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Native American

Land Disputes
By: Jay
What are Land Disputes?

● A disagreement over the possession of land between two or
more territories.

● Most land disputes are usually between newly formed

● However, there were many land disputes in the past
between Native American groups and there still are many
disputes between Native American groups and the U.S.
The Black Hills Land Claim:

● The Sioux (In the Great Plains Region) and the U.S.
Government have had many problems when it comes to their
land. The Black Hills Land Claim is one of the many that
the Government took away.

● It happened when there was gold found in the area and the
Sioux defended the land. Then the Government told them to
stop and they would not enter their land.

● A few years later, gold was found again in that area and
the U.S. government just took the land of the Black Hills
all to themselves just for gold.
Picture of location of
the Black Hills

Inside the dotted red
line is what the
Government took from the
Sioux. (It’s inside the
dotted yellow line)

It may seem small but
it’s not.

They’re still refusing
$1.3 billion for their
Resources in The Black Hills Land Claim:

Natural Resources:
Gold-The natural resource that was the motive of all the
fighting in the land claim.

Land-The entire thing that was being fought for.

Trees-Used by the Sioux to make the bows which were used to
kill the invaders on their allotted land.
Resources in the Black Hills Land Claim:

Human Resources:
Warriors-The Sioux who killed the “gold-seekers”.

“Gold-Seekers”-The people who searched for the gold.

Miners-The people who mined the gold for the “gold-seekers”
when they found gold.

Lawyers-The people who found for the claims of land. (Which
the government obviously won.)
Resources in The Black Hills Land Claim:

Capital Resources:

Bow and Arrow-Used by the Sioux to kill the “gold-seekers”
and miners.

Pickaxe-Used by the miners to get the gold.
Past to Present:

You may think that only in the olden days that there were
wars and fights about Native Americans and their land. I told
you about the Black Hills Land Claim which isn’t too old of a
dispute. Also, there is a dispute going on right now in North
Dakota about an oil pipeline crossing the Sioux’s territory.
It’s not as violent as the olden days, but there are still
quite a few deaths.

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