Buen in Ibe ..! ~IlIlB Franc"B Slnrr In "nol" of the her a Bmalll'art......peDt With ..p' '\ . plnyed 011- ]. \Illrk Slr..: \... ~"dmova in "lIedda ow ~ aUleud th....· f'·"'"n·.·. ot the Empire.j._. Krllalelt KlIloxy "r atlra IIYer auumhhlll Ilt '11111 111I. European "'ar n..\B ~'E.rlh'I"K ~IIRII ...celie from "l'llllh's Iln<l Mill- oor and uldn't Kl'pear 10 llilderlllallli lI...n·.I..r lIud ollker of TI..1". pia)' a month 10 the Alco IJrOllram. tle. LOll Anl:elell.\II-"...dth lh" hnll"l . .'·.. Barney Sherr)'..I>r".lay IIfter- noo"..'" 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It will conllhtt "f a hiltorl· n ot a play went on. Ih" .:~":.erllOll of I..·tor~.\ir..-..


.ol.1<.II...l.~~'I·I':~. PLAYERS' WEEKLY..... N Angelus S HOlel T 0 G G ·e F 6423 E R Y Attire That Photoaraphl ")lut. Hollrwood ""..oo al ..1 II .. I" .... . .. ~.~ ~I~d '0 '· .....• : hr h.1 Th . h.. r uur hil:h clalll motlon pic_ tor "" ...f.101 IRtl'l.. Aneele..nSlllh t. .. "L.. Ih . 1>" . 215 W.. Hollr.~~'I~ ..oocll231 M. r .l. 1 r"o'l't I . 1\ ~ ." _\Ir IIMn....· ... ..·'..· . ud..r)· ' . p' "'ilIlnl': .n Enshlo...'."d .'· h.HI4a """nd..'" h.·h.. CIIRISTMAS. And Lyater 'd.~ In".".t ~" .. CITY DYE WORKS l..'" n" 1"0: . ....1 th"l I. u.. ~rtll~ hi..ARETTES ·.' d~"r . Ilr'I'~I' I'r"fl In' lhp . ~n."~.Oiffn. ... Ion J .loll TIt .att" In r...d.lll r .l o . ~· ".f ... an.t :l..:..· G."" Th ..·.oo '0 Pl>otopla. rho . ud floe C'Htd' CI. ak op"c'all\' "I 'The Span ot H_. n.n" .IICd.' r.d... DAVIDIIOH LEAVJtlI FOR J1:~GLAND T.. • . AUSTIN "I r h..~ ""r. rill I"".• I"r~ 'heerres The tltle alone will ~"l! '''m...' or Ih" "'ater Hollywood.~. llnd In h .• . H r" ..1•••• "...!..r ." '...... . ..· ~181(" In Sullon \'~o'if.I"nel D~r..1 Holly. California ZINNAMON'S z 216 M A W Fourth St. . rv lI:"od ~...1... ' \I ..>tl~...."~I~'~tI' "ft' ..h"...... It.> "lTk"3 "tI • ~rlt :'lr""1 S.l. ..r.' "hn tot· . .:.. "I hrt . h. h 11ft· Ana'rlca hut ""e are Inlel"f!8[ed In .n ot l.' tl'membea ian.. tI th. Ill Iiof' alml....'k tit ....... H. melo.. In. Iflr)' Il:IlcullllD...h"r. Home 57071 5".·.. .."to' Gann_h Cle..· h·rl ~ "".~..u.. ""...·n . I\lnl"h1l'h"t... E . H..·~ I...mb"1"8 '" .o. ...llot.JtM . CIG...3570 II". . ..l. n' r. a Ilx. nllm . on·~ FIlm 81111'9 A~ . lt. ..ll' .l h .n Benson & Hedge's It " ..d ~Ir Th" S"lr" of lit" Pupp.. rh. PI> ..I' . (ltll! ltn"d r"Uon .I.111 A Mn.r lollI Ihal 18 • good leolttb m .mart IIt)'k•. .1· or. at the Static Club's Hardware Co. '" . 