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Technical Report Writing

Submitted By: BILAL KHALID {13-EE-(E&T)-009}
Submitted To: MA’AM UZMA ISLAM

DATE: 19-04-2014

CAST: MAIN CAST  Steve Martin as Inspector Clouseau  Emily Mortimer as Ncole Durant  Jean reno as Ponton  Kevin Kline as Chief Inspector Dreyfus  Beyonce Knowles as Xania SUPPORTING CAST  Henry Czerny as Yuri the Trainer  William Abadie as Bizu  Scott Adkins as Jacquard  Charlotte Marier as Dialect Coach  Anna Katarina as Agent Corbellie  Chelah Horsdal as Security Guard Setting/ Plot: A detective-comedy based movie in which inspector Clouseau has been assigned a murder case of a coach of French bootball team and the mystery of missing “PINK PANTHER DIAMOND” which belonged to the coach. .

Well here he is.metrolyrics. Clouseau with his partner Ponton investigated many people and espscially Xania suspecting that she knews something more.the pink panther The rinky-dink panther. a lyrics-henry-mancini. Theme/Music: The music for pink panther was first time written and instrumentally composed by Henry Mancini and it gained fame all across the world and was used in many squeals and animated series of pink panther. Isn't he a panther ever so pink? He really is a groovy cat.html) . what an acrobat ! He's in the pink . The rinky-dink panther. and what a gentleman. He finally started tracking down the preson and it came out to be the Trainer who killed the Coach for some personel clashes. The lyrics behind the instrumental composition were: A panther that is positively pink. that he's the one and only. truly original. At first he assumed that it was a murder for the diamond but as things (better to say sitations) passed by he came by that the it was a murder not for the diamond but for some other reason. Panther-pink (panther) from head to toes ! (Reference for lyrics: http://www. and it's as plain as your nose. the pink panther .

Emily Mortimer. . Acting: The main role was of Steve Martin as Inspector Clauseau who played it very well and was worth watching him in a French Accent Policeman. Impact upon Audience: Pink Panther had a laughing and joyful impact upon its audience. The pattern selected for this review was CHRONOLOGICAL. The accent and the acting of Steve Martin. Jean Reno put up their effeorts and made it to a level of perfection. All the other supporting cast were a real joy seeing them. messing up with the people and doing unexpected things all the time made it a worth watching movie. He messes around all the time and end up with messy situation which turns into laughters.

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