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BATCH: 2015 --2018
Full Marks: 100 TIME: 03 hour

Group - A

1. State True or False ( Any 15) (1x15 =15)

1. Silk is a type of filament fibre
2. Knitting is is the most common process of fabric construction
3. Value describes the lightness & darkness of a colour.
4. Contract laundries cannot save the labor cost.
5. Shampooing of carpet is a type of daily maintenance..
6. Crescent shape is a type of asymmetrical flower arrangement
7. Blend fabrics means two or more than fibres are mixed.
8. Ukibana is a type of oriental flower arrangement.
9. Jute is a type of vegetable fibre.
10. Anti colours is type of laundry aids..
11. The size of hand towel is 19 inch x 32 inch..
12. Pedestal lamp is a type of Non-architectural lighting.
13. Purple is a type of secondary colour.
14. Green is a type of primary colour.
15. Cotton is a type of animal fibre.
16. The size of the bath mat is 24 x 44 inch.
17. White ants is another term of termites.

2. Define the following ( Any 10) : (2x10=20)
a. Suds
b. Warm colour.
c. Staple Fibre.
d. Foliage..
e. Filament fibre.
f. Thread count.
g. Bath sheet
h. Bleach.
i. Operating budget.
j. Torn sheet size.
k. Cove lighting.
l. Seams.
m. Weave.

h) What is damask & blend fabric? Write the activities of linen and uniform room? ( 4+6). Group B 1. Write Full forms( Any 05) ( 1x5) A) MSDS. i) What is performance appraisal? Considering yourself to be a Housekeeping Manager. plan & design a performance form for your departmental staff.(6+4). B) LED E)CFL F)PPM G) GLS H)CIP J) HPSV K) LPL L) OSH STANDARDS. Write the motivational factor in the Housekeeping department. Answer the following ( Any 6) (6 x10) a) What is Hotel income statement? Draw a layout of OPL laundry in a five star hotel? ( 3+7) b) What is Soft furnishing? Draw a flow chart of laundry)?Discuss the rules of purchasing the Linen? (2+4+4) c) Discuss the various methods of lighting system? Discuss the classification of light based on source?( 6+4) d) Discuss the classification of fibre( chart) ? Describe the advantages & disadvantages to use the silk fiber? ( 4+6) e) Make a diagram of Prang’s colour wheel with proper colour? Write the identification of stainsr. ( 5+5). f) Briefly describe the sequence the departure room cleaning step by step (Room & wash room). g) Discuss the process of issuing and exchanging of linens? Describe minimum 05 symbols used on care labels. Textiles 3. n.( 2+5+3) .