11...I7l . En~ll~h ..1 "t rh. I' o.It" 1. J:D..'-m("" look.n... I..~ '·h.. l·:\L1H)RNIA. L w~l !'H)1.. like. Our one prite...ood O..." w..nln.: "'bleb n...... .. Ioul 1>.n ".'~'''''''' thll.....' '''. h \"...••"11 HEADQUARTERS I~ d""d In ~:n~IMn..-oa(. 19\ 5 8673·7] Hollr.IIOQ'." ~ .. Ihlluund tOOI. f 1'" r~"rtlrp'l.~~~~.R~G7." .. I." 1...\1T_ l.~l. . make the Movies Central 6420 Hollywood BI... pI. Sp..." . 1".I.1 locol.n j~ h'n .~h .··. .: n. R..roducel here Ir... 20th.l "M' '. M 'Illain 2nd Annual Ball. r~·llO< In .r"l-'h..1 ~"'I'h" I....·on·t hun Ille ole of "\1 . '''''.~h II ...ey ot· _LoadoD... n. P. "..""...'" r"al\lr"s . l r"m lL~~ .11..'''''!' PHOTOPLAYERS' III rhl! rra.''''''''l'h''I. ..!.rl "h. 0 1<'1 n ...n'hlng lhn rs hallP. "lID &alII l..r'l .ldlOD.. "'... . ....'.. "'-"nI~ lh ."..n I 11'. ••d UII VD.. 1914.. . ..thouaand than ever.... hur rh . .kill/: ""Uh me oUl\bt 10 Co ~.~.. .. Dye Worlu . I •• Sr. tH....Ih..e Klnelophote 1I1II feet the men who Telephon.r tur . Qulle ... SlIib of ptrlC'et uilo.tlr. t ""rk "tllt.1.·· ""I 1.I" Women'.· 0 I.n.. n~ ..hlbll. .• ..r 'h~' n~ In.· ~:'I!r}"l>od... ndon Tho! "nlllah exhlbllor .. 1t"1 tltal 111m thO' t. Dr.I.l~ "'Jld I. h.. UNIVERSAL FILMS [dIl: H.... LUS ANGELES.\frle'" . !I.illi' excellenl malen. "I' rlghl n"..· on 'l I ~I' .ood..••1 '''r 1..pD.• ..rt thaI _me Dr Ille Il('f!OH.. al Ih" l...' IJltoto- Th . .t· .' S Ih""u_n'l t""1 r. hkb lI.'" .-... iBigger and greater TRY . "r rhe alln .' I Lod... u l. '1.'" In ~:"lChlnd n. It lint put " . f.. nlhg on tltl...raod Illihll. . I !~·l::: . ~.· " .n. . "". r .. "..". II I.....h..h. "'1.· rou tnow. . ~::. I'....~ I"""""! I. ....... lo'~ h~ .nd the 'I. ..·I .'.~ \ ... tb' Il:IrlD."... atcpl bn)llddotb..t1l.. rt" of Ihem Th ..' 1\I1. "r ~u"r8" primarily lin English l'''r~ I... 1 An ... ·.. . :klll...I'l .S ar . H. .•.. 'h...r .·..ood BI.'''.o..". .<1 In ~II"'ot. C. H 3.·r. ~l rh . I~pli" to 111 wlleri.' ·.... I..d....1..". Ih" I""ILU" 'h:ht no . O. ple.~ And at Rutherford Hall... I".UIII. '. full :". a .·rl 'h.["k~o:~ . ld."rl! We Enslilb don't kllo'" mU~h IIbou! Ihe drug nlme In The Green Room Cafe II"" Ilo .1''' "r "n~llahman Who ...4 I'balt tor D. I"q•.."h. I..·mote. ~ •• " \\...~n r" '.

