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1. The world is composed of both _____________ and ___________________ things.
2. Humans, animals and plants are _______________ things.
3. A _______________ is a young frog or toad.
4. Living things need to breathe clean _____________.
5. _________________ means to produce young or make babies.
6. ________________ refers to everything in the surroundings.
7. They are things that are alive. _____________________
8. It means to increase in size as time goes by. __________________
9. It means to react to something that happens. __________________________
10. A ________________ is not alive.
11. The word _____________ is derived from ‘kutun’, an Arabic word used to describe any fine
12. A _______________ is warm piece of clothing that is worn on the upper body.
13. ____________ is made from thread produced by silkworms.
14. _____________ is the body covering of sheep.
15. It comes from trunks and branches of trees used to make tables and
16. It can be used to make statues and decorations ________________________________

True or False:

___________1. The world is composed of living things only.

___________2. To be a living thing, one can grow, reproduce, move and respond to their surroundings.

___________3. Living things share common characteristics.

___________ 4. A caterpillar can grow into an adult frog.

___________ 5. Living things do not need sunlight because they can hide.

___________6. Compared to tadpoles, human bodies change faster.

___________7. A calf is a baby duck.

___________ 8. A joey is a baby kangaroo.

___________ 9. Non Living things move from one place to another.

___________ 10. Plants move only in one direction.

___________ 11. There are non-living things which come from living things.

___________ 12.

List the basic needs of living things: