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Hamilton’s Solution to the

New York City Infrastructure Crisis
by John Scialdone

July 31—The collapsing Alexander Hamilton’s ideas set the pace for the future
physical infrastructure of of the Uhited States: the Paterson, New Jersey works,
an industrial center powered by the Passaic River.
New York City is in a crisis
today that can only be solved
from the top, by fellow New
Yorker, President Donald
Trump. The current Wall
Street-controlled (also from
the top) monetarist approach,
is like trying to stop a mud-
slide on the side of a moun-
tain with picks and shovels,
except that the men with the
picks and shovels are actu-
ally at the top of the moun-
tain, loading more dirt over
the side. The collapse is not only outstripping the pace Since Alexan-
of all current efforts, but those efforts are self-admit- der Hamilton breathed new life into our nation with the
tedly designed to repair a system for the 1970s, at best, creation of the U.S. Constitution and the recruitment of
not the 21st Century. George Washington to launch our new Republic as its
President Trump must reintroduce the Hamiltonian first President, it has always been the case that the prin-
principle of credit, not as a monetary
mechanism, but to implement the
Hamiltonian idea of building the
future, today. Just as Hamilton at-
tempted to design the early City of
Paterson, New Jersey as a designated
industrial science-city, setting the
pace for the future of the United
States, utilizing the Great Falls on the
Passaic River as a power source—so,
without a plan for what the future of
New York City’s water, power and
transit should be fifty or more years
from now, the current efforts are like
trying to save a sinking ship by drill-
ing holes in the bottom, accelerating
the crisis, because the precious little
time available to fix the substantially
overloaded system is being squan- The driving of the ceremonial golden spike in Promontory, Utah, on May 10, 1869,
dered. that completed the nation’s first transcontinental railway.

August 4, 2017  EIR Crush the British Coup  13

weapons of mass destruction. the Euro-missile crisis. Kennedy’s Apollo Program took the United raged on. As Governor of New York State. to turn their talents now velopment” of the post-war world. NAWAPA. Presi. Rural Electrification Program. the first integrated iron works in history. even while the Civil War John F. after Hamilton FDR Library was killed by British agent Aaron Burr. John Quincy Adams’ foresight de- fined the United States as a continental nation—pre. Central and South America by rail.” His second administration would likely the world. As the plaque on the tions and Discoveries” into the life of the nation. once again. Since his assassination by the British sinated at the Pan-American Exposition in Buffalo. security and N. 2017 . the North American Water and Power Alli- throughout the Americas.) Norris Dam in Tennessee. with LaRouche’s revolu- of the Wall Street/City of London induced bankruptcy tionary approach to solving the second missile crisis. and overall the great. Under the Winthrops. that represented a return to Hamiltonian principles oc- est infrastructure program in history (prior to today’s curred when Lyndon LaRouche was brought into the Belt and Road Initiative). Clinton should have re- named the city Hamilton. canal and early railroad construction. our nation has gone adrift North. his Inter-State Highway System fur- sion of road. Indeed. Eisenhower launched his Atoms for Peace program saged by George Washington’s naming his army the for the peaceful use of nuclear power for the develop- Continental Army—launching the rapid general expan. one of the Tennessee Valley Authority projects. During the last fifty years.” 14  Crush the British Coup EIR  August 4.ciple of Revolutionary Progress for the Common Good has been the fundamen- tal guiding principle of our nation. all the while introducing countless “Inven. were carried out on the back picture by Ronald Reagan. and his setting up of the early Abraham Lincoln’s transcontinental railroad unified space program set the stage for later accomplishments. ment of the world. for all dent Grant spread these blessings of liberty throughout mankind.S. where he was putting forward a plan for linking intelligence establishment. to the cause of Peace. the World War II mobilization. Indeed. Roosevelt’s Tennessee Valley Author. Apollo 11 lander stated. McKinley was assas. the single intervention ity. by connecting the Eastern Seaboard to the Midwest. This led directly to the announc- text of three Hamiltonian economic revolutions: the ing of President Reagan’s Strategic Defense Initiative New Deal. Franklin D. and the 1944 (SDI) program. Dewitt Clinton’s Erie Canal proj- ect transformed New York City and the nation as a whole. He accomplished this in the con. Hamilton was bringing the nation back to what had already been our guiding principle since the first set- tlements on these western Atlantic shores. was al- ready outproducing the best iron works of Europe. the nation from east to west. ther integrated the nation. wherein he asked the Soviet Union to Bretton Woods fixed exchange-rate monetary system join us. oligarchy and its minions within the U. in asking “these great scientists who brought us for his projected anti-colonial “reconstruction and de. (As Mayor earlier. in the first de- cades of the Massachusetts Bay Colony.Y. constructed on the Saugus River. “We came in peace.. States and the world into space. of the United States. ance. William McKinley—the last of the Lincoln have launched the greatest water management project Republicans—attempted to extend these blessings in history.

“If people can meetings that took place in the past week on the transit afford to pay $40 for parking to bring their cars down- crisis. called for reinstating the Commuter Tax. to all parties involved to “come together and talk. saying. What should have been demanded August 4.” At one point he ref. Congressman Espaillat re. In upper Manhattan. and no one knows better what needs to be done are very unreliable. there were speakers Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer cited a present from the city. nance the MTA.” Assemblywoman Carmen De La which had just released its plan for dealing with the Rosa. who words. The urgent need for a Lincoln/FDR-style national credit ruptcy of ideas on the part of government leaders. the Comptroller. nothing works. “The money is there. back to back. MTA.” City Councilman instead headed for disaster. Both of these meetings demonstrated an utter bank. chair of the NYC Transportation by Rep. no one from the TWU was on the Nick Sifuentes of the Riders’ Alliance.” Again. not to Committee. and that. of the monumental break-down At Congressman Espaillat’s “Community Discus. In the entire NYC subway system. and half-baked proposals were on made an appearance was in the depictions.Thinking Too Small for this?” was reduced to a variety of proposals for So. We need a line-by-line audit of the would prefer. Espaillat proposed an $8 congestion pricing for should already indicate what needs to be done. but they action. Throughout the meeting. the deepest lines in the city. as mobilization to completely rebuild the system for the well as both a lack of vision and complete subservience 21st Century was not raised by any of the speakers. “We need a new Bond Act to fi- of the Metropolitan Tranportation Authority (MTA). of 472 sta- other voice impossible to hear in any case. as is On the question of “Where does the Money Go?” being done with the “L” line to Brooklyn. transit crisis the day before. but as an invitation which was repealed by Gov. where do we stand with respect to the current higher taxes and tolls. called for a 2% annual personal income mobility tax. tions. the subways than the straphangers themselves. of the transit system. there ence. Finger-point. The portion of from the MTA accepted the invitation to speak. Only 23% of stations have elevators. all of the thinking was contained within Similarly. But two vehicles below 60th Street. The first meeting was called Ydonis Rodriguez. Manhattan. and for many are inaccessible erenced that Scott Stringer. 2017  EIR Crush the British Coup  15 . useless rhetoric. but no one the signals don’t work. there were 981 track fires and over 20 derail- use asking for more monies until there was a plan of ments. Scott Stringer reported that in the last twelve peatedly returned to a central theme. that is.200 NYC riders that would help provide sometimes trapping riders inside without air condition- answers. only 117 are wheelchair-accessible.” City Comptroller second meeting was the regular monthly board meeting Scott Stringer stated. All questions were written down and read that the current schedule for replacing the ancient aloud—no one was allowed to speak from the floor. ing or lights. state and federal governments as Daily News article by the head of the TWU. asking them whether they would prefer a total are only two (two!) track cleaners! One of them is shutdown of the lines serving the Bronx and northern broken. making any running that were built in 1964. the sound system was turned up to deafening 2045! He also indicated that there are still subway cars rock-concert levels throughout the hearing. proclaiming. if well as several community advocacy groups. Later in the meeting. and the other barely works. saying. that there is “no months. indicate that we are town. go down several stories. dropped from 20% to 14%. Al. most of the discussion of “Who will pay pre-defined barriers. survey of 1. the transit ridership was allowed to voice their stated. or would they several speakers raised the question of auditing the prefer “the weekend repair kind of thing?” In other MTA. indicated speakers list. more looting of the popu- infrastructure crisis in New York? The foregoing review lation. to the monetarist outlook of Wall Street. but we don’t know what’s opinions concerning which method of suffering they happening with it. in Manhattan. had done a without elevators—which frequently break down. present any proposals or solutions. from the Governor’s Transportation Committee. Pataki in 1999.” The “We have to put tolls into midtown. the maintenance budget which goes to signal repair has though there were Transit Workers Union (TWU) mem. he appealed to the audi. including Assemblywoman De La Rosa. for repair. then they can put up $8. The one subject area of the meeting in which truth ing. bers in the audience. given by full display. system of signals and switches goes out to the year Indeed. This included the following: sion on NYC Transit” on July 22. Adriano Espaillat (NY-13) in Harlem. several of the speakers.