don.' '·u'"l"·"·'''·'' mOlh" b. "h' lit<· n"l1 tl"''' aO"lt'll"nj( . . 01 n.IIII ..· . I... .t ..... ".r·. ot lila' \'elml Ilrr!>'e<! 101 ot \'IIMl(rll'h l'IIIYeri. ". 11..·I"rl I"..'. In: ..I'nm" I..· It. .........~ "'. lllu. that I nMda'C haM nail . ".. ~: • I. .e ho "'·o. rch""t .. ".t Euro- ('ert or('beatn undl!!r Ibe dlracUOII or pU.~. The m.o:U"JlIl" .1 '~~.' . o"I.I lhroul'b • rIlO:"'1': ''' . H~:t.' I lI"/lllll. " r.\11•• \\ 1I1l0'.1 SYIl. O\'er th...her . of ulllnu. r . T. "I 1.'·I. " l'.. ".).d world.."" ' . ~ . .tr..'·rurl1>I". nli• • nd l'I". nlG Not 10.... prlmatll1 lhe caUIe of "'bo ba"e m... ood.~~:: ~·r.. l.: .1 Th .· Joh"loo..lnl t. . l. bUI . r Inn . " . .. "..01 llaff of Lubin pll)·er.· ••·"1 I..... dim pr. baUI dodatDl:: WD. .-......." . f. I .. or At th .loo for ber -.'I. Like 10 mlD7 of the pl ..a Slranlle "nOlal..' S. ~eo .101" 1""tM"" '" In .Iram. 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In lb".. uoJ .t tbe Stralld.I.. .:taely be "To S l.I" """1 '..'~~:. bul "'hO 1.dlq coma41....t yet PMlHuted 1aO.h'~...·ould . ...I~" 'IS~: I'. compoa.. unJUlllt rondemned to ..l r".. "'''I'''''' .+1 CU7. ... . 11t"....~ . I l>Urtra) roO( 111* """ AI \\ ~·rl..·\. 111 b"·. ..t Ylalded to Ute 1m· IIlar pllyer. at all 'u moUier . ll"rl.....l~ .. .~ES IlEItUl> V£l..he lo .n lu I':r. put ot tM IN- .·hkh hn8 h.I.. ""rk .troolt" photo-play.\SII TIIE.". yean dOlI 1I0t eonaJdlN" tile IJIlO1lltt of tile dueer or tbe les1tlmlte .. .ler triumph. . "'""" ..... "..".. In lhll l.1. t•• ·. . • patr ot o l ~ D'''' . bo.II •.l".1I na."d ron. rnl . Ih.1 Ihlt ..::~......~ r ."" • A' ~.~ I"k . """ "r lhn~P .. ..R8kr ~·ea· 111..." . /lonll I. .."t. rn'~t~ Ilnd 'h" ntr lind . ullder tbe dlre<>UOII of tbla 1I0ted.. I laana..J. ..111 ..t of Ute popD. Inst "'Id and dup.ra Jeeta u:::.u. in an old l':urlOlltt aboll wblle plarlnl: a" eOI"Kem . III''''prt...Uoe traval "bum and dellllhttul "hlu]t7. 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Mr.n .oC be movad... 10 Ihe .~..nd ...'11 ""riM "'.. tarrlbl1 IfrlJd III tbe dark. m.e I.Io'·e Fllmou8 I'la.1 'h~ .... Id to be Ihe tonllle..''''. for her full nlme I' w"n·t laltlol aoy cb"nc. ~. f I..l' .d. •. r ... FII"".·e'·'!I.. ...1 1~'I...... ._1 In Ih.· .::: ....nd wbell lombo)·.'lll. III the mornlq'...rI"". ...· Ihe Stund·..uall. .y..udl. III lhl8 r"nne<>lIoD tbllt a lot .ter... trUllk ot au old tr.. .. ple of week. ."h~'· .1 mllt . ~. hH I.r· " l. dlled J uary 16. "T" J'oUdU..r..."" I..· ~lrI'h ... o. .. •. .·<'lll1"II.:....u.. JIll I Inrl"d.1.... Ud lot .o: .I" .e to _ aDd • JajL 1 did. \1' FII.. I. Ru ..... h"...'nlllll.~:. I... p. I ouSb course or tr.arl' "f . " or 1"... for MIN In .. bllC 1II0Uaar atl. ..1"'111.. th. ry beautl(ul aod Inter.. . ~ .· II. "holl: Breake'"'' ..' M." DOll- pl&1 • pan that ealled tor U1a cJ& J . aUITOUlldlll.I \Ir_ lIre"k"rI..o-Pru.:::: ~:~:.)· Ill<" i"""" .nt ta<'lora at Ibl' popular aud tak . \ T'I' . III DO.. tekJna: out Ute Ill.'ork Ih. 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Ir.1 h"r ral'''hll'(I.· IlIIIarI••hl. ..... ootable.1 "r.opporled by a eaat 011' or th. :'\10""1010". for borll In the K"lId old "lt7 ot RI('b..1. Inll. lila.. roll! at tbe Sluod..rk h . .. 00'" 00 tbe cOll('olloOI Irom re"lp". . 0 Itlil" ~:llJle" lItrk l... aloud .·...... lI"d /lmaZllll': "I""nlur" . te before t. ltr .... bUI I or J .. CHAJ\LE8 ELDRIDGE HAS COL- m. on In...d"nlalll .. .. r hr. . ..\T . fOI • •·llt he had DOt ulftd In .:i" ~" 1·1.toaa complete tIla plota.. dueu .11 017 lit. Ihll pl"~ had III pheooDl . . ldly unfolded In lbl..· "nd Cbarlea ....·.. nil .... a "'mlllS f. urk 1.I. "'hen .nr". Ho he I.I !'ruul.lrull'a:]e . ..n He .." U"'.bted lied III • Pro'·ld ee. u."n.. lb. Clu7 Flta·O.... opl'orl . Ibl! be mlShl of IhlnK Ib... J"I4I1lr'ed to . ". R""" lIt th" R.e..ltOOd (or e"U to lbo. uo. .ooo polle.ot ... .... I.moll'hH~ \. d1llUII· .)tA WHITMAN to melt tbe . attMa :ran aco.n~· . hell.n lIrmte...I.t')'....·111 10... " . .. "" Ih . . h .peel.. 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Out.." .nd . 1.\ lIn Whll"' . rprl_ U..I.. Wlr. . . ~ . I... .ted... ma baa. Rer Idmlrabl• •o. ." X __ Whtt=aD 11. ..1 'II •• 1. ..\'''1 Ill .tlJt•• alia . You rememller ".C Pur.~ III ~ . MIN Whltm.0Ull .an ~·lln...~:'~~...e.I.ah nil........ Ilnn .. no. t1.. .· Stno. bappelled • co . . I:•... peeted a .. 101" \'..~ '"Th" th ...o . .~-: ! ' \ . '" ..Jut . . I muat b.ed l<l make all kind. room.·i."•.1 SHI In Inl ... A 11••11 arrhed ev • .. abe w.....ud a1J:lee b.\KI.tber bad 10 bold me 0\' ..ud MI." .."K'· 'n"ph . ".tolle Comedy t:ISS~ Jo'I'rZ-G&UALD TAKES OUT . • "rll h07den and prolrom Th .. .. MUOII u tbe lead 10 that ...· ... York. Iba alterooou I menla.. r •• .·~ tuTh ... Tb.1aUTtr . ". rewarded tor h.. bar faDIou. . m.tutl otl my body! Well.r\alloed. cuv. " IIl"r.. o o'lld '0 d... n "'Ilh the Ruul .. t." '" r~O:"I..nd . ... .. II .1. ..rde. 1 .l from J _ L.ud 1 "iii LE<n'IOS OF 8PEOTA0LE8 .n llr"nr'h I lurin~ t h. .~ '. K.·""n . at llle c... solid I. •·lIh ...." ... . . .·ul. I~I "f '11".I1...." all l. ~:.. " . ocal ".\\' \"011 .11 . r... I.. HOUM. She w... 1I:Ind ••d n.- u4 • D....· of the . "'I. wor1l: tor abn. "'hleb la abe or lbe oortUDIUea or Ihe In...I"~·.nd Topl"al Re~lew "ont.\1Rrk Glm plodlldlou..~".lI h". ... . .· "'11' l-"i --.:'::I'~~:. odio..".. Thl..."1""..klll'"'' Il\k ..1I 011 to do 1 .. to . u ho"" Ihe .·ill be pl. to teet. "n.1 h." ~~~:t.ll... WhIt-..... "Tbe ~allt 10 U1.. I1r" ur lh~1t l'r ..~~:.h .h. .:0r::. ~.IUm..I •. ul bubl"". lhe 'Itaillme"t ot a .·11.':". baa ror • DUlDber ot nan. "r.. I.UceR una""lh.o\TRJ.h W"K"" ~\'n Wt'illllau "Ill 1...uraoea . "r """lIl" .d ".be w1IIh_ to malte ampl• Im . all~tM~. .. . Tbe preeen..ort... 1......lnmellt. fleld."..n.· snd '''. Tb... "r Ill~ 1"'.-.h th.' htlh" :..clou.r"d"".\lll.. ·..ulh"r·~ 1'1"1>""_ "r lh. "'Il~ to 1".:HS .. r th" tbll .r pletu..purs • m.. I c pt CI... Rnth.h" ba.. h...n In tb'" \'IUl'dllo dt7..hlll ke-ep .. plUera b. alld aoloa.h~lIn~II..r1 1.1" ""... popular ... .'h.