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COMPANY shall provide the following:-

1. Access to well site & civil engineering work of well locations and roads.
2. Supervision & monitor & direct of all works on well sites.
3. Drilling , completion, perforation, acidizing, stimulation, open & cased hole logging, coring & DST
programs .
4. Provide of Drilling Equipments & Materials:
• Well head & X- mass tree.
• Casing.
• Casing Accessories.
• Tubing.
• Completion Equipments.
• Cement & Cement Additives.
• Bits.
• Mud Materials & completion fluid.
5. Provide of Drilling Associated Services :-
• Cementing.
• Open & Cased hole logging.
• Perforation.
• Stimulation.
• Directional Geosteering Service
 Gyro Survey
6. Providing fuels, Crude oil or/& Gas oil (for mud & completion).
7. Provide Industrial water source in the Drilling location. (Water Well with ESP or Water line at rig
8. Provide Schedule of rig moving between locations.

Minicamp for key personnel of CONTRACTOR and COMPANY Group at the rig site. 4. 3. fishing tools. Drilling rig complete with crew. pressure control equipment. Insurance for Contractor personnel and equipment against risks. Heavy and light duty transportation for inter-location movements of rig and equipment and materials.forklift (5-7 ton) buses and access crew. materials). equipment. 8. heavy trucks and cranes (30 TON) . Training for (8) of COMPANY personnel at rig site with accommodation and catering (free of charge) 7. . drilling equipment. 6. Transportation of CONTRACTOR’s crew and personnel. safety (tools. equipment and materials and spare parts required to perform drilling operations. string. 5. Mobilization and demobilization of all equipment and personnel to well sites and other related areas.CONTRACTOR’S GENERAL OBLIGATIONS CONTRACTOR shall provide the following:- 1. handling tools. BHA. Camp and catering for CONTRACTOR’s rig crew and COMPANY group(20) personnel. 2.