turned the MTA into a debt farm. but neither was answered. “We face a disaster the required investment if dividend payments were that will cost not only millions of dollars. there was no dialogue. but the loss of guaranteed. began by stating that. while dedicated budgets for fixed capital human lives. stairs and escalators to exit. it all comes down to a matter of design: Grand Central is open and spa- cious. platform of efficiency. until a few EIRNS/Diane Sare Crowded 145th Street New York subway station. to be able to gen. Then it’s a mad dash. utes. many of the ques. subway riders who eat on the trains and platforms. a member of the LaRouche PAC Policy income stream from tolls and fees would ever generate Committee. while Penn Station is known for its narrow corridors and confined platforms! (Does it take the workings of a “Safety Committee” to figure out this obvious and visible reality?) At Penn Station. further complicated by recurring track problems and and if a question was answered. A “solution” mittee submitted two questions. Both ques. characterized in a lengthy “dis- cussion” of why there are a greater number of injuries in Penn Station than Grand Cen- tral. The problem is Wall Street. Public infrastructure does not need to generate a The Problems versus the Solution profit at the point of use. The reason for the ers. is that the trains themselves must wait Only written questions were allowed. Everyone in this sisted of horror stories about current conditions in the room should demand that Glass-Steagall be re-enacted system. this spon. on July 26. It raises the level of productiv- A second meeting was held. 2017 . Apparently. people in the arriving train are using the same train Despite the rhetoric of “listening to the straphang. to subway platforms! The absurdity of the discussion purge the financial system of useless and fraudulent reached an apex when one participant denounced debt as Franklin Roosevelt had done. This meeting largely con. The first stated the ne. was proposed to place portable vacuum cleaners at cessity to reinstate Glass-Steagall at the federal level. Another issue raised was the hundreds of track fires Members of the LaRouche Political Action Com. The second asked how the Diane Sare. “pigs. follow-up questions other factors such as crew changes. as erate large volumes of new credit for the levels of in. I am certain that MTA Chairman Joe Lhota. short lead time. because the arriving train usu- ally leaves within three min- is a full audit of all of the Wall Street financial institu. All this is tions were read but left unanswered by the speakers. platform. pigs! They don’t belong there!” vestment required to bring the economy to a higher During the subsequent question-and-answer session. one never knows which track the train you are looking for will use. charging usurious in- tions were read. immediately. for a platform to open up before proceeding. ity of the entire workforce. after a fire on the track blocked train minutes before it arrives at the traffic. terest rates. and that the President of the United States The fruitlessness of this sort of “venting” was best return immediately to Alexander Hamilton’s program of 16  Crush the British Coup EIR  August 4. which has maintenance and improvements were not. and therefore should be paid sored by the MTA’s Safety Committee and chaired by for through public funds and taxes. which regularly interrupt train service. In other words.” all discussion at the event was tightly controlled. Wall Street is not paying its fair share. doors. were prohibited. which necessitate more and more borrow- ing. and riders must get to the proper platform—while tions that have looted the city dry.

June 30. I understand there have to be short-term measures because of safety. but to ser- vice and collect the debt. 2015. the improvements.” to dictate infrastructure policy. they want to invest. but to think about what we need pletely modernize the entire metropolitan transportation twenty-five years from now. there would be foreign invest- cated from Toronto to Manhattan. We have to stop allowing Wall Street usury ing the problem. had a dedicated budget. and there would be other investment. we’re sitting there with a $30 billion maintenance deficit that we’re now proposing to fix. and fifty years from now. system should be audited. We have foreign investment possibilities. we could com. It has already said that ment. the priority written into this thing has not been to main- tain the system. atorium on payment to bondholders until we see where speed rail in less than ten years—the same amount of the money’s going and how it could be spent. a great economist who opposed the creation of the Municipal Assistance Corporation in the 1970s as a debt collection operation. With is that we have to have a future-oriented system—not to its help and American union workers. If it were changed. There’s nothing here that iden- tifies how we’re going to get past this. and the modern- ization. the Chinese Investment Corporation has just relo. etc. rail loop line. Jessica White. used for maintaining a debt structure? There’s no dedicated capital budget. including from China. 2017  EIR Crush the British Coup  17 . what gets A track-laying vehicle lays the last section of steel rail on the western ring of the high-speed deferred is the maintenance. in- stead of a solution to a prob- lem at that time. It’s a debt-farming operation. and from Japan. repair a broken system. and we Also. a National Bank and Public Credit at 1% to 2% interest. August 4. saying. President Trump has met with these governments. Since the revenue coming in Xinhua is never enough. which has to be fixed. but how can they put money wikipedia into a system where the funds are A CRH2E high-speed train arriving at Beijing West Railway Station. My point time in which we built the Second Avenue subway. a recently retired NYC public- This author also ad- dressed the Board. and the MTA with it. in south China’s Hainan Province. in the context of solv- room today. Maybe there should be a mor- China has built twenty-two thousand kilometers of high. grid in a shorter time than imagined by anyone in this We should start building that now. And in the decades since Big MAC was created. Maybe the it wants to invest $50 billion in American infrastructure.—but it is not future-ori- ented. “I’m with Lyndon La- Rouche.” Later.