~ I'n''' .n·t a c1rcum. ".. PI"... MI ". le. ..i"" "r 'Th. For lOme tlme MI.llt "r "·. F.. I. .... ". _ ~ . r Inolt quarten. .o"ho: 0"'1".I:..·hkh I .. doel ....eleetlon' by Ibe larae coD.. DUMII..bed pl.1 I'J' Il C. lo"'lnl( all hlm..' 'hshlnll n.nnderful love I." talu'lb. ... . <1 """I "".·. "".. nfll 1.." '"'''''''' 1LIr .. auod.. an .lllT~: n... told. .. l1J..-II • aated to 4..~".. '. o 'I.eDUolI of a'lIl)' Millar.. lbe .. .. plelul'1llI from (".... .I."..1 01"" III [hp I"m ... fr'~n't..~." ". n".. ..•' "'I )11<1"". "r 1h . .pl"odld Wllllanl I Hill) flhea." Journal.....I..·.10. th. • "'Id U.• I~...klur" "nl. III"....lIoo for hi' ..". lIut I I. Imporl. lo'll . .. ht h"'lolt pu«:h d Ibe . by thl! .... 10 ~ bow much I apprecJal."·~"~.·.-e OD lbe erel: Olla mornilla: 'bout teo o·clock prellent"d..-a .lr.. Very .t I ~~:.1I of retormsrory. [I ....I1·koo......nea.1I.bID. re"l ..-..or..../lIT".." .. " . Th. . couDtry.srapb Dlu('b of a soulhern elrl II thll POP· tbln..clea. ..rl.'d "."II"" or I att. coodud... u::pa.." r... . .. kilO• •h.\"I' '''".'.. ...lled e ." Ih ... " .I".. lbe pletu.·". but 1"lou . n.. \\'11.. .. ... .'..l maD tor. ".= ... relurnln.. •he .. D.laoea aod ueall.cnph PI.""r IbinKI Thll I. lhrlfll" . that .rald of tbe Vlta. ..... be tiled 10 locate' p.a::u:.. d) to l..ordlr ~orrupllon ot her en. (or Ih .I.· l""h·~""..' .I"'·~8 rll''''· "r I.1.. Aaolbar ~ 1 .I"~ ~:. nd .' think .u . Soma '·r".. R..r1.." lhe .rd.." In "Th....trll' I theMr .... .rled lb.. bJeet Cb. ben.. a1J:lee bIN" empbaUo hlC La the a.' old 'lm........ Rbode 1.a. 1D..~· .lr br pro'f1... .." ~ .< [h ...o\n.lM.tll~ul. ..lIlt1o y. I" tl". n ..·~ h".'l'''~ "'''... ."'I>ctill" . ..... ..·. p"...d \Ir~ nl .. .n" 1''''''''''' I~ . lb .. . . Key.. I ~ oj I d .· \llIlIlIl~ lln . ure • paIr In Montreal.UIlI Olle.1"'.... . r. r I l>xl lnm !>pecl'lI" . ul ro".··'''101'''h Ih .. ~1"'lCn~rJl" ".lrl".·" "..ta. ro· Film ("... UIa ant oo... ldo·t "'e 'oy.ktut &lid tbe ellclt. Uhlblled In tbl.. 1.r.. hMlI .t_t trom eYlrrwb. 1>11)" e"d .. l .. VI'"I"IIIII Whltm.".ptK- In pr"... h .· ...nd b) 11'. I.h·.OtIC CroDlloIn...fa...klq~ . . laoce to ..l 'ndd .... 1""."~1 i:lIU':" TEI...d ot duale. 11.llon 00 Ih . H. ple or dl:U .~r:':~~: ". blk 01.."(1 fall.. . Flh-Gerald·...n b.".n<l '/lrt ..·r.. ..·n· I.. ... lrl Ihe fol to"ttle f1e)d~ h..ll"'..o •• It wu pitch dull. ..... That .1. \.. .ay. lal an'oolt Ih.aloon. I~~~~:\=. rr... ""I<·Il' .. I I " j"lt tbll wrt • no.-a- __ Dotabla pLu. co .n.". p~ atnld.1.. n .. .rl..l·.. " " In thl' M. Ih" b".""" . Jlj. ... S~.. ..arkll.·.loOut m7 nloth"...n n dre.II. ."d I .ucian Llttl . "Il'. beeam • POIl~ uorbltant.\11":1 .n.m" rol.. some· " IHf 'n ".."I...~T1l.. u com1D...rt. " " ..aut Velm. p.IId e&DD...·.word.7 of men ."d ~h LNk.'<' l..en aKa. Iolla:_t D1. f' "... .. ..b._"'~ .".

I. ' l/ .Ll 1-.'" \\ j·:J-:f.. l \111111('1. !'I!UTlll'l.\ '1[1(['-1 \1 \--_"')1~ ~~~.\. Our Christmas Greeting To All ..\I.\YEI<.\.i IJ)~ . Robert Leonard and Ella Hall ..

... "abler r"lte..llreu ~"lI'.. "am.llr r.. Ma.~ .II. lind ho .1 Of tb . d th" atmospbere of II -FIScher-Costuming Co."lherIn Iht-ulddin/l . "rodurtlon of .'i<-~ dall> ..." "ere t. Gen. W&. hl In the 1l0rllrulluralllall.utJ 1"".II".. Heartiest Cbrisbnas Congratulations ..\\" If . Bt1BN8. h"r Irom "ounlless admire Ihe cOU"lry. 01 Ua . I.. lall ." "liM" h. lwee" ~!. Br<"flZ-l' .\It \\"Ill'" lhrtlltn'dr d'.. CALIFORNIA. '·Ia"~. Willi .I. ak.d Ih..acoe. n. rmUllll"" . hi• • W~th"'nle orno JOIned to..··"'a " . a • • klllfull.. B.tll. written I.rUllIte. ""rk"d dtll/(entlr to lIee If i" Lo& An!':elea ..pllla acme of lh" I'erfumed Lubin .. 1.... Ih.. "arerr.. Trapper eo. .I.etre. 10 ~elll "..t... Ilhout gh'lng the at .· 11ft! of a ..".tJlpt waler ... nnor Durlnl: th . In th .ne Ihan love..--.·..-t""'·. onlr Ii".. Wood •.\TII ~"""...:~~:' hrolhen. a:"tl~. A henpecked bu....:llo<.... of Jericho.'arloua ..\lo"u ~'w·· . n fa.1' lh. n..rand ~l... Albert RocelJJ' atld Ultle Aud~. Berrr. Ih .· Hlld Hurna are fealured..· Better Man.·". from Ih . e"E'nl"l: "'h'd. " . leller.··• "'''·.' ha". .. I>o&tai authorltlell evl 11:\ Ila.1 Tamm.~: ~e::~Y.'<'Iork Ba"" Ih ...... f... ....."1...~ ~..u..' Th. atOP . cam .oored a not" . wllh ('lar..· pl"lur.~ jul..~r...-a)' "!. re. .a"..l"r".. .· "r 11>.. Spring St.nd • Propertl. r ~Iaje...·1111... could b" a lillie> I:lrlln Cincinnatl.. bul tbe "'hleb part l& plared by lhe tntmlta . uncanny.. hi h .•.. 1-.. plalnl...m that 1.I"/( ."I"K Ih. Inr"u"h"u! Ih~ ti"'''''"lh P. .·..... und ..·....'''1''· ..'· ".. ature a".1 Urltl..'.-treu or the ". In "The Wall.1"1"'" I'""t of Ih . "l'l'.-. ac..111 al:.'' .h.TRE rroBa"d.>honed In lr.'-:. of the city. Ih . '~-if~~·ii-ii-iii!·-ii·-ii-." I....rll"" f. Tb Furnishers .. n.. t1 " .1 .eo Production) "The Gboit Bre:abt" DUSTIN FARNUM H.. JI".he can h. . "'all.."tHul rolo'ed dra"'!nll: of . Altl. ·'What·HI....h . TlIlt·~tl·II. \n". to in . . danr In~ • be.·.1.eel 01 a murder....lrat:lge-d Inrlud.rta to m lollt I.y 1'''~'""I. "ro· .'hl.h" .1 10) lit-I"" \."kln l'rr .ml ..oul a l. .li'lr nQlIld..~.·..III con.. oouQUl'l 01 .. . bl" gull8 In .1 alld mO.II. ....u.· to "l>orothr m.y matln-.hi.\Ir ..... Dlr.rrllen and made It· "''''.rt :'::"/I'.re "rlah.. d "'lIh lurnl.rn. I' 1\' '..l.o 'ho "'aH" a ranrh nltrales a larlle boHle Of perfume' Fleldlnll. -'·ndln~ tll:ht 10 reo "The Three Dr THEATRICAL. lng the I.LIi:. louo d..JelItlr . ho f"rr'eo I". ":IJn . nd l.".. fall •. thaI It .r Tincher. r rol" of the mother In IJ \\' I..'· "'or. '8Alll:t·l .·nted to her by . E. n. b... Il.. nne of th ....·I.-t pr".. CtIlltonJa. 1-'1."mlln Inter . r"l:ul".ell I:u .. X....mallr tn .. 8elamund . enl'elo Frand.. H.·Kn . II .to.. ldlnl:.:. Ib ..'.1 .1'.· a'o"lllI8 ram" Iron' k"'. de"eloplnK h.. \\' a8l>inll' on "n.In..rd on the ooa.o dolnK the lel:lt! mate.". r!' Th .." th" t.. her 1IC('ldenr.... 