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Course Syllabus

1. Course Number: 5500 111
2. Course Credit: 3 credits
3. Course Title: Experiential English I
4. Faculty/Department: Chulalongkorn University Language Institute (CULI)/
Academic Affairs Department
5. Semester: First Semester
6. Academic Year: 2017
7. Names of Instructors: CULI Academic Staff
8. Condition: None
9. Status: Required
10. Curriculum: English
11. Degree: Undergraduate, First Year
12. Hours/Week: 3 hours
13. Course Description: Practice in the four language skills (listening, speaking,
reading and writing) for everyday communication and
use them to acquire information from different kinds
of sources through various forms of media. Compare,
analyze and synthesize the acquired data to broaden
existing knowledge and present the end-product in
oral and/or written form.
14. Course Outline:
14.1 Learning Objectives:
By the end of the course, students should be able to do the following:
1. communicate effectively in daily life using the four language skills
(listening, speaking, reading and writing); and
2. collect information from various kinds of sources and compare, analyze
and synthesize the acquired information to broaden existing knowledge,
and present important issues in oral/or written form.

Unit 5: Manufacturing 14 Nov 13-17 .Unit 4: Risk 11 Oct 23-27 . 2017 Final Examination: Monday December 4.Unit 1: Globalisation 3 Aug 28-Sep 1 . Unit 5: Manufacturing 15 Nov 20-24 .Unit 1: Globalisation 5 Sep 11-15 .Unit 4: Risk Oct 23 Chulalongkorn Day Oct 26 Royal Cremation for His Majesty the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej 12 Oct 30-Nov 3 .Submission of topic and outline for group project 6 Sep 18-22 .Unit 1: Globalisation 4 Sep 4-8 . 2 14.Final Examination Mid-term Examination: Monday October 2.Unit 2: Education . Submission of group project 16 Nov 27-Dec 1 . 2017 * Course book: “Unlock: Reading & Writing Skills 4” .Course orientation .Unit 2: Education Sep 28-29 Graduation Ceremony 8 Oct 2-6 Mid-term Examination Week 9 Oct 9-13 .Unit 5: Manufacturing Nov 3 Last day of withdrawal 13 Nov 6-10 .Unit 4: Risk 10 Oct 16-20 .Ice-breaking activities 2 Aug 21-25 .2 Learning Contents: Week Date Content/Activities Notes 1 Aug 14-18 . Unit 5: Manufacturing .Unit 2: Education 7 Sep 25-29 . Course wrap-up and evaluation 17 Dec 4 .

DVDs. and computer packages 14. audio CDs.2 Assessment of work or classroom activities (15%) Writing assignments* 5% (Completion 2.1 Assessment of academic knowledge (70%) Mid-term examination 35% Final examination 35% 14.5% and Quality 2. website media.6.3 Method  Brainstorming and discussion 30%  Lecture 30%  Information search on the Internet 10% and from other sources/media  In-class and out-of-class assignments 20%  Group project 10% 14.5%) Warm-up activities 5% Class attendance and participation** 5% 14.6.3 Assessment of the assigned tasks (15%) Group project VDO clip 10% Self-directed learning activities*** 5% Note: * Students are required to submit at least 4 pieces of writing assignments throughout the course – 2 pieces before and 2 after the mid-term examination.5 Assignment through Network System - 14. supplementary multimedia.6 Evaluation: The final grade students receive for the course will be based on their performance in the following assessment tasks which will be weighted as follows: 14.6.4 Media: PowerPoint media. . 3 14.

Each session of the class is counted as 1 point. If students come no later than 15 minutes. Political Science.chula. Fine and Applied Arts.chula. without any formative scores (group project. B) Students from the Faculty of Science. Communication Arts. 2017 Final Examination: Monday December 4. Commerce and Accountancy. or Let’s Chat. CULI Self-Access Learning Center (SALC) activities. Veterinary Science are required to choose at least 1 English Club activity + 1 diagnostic test on they will get 0. and class attendance and participation scores) at the end of the course. or Pronunciation Clinic + 1 diagnostic test on www. Law. Psychology. If they come later than 15 minutes.culangtest. Examination Dates: Mid-term Examination: Monday October 2. or English Club. and CULI English Club activities – 2 activities before and 3 after the mid-term examination. Economics. classwork/homework.. All the raw scores will be converted into T-scores before a final grade in the university’s eight-letter-grade system is assigned to each student. 4 ** Students’ attendance will not be counted for the first 2 weeks. *** Students are required to do 5 self-directed learning activities outside class: diagnostic or English Club. They are also to make their own choices of 3 other activities in the SALC. Remarks: A final grade of F will be given to students who have only a mid-term and a final exam score. they will get 1 point/session. and SAR are required to choose at least 1 activity from Conversation Hour. 2017 Assessment: The final assessment is norm-referenced. . Students are to meet the requirements as follows: A) Students from the Faculty of Engineering.culangtest. Pharmaceutical Science. Medicine.5 of a point/session. Architecture. Allied Health Sciences. and 3 other activities in the SALC. Sports Science.

(2014) Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. . audio CDs. Students are also encouraged to become more independent learners through the assignment of group project.2 Course Revision Teachers and students are required to give comments and suggestions regarding the learning methods.1 Teacher Evaluation CU-CAS Online Evaluation 16. learning materials and time allotment so that the course can be revised to meet students’ needs. 16. L. 5 Withdrawal: The last day to withdraw from this course is Friday November 3.2 Supplementary Texts Materials supplied by CULI academic staff (printed and web-based) 15. and lifelong learning. and computer packages 16. (Units 1. Teacher Evaluation: 16. Reading List: 15.3 Research Articles/Academic Articles - 15. All the skills acquired can be of great benefit to their present studies. 2017. course description. DVDs. 15. 2. 4 and 5) 15.4 Electronic Media or Websites Supplementary multimedia. future career. course contents.3 Discussion or Analysis Promoting Desirable Qualifications of CU graduates In-class and outside of class activities lead to the promotion of collaborative work as well as development of English language skills.1 Required Text Course book “Unlock: Reading & Writing Skills 4” Lansford.