including Germany.” Alexander Hamilton’s writings are well known in China. As Diane Sare also said. identi- needs to tell their Congressman to do so. phase one has been completed. This Glass-Steagall Act is the first MAC. The city of New York has been eaten alive by Wall Street and City of London looting operations. with all due respect to every MTA worker and my fellow union workers. His principles have guided the modernization of Build Big with Hamilton many nations. or the city against the state. China replaced their universal banking system instate Glass-Steagall. totaling about 190 km. Japan and As Diane Sare Street extend all the way into Con. Second Avenue line was started in 1972. City of- ficials have also been taking kick- backs from Wall Street. We need to re. with a derivatives Street. It was actually tanta. sooner rather than later. Fewer than twenty years ago. Actually. 2017 . the way Hamilton would do it. but stopped in “We need to crush Wall Street by reinstating the 1975 by Felix Rohatyn and Richard Ravitch’s Big Glass-Steagall act. Glass-Steagall will pay for creased tax revenue accrued through the benefit of the that. with three stops be- mount to treason. which cannot conceivably systems in only three cities. the the people of this city. to allow the credit of the U. to fund this fying FDR’s original Glass-Steagall bank separation infrastructure project and other lifesaving projects for law as a model at the time. D. Second Avenue line is not even near completion.S. HR 790. tween 96th Street and the 63rd Street. Those infrastructure makes the system less efficient. Shanghai and be sustained. even if Social Security.C. Let’s do it right.’ This Act was de. which is already infrastructure for the improvement of the nation as a in Congress. Beijing.Hangzhou Metro Line 1. Medicare. whole. Cuomo is referring to will end up on the backs of taken to build the Second Avenue subway. Today. Russia. By 2019 the subway network will be further enlarged with gress and into our Senate. there is no reason to pit police against riders. Washington. in with the BMT Broadway line. This is true also for cities outside of New York. the of Lyndon LaRouche’s ‘Four Laws. and everybody in this room in 1975. tions as little as 1. to go to the states. Now they are moving on to cities with popula- to tell your Congress people to reinstate Glass-Stea. the original plan will take it from 125th Street down to minent collapse of the entire trans-Atlantic banking Hanover Square in lower Manhattan—just past Wall system is hanging over our heads. and Guangzhou.5 million. Take a look at Detroit. This is a bipartisan bill. China had subway bubble of $1. China has built 22. because of the collapse of the legiti. or riders against MTA workers.5 quadrillion.000 km of others. This money that Gov. These kickbacks from Wall hangzhouweekly. Thank you. on behalf of Wall Street. or workers against the city. connecting there mate banking system. Phases two and three of favor of the speculating wolves on Wall Street. you in the au- dience. It’s been there for a while. It is paid for in the in- projects will save our lives. China has subway systems in Medicaid are all wiped out at the same time. and you on this board—I challenge you—is or more. An im. infrastructure is not paid That will put infrastructure projects online just as it for by collecting tolls at the point of service. which is commercial banking. gall. with a Glass-Steagall banking system. high-speed rail in the same ten years that NYC has What are we waiting for? 18  Crush the British Coup EIR  August 4. NYC. And still today. and you know what I’m talking about. even in six metro science teacher spoke: “I’m here to say. What we twenty-five cities. all with populations of three million need to do. only liberately taken down in 1999. That only brought us out of the Depression.

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