8r..w... SHOWS "1'XtlJ. rouple . (.rmlnl young "'Om.:'..d. " .-. th" .. with " r.....hl •.. per· IIoliert Hinckley .. uhror .in.\:IIIIllTOH. 11lllell from n... CH RISTMAS. of lhe two nlltton...:. raon .:"'f"l:dlmu BUra awlndle III th Fay Tlnch ....r ..· .11:...k..~ ~ AapIa. LOS ANGELES.n auto Brauer B:uilding LOS ANGELES. ttlt. \...... .lul( al. ritr! 01 \-\· . atu"".nd T....a.\I·11 rllK\TItK ..pall<'rkrarrled .t".----:~ . 1J.~~dpi~:.. the "eplle .\Ir .' !l.llhlcally told In Ih .·....·Itbout del..~~ltt Thl" )·0""1: .rl ~'.ll_t:. . Ir.I. prior to thaI... aulated roe"o !" .10 her for blmaelr on bla coal and lhe ... I~~t t~~.ork 's ll.·I. ".."m~nt.ln .nd . atart8 a gold hrlck .. '1 nobl .. prollr8m Et~~~'~~~ t~om " .UI . The neDhe".and..' Leallue 01 1"'"". Ihe Inlro. Tbe W. al.I" "'80 "'rlllen hr Ell..· .ll·a "nl.. r fund Tn BanDer.. 1><:""le 1"le..\taj.rto'-Kulho' "'.h~~~ Costumers -Designers .·.' .. n I"...n to aep.d nolll"m." B~dw.'I ... u ah .r adherence to a alrlel mor..1 1'.·.. ~!otlon PI twa'·.... I\-I. vidence of her popular! Til ..l 1l.· I:"i."--iii~' "~-.bould bt' perfume'll to . When bottling the ...:IIo..·.It. arH. orhen I..' "I".. ~I"'\ .."t.. S"IBe from th .\Hall....·tntl " . ho "'er" .'!>rl ~1..· \'Ital'ral..n..'le.. recetpt of • letter of 8ym ." "The Circul Man" "The ROle of The Rancho" .... (In . 1.. '1'''"1'1>1 II...r~ ..·ol.ln"r 'b.. In pro.. A".I~.\ll...:.ged. YOUnl: W/IO put up at aurllon The Jesse L Lasky tn" pro...·er......h . Klmb&1l Ynunll '. bock 10 work "'It tJlll ..: n>1nanN' ()f tbe plUM a •• IIl . t.1l .. J. I ~tll ~~::.' """no" . WARNER . nn PHOTOPLA YERS' WEEKLY. Glad Jamel..rtmena "'hH..t .. aa II i...·re Ioialol)' he..II. Under the Lu. h turned oul 10 m. .1 tJ)· tl'" .nrlnl: noor T .·.n. Orml 11 ..11:.·1<·..t.oul:l.y. JORll ('Ialre And . .·.~:. w•• lh" "... In SI. 10 lhe .. and I• • powerful ...: morning t. 1..rllttlh'.]..O I:r"81 thaI . wlw ("otnmll. lIlId Ihe r"llo . h. "The Virginian" "Bobby Burnit" "Where The Trail Divides" MAX FlO MAN EDWARD ABELES CHAS."..... t ..I·IIU .. ~ oru R tlorOllKI.ndl".I' 1"'1"'"..'It"."10" "'"... Word ... "U('-OllI 1''''1:'''''' II. ""eek 1. ahip. The Sin.ell.. to take up th. hu ''0'"''I". ""'·"Il.lly ~ .~ I'....o."IL.\I)J. '"him..h TI.ubln direr To.tory I.. 'h.N>ml'rl .nd M .."~thhe~~~l1.. pon...I"" n .wf'etb... Silt> 'r..\11 Hawley and . b I..ranJt. .rted b)' • ""UII'"'''' "r '·lIqr.e 01 tne nl"hl·. I.......::7":l... Cowbor. al :"i"lnlh.1 a.. }"o"n~ . hIM'I)' ""cu. Ih .h tt. young ~laj"81lc &t.. rour.. bani Home F-5871 anunle (or ul.·ed. 11.e "'R..·aler Bill feela amon~ tn ...~k (·on..o"la th .wlndle to . all orrh~....·.. belter nature la lItn".. _11:..lId Tod ~ro"·nln· k1l1 ~n.·lur.nd Carl Laemmle. I·u... • "~.r.. "Th.1 n(\rn~...""ned h. atllr . ro"·d . Flelell"K ora. ~ lll.).l eode.. New York City frlenda At the b..I.'~---"'~'"!i~' .'.lurt".. .. .n. • aalated by Andres Randolf..O: ..e pe Th .l 220 West 48th St...