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The relationship of using gadget with negatif behavior of elementary

school children in Malang, Indonesia

Richi Aditya, MD; Ariani, MD, PAED (C)

Brawijaya University, Saiful Anwar General Hospital +6285646303333


The existence of gadget is like the two sides of a coin. On one side, it brings benefits to our life, but on
the other side, it facilitates negative impacts to its users. This study aimed to investigate the negatif
behavior effect of playing gadget of elementary school children in Malang, Indonesia. Information
regarding characteristic of playing gadget was collected via a self-administered questionnaire attending 2
elementary school (categorized according to urban or rural areas). This study included 355 subjects. The
mean (±SD) of age start using gadget was 2.63±0.548 y.o. Overall, 29.8% subjects had started using
gadget in 2 until 5 y.o, 66.8% were more than 5 y.o and 3.4% were under 2 y.o. A total of 100% of
subjects reported to be using gadgets. In addition, 13.5% of the subjects reported >2 hours/day of total
gadgets usage duration, exceeding the international recommendation of <2 hours/day of screen time. The
statistically data (logistic multinomial regression) show that earlier age using gadget had bad impact in
behavior (p < 0.000) and children who like to watch movies have the greatest tendency that is 7.78 times
behave negatively than children who play with more than 2 types of games (football and puzzles game).
This suggests that, the trend of earlier using gadget (particularly spending a lot time playing tech devices
or screen viewing) which may contribute to negatif behavior.
Keywords: gadget, behavior, child, screen viewing

Themes: Behavioral Risk Factors

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