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Dhaya and Alaa • Nov 2016
How Much Poverty?

9 states had poverty rates of about 30 percent or
more for American Indians and Alaska Natives
(Arizona, Maine, Minnesota, Montana,
Nebraska, New Mexico, North Dakota, south
Dakota, and Utah).
Two race groups had poverty rates more then 10 percentage
points higher then the national rate of 14.3 percent: American
Indians and Alaska Natives (27.0).
Which Native
American Tribes
Have The Most
1. Navajo Indian Reservation, located in Arizona, New Mexico, and
2. Cheyenne River Indian Reservation, located in South Dakota
3. Standing Rock Indian Reservation, located in South Dakota and
North Dakota
4. Crow Indian Reservation, located in Montana
1. Native Americans have the lowest employment rate of any racial or
ethnic group in the United States
2. In the poorest Native counties, only about ⅓ of men in Native
American communities have a full-time year-round employment.
3. Native students are the only student population that didn’t improve
their test scores in reading and math.
What Jobs Do the Poorest Native Americans’ Have?
Who are the Navajo Indians?

1. The Navajo Indians are the poorest Native American tribe. They
live in Southwest (Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah).
2. In the past, each Navajo band was led by its own chief, who was
chosen by a tribal council. Important decisions were made by the
1. In 2011, 1 in 4 Native Americans were living in poverty.
2. In some tribes, unemployed Native Americans use their natural
resources (trees, vegetables, fruits), to help them survive
3. Native Americans that don’t have jobs automatically are poorer,
because they don’t have the money and they are not working as
human resources
4. The tribes have increased their control over the natural resources,
which help them
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