·.."lr..· I'~I"I • 1hro·.. nlnganddu.rdl tor.'ln!.... ororb berolr .... thaI ""ork... ROle Tipler. ur. prlr. alld Sunset Main 4464 who placea amhltJon on a bllbar "l..."r11l8" . 0 11'\1111\' M. ~II'. ~ncilll.1 ~.· hl~ ~un.h ... and h. "'ho . directed br InlerC!ed. ... .r 10 th . tho atenograph ~... j"tl.....· 'h .. upon Ih . lhe re. ar"e' "'hl<"l1 100"...E'..\tKr}' "!rio·n. " f"r '"'''')' ".. the ""ulld.. and Io·ad R hetler l1fe. dlr"r: from the folfllt.1f'lo"'a "'.1 "holo"I" ''''o'reel r.... ) lit .. ~'~~~~"... .. merl .·o "11""'t" to I.h. ccordlngly~con- (.. Provided for their Screen Appearance.1 "l..."da' ~lntler 13th " Colburn's" So.!ur~ Jo. DUSTIN FARNUM EDWARD ABELES ROBERT EDESON . drll". of b.. ld '''f'l .1. again bllCk tn moBl surr"""ful . in tnal In . ....o. Fran"'. ju'l'tna.. • u~l".... hi. e1hlblton all.'lth th ...:I.. d~.. and Rom.". a ch. Proprietor.. Her lo.he 1..ln/ltnemarcnK n. th ." lh ...:~~I'~. • .· ...ho. ... mor.\UI. .he_Ir.."'il. r ...h Ir'''" Ih. . of "'nlCh "ere 10 b-e ha"ded ". 1 l>i1\on dlrertod the production.r " . MASQUERADE AND FILM '"rn... 01 th ..ou.. .··.\ FEATURE PLAY COMPANY MILLER'S TI-IEA.I......In. "Ia... m. a Jorou.. and the Extraordinary Pebicle..U!':e'! 1"'ellt. III :n2 If'tten and ~S tel. (L.. RICHMAN . n \\"h"t Th .n .... of I'alll·o . pro"ed 118 human-Intereot ""orth to thoMe .. 1J0ttl.'o· 10 ma n'.. "'rUer Odelreaaed th ...p.gement for"'arded to ber 1t... Edmund Br-Nze.. of tbe b.·I . One day'•.! 1~ "l(lJ.\Ir Jo-leldtng to 1·l-:t·lI.Ilty 1' rn "rUon The plol r .· 1I1l<t:Ill h...11 th~1 ol".t tw. 1 1:'1. dram... r" pr"mlnen' II'h...""Ilra .(h .luDeUon 01 Spring and M&ln StreoetA.'" th ..n 1'h""I' ~ :-. .a •• truclr. ~:"·t· ar" ~.· I'"rlltr...·Olnan and Ih" ranrh IO..... :lil..:...08~~r~~:.::~~e::t~~~~~:: : : ~ i: ~~~~~'~a:~. r. onto the .. by . 01 Ihec. L"tJln . It la a etory r . Inl:.· 1l".. haracte.·" the . from the "'ell-known atorle. WIth othe"." a Modern SoclelY Drama nlllht "·a• • penl In llol"K O"H old Extends Across the Continent tlmea and dlacu.... 11K 0"" 1""""... nllh..)·I".\(.r1tlJt Water.u~~t!~llr~~ln~nt:~:~~~ru~~ ~~~ ha" t . ...\loon S ' .. ...·Ife b oI...-ear..1 01 .1.. 1."d· . ~"""Il.. "'Mdlnj{ .. WUUary. Tbe . 1l.n "I K "l"..In'·" Ih .In. fa".rll.."' Young lIJI "Bill..Ye'" In .. the I"''' m"n h8d h.·....." •... ~tar." '·h"..·~.\lr EDMU:"i"D BHEESF... Tin: !':'IXT" "rr 'h" 'oaKI nr Ihe Paclne OcelLn Ih" 1. lell"l: and ':dmund Br..erlea. I'rLndpal.""on "nd th" nuh".1"h1l Il U·ltrlen. Buabm. . for Btqa aDd Pbotopla7. Oll:lI I. 1:0 brnul "\\'10"..." the "'Ide- SPECIALLY PRICED . Wlaer.. hll"E' elapaed .. wb .1 \·arl'. ap.'.-Name" "Ready Money" "The Man From Home" THEODORE ROBERTS BESSIE BARRISCALE . . BpanJ.1 I" ".. \1.. Fnrd I·II". "."t'" .· "r°ltram 345-347 S... .....~"I • dl..~" Ilwr.I'''"..·rlmln.". 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